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  1. Hello all! I haven't been around for awhile, as my 'research' for a retirement country has taken me (not literally) to Central America. But I find myself looking back to the PR, this time south from Manila instead of north. My early interest in the PR was Baguio City or perhaps Palawan but now what I'm looking at is SE from Manila....the Batangas province, and more specifically the coastal areas around Lobo and Laiya? Anyone have any experience there? What's the weather like there when the storms roll in? I gather both areas are primarily agricultural, and not as 'touristy/wealthy" as Calatagan. Thanks for any info!
  2. Now how am I screwing up the quote thing?? LOL So what you're saying, Earthdome, is move to someplace like West Virginia. We don't have any of those here. :hystery:
  3. Ooooo......good point. I never considered that. Some of the stuff she said she was looking at (military or Christian pages) would have ties to me I suppose.
  4. LOL I could live with a day or two of frost. :)
  5. Yeah, that was the first thing I asked, if she knew Jennifer. She said no, she was just sort of browsing. LOL Oh well....yet someone else to question about the PR. :)
  6. LOL I live in West Virginia. Right now it's something like 3* (which is admittedly a rarity, but it does get cold here), the roads have a nice layer of ice, and I'm certain I could exist for the rest of my days without seeing snow. :D
  7. I don't know any of the female members here by name. Not on any other forums, don't do dating sites, and my FB profile pic was put up on the 1st. LOL
  8. Thanks again for all this info! Baguio is looking really good to me!
  9. Is any part of the PR more prone to scammers or whatnot than others? I've only recently been looking at the possibility of retiring to the Philippines, and it's not something I've been advertising. Yet today I get a friend request on Facebook from a young Filipina.....okay, 31, but that's young to me. LOL....anyway, as I usually do I chatted with her a bit. I had assumed she knew somehow the Filipina that goes to my church. Nope. Just randomness. Pleasant enough conversation, nothing really stood out as "weird". Just that my profile is pretty private, so I can't think of anything that'd make someone want to send out the random friend request. Which of course made me a tad suspicious. So what's the deal? Is this the opening salvo of some scamming campaign? Am I just a jaded old cynic who should quit being so suspicious??
  10. No matter where I retire to, I think I will spend my time sightseeing. Aside from the financial benefits to going to a new part of the world, I expect learning the culture and checking out the new sites will fill my time. LOL I would love a "hot wife", but if I'm still single at 60, I can't imagine I'll be dating.
  11. I kind of immediately ruled out any coastal areas as a potential retirement location, simply because I don't want to endure/recover from a typhoon. But as I look at Google Earth, it occurs to me that typhoons generally move east to west (southeast to northwest). Do the northwest sides of islands suffer from as much storm surge? I stumbled across Palawan and I'm wondering how it fares. Volcanos, earthquakes, landslides, typhoons......a veritable cornucopia of natural disasters. LOL And I think I wanna retire there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. That sounds pretty great. :) You kinda made it sound like you save the heated water for when it's cool. Is that a Philippine thing, or personal preference? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Earthdome, can you put a number (in Fahrenheit ) to "pretty cold" LOL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Tuka, your lifestyle sounds intriguing. I may have to look more into that. Thanks for the input. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I'm really looking for something less urban than Manila. Right now, Baguio City is looking very nice....or perhaps somewhere in the near distance. Reading these posts, I'm finding myself looking around my current home and saying "I can do without that". Air conditioning is not required. A fan will suffice nicely. I rarely use my stove, but I think what electrical kitchen items I need will be determined by how the local food is cooked. I really expect to make heavy use of whatever local market there is. Internet is a requirement. With it, I am sure I could satisfy most of my entertainment needs. Can you get Netflix in the PR?? LOL An "on-demand" water heater (I assume these are similar to the ones in Europe?) is something else I'd want. Tuka, you made the comment about "running water".....is that a luxury? I mean I would suppose in the super rural parts (Nipa huts, etc. etc.) it might be, but is it that prevalent?
  16. So with my limited research, I am finding myself drawn to the smaller, less "cosmopolitan" places. Baguio City in the PR looks really nice. And Leon, Nicaragua is striking my fancy in CA. I can't help but notice both are sort of labeled as "college towns". I hope that bodes well for internet and medical facilities. LOL The whole "slow-/no-go" thing still makes me laugh.
  17. Minor thread drift....what constitutes a "condo" and how would one go about finding out what percentage is rented/owned by Filipinos? What I sort of imagine in my head is either a small house/bungalow....say 2 BDRs, 1 or 2 baths....or an apartment, which is what I'm thinking you all are calling condos. Or is a condo owned while an apartment is rented?
  18. That too. :) My "road trip" car is a 2000 Jeep Cherokee. My son drives it mostly, and it looks appropriately shabby. LOL Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. From what I've read, it's not violent NOW....at least not "violent gov't overthrow" violent. LOL As for Mexico, I hosted a young traveler from Montreal a month or two ago. He'd ridden his aging Honda CB750 down through the US, down the Baja Peninsula, rode a ferry into Mexico, then down into Guatemala. Then he headed north back through Mexico, into Texas, Louisiana, etc. etc. He said he had no problems. While there is clearly a problem with the cartels along the border, I suspect if you take reasonable precautions it'd be okay. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. Now see.....that is something I never really thought about, the Slo-/No-Go years. Thanks for that JJ!! Honestly, I do hope to pass on before I become a burden on anyone, but that's not always God's plan. :)
  21. Actually, I loved flying when I was in the military. Helicopters were fascinating. LOL I'm not sure why it bugs me now, but I just get the heebie-jeebies with every little bump. And don't even get me started on take-offs and landings. LOL We call it "Space A(vailable) Travel" in the WVARNG. LOL There is a unit that occasionally flies to Germany, but none to CA or out into the Pacific. I've always been a little leery of trying to coordinate a multiple-stop trip flying Space A. Too easy to get bumped. Central America is no biggy. I'm pretty certain I could just drive to where I want to go there. Now, time is something completely different. I'm still working, so there is no way I can manage a couple of months in any location. The WVARNG mandates that a soldier have no longer than 4-6 consecutive years of active service without taking a 31-day break. I am just starting my 4th year now, so soon I'll have to take a month off. I think what I may attempt is,,,,well, a month-long trip. :D Timing that break and trip is the next trick. LOL I'd like to go when Jennifer goes home to see her family. I'll just have to see how it goes. And I'm really just looking for general thoughts, you all having "been there, done that". I'll be the one who has to sell himself on any location. But you all have already done things, experienced things, etc. that I haven't even THOUGHT about. LOL ;) On the waaaaaaay!
  22. I watched several Youtube videos this afternoon...I had no idea it was "American-made"! And yet despite that, it's still very "exotic" looking. I noticed that it had several colleges/universities so I assumed it must have good internet (which I think is one of a few Western things I must keep LOL). I tried searching the forum, but I'll try again. My first attempt didn't appear to yield much, but maybe I just didn't read deep enough. Also learned that my friend Jennifer's family has a summer home there. I need to coordinate a trip with her. LOL
  23. I don't have the time/$$$ to visit RP for long enough to see it all, so I'm trying to figure out where I'd most likely be interested in living, and therefore should visit. Baguio City seems pretty interesting from what I can tell through Google Earth and Wikipedia. Anyone from there, or visit enough to give me some ideas of what it's like??
  24. Okay, I couldn't really find a place to put this, and it isn't strictly Philippines related, so I HOPE this doesn't step on toes.... I may have mentioned in my intro post that I'm just now starting to look at retiring overseas. I doubt I would have thought of the Philippines, had it not been for having a friend at church from there. I'd mainly been looking at Central America, and here's why: 1) Closer, so it'd be easier/less expensive for my son to come visit. 2) I could conceivably drive to wherever in CA (did I mention that as I get old, the more I dislike flying?? LOL) 3) Plenty of mission work available. 4) I could learn Spanish My concerns about the CA were: 1) Security.....I mean really, when I see the word "Nicaragua", the first thing I think is "violent gov't change". LOL 2) Is it TOO rural? So...my question is for anyone who had considered going to Central America, but chose the Philippines instead. Why did you opt for the Philippines over somewhere else?
  25. Wow, that would be pretty sweet! Granted, I'm a few more years from 20, but it'd be nice if they have something for military retirees. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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