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  1. SNAFU

    Orchids in my garden

    We have a few, but nothing as spectacular as yours, Queenie. Nice work and well said!
  2. SNAFU

    Be vigilant with your possessions

    Sad topic, good advice. I'm sure most of us all have some ugly stories. After some lessons learned hard our first year, it's been zero tolerance on "borrowing without first asking", outright theft and dishonesty, since. I never imagined that we'd have to blacklist a few "friends" and even family members, some immediate, with our subdivision security gatehouse. It was definitely a downer to the good life we love and enjoy here, but hey, bad actions have consequences, and I'll be damned if I'm going to live like a security guard inside a Ft. Knox. Yep, tough love, set crystal clear expectations from the get-go, choose your friends wisely, etc., there's a ton of good advice on this forum. Some might sound insensitive and selfish on the surface, but at least consider it all, nonetheless. Trust is hard earned, works for me, YRMV.
  3. IDK, maybe that might also depend on what type of other men you hang with? You know, kind of goes to JGF's quote "choose friends wisely, some are not what they appear to be".
  4. SNAFU

    Now at S&R

    Yeah, I sometimes miss the convenience of picking up everything you've mentioned here - waltz into any TX Kroger and there it all is, Pace, Trappey's, Mezzetta, La Victoria, Herdez, San Marcos, La Costena, the entire Frito Lay line, etc., ha. We're gonna have to check out one of those S&Rs some day, are all locations pretty much stocked the same? Yeah, I know, YRMV, heh!
  5. SNAFU

    How many do as I did...do

    Dittos, Steve. That's a pretty cool blog, too, Jack.
  6. SNAFU

    Core Pacific $ Changer New Rules

    But...that's a little better than having to actually leave the bank to find copy services elsewhere, right?
  7. SNAFU

    How many do as I did...do

    I've actually wondered about that, too, but never lost any sleep over it.
  8. SNAFU

    Core Pacific $ Changer New Rules

    Yeah, they are often quirky. I once had a $50 bill they wouldn't even touch because it had an almost microscopic tear in one of the corners. Asawa handles any $ changing we might need by herself, I don't even know where she goes, heh! I trust, but verify...
  9. SNAFU

    My 4 Moods .....

    ...and I don't know whether to shit or wind my watch?
  10. SNAFU

    How many do as I did...do

    Yeah, and it's kinda fun watching those little suckers swarm the bait like pigs at a trough for a couple of days, then heh, heh!
  11. SNAFU

    How many do as I did...do

    This stuff works pretty well, too. We are still using some we threw in a BB box a couple years ago. Since the active ingredient is borax, it sounds pretty much like JP's DIY recipe, ha.
  12. Well, there's assistance, benefits and some Federal programs, too, and they can petition for family members to join them. IDK, that might be valuable to some, but now we're clearly OT.
  13. All of the other rights and benefits of US citizenship. Google "benefits of US citizenship over green card" or something similar, that will give you an idea.
  14. You are indeed correct, Dave. If traveling on a USA passport, and it lists her birthplace as the Philippines, no further proof required. Asawa is a dual citizen, but always presents both of our USA passports to the Immigration agent upon our arrival, and very politely requests a BB stamp for both of us. It has always been cheerfully granted without further questions.
  15. Mmm, I'll be right down, heh! Reminds me of my old Brinkmann smoker. Good luck in your new gig and hope you make a fortune.
  16. SNAFU

    Too Much Air - Snorkling

    What Old55 said. If you want to both snorkel and shallow free-dive, then get a smaller traditional mask and snorkel combo, or even buy them separately, something like below. Check out Lazada for ideas, they've got a nice selection covering all price ranges. Whatever you do, be safe and always have a buddy.
  17. USA, JP, specifically the D/FW metro area, our last area of career/residence in the States. If asawa and I had plans or even expectations to duplicate/replicate our lifestyle in the States when we moved here, then yes, I might not have said "simpler life" but, we didn't.
  18. The incredible suburban sprawl and new/expanded/improved infrastructure, but much of it is now tolled. Retail growth and new car mega-dealerships. Major intersections in most suburban cities are mirror images of those in other surrounding cities - same big boxes, same grocery and pharmacy chains, same banks, same fast-food/restaurant chains, etc. Ha, so similar it becomes somewhat disorienting just driving around the area. More new, sterile, cookie-cutter subdivisions, but rarely any kids outside playing and basically "just being kids" as I remember. SUVs, new Mustangs and Camaros out the ying-yang, and a ton or Harleys, too. The convenience of literally anything and everything is nice, but it doesn't take me long to think of that Southwest Airlines jingle, "Gotta get away"? IDK, I guess it's all good, but just not my cup of tea after being spoiled by a simpler life in the PI.
  19. SNAFU

    Why is it not considered rude to read over your shoulder?

    You might be on to something, bob. My wife and I have been happily together for ~35 years, and her gawking while I was online rarely occurred until we moved here in 2013, when her helicoptering became almost incessant. After awhile, she apparently read enough over my shoulder to satisfy herself that I had nothing to hide. Yeah, it was irritating short term, but subsided without a battle. Just weird, though.
  20. Despite the absence of my favorite brands of required ingredients, I've adapted to local availability and occasionally cook up a pot of my beloved Texas chili, and with pretty darn good results. Another pot of pintos (or dark red kidneys) are served on the side, of course. Yeah, the dried pintos seem to be hit or miss here for some reason , but it eats just fine over rice, too. It's not real popular with the indigenous family, though, it's probably too spicy or not sweet enough, and I'm not about to throw sliced hotdogs into it.
  21. I've heard the same thing. We have a FilAm friend in the San Carlos area who claims to have been visited a couple of times over the years, a sack of rice for their "cause", and they were on their merry way. I'm not angling for any photo ops myself, however.
  22. My sentiments exactly, Dave, very well said. That's why we're here.
  23. Yeah, it makes great FB fodder, too. Family time, though, so that's cool.
  24. mattclay, Here's another nice bike if you want some extra power and a huge, comfy seat, but of course a little pricier: http://kawasaki.ph/commuter/specs.php?id=47&ct=Business Kaw Bajaj also the bike of choice for the trike guys around here. Sounds like you're on the right track, I think you'll be happy with either.
  25. Sergei, good advice from Robert. Also, don't be "mislead" by some of the bank websites, they tend to make opening an account for a foreigner sound like a breeze - only to be told that is not their "branch policy" when you get there. You will need to dig deep into your bucket of patience, good luck.