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  1. good will only pack my metric pipe and crescent wrenches then..........are left handed hammers available in cebu
  2. don't care for fava beans myself with the Chianti a bed of pasta with olive oil and garlic would be nice
  3. And coffee and cola and 54/40 and the Maine.............Everyone is good at something.....JUST DO IT
  4. I think once they get to an age...21..23..25 they are fine if 18 still need parental permission to many anyone who is older than me e
  5. So, what is the problem? much cheaper than buying her a Harley and increasing the insurance. Most likey get another 500k with the difference.
  6. What is a fourth degree relative? Is it okay to take my grand nieces and nephews for ice cream? I knew the candy I keep in the pocket with a hole in was fine.
  7. Daddy always said locks are to keep your friends out
  8. I've talked to myself on occasion. Like when I need advice and mortality questions, after all would trust you or some lovely who is only related by marriage or association,
  9. It's not polite to interrupt the wife when she is having so much fun doing laundry, cooking, shopping at the wet market and bragging about how wonderful we are to her friends. So at times a guy may slip out for a beer and a yarn or two.
  10. Sold my $150 1957 VW and bought a brand new Opel GT $1800 IS speck.
  11. How about a jeep with a snow plow and 105. Plow would take care of trikes bikes and peds. 105 for those annoying buses.
  12. They do that here too, to give all a chance to get out of Dodge....or up the mountain.
  13. Is that when you take the mousetrap from your pockets? Holes are more fun!!
  14. Mouse traps won't work for me. I tell the ladies to help themselves, "No not that pocket the on with a hole in it" usually they scurry away.
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