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  1. I've in recent weeks managed to persuade her to sell her two horses and find homes for the cats that she boards , the 6 snakes are one cat are still residing with her ,so I'll probably end up buying a puppy in the UK. My daughter loves animals sometimes to the point where she cannot afford them ,( yes daddy ends up paying )
  2. I'm thinking I'll get her a puppy in the uk Tooooo much hassle
  3. Just been seen on BBC news All flights from the area of china where the outbreak is are to be quarantined at military bases in the UK
  4. I think my daughter is starting to realise that this will be a lot of hassle and expensive
  5. Was that the resto by the side of the concrete road on the right hand side as you head to digos, lots of street sellers there ,but the food was good
  6. I dont know if they do roast beef every day , but overall the food was good , the creme caramel was yummy, I went back for third time but some greedy barsteward beat me to it
  7. Hi guys Has anyone or anyone that you know managed to take a dog from the Philippines to the UK? My daughter fell in love with a puppy and wants to take it to the uk
  8. This guy has been on bbc news, not being a Basketball fan I'd never heard of him , but he is being held as one of the greats Sorry for his family
  9. I've tried durian ,I've eaten it a couple of times ,it stinks like hell but tastes great to some ,not me the pic taken in Cambodia two weeks ago ,check the reference to durian
  10. The most I've paid UK to davao is 650 gb pounds about 720 euros , I aim too book about 2 months in advance
  11. I think that alternatives to flying through chinese territory are well worth looking into
  12. There are estimates that the numbers are much higher , people are transmitting the virus before they show any signs The daft egit in charge of French health care is claiming that she will send a plane to wutan to collect the fench citizens there Whilst I feel for their plight, surely it is best to leave the place locked down , the bbc crew who were filming outside wutan asked for access, the cops told them , we can let you in ,but we will not let you leave
  13. In my hotel room in Manila there is a leaflet on the symptoms of the Corona virus , there are checks in place as you enter the hotel , a lot of hotels are using handheld thermometers to check people's temperature as you enter
  14. I've seen a "offer price " of 6500 peso per person per night for jan Feb low season The room I'm in has a king sized bed ,see through bath / shower room and a door that is adjoining to another room , guess that's were you park the mistress
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