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  1. We get that problem in the UK when moslems use the toilet, they think its unclean for their butts
  2. Union ,i go semi regular to watch Northampton
  3. Whatch a mans game instead, rugby ,i do admit ti watching wendy ball but much preferr rugby
  4. Stick with the Japanese brands ,im a fan of Dakin , an inverter driven split using R32 gas will reduce your energy consumption by about 75% over the non inverter type , a split can be sized to deliver into two or more rooms , make sure that the copper piping is well insulated and wrap it infoam with tinfoil tape over the foam , with the shiney side showing , never mount the outside unit in direct sunlight , shade it from the sun , also R32 gas is better for the enviroment . The indoor part of the unit has a plastic lid that can be oppended , hover the dust from the filter on a regular basis , sometimes there is a L shaped piece of plastic adjacent to the unit , that should contain the small pump to take away the condensate , keep the hoses clean , on the external unit , you will see the vains , keep those clean with the aforementioned cleaner, remember to switch of the electricity when cleaning , try to make sure that the unit has a ground wire , that helps the electronics find their zero reference and will help for a long life of your list , I would not use carrier or LG , they have lost their market share due to quality issues , Japanese brands are all worth considering note ,I don't have a geko problem in the uk so cant comment on that
  5. Go for an inverter type aircon , also try to get one that uses a gas called R32 Dakin as far as i can see only maje splits with R32 As far as maintenance goes , you can easily maintain your own units ,youjusr need to keep them.clean and the anti cindensate pump clear The only time that you need an aircon engineer to do maintenance on your unit is when there is a gas/coolant leak ,i have maintained dozens if splits and 99 % of the problems are either the anti condensate pump or the gas To do gas checks you need a vac pump , guages and nitrogen also leak detection equipment As long as younckean your filters including the vanes the unit shoukd run at max efficiency and use less electricity To ckean the vanes , a bio degradable solution available from an aircon dealer shoukd be used ,keeping the unit clean is the key
  6. Heres a pic from last weekend , my club met for a camping weekend in Northampton, my bikes has the blue wheel
  7. Belive it or not ,today we had a lecture on asbestos It can be found in old toilets seats , one brand of talcum powder, it was used in artex ceilings up inti the 90,s , plaster board , ceiling tiles ,plastics
  8. Belive it or not so is asbestos, when its found jn paint and other items like plaster board or artex , its only when you start drilling holes snd stuff it beccomes a problem If i have to drill into paint obtaining asbestos , i need a mask rated fir asbestos and a second operative with a hepa filtered vaccume cleaner , alll bags masks etc are then put into special bags and disposes of at one of two approved dumps in the uk
  9. I spoke to my son and he tells me that you need catagory 3 ventilation and extraction when cutting mdf Its been proven to be cancerous, he mentioned that it has stuff like formaldehyde in its composition Yes its not banned yet
  10. Be carefull with pressed boards that are basically a wood chip held together with resin and a laminate finish We know such products as MDF board and as far as i am aware have been banned in the UK The board has a reputation of being the next " Asbestos " for the construction industry
  11. I transfered the money from my bank account to the bank account sort code account number etc , that the online chat person confirmed When i checked my account, it comes up as pay pal on the transaction, what i did was transfer money using the numbers given , on the banks system, it came up as pay pal ,at no point did i putthe words pay pal into the transaction, the transfer then registered that it went to a pay pal account This was not a bon afide pay pal account
  12. The scammer somehow managed to open a bank account with pay pal on thr title ,he had hacked the front end of the pay pal.website ,so when i enquired to check if the account was a genuine pay pal account i wastold yes ,the guy has a presence on the web site for at leasr 12 days ,so its anyones guess as to how many people he scammed
  13. The url had the green pay pal padlock then it had the https addresd of the uk pay pal It came up with my details of recent transactions ,i have logged in several times using different computers and the same website comes up
  14. It was the pay pal website ,the link at the bottom.had been hacked, the transfer even comes up on my bank account as pay pal These peopke had a sophisticated scam going i dont know how many got hit but he was still on the pay pal web site 5 days after i did the transfer
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