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  1. Unfortunately I would have to reveal my DIL,s name to do that ,so that's a no ,
  2. The young lady who told me is head of her department, its affecting the right side of the heart ,its still being researched as to what damage is being done Daughter in law is a bit of an ace with ultrasound, she has had some of her work published
  3. Theres a FB clip doing the rounds of a group of demonstrators who's accents would suggest that they are of african descent A police officer walks past and one shouts her slogan ,"black lives mattet" ,he replys " all lives matter " Her reply ,"no they dont !"
  4. Spoke to my daughter in law yesterday, she is a cardio technician at a prominent london heart hospital ,her job is to check your heart put using ultrasound etc She told me that there is growing evidence that the virus has damaged the hearts of people who have survived covid ,she said that in some people due to the close proximity of the lungs to the heart ,the virus has attacked the heart ,further research is ongoing
  5. I went out with my motorcycle club yesterday, we met up outside a friends house and kept our social distance , we went for a 140 mile ride around the countryside , there were some other clubs who were not keeping to the 2 meter gap ,we stopped at a roadside cafe for some lunch ,where this was observed
  6. British Airways and virgin Atlantic have both announced massive job losses this week
  7. I don't think that its the lossof three years of growth thats the real concern Its the depth of this resession that will be the measure of the real damage to the global economy
  8. I read in the news yesterday that 26 million are now unemployed in the usa , thats a lot of hungry people
  9. Try google for your answers , the worldbank is part of the un system , the IMF was set up to help economies in times of financial crisis As far as telling them both to stick it , i have no idea what the consequences would be
  10. Be careful with renting out the house , im looking after my friends affairs whilst he is in pampanga , of the 3 rental properties that he has , one guy has not paid for 6 months and another for 3 months ,as a result of new legislation, getting them evicted is proving troublesome, more so than before covid
  11. My understanding is that there is a world bank , governments borrow from this world bank and have to repay that loan To repay the loan ,they will raise taxes I bet the chinese are the ones who will profit from this pandemic They have trillions of dollars to lend to the world bank
  12. Its probably best to stay in the Philippines john , we are about to hit 19k deaths here Im guessing how its going to be dealt with here in the UK i work for the NHS My best guess at the moment is that they are gearing up towards testing ,there are about 5 medical centers that i visit that have red zones , these are on the increase , im guesssing that they are going to be part of a system that is going to accept a percentage of casualties , the ones that have been tested and found to have had the virus will be returned to work and the ones that have the virus will be treated accordingly Personal view point here ,that the covid virus is here to stay and will take an annual death toll in the same way that the flu does at present We will all eventually get an annual jab for the virus ,but in a similar way to the current flu jab ,this will only protect you against last year's flu The real race is on now , the financial figures coming out are going to leave the UK with a debt that will be greater than the debt of WW2 ,we only finished paying that off 10 or so years ago
  13. Cant comment on the USA situation, but here in the UK , government borrowing will hit 45 billion for this month To put that figure into perspective, thats how much we spend on primary schools , police and fire brigade in a year They are making noises about the economy shrinking to levels we have never seen before If borrowing goes on at this months rate for 6 months , it will take decades to repay
  14. Read a report on a couple of news sites backed up by the cops , scum have been stealing food deliveries here in the uk , volunteers have been picking up and delivering food items to those that are in total isolation, they have been getting stolen off peoples door steps
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