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  1. This is the most dangerous thing I've come across in the Philippines ,I tried uploading the pictures but basically it's the shredded skin of a cobra ,its about 5ft long ,its apparently a juvenile Wheres its parents lol
  2. It's best practice to unplug everything in an electrical storm, I would even disconnect an earthling system ,the power from the lightning strike can run under ground and pick up cabling into the building , all so referred to as an earth spike There is no guaranteed method of 100 percent defence against lightning ,its risk management ,you can reduce the risk by running a conductor on the out side of your house ,the idea is to stop the lightning going through your house All metal can melt ,the two most popular metals for conductor are copper and aluminum,copper has a much lower resistance than aluminium and is not so prone to other problems that you get with aluminum
  3. bastonjock

    Salaries for Helpers

    Im payingna caretaker on my bit of jungle 5k a month , he also gets a free house and a patch to grow veg
  4. The concept of the lightning protection system is based on Benjamin Franklin's experiments The concept is for the rod to divert as much of the lightning down to earth and give it a path that is safer than through your house, lightning can do tremendous damage it can even jump across rooms and if it find water , it boils the water turns it into steam and boom , the reason that trees explode is that the lightening boils the moisture in the tree Anyhow what is needed is a conductor , copper preferred and this should be the highest point of your structure , a strap again copper preferred but I don't think it would last long in the Phil's, so aluminium is the next best choice , an aluminium bar of say 10 x 30 mm would be sufficient ,and insulated from the house by way of non conductive/ high reaistance material .I.e wood , this should run down to the ground and attached to earthing rods buried about 1 to two meters in the ground There is no cast iron guarantee against lightening damage if you ger hit by a 150000 amp strike , the lightening rod may well melt
  5. bastonjock

    Reationships and friendships

    Your indirect aproach sounds the best to me
  6. bastonjock

    Reationships and friendships

    That's a tough one @Snowy79, it's a real bummer when you know that a friends being turned over , you are in a difficult situation, I told a good buddy several years ago that his wife was cheating in him , it ended up in a fist fight , he came around about a year ago , he sat down and cried like a baby , he found out the hard way after she gave birth to a dark skinned child , it took a few years before he came round to apologise , I told him there was nothing to apologise for and that I new I'd run the risk of an angry reaction for telling him . So perhaps you need to do some screen shots on those Facebook pages and show him the proof , set up a ghost account and trap the woman , perhaps you will loose a friend , it's not an easy thing to do
  7. bastonjock

    Visit no 3 begins

    Thank you for those words of advice , ill be leaving most of my assets in the UK and ive even sorted out my will ,so that my kids dont have to deal with probate and stuff like that , I also had three job offers on my answering phone lol , there's always the option of working for another 10 years or so , I'm very good at what I do . I left my gf at the airport in tears , she tried to persuade me to stay even to the point of offering to look after me financially ,she said that we can live on her salary ,I guess I found a good woman , she's not the prettiest in town , if I was just after a young woman for sex I'd have taken up one of the many offers from 20 year olds . I came home last night to an empty house , it felt very lonely , I rang up my kids to let them know I was back , but it still felt lonely . I've got to put my plans into action now , it will take about 6 months I estimate to sort things out , I've got a wedding in July to go to , my daughter's getting engaged in March, and ive got a family vacation to Barbados in April to deal with first .
  8. bastonjock

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    I just had a quick check of the rules in the uk concerning earth rods , my earlier statement about having 4 stands as correct , not bad considering I last read that section about 40 years ago lol The soil type greatly effects the earth rods , they should be placed in a ring around the house , bog and swampy ground is the best , stone ground is not so good , so I am wondering as to how effective volcanic soil is , the rough plan is still to put in a 4 rod ring ,and if necessary drop an earth down to the creek that runs a long side my property ,I'll use a meter called an earth loop impedance tester to check that the impedance is below one ohm ,if not I'll work something out The whole idea is to provide electricity with the path of least resistance so that it does not go through you and it takes the route of the earth loop and then the breaker should trip within 300 milli seconds I'll be bringing over a distribution board ,earth rods and rcbos, if my grand children are going to visit I will make sure that it's safe
  9. bastonjock

    Visit no 3 begins

    Made it back to the UK in one piece, managed to loose a very expensive set of war buds , en route and to top it off China air manages to leave my suitcase in China, they have promised to have it couriers to me tomorrow
  10. bastonjock

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    If it's similar to the UK, you run an earth wire to the water income and another to the gas meter ,then you run earth wires between all pipes and metallic surfaces such as sinks ,that's called equipotential bonding
  11. bastonjock

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    Same here in the UK with separate breakers for each circuit As for earth rods,they are as rare as rocking horse poo in the UK, all I can remember about them is that you use a minimum of three measure the potential between each rod and use the lowest ,they are very rare in the UK as we tend to use the armour sheathing or run an independent earth ,so my intention is to read the book and revise on earth rods
  12. bastonjock

    Electrical dangers in the Philippines

    I haven't had the time to check out what's available here in the Philippines But at an educated guess ( fully qualified electrician here ) I will be changing all of the sockets in my house to the three pronged type , and I will run in three cables to each socket and light fitting ,one being a cpc or an earth wire in lay mans terms,I'll have to check out the type of dist boards but I'll be looking to install RCBO type trips on all mains circuits and perhaps lighting I'll run a minimum of a 16 mm earth wire to three earth rods, dig and fitted into the ground ,it might pee off the power company if I ran a center tap earth back to the transformer If I can find the gear I'll do an earth loop impedance test I refuse to have an electric shower until I have done this kind of stuff I've been digging into the reeses of my brain to try and think of a way to make this two wire stuff safe ,I can't think of a way that gives fault protection, even the trip switches that I've seen are over rated and dangerous
  13. bastonjock

    Visit no 3 begins

    The last night in davao approaches, this trip has reinforced my ambition to move out here , I just love my jungle hut I've worked the numbers ,its very doable, my target is to return next may ,I have family commitments to attend to first ,uve got to start selling my stuff The farm in the hills above davao is just my idea of a perfect place to live , I could not live in the baranguy
  14. bastonjock

    Pear shaped ham

    Does anyone know how to make ham .? The rough plan is to have a few pigs here and hopefully I can do ham and bacon perhaps sausages
  15. bastonjock

    Visit no 3 begins

    Life can be tough out here in the jungle