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  1. bastonjock


    Interesting to find out what species of worm they use ? We used to call the species rambling worms and regularly went to the piggery to get them for fishing , they were in abundance there
  2. bastonjock

    Grab or Taxi?

    Yes I never had any problems with the taxis in davao , you get in and they switch on the meter , I saw plenty with the grab sticker on their side but dud not notice hirna
  3. bastonjock

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    Have you considered , selling the house , parking your money in either a one bedroom flat or like I've done , a motorhome ? I considered many options and I don't want the hassle of renting somewhere out , my best buddy is a good example , he has a Tennant about 4 months behind in his rent , he's going through the proper legal channels to evict him , but at the end of the day his costs will be in the region of 6k gb pounds plus and damage to the property
  4. My gf is the safety officer for a team of 120 guys, she took me out on a site inspection, to check that the guys were working safely ,the only guy with steel toe caps was one of her managment team ,the road crew were moving rocks the size of a soccer ball wearing flip flops , there was one big guy for a Philippine man ,standing using his shovel for support, his belly was huge and his navel inverted it stuck out ,it was the size of a fist, he had experienced a bad hernia at some stage ,I asked the gf about him ,he did not look fit fir work , her reply was ,if I don't let him stand there ,he does not get paid and his family go hungry , I could not argue with that
  5. bastonjock

    Avoiding fake land titles

    It's not just land titles, my gif just told me that she did not pay for the vehicle that I asked her to buy on my behalf ,she had the mechanic check it first ,then she ran a check on the vehicles paper work and told me that it was dodgy , so no purchase
  6. I wonder if this has anything to do with the two hydro electric projects that are starting in palawan?
  7. bastonjock

    Second visit

    I've had similar advice from my son ,he worked as a fencing contractor for quite a few years before he decided that university and management were a better idea, he now a site manager building blocks of flats , I'm looking forward to showing him Philippine construction
  8. bastonjock

    So She Said Yes!!

    Best of good luck buddy to you and the short angry one
  9. bastonjock

    New member living in Philippines

    Hi john Good luck mate ,i too have 2 ex english wifes lol My best buddy is a diabetic and living in pampanga, he has no problems getting meds the only thing he had to do was get a decent fridge for the insulin pens ,this guy has a multitude of ailments and returns to the uk ,to stock up on meds ,this offsets cost etc
  10. bastonjock


    You need a mixture of vegetable matter ,stuff like grass etc but it has to be mixed in with other media try rice husks Good compost needs air in the uk i used wooden pallets and placed grass cuttings ,tea bags ,egg shells any old veg matter and paper but not too much Try to get some worms ,striped worms called tiger worm ,these will eat the veggy matter and convert it to worm poo and pee , now dont laugh but thats one of the best fertiliserd that you can get
  11. Ive come to the conclusion that there is a lot of misinformation and rumour that gets places a bad name ,whilst there is no doubt that in some areas of mindanao ,theres a risk to life ,other areas felt quite safe ,last march i went as far as compostella, the locals told me i was safe and i felt safe but ,the people i mer in davao told me compostella was dangerous In davao i git chatting to some moslems who thanked me wholeheartedly when i said that i felt very safe , i walked around the city at night and never felt threatened, mind you i did see a bar with a sign saying hand all firearms int0 security It reminds me very much of old glasgow ,in the way that reputations gave places a bad name ,reputations that were very out dated
  12. bastonjock

    Second visit

    Ok ok ,who said i was optimistic
  13. bastonjock

    Second visit

    The contractor in question , is employed on a regular basis by the water board, so theres more ti loose if it goes pear shaped for him , gf sits on the board meetings and has clout Yes i fully expect thr sob stories lol , i control the cash flow and she promises not to run over budget
  14. bastonjock

    Second visit

    Yes the block is 10500 sq meters , the guys that she is using do a lot of work for the water board and she deals with these guys on a regular basis She will hold back 50% of the labour charge as an insentive so that the guys deliver the job on time and at a decent quality , they quoted 280k with a guarantee of 20k max extra charges
  15. bastonjock

    Second visit

    The sequence of events is that as of this morning i have the deed of sale ,next move is to get the guys to clear the land ,followed by a visit from an official from the agricultural dept to issue a certificate of undeveloped land this is to avoid a few issues that could come up later if not done and to avoid a tax bill That stage will take 2 to 3 weeks one done the fence goes in