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  1. One of my crazy ideas was to damm the creek that runs along side the farm , I was thinking of hydro , the guy who owns the land in the other side of the creek wants too much money to make the hydro system viable
  2. Getting caught by surprise is always a risk , as far as the German guy goes , I'd much rather have a quick death with bullets than to wait 12 months and have my head sawn off by a bollo , I did manage to flow a link to the video of one of the canadians from samal being executed
  3. The thing with batteries is their discharge cycle , the best ones are gell batteries but they are not cheap Power management is also important, asana example, if your tv can be run on 12v then run it on 12v ,using an inverter to change the power to 200v loses power , when I've got over to the Philippines fulltime , I'll do the working out , solar panels mounted on your roof ,facing south ,you need a controller as the solar panels give you 18v , I've done this for my RV, try to go down the 12v route with as many appliances as possible , during sunlight hours my fridge ran on 200v , during battery hours it switched to 12v Its all about energy management, using larger cables etc cuts down on loss ,chopping away the wattage is the route to go imho
  4. Tommy t wrote that , I was just quoting his post lol I saw a video of one of the guys being beheaded poor bloke, the sawed his head of with a bolo
  5. Our good old NHS gives the flu shots out free to at risk individuals, I.e over 65 ,registered disabled Never had the flu myself and I dont want it either
  6. I spoke to my gfs brother in law about the samal kidnapping, his sentiments were ," they were mining engineers and we dont like mining engineers " Personally it's all about the flight or fight response ,if you are on your boat ,you potentially have "weapons " at your disposal ,a parachute flare fired at an attacker, might have the desired response, especially if you manage to hit one if them
  7. It seems to bear similarities to the samal kidnapping , in as much as the favourite method of transport is the boat , I saw photos of the guy and his wife, the age gap was not huge and she was not a beauty queen If she gets released then that does bring up the suspicions that her family is involved, who gets the money from all those businesses if both are killed ? It comes across as they are a wealthy couple
  8. From reading various news articles , the couple seem to have been living a bit flashy , there was also mention of a grudge , in an area that is known to be a bit dodgy, it seems to me that it's a bit on the stupid side to invite attention by being known to have many businesses Just how dangerous in comparison to other areas of the Philippines is Zamboanga? How many murders of ex Pat's take place in other areas My gf gets intelligence reports as part of her job , two years ago it was to dangerous to visit kadawan, last june it was considered safe Imho Zamboanga is getting too close to the south west tip of mindanao and the Abu Sayyaf
  9. One of my neighbours in Scotland was sent to the Scottish one ( carstairs) , he became imbalanced and would walk around reading his bible, one day he decided that his father was the devil , so he beat him to death to save the world , he later wrote to my mother and in the letter he was trying to persuade my mum that he had saved the world At broadmoor one guy gave me a grafic description how he had gutted some bloke with a Bowie knife , he told me he was drunk and then asked my opinion asto neither or not he had a drink problem I was very happy when the broadmoor job finished
  10. I worked at Broadmoor hospital in the UK , it's the special hospital where we lock up the real bad dudes , it had the Yorkshire ripper and people who have done unimaginable cruel acts I was installing a panic alarm system , I was on those wards with a tool box full of ammo for these guys , I had 4 prison officers with me at all times and I still felt scared You name it , it was locked up in broadmoor
  11. It was a bottle of grolsch, I'll never forget finding it , I had been in the sat ( diving ) chamber for 25 days , I could I could have murdered it with a ciggy , mind you it would have been harder to light the smoke lol than drink the beer
  12. Back on subject of polio WHO is to hold a summit in Manila after type 2 polio virus has been discovered there also to discuss dengue and measles outbreak Just read this on the news
  13. I found a bottle of beer once in a trench at 450ft down in the north sea does that count ?
  14. Funny that you should mention vaccination in the uk I was working this morning in a medical center and the nurses were getting their stuff together to go out to the schools and vaccinate the kids for several different potential ailments
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