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  1. I had one person tell me , not two , my gfs familly are not trying to overcharge me , i think her papa does not want the job . The demand of rent was turned down by my gf , it was greedy farmers who asked for it . Maybe im making a mistake, but wtf ,ive had enough of the negativity that keeps getting thrown at me Byebye forum
  2. I remember reading an article about foreigners getting murdered in mindanao , I'd estimate that 80 % of them were Indian money lenders
  3. Id keep a watch on the news regarding that area , there was a report of terrorists activity there a few days ago , bombing from memory
  4. I read earlier today that the Philippines DOH has said that this year is expected to bad for dengue
  5. Ill get a couple of quotes at a later date , ill also sit down and talk to her papa about it , i think the problem is the geology ,its all rocks and more rocks . Her papa earns his living from deep water drilling , either hes quoted a high price because 1, he does not want to do the job , or he actually giving an honest quote , the locals draw their water from springs as far as 2km away Her papa would apear to know what hes doing so far , he has fixed tge electrical supply problem and is sorting out the water , his standards are far superior to the locals that we have been using
  6. I had my shots last year, the surgery directed me to a nurse, she gave me typhoid and hepatitis A , apparently the hepatitis B vaccine was in short supply. I might go for rabies shots in the near future , but your local surgery will advise on what you need I was very brave , I did not cry What part of mindanao are you going to , some parts can have malaria, remember to wear long trousers and long sleeves at night , I also use Avon skin so soft , when I wear shorts I slap on coconut smelling suntan lotion, theres a little fly that keeps biting my legs if I dont put that on
  7. The captain was the one who told my gf , so perhaps theres some truth to it
  8. Here are a couple of pics of the farm taken today
  9. If I go ahead with the well I'll get another quote ,I think the reason that it's so high is that the ground strata is boulders , I've got 5 holes in the farm that have been dug by treasure hunters , there are boulders the size of cars and rocks the size of footballs, it would need a drilling rig
  10. I did think about transportation, and also sinking a deep well on my property, gfs papa has his own business drilling for water ,he gave me an estimate of 1 mil , I'm taking his advice on this as he would appear to know what hes doing regarding water ,he often works overseas drilling for water and piping it Gf is confident that the baranguy captain is our friend so I'm going with the flow ( pun intended )
  11. Yes there is undeniable risk involved , I wont be living full time at the farm , we have a small house in a sub division, that is unknown to the guys on the farm I'll see how the others react to the removal of the water pipe
  12. The new source is on the baranguy captains land and will traverse on other property , the pipe will have to run a much longer distance . I have told the gf , that if there are anymore issues then we will put it up for sale and recover as much money as possible There is also another item on the horizon, it might be bull but theres indication that the government might be compulsory purchasing the land
  13. Going by what the gf has told me , I am quoting her , these guy with their plastic smiles , they are so stupid , the baranguy captain came out and offered us an alternative water source They thought that they had me over a barrel , I smelled a much bigger rat, my gf thought that the additional cost of 28k peso was fine , just to keep farmer 1 happy , then it went up to 58 k to keep the others happy , I asked her to find an alternative source before the negotiations The baranguy captain started the meeting, they refused our earlier offer after agreeing it , they came back with , we want water run on to our land at your cost and you have to pay us 150k a year in rent ,gf never even bothered to call me she just walked out . The additional cost is about 120k to run the pipe to a new source
  14. This might be a solution for lighting ,I've got a few if these security lights ,they are solar powered , if you use them outside make sure you get the ip65 rated ones You could also fully charge one and use indoors, manufacturer claims 12 hours continuous use
  15. My piggery was meant to go live on Thursday. I've dealt with all the problems and additions as required , even to the point of flying her papa un from bohol to sort some of the issues out The last one has got me angry , yesterday the 6 farmers who's land my water supply traverses , made new demands , this is despite them having been paid for the access A meeting was arranged and their demands listened to , I offered a compromise but that was refused , my gf who is in control of her temper had to leave before as she put it "started a war " the baranguy captain also got angry with them The cheaper option would have been to submit to their demands , but I felt like I was dealing with blackmailers , so I've put the project back a few days whilst an alternative source of water is used I just wanted to rant a wee bit
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