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  1. I transferred 1000.00 gbpounds , either my gf has screwed up or BDO has made a mistake , transferwise charged me 9 pounds
  2. The exit polls are forecasting a landslide victory for the tories Labour have taken a hammering SNP and devolution of the UK is looking like a possible
  3. Yes ,i intend to look into it next trip
  4. Hi guys Ive just transferred some money using transferwise to my gfs BDO bank account, the charges have been outrageous at 24t pesos ,has anyone else experienced such high charges?
  5. Come back guy fawks ,all is forgiven
  6. Whats the going rate for a Manila hitman ? The list is long Boris ,corbin,sturgeon, and the bitch from the lib dems swinstin
  7. I agree , democracy has been sold down the river, we are left with an illusion
  8. I am fed up to my back teeth of this poxy election and brexit If you turn on the tv ,its there, if you turn on the radio ,its there I dont know about the alleged russian interference with the USA election, but we have the EU ,pulling every trick in the book to sway the election in their favour General patton got it right when he said " a politician is a guy who will one day salute the flag and wipe his butt with it the next to get a vote " My big fear is that we will have a hung parliament with no clear majority , then god forbid ,we will have to suffer this purgatory for another number of years Rant over
  9. I've only known martial law in mindanao , it gave me an extra sense of security
  10. I belive that the chinese eat monkeys brains as a delicacy, they dip their crackers into the skull cavity Yuk yuk yuk The guy was as mad as a coot ,if hed done it in the uk ,he would have been sent to one of two secure hospitals ,got free meals ,television , single person room etc at the cost to the tax payer of 250k gbpounds a year 50 pesos a bullet sounds a much better idea to me
  11. I'd go from Italy, theres a lot of international time zones to over come , it's bad enough flying from London to Manila , never mind trying , Italy ,to Boston the Manila , that's a lot of time sitting on a seat , My own trip to davao is long enough , I get up at 5am , go to work , finish then drive to London, I get the 9 PM flight to Manila, I avoid coffee and eat the airline dinner, I read a book and doze off , best I've done is 7.5 hours sleep .
  12. In the uk , i paid £700.00 or 45000 peso if you preferr for a battery for my ebike ,mind you it is a top of the range bike
  13. The first expat that i met was at Manila airport ,after a few minutes ,he asked me for money, he may have been the genuine guy who got robbed of his passport and cash ,but i did not give him a peso ,i made a lame excuse about not having any Philippines money Most of the expats down davao way have responded with a short chat The problem i see is that a lot of expats are avoiding something from back home , and its anyone guess what that is
  14. bastonjock


    Guess I'm not common then ,
  15. Hope those being battered by this storm are in safety
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