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  1. bastonjock

    Playing with fire.

    There are a few problems with Terence Flanery reak name Terrence Martin ,one troll accuses him of collecting two pensions ,onw from the states and one from the UK At some point in his life he was a singer in a band ,also an author He has been doing good work ,he has buikt around 30 houses fir the philipino in his area, his asawa family get the building work , he also runs a jeepney to take people to church ,and one of his friends runs a feeding program on a sunday, these guys are doing charitabke work Now the question arises as to how much of his youtube cash and donations go to his good deeds program ,he has been warned to stop and he did not ,so perhsps he did not cut in the corrupt officials on the money To simply slate the guy is unfair imho as he may well be doing the honourable thing , then again he may be as bent as a compostella bananna Lets hop the truth avails ,but i do think that some of the vloggers are setting themselves up for trouble
  2. bastonjock

    Legal Capacity To Marry Gone Wrong!

    The stuff being put forward in the news is that he was chopped up whilsr still alive by a scottish trained forensic surgeon and his body dissolved in vats of acid They claim that his watch transmitted his screams whilst thevafore mentioned surgeon cut him up
  3. bastonjock

    Verorab unregistered rabies vaccine.

    Ive just checked it out and its 3 jabs for 180 gb pound's, they also reccomend an annual booster
  4. bastonjock

    Verorab unregistered rabies vaccine.

    Is rabies a big problem in the Phil's ?
  5. The part about the sandcastles gets me
  6. bastonjock

    Yamashitas treasure

    Took your advice mate ,it worked
  7. bastonjock

    Flu Shots

    Its free to over 65s in the uk
  8. bastonjock

    Yamashitas treasure

    Well as im just up the hill from you in Alambre ,perhaps we could come to a deal ,ive got a buddywho keeps sending me e-mails about millions that im owed
  9. bastonjock

    Accident Scene Callousness

    I was in Nigeria just after they had a coup , bodies were piled up by the road side all bloated abd the stink was awful I was told back then ,never touch a person who has been im an accident ,it means thst you are assuming responsibility fir their welfare
  10. bastonjock

    Yamashitas treasure

    No point in me buying a detector then ,:-(
  11. bastonjock

    Yamashitas treasure

    Has anyone heard about the treasure tgat has allegedly been left in the Philippines by the Japanese army ? Ive been trying to work out why there are some holes that have been dug on my plot , it would appear that individuals at some point have been convinced that the aforementioned treasure has been buried in rhem thar hills around mount apo ,its not just my plot either ,others have these strange holes I googled it all and theres an intetesting story and ledgend about a Japanese general call yamashita andva vast wealth of loot stolen from the countries that japan invaded duringWW2 Gf now wants me to buy a metal detector
  12. bastonjock

    Inflation? or Government GREED?

    I can vouch on the cost of building materials going up Ive had to purchase all of my materials for my jungle hut and cut down on the number of bedrooms Ive seen real on the ground comments about the price of rice increasing and a referrence to some wholesalers holding their prices , if the locals are hoping that the price of a kilo of rice does not increase by a few pesos, then its definately hitting the guys on the ground My gf had to pay tax on my piece of land and it has been valued at 800k more than i paid for it ,so the tax bill also went up and the tax office explained that they were raising money to pay for all the new roads etc. Ill go with the theory that a lot of the inflation os being caused by the weak peso , the Philippines imports a lot of food and that and items like fuel have a direct effect on prices
  13. bastonjock

    vocational rehab

    When i met my first philipina family ,it took her dad 5 minutes to ask me how much my pension was worth
  14. bastonjock

    Sky Sports

    That will be usefully Mick, living in the jungle , the mains electricity is about a mile away , never mind a high speed state of the art internet connection.
  15. bastonjock

    Sky Sports

    Did you watch Rangers against rapid Vienna ? We done em like a kipper gov hehe