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  1. bastonjock

    Have's and Have-not's in Philippines

    One of the interesting things I found whilst delving into my family history was the subject of slavery During the expansion to thebAmerican colonies ,the Scottish nobility would sell their ordinary folk to ships captains whom in turn would sell them to the land owners in the colonies ,this was called indentured servant , the length of the service was measured in years of hard toil Another interesting item was that coal miners and salt pan workers were considered to be the property of their employer, you could not leave your job even if they has no work for you , this was slavery in another form The law was changed in 1804 to allow miners to go and find better job's My 7 times great grandparents were owned by the coal mine , after 1804 their heirs spread out around the globe.
  2. A foreigner cannot own land so it will all have to be in your wife's name ,you can I belive put your name on the deeds or probably even better idea is to put the house that you buy into the kids names Be wary of builders such as Deca homes , there are a lot if sub divisions being thrown up and the quality even by philipino standards is poor It is sometimes better to buy an existing house ,they can cost considerably less , when it comes to negotiation try to stay away and let your wife do it As an example I through my gf bought a piece of land it was up for 2.7 million ,her papa negotiated it down to 1.8 million , a westerner not far away bought a similar piece of land for 2.9 million around the same time So try to use trusted people So far in davao I have bought a condo and a small farm in the hills , I'll be out again in may to see progress and sort thing out I may still split my time between the UK and the Philippines, I can always fly back and earn a few Bob to keep the coffers full
  3. bastonjock

    Heading back.

    What ? The baby wants to vote ?
  4. bastonjock

    Are You Rich?

    I'll give my gf kids their due , I've taken them to jollibee and I quite expected them to order the most expensive items on the menu,they did not Her mums a different mold all together, she told me that she wanted some French perfume , I smiled and told her that it was a husband duty to buy perfume When I had our house warming thing , I bought a pig and some booze for the workers , then her family turned up and about 8 retired pastors , they kept asking me to support them , I thought I was by inviting you to this feast, after the working pastor blessed the house and the ground , we sat down to eat , then I kid you not , about a hundred uninvited locals turned up . So I had about 10 pastors one baranguy captain two purok leaders a hundred or so locals, her family , and the workers The booze did run out but I waited until most of the crowd had disappeared before I replenished the supply I must have spent 60k pesos but I did make a lot of people happy
  5. bastonjock

    Fruit Tree Spraying

    I've got 85 mango trees on my property, some of them do not produce fruit I am thinking of grafting new trees into old root stock
  6. bastonjock

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    You have my full empathy on that one Theres a guy I know from school , he sits on his butt and spends most of the day ranting about his left wing views and how small his disability payments are The same guy is a convicted armed robber , thief, drug dealer and ex doorman , I'd be surprised if he paid a hundred pounds in tax during his life Oh yes he remembered his home land after the stroke he had , where he could screw the system even more
  7. bastonjock

    SM 3 Day Sale Or This?

    What kind of mud was it?
  8. bastonjock

    Getting to know everyone

    Hi Tarig Welcome to the forum , there is a mine of Information on this forum , read up as much as you can , I'm not trying to dampen your spirits ,but there are a lot of very good philipino programmers so you might find it very competitive, as far as welding goes , have you thought of trying Guam for work ? It cuts down on flying time and as far as I'm aware its USA territory Alot of the guys jump between the Philippines and their home country to earn money then return and have a long vacation, when you need funds just head back home and do some work Have a great time doing your research and don't be afraid to ask questions, there are a lot of decent guys on this forum , unlike other forums where it can end up in a slanging match
  9. bastonjock

    It`s a boy

    I've got no idea who they are but please pass on my congratulations
  10. bastonjock

    Less you forget

    I cover Northamptonshire , Bedfordshire , I go down as far as Luton from Peterborough, they also used to send me to Suffolk and Norfolk This morning traffic was bad , a truck broke down at the black cat roundabout on.the A1 , I spent 16 years working in London, I roughly calculated and that was 20 years ago , I calculated that I had lost 450 days of my life stuck in traffic , it's quite sobering when you do that I've had all the hassle of management,I've been the BMS engineer at a very high profile bank in London, I moved to Peterborough for a more rural life Anyhow this morning is much more enjoyable,there was only a light frost to scrape of , the sun is shining and it was a beautiful morning driving acro§s country from the A1 , one of those sunny misty mornings that can make life feel good
  11. bastonjock

    New member near to Davao City

    Would you belive they are Australian pigs ? Would you like a new gf ?
  12. bastonjock

    Less you forget

    I thought I'd remind some of you what you are missing back "home " The alarm goes off at 5.30am , I shower and shave then dress and stumble down the stairs, I make breakfast and a packed lunch , as I drink my tea I check my emails and pda, same old stuff just a different day I put on my boots and walk out to my van , scrape the ice of the windscreen and wipe the mirrors I pack my stuff and off I go , first drive is about 65 miles , traffic is not too bad as the kids are on holiday , I arrive at a medical center , this one treats sexual health , beware of the blood stained swabs discarded by the back door, I have to fix the security lights , so I pull the extending ladder off of the vand roof , even with gloves on it starts to feel cold , I then have to search for the fuse board , no one knows where they all are 3 different departments all bitching at each other , I trace the board and fix the light,pack up sign the chitty and off I go ,next job is up the motorway, the bitching here is even worse , I fit a new power point and head off to my last job of the day , phone rings , can you look at another problem ,the guy cant fix it ,I head there , the other bloke a so called electrician cannot solve it ( I call guys like that light bulb changers ) 30 mins I track down the fault, I do some reports and head home So what kind of day have you guys had ?
  13. bastonjock

    New member near to Davao City

    I'm doing something similar and not to far away from where you are ,I'll be basing my self at Alambre , a bit closer to Davao than yourself I'm starting a small pig farm
  14. bastonjock

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    You big wind bag you
  15. bastonjock

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    So Sonjack,gas engineers are like rocking horse poo at the moment ,they are getting the best rates by far amongst the trades I just cant see how anyone can live on a gov pension here , a man has to earn 40k just to get by , rent can take 30 to 50% of your salary , a cheap meal out does not happen , a big mac costs about 500 pesos and a meal for two at a pub lol And then there's the cold and the damp, have you forgotten the pleasure of having to scrape ice off of your vehicle at 6.30 am ? Time for you to return and enjoy