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  1. One of the latest statistics is that 25% of our health service staff are self isolating
  2. One thing thats been bouncing around in my head about this is the savings that various governments will make from this virus My own conspiracy theory If they manage to kerp the deathd down to 20,000 in the uk That will save 180 million a year in pension payments The most vulnerable groups the over 60, are also the group's that cost our nhs the most money The savings could run into billions of pounds Perhaps thats how they intend to finance this huge financial bale out
  3. Just been flashed on bbc Boris Johnson our prime minister has the virus
  4. At my old house in Baston lincolshire ,i was in the return flight path for the lancaster of the battle of britain flight , i had many a good close view of the aircraft After it flew over london for william and kates wedding ,i grabbed my camera and stood out in my paddock after about 30 mins its came over and i started snapping ,the crew spotted me and bought the plane around and dipped their wings i could see the guys waving at me ,all 4 merlin engines roaring away
  5. Watched a program on the spanish flu It started in Kansas USA , a farm worker picked up a strain of flu from a domestic fowl Same farm worker got called up to the us army ,he worked as a cook for a while speading it around, thousands got on those ships and headed of to europe ,that was phase 1 and it killed a lot of people Phase 2 ,the virus mutated and this time the grim reaper took a terrible toll 50 million world wide 30,000 British soldiers died from it alone Perhaps we are only witnessing phase 1 and the real problem will be phase 2
  6. CORONOVIRUS RAPSODY hi guys i wish i could cut and paste the link from FB ,but i cant ,to techy for me Theres a song doing the rounds on fb it is a scream, perhaps searching on fb you can find it The lyrics are very very funny and bring a smile into this worrying time Its called coronovirus RAPSODY
  7. Spoke to a mosquito pilot many years ago ,he ended up flying f15s for the saudis , i asked him what was his favourite plane ,he said mosquito ,a real lady with both engines but a bitch to fly with one One if my biker buddies lives at the old pathfinder airfield at little staughton, his home is now the old control tower
  8. One of my oldest friends fathers dropped the second stick of bombs on Berlin during WW2 He was bomb aimer navigator in a hampden designated no2 in line A few missions later on their return to england ,the airfield was coveredin fog , he informed the pilot that they were close to the airfield , they saw fires in front of them and landed ,in those days the raf would light 5 gallon drums of fuel around the landing field to lift the fog Unfortunately in this case the flames came from crashed aircraft , they themselves crashed and the following day returned to the wreck My friends father wresled the bomb aiming sight out of the plane ,i was allowed by my friend to read his dads log book and hold the piece of sight Real history
  9. Latest from UK Prince of Wales ( prince Charles) has the.virus hes 71 and being reported as having a mild case
  10. Steve ,check out a bbc4 program called pandemic ,its a documentary put together by Cambridge scientists
  11. The 2 percent death rate is the same as the Spanish flu, that would work out at 870,000 deathd in the UK I hope all you statisticians are wrong ,nothing personal
  12. Being part of the nhs mechanism, im getting to see things at ground level ,3 of the buildings i visit have now been deep cleaned Today at a medical center in middle england ,i witnesed for the second day in a trot people queuing for their meds ,this particular place you placed your prescription through the front door, chap all masked and gloved up ,then you went to the rear door and picked up your meds Yesterday i droped off a friends prescription at another medical center and people were all sitting around next to each other ,tonight i pick up his meds and its just like normal at this other center Consistently is missing Tonight our pubs clubs and bars close ,the gov has promised to pay 80% of peoples salarys They are talking about unprecedented levels of unemployment, all our major car plants are closing down , This is going to be a financial storm that no one will avoid
  13. One of my co workers was told to leave a medical center yesterday afternoon due to the possibility of the virus being present We have all been banned from attending the site , They are going to do a deep clean ,
  14. Last night on bbc ,the emphasis was on slowing down the peak ,they only have 5000 ventilators in the uk and it would appear to me ,that the underlying problem is that our beloved nhs has been cut to the point were it cannot handle the numbers ,we only have 5 hospitals that are equipped with these oxygen machines that work on a similar way to dialysis machines We have no real manufacturing base anymore and our inability to produce ventilators and even oxygen is going to be exposed ,they have been feeding us BS and inho the bs is going to be exposed and as a result of shortages there will be a higher number of deaths Im sitting in my van right now outside a medical unit that has the virus , they want me to fix some lights , im arguing that ill only fix life dependant equipment ,im not going in .
  15. My buddy in luzon has just had his flight cancelled, he was due to fly to the uk via Hong Kong on the 30th of this month ,hes trying to reschedule
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