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  1. I had a talk with Gf,s sister and brother in law about paying for meals etc They are the well healed couple of the family , i was told if i want to have a party , book a buffet type restaurant, do not have one at home as the neighbour's will turn up expecting to be fed. The gf,s family are well off by Philippines standard , of the three sisters , two budget for mamas medicine ,the third sister has a lot of kids and she gets subsidised by one sister, after we had a pizza and a bucket of chicken the untouched left overs were sent round to that sister During my recent visit , i paid for two jollibees for her kids ,donated to the lolas party ,an amount equal to everyone elses , i paid 50% of our trip to siargo , gf and her cousin paid 25% each I was taken out to a restaurant and invited to her sisters home for dinner My take on it is that these are " middle class " philpinos ,who share the cost of familly events ,they do not expect one or two i individuals to foot the bill , the better off ones do tend to treat those less fortunate. Its part of their culture that the wealthy subsidise the less well off ,and ive been told to set Budgets and to say that i have no budget for that etc in order to control expenditure
  2. At the upload speeds of the internet in Siargo ,it would take a life time to upload them all lol , There has been more driving than i thought there would be ,but its been great to see new to me places We stayed at a basic place overnight at Britania isles and kedt at 5amthis morning, to drive to Suriago City to catch a ferry ,i thoroughly enjoyed the sail across to Siargo ,it reminded me of Scotlands Western isles but not so pretty and at 36 deg it was warmer We found a very tidy and reasonable priced at 1400 peso a night room close to the surfing area Lovely sunset last night
  3. Well after my adventure down to massim , we decided on heading north to suriago ,we stopped off at tinuan falls ,then on to the enchanted river ,we took a boat ride to an island restaurant, the food was excellent I enjoyed the scenery after davao and tagnum , the twisty but good condition roads through compostella valley were surprisingly on the whole pot hole free The falls were beautiful , and the enchanted river my favourite so far , currently at Britania isles , with a plan to catch a ferry to siargo tomorrow
  4. Lol , i have no plans of visiting zamboanga or malawi , there are some places that are just to high risk ,even areas of mount apo
  5. There are risks every where , not just in mindanao. The list of countries where terrorisim is active , goes well beyond the iskand of mindanao. I asked about the two canadian guys who were kidnapped and later beheaded in samal , i was told that they were asking for it , we dont like mining engineers coming here to steal our resources was the answer . Gf goes to cotabato for her allumini ,she has many Muslim friends there but says it would not be safe for me @GeoffH is quite correct in his statement that those of us living here in mindanao have to make assessments when travelling ,the small town i visited was called maasim ,sarangai province , theres a very new coal fired power station there , clear indication of duerties improvement of infrastructure. You can never completely remove danger in your life , terrorism happens in England, it happens almost everywhere, there are areas in the uk and almost every other country that are dangerous to the traveller
  6. the extended family went out their way to ensure me that i would be safe , i dont think it would be safe on your own , i talked to the bishop who originates from digos ,he told me that there are some areas in the mountains and on the east side that would be dangerous for me , but down here i woukd be identified as one of their clan . gf gets intelligence as part of her job , ( safety officer for DW ) , she will not ler me go to unsafe areas
  7. Well i arrived back in davao ,a few days ago , it would appear that june is birthday month ,gf ,her grandmother, her mother and bothh her sisters have their birthdays this month . Thursday it was mamma ,i bought a cake for the lunch time session at brokenshire colledge , for the evening session ,her BIL paid for dinner for about 12 people , no donation from the kanu was requested We travelled to the southern part of mindanao ,on friday , way past gen san for grandmothers birthday ,we went 50/50 on the gas and everything else over the two days , i did think i was going to get hit for dinner for 14 tonight but ,gf and bil paid . Whilst it apears that i have to put in my share , im not getting hit for everything, only one jollibee meal for the kids ,everything else has been a shared cost
  8. My dad was a d day vet His words to me where , i got on the ship at sheer ness and then we picked up the soldiers at the isle of dogs, we went out on the 4th of june and at midnight the captain read out the ships orders informing us that the landings were on , one hour later we were stood down and returned to port , the docks were crawling with mp,s all has thompson sub machine guns , anyone trying to leave the ship will be shot The following day we returned to the channel and the invasion began , it wasnt as bad as either dieppe or salerno dad said , we dropped the soldiers off and picked up some paratroopers and wounded before returning to england I have a photograph of my dad in his navy fatiques ,sportjng a colt 45 , its dated june 1945 I asked jokingly, was that to shoot Hitler, no he said, it was to maintain discipline amongst the soldiers ,shoot them if nessesary
  9. I think I took that pic last year I'd take another one right now , but I've got to shower and get ready to drive to Heathrow, Davao here I come
  10. I took two 7.5mg one day and got on my motorcycle, when i got to the bike meeetup ,my friends took the keys off me , i was unintentionally wasted ,it was very stupid thing to do that was the last time i took them
  11. Gf has been stupid enough to invest in one of these schemes, the worrying part is that the church is involved somehow
  12. Be wary of tramadol , its addictive , the doc gave me a prescription over here and along with the tramadol and the cocodamol , i started to like it I stopped taking it during day time and occasionally only took it at night ,that was for my back which went into spasm after a sneeze
  13. I own a honda valkyrie, ive thought about shipping it over but ive got to let my head rule my heart , its just too big for the Philippines and the cost of shipping is prohibitive, ive been thinking of a honda 250 for the Philippines
  14. Hehe that will be fun
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