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  1. No problem Brett,My tours are personal,you get to see what you want.also i like to introduce new people to the real Cebu.A walk down colon street,jeepney ride,coffee in the mall,night life,what to look out for,interesting things...look me up when you come SPIKE
  2. Hi Brett There is island hopping monthly ..they do all those things and more....look in join a club in this forum Also monthly meetings,bowling,weekly nights out with the boys,weekly walks..all with expats You don't need a tour package,danny will be fine around the city,if you are going out of the city i am sure your female friend can get you to your destination If you need a personal tour of cebu or tourist visa extensions i can help you with that SPIKE IN CEBU
  3. Its a mix,you can bring your female friend,the girls play seperate..but you can't go girl watching in the mall later over drinks if you bring g/f
  4. I was with a friend in the food court in ayala mall,and she lost her bag..i'm talking big shopping bag..never saw a thing...reported it to a guard as soon as we noticed ,,told him to notify all exits with discription of the bag on his radio...but all he could do was ask stupid questions,,all the wrong ones...never got the bag back...don't rely on the guards for help SPIKE
  5. I went down to the weekly 10 pin bowling,beside country mall,it was a good turnout of expats,a mixture of australians,brits,americans and a few other nationalitys,bowling starts at 1pm so get there a few minuites early and introduce yourself to Tim he runs the show,a totally nice fellow They play 3 games then at around 4 pm they go over to country mall and sit outside a cafe oppisite the car park having a drink and watching the people go by for a couple of hours,its a good afternoon,so if you want to meet some expats and have a good time come on down at 1pm..you don't have to play Also a few g
  6. Riding jeepneys takes some time to learn their routes,once you do they are great ways to get around,very cheap,but not comfortable.if i can i take people on a jeepney on my tours,it would be better to travel with a friend first few times,jeepney fare is usually a set price,mostly 8php here in cebu they are not like a bus you pay full fare if you go all the way or just 100 meters,if unsure ask a passenger,try to have coins ,if you hand over a note you might not get your change,the guy at the back usually understands english Trike have no set price they just make it up when they see your white f
  7. For my 38 day extension i paid 3222php,first two month extension was 4305php,both at same travel agent...make sure you go to extend a week before they are due
  8. Transport around the philipines PLANES,many destinations,there are delays on take off times sometimes BOATS,all sizes the major people movers here from island to island,best book a cabin if you want to be comfortable on long journeys,travel light and never leave your stuff unattended BUSSES,big and small,many destinations,beware they drive like demons,if you are tall or big not comfortable TAXIS,many old with strange noises,make sure they put the meter on,and have small change to pay the fare,strangely a lot have no change,write the address down that you are going to some driver don't understa
  9. When you arrive in the philipines you automaticly get a 21 day visa stamped on your passport,if you want to stay longer this can be extended another 38 days and then every two months till you reach 16 months,after that you need permission from Immigration in manila to extend every two months till 24 months Once your time is up you have to leave the country,you can come back next day and start the whole thing over again http://immigration.gov.ph//index.php?optio...2&Itemid=43 You can also get your first two month extension an your nearest philippine embassy before you come
  10. Here is a list of some hotels and pension houses http://www.cebu-hotels.info/
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