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  1. Agreed, I said I was wrong, 18 crimes a day out of almost a million people is not bad odds.
  2. So it seems crime is going down, while it is the highest crime in the area. :hystery: :nudie: Cebu City tops CV crimes listTHE Police Regional Office (PRO) 7’s crime statistics showed that Cebu City posted the highest number of crimes in Central Visayas with 1,137 cases in the past two months.Senior Supt. Mariano Natuel said yesterday the numbers showed a drop of 139 cases compared to the same period last year that had 1,276 cases.Based on the current crime statistics, at least 18 crimes occurred in Cebu City every day.
  3. It is true that some branches will have much more experience with those transfers and my point was to make people aware that they could have issues if they do not know what to tell the bank that they want. I could call Wells Fargo to complain but the ladies I spoke to and dealt with were all very nice and I do not wish to get anyone in trouble, IMO it is not their fault that the company has not trained them properly or given them instructions to follow to accomplish those transfers and part of it was my fault for not doing a recent internet search and thus finding the updated pages that I believe were not there when I posted the original thread. Here is a page that explains some more https://www.wellsfar...remittance/asia but I believe this page was not online when I started looking into this or I never would have bothered to try. IMHO it should say everywhere that a person can send the local equivalency of up to $3000 and not that they can send up to $3000, but that is just how I have read Wells Fargo's past online sites and even the one above is not clear to me, but maybe I do not comprehend well. Here is the simple version.Go to Wells Fargo and ask them to set up express send.Be sure to give them a piso account number for it to go into unless you want the cash picked up at one of the pick up places.Have them do a test send for you into your BPI or other bank that they are affiliated with and that you have an account in.Then once you go online and see that the money arrived, then you can sign into your Wells Fargo account and send more money anytime you want to.Just be prepared for the $5 fee (no big deal) and the approx 3.5% or so for the exchange service fee that they seem to charge based on what they were shaving off the actual exchange rate they were willing to give us. So they do not charge $110 fee, it could be more or less depending on how much you would send and based on the amount of pisos they actually give you, due to the actual exchange rate, and that will vary based on the exchange rate you get for your dollars. 50 to 1 x 3.5%= 1.75 x $3000 = p5250 verses 42 to 1 x 3.5%= 1.47 x $3000 = p4410 as an example. I will not bother using express send because the limit is $3000 and at approx 3.5% exchange fee, that is $105 (at the exchange rate when I tried to do it) exchange fee plus the $5 they charge, so surely not worth it for me to bother with. It will probably be less expensive to use a US HSBC ATM card which I am told will charge no fee if used at a HSBC branch worldwide but will shave a little off the top, or just keep doing what we are doing, writing dollar checks and waiting for them to clear to make the exchange when we want to, which I have found is the best way if one can afford to wait to do the exchange based on how much is being offered and I can also pick the best date with the highest exchange rate, can't do that with money sent. So for those just visiting, a few dollars or pisos either way is no big deal and IMO should not be worried about and just enjoy your vacations, but for those living in the Philippines or spending a lot of time there, a few dollars with each exchange or transfer can really add up in a year or in my case in heading towards 18 years of exchanging money. To each his own and as Art always says, different strokes for different folks. As for us, we try to send checks to be deposited into our account in the Philippines to live on before we even go over, so I do not have to worry about doing it with Wells Fargo but wanted to have an alternative if an emergency would have come about.
  4. Art2ro had sent me an email because I had failed to update a thread somewhere on the forum about this but before I left I had promised I would, so here is my opinion based on my experiences with trying to send money via Wells Fargo to BPI, in short do not waste your time but your experience may vary.First of all I called Wells Fargo and got the run around and then told that I had to call another number to set up the direct send. I called the other number only to be told by the employee that I had to go into the bank to set it up, why didn't the first woman tell me that, I have no idea.I spent about an hour yesterday in Wells Fargo to set up the Express send but the representative never bothered to tell me that I had to do the first send from the bank, even after I told her that I wanted it set up and then would be going home to send a test amount. So upon arriving home I signed into my account and tried to send, only for it to tell me online that it needed to be done in the bank. I attempted to call the representative with the phone number on her business card that she had handed me and all it did was ring, so I waited until the morning and then I called the number again, only for it to just ring, so I called Wells Fargo's 800 number and they gave me the correct branch phone number and transferred me to the branch and told me that only the branch could do the transfer. I then spoke to the lady who had set it up and now she said I had to come into the branch and deal with a teller to send money, why didn't she tell me that when I was in yesterday.So I go to the branch and go up to the teller window and the teller has no idea how to do this and calls over a manager. At no time did anyone tell me it could only be sent if converted to pisos or I would never have even bothered, so my bad for not doing more research online recently because in the past it never said anything about exchanging the money, but one would think the branch or the main office would have known that. So I ask to send a test amount of $100 to my dollar account in the Philippines, again no one said a word and both of them were learning on my attempted transfer, it was sort of the blind leading the even blinder. Finally it is done only to get a receipt showing they were going to give me 41.27 when the exchange rate online shows 42.82, so it appears they also charge a conversion fee of about 3.5% on top of the $5 fee they claim they only charge, so I told them to cancel the exchange if it was not in dollars because I had it sent to my dollar account, so they would then have to convert it back to dollars to deposit it, so I would have paid two conversion fees and the $5 charge, so better to cancel. Now comes the fun, the manager has to call the main office to figure out why it did not go in dollars, after 15 minutes, she and two others put their heads together and then call me back to the window only to tell me it would have to be in pisos, so I again said cancel it and so after another 10 minutes or so they got it canceled.Now comes the kicker, they took the $100 plus $5 out of my account but they said that they could not put it back in for 7 days, so I wasted lots of hours and got nothing accomplished and I may have to follow up to even get my money back. I am seriously considering doing business with another bank such as HSBC since it seems everyone at Wells Fargo that I had to deal with was learning even when some said they had worked there for years.My advice would be, if you wish to set something like this up, be sure to set it up with the money going to a piso account and while this may be worthwhile for some to do to send money to their relatives, I prefer to just deposit my US check and wait the 3 weeks it takes for it to clear.Hope that saves someone some time but one size does not fit all, so possibly others might be happy with Wells Fargo and have had a better experience with them than I did. More power to you if that is the case.
  5. I looked at their page before I posted that and they have one right on the front page but as I said, expensive.
  6. Thank you for the thank you, few people actually realize how much work goes on behind the scenes of running a forum and keeping it set up, so I did my best in the past to help Tom but he did most of the hard work, so IMHO he is the one who deserves most of the thanks. The other mods also deserve a thank you because it is they who approve new members posts and keep the forum civil. Neither Tom or I, or any member that I am aware of, with the exception of the one who I believe is being talked about in this thread, has ever tried to part anyone with any of their money, and for my part, I had been offered many a free meal or drinks and prefer to pay my own way or pick up the whole tab because helping people is what it is all about IMHO, so that cannot be totally accomplished if the person helping has an ulterior motive for why he claims to be helping. While I am no longer on the staff of this forum, let me say that it is the members who make the forum, so I would like to thank you all for making this a great forum for members to learn and enjoy, thus making my former work on the forum all the more memorable for me.
  7. I am not sure where they are located and prices seem high to me but this one says they ship free to anywhere in the Philippines. http://pcpadala.com/
  8. I have covered about one third of Mindanao and have never had a major problem but suggest people stay out of the ARMM area and they should be safe, so if a person sees a pretty lady in say Cagayan de Oro or Davao then I would say go for it, also been to Luzon and settled on Cebu. IMHO the largest quantity of the most beautiful women I have ever seen in all the places I have been in the Philippines are in Cebu and Manila but there are many beautiful women all over the Philippines, it just seems to me that there are many more in Cebu but that is my taste in women and everyone will have different likes or dislikes. As stated, I have found that most women from Mindanao who were actually born on Mindanao and have parents from Mindanao, are often shorter. My wife was born in Mindanao but her parents were from Naga Cebu so she is quite a bit taller than all her former coworkers in CDO.One thing to take into account is that just like the op wrote, many people shy away from Mindanao, so more women from Mindanao may end up on those sites longer. My advice would be to not look for the most beautiful woman on the outside, but the most beautiful woman on the inside, and if she happens to also have outer beauty, then all the better.It is always good to remember that the prettiest ladies will get the most hits, so IMO if they have not found a partner and are still on the dating site months after they joined, something may not be right or she may be very picky with who she wants.My advice when looking for a woman would be to find a woman who is GD (geographically desirable), in other words easy to get to and easy to visit her family since that would make life much easier in the future, and it is just as easy to find a great lady in just about any area of the Philippines. Being within an hour of an international airport is a definite plus IMO, and good public transportation where she lives will be yet another major plus also IMO.
  9. Exactly. What has been going on with all the disasters lately is not a normal cycle IMHO. Yes that might be one answer, and I believe it was me who posted asking what is going on. Whatever it is, I can only hope it will stop.Here is yet another possibility but I have no idea if that could also be causing all the other disasters but apparently some think it relates.Solar flare affecting Earth's weather patterns As we see various rain storms, more than usual for this time of year, we can notice that the recent solar flare, rated as a s3 flare, has affected the magnetic field just enough to cause irregular pattern of weather. The North eastern part of the U.S has been experiencing heavy rain and fog. Cloud cover has also affected the region. Solar Flares can create earthquakes, facts and history August 1st 2010. Solar flare August 3rd 2010. A 6.4 earthquake hit Papa New Guinea. --------------------------------------- February. 15th 2011. We had a Class X solar flare. The flare hit the earth on February 18th 2011. On February 22nd 2011 the deadly 6.3-magnitude Christchurch earthquake struck ------------------------------------------ On March 9th 2011, a class X1.5 solar flare erupted; A Coronal Mass Ejection struck our magnetic field March 10th. Bright Aurora Borealis were visible in the northern United States. This was a result of an M3 flare that occurred late on March 7th, 2011 On Friday, March 11th, 2011 On Friday, an 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit Japan, creating a tsunami.
  10. This is a terrible tragedy, some news reports are saying the death toll will rise because 92 are missing in one area and around 100 homes have been buried in a landslide. What the heck is going on with all these disasters now happening. :hystery: Filipinos grieve as earthquake death toll rises
  11. Let us not forget her and lets us pray those responsible get what they deserve, be they the ones arrested or if innocent then someone yet to be caught. May she rest in peace and hopefully get justice.The following day, her body was found dumped in a cliff in Guibuangan, Barili town, wrapped in a bedsheet and stuffed in a sack.A year later the parents of Ellah Joy Pique, Renante and Perla Pique, as well as her parents and relatives said they won’t give up the fight for justice for her death.A YEAR ago today, a 6-year-old grade 1 pupil was kidnapped while walking with her classmates on the way home in Calajo-an, Minglanilla, southern Cebu.
  12. Texts are coming in from friends and family and thankfully everyone is OK. Angelo sent a text early this morning to tell us that our building was OK but that he and a lot of other people ran out when the first jolt hit. I am now seeing the news and more are said to be dead than first reported, so I think the death toll will possibly continue to rise. I hope all of you are OK and that your families are OK as well.
  13. Seems some people may be misinformed about crime in the US verses the Philippines. FBI: U.S. violent crime down in 2011, fewer murders, rapes(Reuters) - Murders, rapes and other violent crimes dropped sharply in the United States in the first six months of 2011, continuing a downward trend that has lasted 4 1/2 years, the FBI reported on Monday.The federal law enforcement agency said preliminary January-through-June figures showed the number of violent crimes declined 6.4 percent from the previous year, led by a 5.7 percent drop in murders and a 5.1 percent decrease in rapes.In other violent crime categories, robberies declined 7.7 percent while aggravated assaults fell 5.9 percent.The FBI's regular statistical report did not give any reasons for the lower crimes nationwide. But the latest numbers provided further evidence of no crime spike coinciding with the tough economic conditions and high unemployment.The report is based on information from more than 12,500 police and other law enforcement agencies across the country.Violent crimes went down about the same amount in all four regions of the country and decreased in big cities, smaller cities and rural areas.Property crimes, such as burglary, larceny, theft and motor vehicle theft, also declined in the first half of the year, with burglaries down 2.2 percent, larceny and theft down 4.0 percent and stolen vehicles down 5.0 percent.The separate arson category declined 8.6 percent in the first six months of the year, the FBI said.
  14. You are welcome, glad you and your wife can enjoy them. :grouphugg:
  15. Hi Steve, I made the post so members can see that it has now even being noticed by many of the locals who have their eyes open. We can all beat to death why it is happening and from what I read above most of you are probably correct, so I will not debate the issue, only say for all to watch their six, and try to enjoy life in the Philippines but with your eyes open and your head not buried in the sand.Crime can most often be prevented when a person is alert and aware of their surroundings and all of those who may be watching them. For instance I often used to use the BPI ATM machine in Ayala Terraces next to the money changer, that was until I saw a local across on the other side taking photos with a long distance lens on his camera, and more than once of those using that machine. Now once might have been a fluke and the guy was just taking photos of people going to the money changer, but a few times on different days was not a fluke and there was no one at the money changer the last two times I saw the guy taking the photos of people at the machine, so just be alert and change your routine and all should be OK, yet how do people in the provinces go to other machines when only one or two may be available to them, so they need to change up the times and dates they go to machines and that might not even help since many of the locals have nothing but time on their hands. Be careful and be aware.
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