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  1. I was here, last year for one Month. been here Three weeks, and looking at settling in Subic . maybe?
  2. I have all documents . expect US police clearance, i was misinformed about police clearance, how can i get one, i am already in PI.
  3. Thanks, many former US Military retired, live in Freeport Zones In Subic and Clark.
  4. 50k after Taxes, single. not interested in Bar scene. will do some traveling, around SE Asia. i eventually may pick a another location in The PI.
  5. Would 50k USD annually, be enough to have good retirement in Subic or Angeles area. I am former US Military.
  6. OK, I'm putting myself on the line again, looking back at Cattledog's earlier posts. I think he hasn't yet even set foot in the Philippines and any talk of buying a car with a check or cash is way premature. As with anyone going to the Philippines or anywhere, the poster has to figure out what is the best way to get money over here. I think he should talk to his home bank in the USA, then do what anyone would do. Carry some cash, ATM, credit card, then figure out the best way to get the money over. Second. I'm not recommending one way ort another if he should actually buy a car here or not. I'm ok with it, but Have also driven in a few other countries with hard driving conditions. I am not a Moderator. But I would suggest putting this topic on hold until we hear back from the OP. Chris, sounds like wiring the funds to a pi account, best option. I thought a post on this, could be helpful to future ex-pats.
  7. This has me confused. If you are using a check then that is not cash. I have yet to meet a seller here who will accept a check drawn on a foreign back. If I understand you right, I would open a US $ bank account, wait 30 days for the check to clear and then use real cash to purchase the vehicle. Of course that means you would not have the vehicle for the 30 days it takes for the check to clear so you may want to just wire the money to yourself and take the cash to the seller. Thank you...yes , i just wanted to know how others, have made car purchases, in the Philippines.
  8. Would you take a moment to explain what money you are living and how you access this money? And I can think of another hitch. The car joint would have to have their own dollar account to do that transaction. If I'm the dealer, I wont do it. Await your reply first, then I will continue. I meant , i will not finance,...did not mean actual cash and carry.
  9. I will pay cash, do i need to open a bank account, or will they hold US bank check, till it clears.
  10. Could you be more in depth? as TIM said you can find most things here, , YET the quality of those items compared to Texas/US made differ, what you may consider is Underware, Socks, some of your "tennis shoes" personal care products, such as "pain reliever" that your used too, CONDOMS .as the1's here may not be as good as US sold. What I mean exactly .. is that US sold 1brand has spermicide inside as a protect ant, if you use a waterpick or electric toothbrush it maybe hard to find it here or cost much more, if you prepare some of your own foods, certain Spices maybe difficult to find, 1.make sure you notify you credit card issuer that you will be out of country, perhaps consider putting a "block" on your file so no one can attempt fraud, 2. any important papers. consider additional copies Off topic,, Yes,.. I am 6.4 197 lbs and 11.5 shoe. can you buy tennis shoes, and underclothes that are quality, and razor blades.
  11. Coming to Makati, for one year, what do , i need to bring. I mean something i can not buy there.
  12. I have Freind, who is thinking about retirment in the Phillipines, he is 64, has good retirment income 50 k USD, and pretty good health. He is however, concerned that 64, might be to old for such a challenge, opitions please.
  13. Travel Insurance, only covers to the point of Desination, on one way and throw away ticket, also have 90 day trip limit. I plan to stay awhile, where can , i get a policey to cover. I am eligible For VA in Manila, but they only cover service-connected issues. I want to make sure in case of emerencey, i do not have to come up with Thousands, before i can be treated.
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