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  1. Yes, in a tight container as to not attract moisture. The key to not dying of a treatable infection or illness is to RECOGNIZE you have an issue and treat early. Speaking of chlamydia and other STDs, there is a situation called Ping Ponging. This is where the administrator... er, ah person with chlamydia 'acquires' an STD and has it treated but fails to have the GF, SO or friend with benefits treated. So he / she re-infects the other after the meds have worn off. The doc is again consulted and retreats the original patient again (and again and again) thinking he has some resistant infecti
  2. Doxy is cheaper. Modern version of tetracycline. In the US and it's suburbs such as Canada, azithromycin is known as a Z Pak.
  3. What! Pay attention here guys.... Go to the local pharmacy and buy 6 Azithromycin 500 mg tablets. No script needed and if asked for one go next door to the other pharmacy. This is an updated version of erythromycin. If you have an allergy to a 'mycin' do not take. But that is rare. Keep them dry and handy... Pneumonia often starts out as a chest cold or bronchitis. So, figure it out guys.... you have a heavy chest (no female joke intended) take 1 tab a day. If you have some extra cash 2,000-3,000 buy a nebulizer and some albuterol.... Between the azithromycin and the breathing treatments,
  4. It is that 'distance' that has helped protect the Philippines from westernization for so long. Sadly that is rapidly changing. If people wanted to live in a western country and the issues that such countries have (western me me me attitudes of 'a few' women et al) they have it all ready. But the Philippines offers things and attitudes (and prices) that are long gone in western countries.
  5. In www.philstar.com today. I shall look. Here is a different source: https://en.tempo.co/read/news/2017/06/07/055882150/Indonesian-ISIS-Fighters-Enter-Philippines If you google 'foreign fighters in the Philippines' you find multiple articles.
  6. It is simply human nature what is going on in the UK and Europe... except (smart) Poland.... The more cowering and meek the locals act, the bolder the aggressors act. It has always been this way. It will continue to be this way unless (until?) the traditional population starts to rise up and hold accountable those that are acting out. The very interesting part is that this is the first time in history that governments have actually welcomed, housed, protected invaders and jailed their own citizens for questioning WHY! This truly is cultural suicide and sanctioned by the 'elected leaders'.
  7. It is that time again.... It appears as if I am sponsoring 12 kids this year. From 1st to 9th grade. Shopping was done for supplies yesterday and a uniform or two. One mother was supposed to come and bring her 2 kids, but when she found out she will not get the money, she failed to show up. Interesting self centered logic. I think in a few days she will show up with some excuse. Other than that, no issues. Kids happy. The very poor ones come by the charity building every day for 20p snack money. Would be easier to give the mother 100p a week, but the temptation to buy other things and let the
  8. Actually, I never had a GF in Cebu. But I did talk to a guy who had that happen.... Luckily for him, there were a few (thousand) spares available....
  9. Why that reminds me of old whats-her-name.... Remember her?.... The one often referred to as the Village Bike???? No need to be vigilant there. Can't steal what is free for the asking....
  10. The actual phrase about using locks is "To keep the honest people, honest". But you really know things are bad in the greater Cebu region when you are out at a bar with your GF and you go to the CR and come back and she is G O NE !
  11. I have been waiting for some Pinoys to figure put that by dressing as an electric worker, and climbing the pole to check the disconnected wires only, they can pull them out and scrap them and make a daily salary going from pole to pole, area to area and as long as they only take cut wires, they stand little chance of a complaint. of course.... pick the wrong wire......
  12. Ferry.... The ferries that are used in the Philippines are RIVER ferry boat discards from Japan sold after their listed lifespan. There are specific differences in a RIVER ferry and an actual certified SEA going ferry. Past Philippines ferry sinkings have revealed fake passenger lists as to avoid the passenger cap limit so no one actually knows the true number of the 'missing'. If there is a cap of 400 and there re 700 in line with pesos in hand.... So, if the weather is fine, no worries mate! But is the weather is rough, stay on or near the exits decks and doors. Google Philippine Ferry
  13. I do understand the logic behind the law... but I really do think 'fixers' might not be such a bad idea!
  14. About 30 years ago, there was a get rich quick scam making the rounds in the classified sections of papers and magazines... SEND ME $1 and I will tell you a FOOL PROOF way to kill roaches. 100% guaranteed or your money back. For your $1, you get a post card in the mail with instructions. Take 2 bricks. Place roach on one brick and SMACK the other brick onto the roach. Repeat as needed until all roaches are dead.... I do not think they ever had to give a refund.
  15. Bob, you are a great guy! Morally correct, do the right kind of things. A man to be proud of! Why your offer to move close to the beach, where the kidnappers simply have to run their small boat up on shore, grab the nearest foreigner and then push off the boat, turn around and it is open sea and hundreds of small 'safe' islands to wait for the cell phone replies and fund raising efforts... A lesser man would not be so accommodating. I do also find it interesting as there are 2 schools of thought. 1. Marry an orphan or woman who lives FAR away from her family, or, 2. Marry a woman with a l
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