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  1. Wow! Sure would like to know what compnay is this? I just turned 50 in March and am looking to move to Philippines in November and insurane is high upon my list after my acident there three months ago. :-)
  2. You really know how to make me feel dumb sometimes... :rolleyes: :mocking: This is exactly what the question - and answer - should be! Thank you!!! :tiphat: :thumbsup: Bob, lol you are so right. Me too exactly. It seemed so simple I wondered now why didn't I think of it that way when it is exactly the truth? lol. I really appreciate YOUR comment though. It's good to be able to laugh at yourself or even say that I don't know it all and that is alright. I have not commented on here since I returned from a 5 week stay in Bacolod and Siquijor back in Mid may. So much going through my mind I just am still processing it all. The experience was beyond anything good anyone can imagine could be in life. I am now making preparation to move there for good in February. *(Which if course wjy this topic is of interest to me) The only thing was a friend of mine was killed in Bacolod in a motorcycle accident in May. He was from Oklahoma, retired from American Airlines and was the one who picked me up at the airport in April for my first trip there. I really have not spoken about it until now. Anyway I too was in motorbike accident on Siquijor (why did th cat cross the road...so slowly) but it was NOTHING to deter me from what was the best time ever. Ok well I am digressing. Anyway first post I have made since April, but your post made me laugh out loud cause it was so true and I was thinking the same thing as I read his post. Thanks Bob.
  3. You were absolutely right on all accounts. Just a little bit more though money wise. I am in the Qwest right now about to check out in about hour or so to head back to airport to take plane to Bacolod Anyway did book their pickup service for 800. It was totally worth it. Felt more comfortable on that 30 ,minute drive at 1 in the morning to hotel. Plus yes I was in ZOMBIE LAND! Driver was real nice car was very cool inside when I got past customs another guy standing out there with my name smiling and looking. Qwest is really great hotel I have really enjoyed it very much, Now I will take taxi back to airport. All I see are white taxis out front but its all still good. I thank everyone for advice on everything. Missed the mall because it is HOLY WEEK and I got here 1 Friday morning so nest day was Good Friday. But I will come back through.
  4. Sounds great, but how is safety with Dumaguete? I figure you must be careful everywhere I get that but don't want the extra worry of a place rumored to have its issues?
  5. and the snorklling is the one thing I would really want to do. and I really love the 1000 mark for places. Funny heard a lot of good things about the place and that there were things to keep you busy. Well I have not placed money on anything yet I am about a day away from making plans. Will be coming there from Bacolod. Well, would you have any other suggestions. Great beach, snokling not to touristsee and great nice places like they have around 1000 mark? I know that may be a big order. :-)
  6. Wow I will arrive in Bacolod on the 19th. Will be at the Nature's Village. Any thoughts on that place? Anything I should see for sure while there before I head to Siquijor?
  7. Or you can eat food :) (E g fruit or vegs for vitamin C brown rice for vitamin B. Vitamin D you surely DON'T need, because there are a lot of sun :) I do all of that...I eat as Vegan.Pesco Vegan. So like i said a couple a month ehh it helps. (Keeps me sure) More complicated for Vegans to get compleete nutricion, I have been Vegetarian many years, mainly because Vegetarians need around 2 hours less sleep per night than Meat eaters, so I changed food habbits to get more time to do interesting/funny things :dance: (I started when I did work normal office hours and Olympic Games would be send during evenings and nights. So I could only sleep 23.30-01.30 and 05.30 -07.30 when they show summaries of earlier showed :) A bit tireding, but I functioned OK because of the food change some earlier.) Have you tried "The nature penecilin" = garlic? If you eat it thewed together with apple, you can eat much without hurting your mouth. At least for illnesses as e g sinusitis, garlic is very effective, and I have made garlic cures when I had to be well from flue fever fast because of upcoming sport competitions I had to be OK to. Well. its funny you should say that. I have not had problems getting complete nutrican here in the states. I never believed that idea that it is. I have only been concerned about being there that I AM SURE it would be. I am a Whole Foods. Trade Joe's type shopper. So I have actually for the last few days been eating as a vegetarian. Adding eggs. I actually should say Pescotarian, because I will never give up fish and seafood and since I am coming to a place where that abounds I figure I should be ok. My girls has surprised me by getting several books on vegan and vegetarian dishes and have cooked them and has been eating as pescotarian as well. Which was really hard for her cause she liked pork and seems they eat LOTS of pork there. I didn't and would not have asked her to do that at all, she did it to learn me and to please me and now she is loving it because of the change she sees in her own body and skin. Anywho, one reason why I am sure I picked a good one. So I will eat as as Pesco, when I get there and should I decide to stay. I appreciate your comments very knowledgeable.
  8. Or you can eat food :) (E g fruit or vegs for vitamin C brown rice for vitamin B. Vitamin D you surely DON'T need, because there are a lot of sun :) I do all of that...I eat as Vegan.Pesco Vegan. So like i said a couple a month ehh it helps. (Keeps me sure)
  9. I like to take a couple of a month, it helps. But you are right may not NEED it.Question though, should take in carry on or is it ok to throw in suitcase?
  10. Speaking of condoms, what about my over the counter (clears throat) male enhancement, naturect...pi;;s. Can I throw them in my suitcase or will suitcase be jacked open? :D
  11. Really, would love to go there. Its just tow of us. Not looking for tourist-see type. Just lots of water maybe some white sand and beach. Only thing interested is snorkeling. Would really like advice on some great resorts on a budget?
  12. I recommend leaving all prescription medications in their original bottle which has information about the prescription. Especially for pain pills which can be a controlled substance. Take them with you of course. As I recall there is a limit, you can only take a 90 day supply of meds. I have used the money belt that goes around your waist at your belt line. It has worked well for me. If you sweat, make sure the money belt is water proof or you have any documents or cash inside a plastic bag. The only issue with this type of money belt is gaining access to it discreetly. That is why I carry a throw away wallet, one with a 2-3k pesos and some expired credit cards and id's to give to anyone who would rob me. Then I keep a thin money clip for one real credit card and my spending cash. An extra credit card, id, possibly passport and emergency cash stay in the money belt. Enjoy your visit! Where do you keep the thin money clip? God I hate those money belts you were in front of you looking like a pouch. Seems like such a give away. lol. What's this chain thing that clips to your pants and stays in your pocket. Ever hear of that? Thanks again ole mate.
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