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  1. Thanks for all your replies. I'm staying in Davao for 18 days, guess I shall bring clothing for about 8 or 10 days and get them laundered in Davao, do my fellow bloggers think that it could work ?
  2. Hope my fellow bloggers can help me out. I will be in Davao in September, I don't want to really take too much clothing with me, as I believe locally sold tee shirts at markets don't cost much. But I take a size XXL ( both UK and USA XXL fit me well ) for Tee Shirts, will I be able to get that size that fits me in Davao ?
  3. The Philippines as I understand it don't allow divorce, only under very extreme circumstances like insanity at the time. Ive seen a bill that is supposed to be coming up for discussion 1799 divorce bill which was submitted by Maria Carmina Olivar. Is it coming up for discussion if so has any body got any idea as to the date. Reason I ask, as I may well meet a Filipina who is separated.
  4. What are the benefits with Phil Health ? Can somebody kindly give me a link
  5. Hi has anyone on this site have or gone through the process of a SRRV visa.
  6. Hi Mike, thanks for your reply. I certainly need to look into the pre conditions, hopefully I could get them included by paying a higher premium or excess, I will check out Blue Cross and hopefully speak to one of its reps in September, again thanks for your post, much appreciated.
  7. Thanks for that Dave, so I can cross Phil Health off Lets not talk about Phil Health. Can we talk about other Health Insurance that does pay out. ;-)
  8. Hi In the UK we free health care, sadly no such thing in the Philippines. I am visiting Davao in September, and I am seriously considering retirement in the Philippines. Health care in Davao appears to be of a high standard, for me to move to Davao I need good reliable Health Insurance, should I ever fall sick. I will be getting a retirement Visa, but I need to know if I as a foreigner can get Health Insurance, and do they pay out, and how do they pay out, for example do I pay out and then claim my money back, or do they pay the hospital direct, also does it pay for prescription drugs. Also where do I go to inquire about Health Insurance to find out the costs, ( I presume that the Hospitals could provide me with Insurance details, but I am guessing) Would also be grateful as to what the health insurance costs could be, I am a 57 year old male, with type 2 Diabetes which is controlled by diet. I don't know if there has been a topic on this before.
  9. Thank you to everyone who responded. Will get 2 Caxton currency cards, one as back up incase one gets lost or stolen, and two credit cards and a small amount of cash. Looks like I will be using ATM's inside the bank's at the malls. Grateful to all you guy's.
  10. Thanks Nige, the caxton currency card looks good. Will the ATM's in the Philippines allow me to take out the max daily allowance of £300 should I need it
  11. Hi wonder if you guys can advise me. I have always used travellers cheques when I've had a vacation in Europe, and I always bring one credit card with me. On internet there are sites that say bringing Travellers Cheques to the Philippines is a waste of time. I still intend to bring one credit card with me, for emergency and to pay my hotel bill, I have no intention of using my credit card for anything else. I will be staying in Davao, and I am concerned as to if I can get Travellers cheques exchanged for Peso's. I am very wary of bringing in a lot of cash. My hotel is very close to SM Lanang Mall, would I be able to exchange travellers cheques there. Thanks in advance for any help and advice.
  12. Thank you for your replies, you have been very kind. The hotel that I am staying at I believe is connected to SM Lanang Premier Mall by sky bridge
  13. Don't forget to add on the heart attack or stroke if you eat too many of those burgers. :lol: :lol: :lol: Mind you I suppose the lettuce leaf makes it healthy
  14. Hi I am coming to Davao for my vacation. I don't want to pack to many things, I only intend to bring 7 or 8 days worth of clothing and get them laundered in Davao (would love recommendations and approx cost). Will be buying disposable razors and shaving foam when I get to Davao, just wondered if it is like the UK and I can buy these items from a Pharmacy. Thanks in advance for your help
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