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  1. Sounds like you're interested in the Philippines because you've heard the myth that Asian women are unassertive, compliant, and subservient. Don't believe it. Marriage is an equal partnership. If you can't grasp that concept get a dog. Well ultimately there really is no reason for americans to go and seek a wife in the phillipines, if they arent better behaved and more submissive. While i disagree that all phillipine women are submissive, they better be more obediant and subserviant than american women, or americans wouldnt be with them.
  2. no. am I wrong in believing that I would have more luck finding that in the phillipines, than here in the usa?
  3. A good wife to me is loyal, intelligent, loving, obedient, and yes submissive.
  4. I am currently in Indiana. I have heard the phillipine women make good wives. For someone looking to visit, and possibly stay. Where do you recommend going, that is ok with Americans, and will give me a good choice. Where do you recommend living? Thank you for any tips your can give Thank you,
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