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  1. Taking the waste back "to Canada" but not mentioning acceptance in Canada has me thinking of a 6 month trip on a leaking barge that sinks on the way.
  2. Having had way more root canals than I would have liked, I can tell you this is way off the mark. A root canal is one of a number of "tunnels" through the tooth to the nerve in the jaw. When one or more of these canals get infected, the dentist has to remove all the material from every canal in that tooth, all the way to the nerve in the jaw, and fill it with inert material. NOT fun and incredibly stupid on a "baby tooth"
  3. Not sure how long you plan on living, but my mother had her hip replaced about 15 years ago (in Canada). She took a year to heal but after the healing time, she was very happy with it. But it does not wear like a real bone so now, 15 years along, she has pain again. The doctor told her she would need another hip if she wanted the pain gone. She is 84 and has decided to live with the pain rather than go through another hip replacement. In her case, it was not a choice. Her hip broke so it had to be done. Having watched her go through it I would wait until it was absolutely required before putting myself through that.
  4. Instant custard? I've always used the tins and made it the old fashioned way and its time consuming and tricky to get it right. What's the instant stuff like by comparison?
  5. I know this is a serious topic but you have left yourself wide open and I gotta say it: Too much money on payday in your right-hand pocket. Takes you 3 days to spend it and then your hips are not out of alignment and the pain goes away. https://www.menshealth.com/health/a19544148/why-fat-wallet-causes-bad-back/
  6. I think they just let the back teeth rot out. And not just poor people. Of course, they will pay to have the front ones fixed because people can see them.
  7. Good idea. Feed it to the Pinoys in Canada. Give them a "taste of home" But seriously, better to send it directly to Michigan as that's where Canadians send their trash these days. https://www.freep.com/story/news/local/michigan/2018/02/19/canadian-garbage-michigan-landfills-solid-waste/337837002/ Now some may ask the reason. Canadian environmental laws have become so strict that it is bloody expensive to operate a garbage dump now and the cost is passed on to the people who have to dispose of stuff.
  8. 10 years ago you could go into any mall and the busiest store by far would be CDR King. It catered to the poor people who wanted modern gadgets. Junk gadgets imported from China. 10 years ago you would have to take a number, line up out the door and wait for your turn to be called. Now it is 2019. I went to CDR King to see what they have these days. What they do not have is customers. 2 employees in the store and no customers. Me, I was just looking to see what is new. I know that all young Filipinos have gadgets but it seems they are buying more expensive stuff these days. So where are the poor people buying their gadgets?
  9. It's the Philippines. Different docs and pharmacists give different advice and none of them look anything up or even look at your feet. In your research, Google "peripheral neuropathy and vitamin e"
  10. If they wait until the last minute it gives us less time to think of a reason to say no. At least that is my understanding of it.
  11. I have run out of them but the pharmacy will have my dosage on their computer and I plan to get some more. I was taking them for the last 2 months and had not even thought about my feet until I read your post and then it struck me that I had been having no numbness for quite some time now. I will try and remember to write the dosage when i get some more but just ask your pharmacist what the recommended dosage of Vitamin E is. Comes in a soft green liquigel capsule.
  12. I've had that for years. My doctors all told me it was probably Diabetic Neuropathy and I had to take better care of my blood sugar. I believed them. They could still be right. But a young pharmacist in Generika Drug Store told me it might be vitamin E deficiency and it is a cheap easy fix to try. I tried it. It worked. Little or no numbness in my toes or feet. Maybe just a co-incidence because how can the sweet young thing in the drug store know more than all the doctors?
  13. I know that Dumaguete stuck me with about a 1,000 peso fee for being late due to a holiday. I arrived at 8 am the day after the holiday and the lady at reception told me that is my tough luck. She told me next time I need to pay in advance of the holiday or weekend when they are closed. I thought to myself "how often do YOU pay your bills in advance" but I kept my mouth shut and paid the 1,000. She also told me that it did not matter if it was a day or a month late because the fee is still the same. Your office may be more generous, we hope.
  14. From the Mayo clinic A fellow I know got a blood clot from that and it was serious enough they admitted him to hospital in the US.
  15. Better wait until after the election to go to the Governor. The new one may not agree with the old one. But I'm remembering how I asked the current Governor if the airport is staying in Sibulan or moving to Bacong. I told you his answer. People still scoffed. But now it seems he may have told me the honest answer. More on Dumaguete Airport (for those who care) in this link
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