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  1. Did you give him a post dated check
  2. We share a love of good stuff. Coincidentally, I have just purhased a block of Stilton an hour before reading this.
  3. I often wondered who was the first person to eat mouldy blue cheese and this is an eye opener. I now realize it was probably a cheap fellow who recieved a shipment of mouldy cheese and decided he would just try a little bit to see if it was still edible. Kudos to the brave people to try eating the sweaty, crumbly bits.
  4. Yes you can be charged with estafa for a check that bounces for any reason, including being post dated. Been there done that but when the guy who issued the check has no money then it goes nowhere. Those who cancel the check when they have money in the bank could be in for a surprise.
  5. Google suggests that dog penis problems are more common than I would have thought https://www.petplace.com/article/dogs/diseases-conditions-of-dogs/trauma-to-the-penisprepuce-in-dogs/
  6. If Daddy has six beer and drinks one then how many does he have left? If Daddy keeps his 6 beer and goes out to buy 6 more does he have 2 times as many beer? How many beer will Daddy have left if Jack comes over? Hmmm. In that case I guess math really is hard.
  7. They may be referred to as such, however: https://pia.gov.ph/features/articles/1026127 In the Philippines you are required to be a citizen to get all the benefits of being a senior citizen. Feel free to quote Philippine government sites with refuting data. Links are not required if the info can be copied and googled.
  8. Another question would be: Which members pay their rent with postdated checks of any kind? My answer would be never. Post dated checks were "required" a few times but I explained I did not have a checking account, only a savings account and I gave some BS about foreigners not allowed to open checking accounts and they swallowed it and then I just paid cash each month. I did know a couple of guys who paid a year in advance and got a discount. One guy got swindled out of his money when it turned out the woman had rented the same house to 2 different people and then buggered off (not even he
  9. Thank goodness they did not get upset enough to enforce arbitrary age discrimination on our wives. I am sure that upsets people too. Imagine if we have to marry only retired people who are 55 and up.
  10. I have known more than a handfull of retirees who moved to the Philippines younger than age 50. Two come immediately to mind. One of them was considered disabled in his country so was retired on a disability pension at age 30. The other came from a rich family and was retired as "independently wealthy" (in that he could support himself on inherited money) at age 35. I myself retired at age 52 with the ability to support myself. So tell me again why we are discriminating on the basis of age?
  11. Yes, you are entitled to an opinion. It is redundant to re-state that opinion a couple or a few times in each page of the thread. Your point has been made.
  12. Do you realize that almost every member here is also flying internationally for many years? So the consensus seems to be that the membership are replying to you and saying they, politely, . .
  13. https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/videos/international/covid-19-did-you-know-about-italys-china-connection/videoshow/74694266.cms
  14. When I was buying I sent my significant other in to ask some pertinent questions. The first thing they said to her (according to what she told me) is: "You've got a foreigner, haven't you" Locals put up with whatever crap they have to in order to get a house, or so it seems sometimes.
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