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  1. I cannot see your link to the form in your post but this link is very close to what you will need http://www.immigration.gov.ph/images/FORMS/FY_2019/EmigrationClearanceCertificate/2015-08-001_ECCApplication.pdf The problem I have personally had with printing forms off the Internet is that the BI insist that you use the exact form they have in stock and are using on that day. Unless you are extremely lucky they will insist you do it over on their stock. Such is my experience. As always, your mileage may vary.
  2. Sure. You put dollar bills in your pocket and I'll put gold in mine. Lets check a year from now and see who's pocket is worth more. Remind me in one year and we will do a check. I bet 50 likes (placed randomly on your posts) that my gold will be worth more in one year than it is now. Are we on?
  3. I think I had my shot in the buttocks. If I bend over and hang a moon for them will that be showing proof?
  4. Try to leave the Philippines with more than US$10,000 in cash. Didn't work for you? Try to leave the Philippines with more than US$10,000 worth of gold made into jewelry. No problem. EDIT: Plus, add in the fact that savvy investors know that gold will go up in value faster than dollar bills.
  5. I just had my flu shot. Local doctors here are recommending getting it before Oct 31. The pharmacist told me the flu shot is good for a year but the pneumonia shot is good for many years . I need to get me one of those pneumonia shots but he told me not to get both at the same time.
  6. My father had an annual test (Canada - circa 1970s and 80s) with the finger in the bum for decades. When he was found to have prostate cancer it had progressed to the point where it was in his lymph nodes. His new doctor said it had probably been growing for 10 years. He died 3 years later. Before he died he asked his old doctor how he could have stuck his finger up his ass for 10 years without noticing he had prostate cancer. The doctor said: "We're not Gods". So I strongly disagree with your statement and I prefer a PSA test.
  7. In the past I bought some "gold nugget jewelry" in the Yukon. The plan was to have it for an investment which travelled with me wherever I went and was a hedge against inflation. You can easily sell it to a gold trader who would just melt it down. That may have been what the person who stole it from me did. Or maybe she/he just took it to a pawn shop. Very unsecure investment. Easily walks off.
  8. There are loads of pictures on the Internet of this couple. He looks white British and there does not seem to be a huge age gap.
  9. This news article (click link here) has nothing new to offer except a composite sketch of one of the kidnappers and information that police/army are not releasing any info to the public so as not to tip off the perps.
  10. Nope, they are just posting their own opinions, which differ from yours, and that gets your back up. Belittling the posts of others is not going to stop them from having opinions. Just state your own opinions, firmly and clearly, and bite your tongue when others have something different to say, OR respond to them politey. It would now be nice if we could stay on the topic of the "British guy and his wife" who's fate is in the hands of people far more deadly than keyboard warriors.
  11. Thanks for this one. Freddy Mercury would have loved him . . . literally.
  12. Seen him in a movie, I think. I believe it was called Terminator
  13. In many cases, in Canada anyway, the one who tapes and finishes the ceiling will put some kind of stipple effect on it as it is extremely hard to give the ceiling a perfect look. It is possible they could do a better job in the Philippines Why not do the same stipple effect over your hardiflex? Or is texture coat the same as stipple?
  14. I wonder how much experience he has with gyprock "over time"? I would bet that both gyproc and Hardiflex would be equally as "wavy" as the amount of support behind the sheet. I would also bet that he makes more money putting up gyprock. But thats just me, based on decades of use with both.
  15. I have been watching the lines in Dumaguete and the answer is: Old guys need only walk past the line to the front and flash their ID and get served ahead of the rest of the line. However, when some old guy tried that in MY line, I was at the cashier and I flashed my Philippine driver's license and said "I am old too" and they served me first.
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