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  1. I agree that the priorites in Canada are different than in the Philippines. Apart from those sex toys, Canadian governments consider the following to be essential services while in isolation. Alcohol and marijuana sales, food, toilet paper, pharmacies and exercise (keeping distance of course). It makes me wonder how you expats in the Philippines are handling things. But I know from experience there are some tough ol' buzzards over there.
  2. That is a new and interesting point. The world Olympic Committee decided to postpone the Olympics for a year. How many world governments might postpone elections for a year?
  3. Virus got another name I see. SARS-CoV-2 Wonder why they need so many names for one virus
  4. Yeah I heard that on the news, but it was coming from the POTUS. Sounds like wealthy people are willing to let poor people go to work while the rich stand back and watch.
  5. I agree and Jollygoodfellow has mentioned it too. However it is like a virus. For every one I fix, two more spring up. Everyone wants to have his say and in these times I leave it to the boss to decide.
  6. If you got out you should be wearing something like this. It is the outfit worn during medieval plague. Apparently it worked. The black plaque eventually went away
  7. Meanwhile, down under, an Australian rocket scientist gets magnets stuck in his nose trying to create a virus fighting method. Have a read and a laugh. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-australia-52094804
  8. Are you just feeding the big cats? I wondered if you were still going out looking for puss. . . . .
  9. Chinese have been using it for 6 weeks and nobody listens to them either. Funny that they do not, considering China has their Covid "under control" while so many other countries are flying past them with numbers of infections and deaths. But each country makes up their own mind. Prince Charles figures one week of quarantine is enough. Londoners still crowd into the tube. And yet the Brits are not as bad off as the Yanks. Go figure.
  10. Is there any available space at the hospitals now? Or would you just get a cot in a hallway?
  11. It is hard to know what is true when everyone from 12 to 82 is an instant expert on what needs to be done. Here is a 12 year old who wants to lecture us now
  12. You guys are lucky they still take cash there. When I went shopping for groceries here in Cnada they would not take my cash. Only cards. That is so the cashier does not have to touch my dirty money, even with gloves. BUT, I still have to put a coin in to get a grocery cart.
  13. AND the Health Minister https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-51827356
  14. It seems I did not make post understandable. I was trying to make the point that many tv (or online) documentaries are unreliable as the sole source of inforation. My comment on Ancient Aliens was meant to illustrate that the History Channel is just as bad.
  15. Correct. But having a data plan does not guaranteed voice, pictures and video. Many rural areas of the Philippines use the free Facebook because the data service is so slow they are wasting their money to buy it. Hopefully it is good in the major cities right now. Usually it is poor quality when everyone is staying home and trying to go online.
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