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  1. 12 years in the Philippines and I used to skip having a salad when I could not find Kraft Thousand Island Dressing. I used to hate the local brands. They just did not taste the same. So here I am in Canada and I can buy it anywhere. But I ran out at supper time. "No problem" says Lyn. She whips up a mixture of mayonaise and Heinz ketchup and it tastes exactly the same as Kraft Thousand Island Dressing. Give it a try if you like. If you need the exact proportions I will have to ask Lyn to figure them out. Like many cooks, she just adds a little of this and a little of that until it seems right to her.
  2. Yep. I was only thinking of my friends Bill and Ivy (some from Dumaguete will know them). They assumed everything you said and then tried to go on vacation to Thailand with their young son. They were refused permission to leave the Philippines as they did not jump through all the right hoops. They missed the plane and lost their money but it all got sorted out for next time.
  3. That is true. We must assume that this is your biological child (no other father on the birth certificate), in which case she will attend the CFO seminar and tell them she has a child who will be coming. They will give a certificate for her and for child when done. For us, the most complicated process was jumping through all the on-line hoops that are in English BUT not easily understood by a real English speaker. (We finally got over that online crap by having the guard at the CFO do it for her. He got a small gift for helping)
  4. A doctor in the Philippines can prescribe valium. It can be a dangerous antidepressant in the wrong hands. A fellow I knew went a bit nuts using valium and booze together.
  5. Had same thing happen many times.. banks, credit cards, money transfer companies. If they are dealing with your cash and they get suspicious then will freeze your account until you call and explain OR I have had one compay (XOOM) say they don't want to deal with me anymore and that was in the middle of an approved transaction. I never got that money but they did return it to the source. Changing banks won't help. They all do it. All it takes is finding a freakin phone that will call the company. That is frustrating. I was on a cell phone calling my bank on an 800 number and it still used up 500 pesos load and cut me off when my load ran out. The world is going nuts. Deal with it.
  6. Automated members message This topic is now locked awaiting the admins review. Once the topic has been reviewed it may reopen as is or to the admins discretion. REASON: Looks to be a duplicate thread
  7. If you say so. Why are you still in the Philippines if you think that is what the cops do to people there?
  8. Just to help out, here is a list of the police use of excessive force in Canada, sometimes resulting in death. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_excessive_police_force_incidents_in_Canada As you say, it happens. Chantel Moore is the latest.
  9. If you are willing to bet a case of Corona we have a deal!
  10. I have little faith in that but it would be nice.
  11. Research foreshore lease and when you set up your tent be prepared for someone to come collect their fee. Many have done as you suggest, but not for free.
  12. Its been tried many times JJ. But if you can find a case where the BB is actually extended NOT as a tourist then we will believe you. Keyboard searching cuts no ice with BI.
  13. I am sure you are correct. However, as I remember long ago , it was the BI personel who WERE the fixers. Not saying any of them fat buggers still are though.
  14. From the post you quoted it is unclear if you mean covering your patio with the OR if you mean sitting on your small patio smoking the Either way its all good
  15. That statement reminds me of an old war movie from the 50s https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0052151/ Good movie but it likely does not apply to today's silent service.
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