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  1. Can you just imagine the whinging if I booked two seats together for Lyn and I and then another seat for the 5 year old boy, somewhere off where we don't have to look after him.
  2. I accidentally found it that is needless in many cases. I bought a couple of tickets a couple days before my flight and they wanted me to pay extra to choose my seats. I didn't. However I immediately did the Online Check In and got to choose the exact same seats for free. So you go ahead and pay. I like free.
  3. About bloody time! Now its the Dems turn in the US.
  4. I cannot say for sure that you cannot get a legitimate Makita. I can say for sure I have a counterfeit one and I buy parts online from China. Its a cheap piece of junk but thats why I like it. Edit: This site claims to tell you how to spot a fake powertool in the Philippines. https://shop.goldpeaktools.com.ph/pages/how-to-spot-fake-powertools-in-the-philippine-market Edit 2: I see where the site you linked to claims to be "Sole distributor of Makita Power Tools in the Philippines" and yet the site I linked to also says they are a distributor of Makita https://shop.goldpeaktools.com.ph/collections/makita-brand In truth, I have never seen a web site or a store that claims to sell counterfeit goods, and yet they proliferate. Funny how that works. But as I stated, I cannot say for sure that you cannot get a legitimate Makita and it looks like you probably can if you pay the right price from the right distributor.
  5. I have seen them in stores. My expat friend bought one. We fecked around shooting it in his back yard while a bunch of locals watched through the fence. No repercussions. That does not make it legal but it shows it is possible. And no, the guy was not married and buying it in his wifes name. He asked. They offered to sell it to him. He bought. We played
  6. And when they break down you can get counterfeit replacement parts online from China, the same place that makes the counterfeit Makita. But they are cheap. What makes me smile is watching the local laborers play with the power tools and take longer to do a job with the power tools than they would take with hand tools, because they are learning to use them on your money.
  7. But they are not the same. I have totally gone off baked beans since being in the Philippines. They are horrid here. Best I can say is they will keep a person from starving. Many different brands available but all crap. Even the Heinz brand here is not as good as Canadian brands or British brands, IMHO. But to each their own.
  8. If it was me in your situation I would say go for it. However, meeting people at the Manila airport is a total pain in the arse. Too many terminals. Too many security people saying you can't go here and you can't go there unless you are a paid passenger. Is it practical to have her get a hotel in Manila and wait for you there? Or at least have the hotel as a meet up point if she tries to meet your flight and has difficulties. That's my 2 cents worth.
  9. Thats the big one. It is a list compiled by the President every 4 years or so and even if your business is legal today it may not be in a few years. Duterte recently signed the current list so it will be in effect for a while. Here are the highlights at this site. https://kittelsoncarpo.com/foreign-investment-negative-list/
  10. There are other foreigners here who make a living out of scamming or scrounging from people who think like this. Give them a nod or a smile and they'll be right there beside you, being your "best friend" until the pitch comes. Vampires they are. Show them your cross. (Click that to get the joke)
  11. Your experience may be different, however when I have flown with a return ticket or multiple stop ticket I have been explicitely told (on 2 separate occasions) that if I miss one leg the entire remaining ticket is void. Disclaimer: I was "told" this by the airline staff but it was not enforced as I followed their procedure. I do not know if they would enforce that rule. This almost happened to me on my last flight to Canada. It started with a Philppine airline hop from Dumaguete to Manila and that flight was cancelled. I told the manager at the flight desk that I would be willing to fly to Manila on Cebu Pacific to catch up to the remainder of my flight. He told me I cannot do that. He said that Philippine airlines would put me on a Cebu Pacific flight at their expense but if I did it on my own then the entire remainder of my ticket would be void. Be careful. Your return ticket may not be valid if you do not use the first part.
  12. I went 5 years in my place before the rats found a way in. They are persistent. I was glad of a seamless ceiling and the easy availabiltiy of rat poison
  13. The guy should wake up and get off whatever he is taking. He is in a country where the President is looking for a police chief who will kill drug lords. How much sympathy will there be for some imbecile who is not following the immigration rules for tourists? https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2019/12/03/1973808/wanted-pnp-chief-who-will-kill-all-drug-lords
  14. Well he is a bricklayer . . . and thick as one. “What happens to me happens to every five out of ten foreigners here, and they’re afraid to talk about bribery and stuff." What a crock of malarkey. Although it may happen to five our of ten foreigners who overstay for 7 months.
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