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  1. I haven't seen dogs or cats eating rat bait. I have seen them eating nearly dead rats who ate the poison. And then the dogs or cats get sick for a week then die. Its a horrible way for them to die.
  2. Did that. Thanks. But the guy is laughing and the stuff is where it needs to be so its all good.
  3. Cat Piss on cotton balls, placed around the area you want the mice to stay away from! (At least that is one of the things this article suggests)
  4. Duterte tells public: Get vaccinated or die MANILA, Philippines — President Duterte has advised people who refuse to get vaccinated against COVID to buy their coffins or prepare their cremation plans as they would surely die of the virus.
  5. In England they had London smog. In America there was Silent Springs. They seemed like losing battles too but decades later the battle is being won. The Philippines will turn the tide when they have had enough living in and swimming in trash.
  6. I think it does, as does Mactan Export Processing Zone. I am sure there are others. Those kinds of areas have rules that I am totally unaware of.
  7. Then I suggest consulting with a Philippine lawyer before getting in the situation the victim is in. Yep, I have consulted a Philippine lawyer in the past but I am not a lawyer so the best I can do is to give second hand info: Foreigners may not own (or control through a proxy) any amount of a retail establishment with less than "a lot" of US$ in capitalization. That includes restaruants and most of the businesses that foreigners like to "own" but it happens so often that BI usually turns a blind eye. Still can get you deported though. The fellows who run restaurants usually use a
  8. @Jack D Your concern has been dealt with, for the moment. However, copying the offending post and tagging other members seems to be counterproductive. Let it go.
  9. "sufficient evidence to pursue a court case." lost. "the say-so of an angry wife/partner/neighbour etc" wins. Seems the same to me.
  10. From the website: "PRICES & INGREDIENTS may change without prior notice!" Stay tuned, folks. They's a'changin' Not to worry though. There's a good chance the foreigner will console the right person with cash and we will never here of it again.
  11. Its the "control of a restaurant" part that goes agains the Foreign Investment Negative List. The BI never did need a court order or a guilty verdict to decide if a foreigner gets blacklisted. They are accuser, judge, and penalizer. I am sure the guy knew that but after 25 years he got overconfident, and filipinos are starting to know their rights more so someone turned him in.
  12. Some of us have said all along that these things happen while other members say these things are all stories. Hands up all who are surprised at this.
  13. So they need a regime change. I hope their citizens can achieve that because it should not be up to the rest of the world to do it for them.
  14. Throw the Chinese in the water. If they float then they are lying. If they drown then they are telling the truth. Or just burn them in case they have done wrong.
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