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  1. I wonder if Ginger Beer would do the same. I used to drink that a lot and liked it.
  2. I am reminded of a famous Australian saying "That's not a knife"
  3. Beyond every cloud is a silver lining. From what I am reading here, iIt appears that foreigners who have "common law" relationships with a Filipina will not be allowed to visit the Philippines. That means I can accompany my wife as far as Manila (when she comes to vist her family next year) but they will not let me off the plane. Thus I will have to transit (in the secure area) to a plane to Thailand to go visit my friends there. Then I can come back when she is ready to return to Canada with me. What a shame I shall have to do that. I hope I can have fun there while waiting for her.
  4. Your concerns are all warranted. Powerful countries overwhelm smaller countries to their own benefit all the time. I wonder how locals felt when the Panama canal was being built, for example.
  5. Well that's because you used to set the clocks back an hour
  6. Good point. If them old dudes are no longer fertile then the girl is unlikely to go into labour. On the other hand, some of them "babes" WANT to go into labour. So much so that the sugar daddies go to IVF clinics to take care of that. . . . (Suckers)
  7. I think you are correct in your thinking . . and it ain't a bad thing. Keeps me in the black. Not that I was ever in the red . . but maybe just a little in the pink.
  8. Aha! An Anal Navigator. Now I get why they say you have to watch your six. That'll split you wide open.
  9. Ah yes . . the old "I can spend my money how I want" trick. It is why free love now costs money, why waiters who are paid to bring your food expect a huge tip for doing so, and why restaurants bring bottled water that you pay for instead of free water from the water cooler. I'm not likely to ever unstand that attitude. I was brought up to try and get maximum value for dollars spent. (Maybe not as tight as the Scottish but I like their reputation.)
  10. It has been my experience that paying 800 a night or more will guarantee me a hot shower. If I find a place for less there is a good chance it will not have one. I would be extremely dissappointed with a guest house/pension house that did not have a hot shower if they charged 800 a night or more. Many years ago I used to ask "Do you have hot shower and aircon?" but not now. Now it is expected at that price point. Your mileage will vary.
  11. The "daddies" are setting the bar pretty high. They are paying insane prices for the low hanging fruit that could be had for nothing. Stupid old men and their money are soon parted.
  12. The times are achangin' https://www.hg.org/legal-articles/acknowledgment-of-divorce-in-the-philippines-20090 So it "MAY" work if they move to another country (Thailand?) for an extended time, get a divorce saying she has become naturalized in another country (so long as her spouse is not contesting then who's gonna care?) Anyway, it is just a suggestion as the laws are slowly changing while the Philippines comes into the 20th Century (not a typo . . they seem 100 years behind in some areas).
  13. Here is a thought. I have known people to get married in a very short time by going to Thailand or Hong Kong. I have read that foreigners with uncontested divorces can get divorced in Thailand in a very short time. Are you planning marriage? Is her current/former husband willing to go along with it? It "MAY" be worth your while to take her to Thailand for a divorce and remarriage. I know others will weigh in by saying you cannot do that in the Philippines and in the past they would be correct. However the attitude here is changing and that may be something you could do now.
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