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  1. Location, location, location. Large investors do it all the time. They buy a house for the location, tear it down and build from scratch. Individuals who like their location and are in a dilapidated house are often wise to do the same.
  2. I run 2 air cons, at separate times, Both are 1 hp split units. Each uses 6 Kwh in a 12 hour period, so in 24 hours they use a total of 12 Kwh and cost me (12 x 11.5 =) 138 pesos a day to run (One or the other is always on, 24/7) So they use an average of 500 watts per hour and they use 12 Kw per 24 hours. Your number of 12,000 Kwh is astronomical. My entire house uses about 500 to 600 Kwh in a month.
  3. Yes, it was news to me too. But if anyone looked at the link I posted they would see that the professional men's hockey team only happened within the last year or so. Thus we oldtimers couldn't be expected to know about it.
  4. Are we still talking about shellfish? Or have we switched to "forum members" now. (Please don't take me seriously. Seemed funny to me but not referring to you or any specific member.)
  5. Neither are some of the "qualified" electricians in the Philippines. I've used 2 different ones on separate occasions. Not thrilled with either. But the job gets done and works for the most part. Each of them told me that 1,000 pesos a day is a master electrician's wage. I'm not sure what they have to do to qualify for that but so long as it passes the electric company criteria then I live with it.
  6. There are lots of old timers who sit in the coffee shops talking about how their team back in Canada or the USA is doing but until you mentioned it I did not even know there were any ice hockey teams in the Philippines. Seems there are in the Manila area https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippines_men's_national_ice_hockey_team
  7. Technically, I agree with you. But they cover a lot of territory inside their borders. This from the China Daily Mail back in 2013:
  8. Would the USA still be maintaining its base at Guantanamo if the Soviets sent a war fleet of 25 ships to Cuba? Yep, they did in the 1960s. So why assume that China would not do the same? They do not back down easily. The Chinese appear to have as much national pride as the Americans. I am not saying who would kick who's ass if it came to a confrontation. I am suggesting that China is unlikely to back down from such a challenge.
  9. They may be projecting their own feelings onto the Chinese. It is common for Filipinos to hit and run, so perhaps they feel that others must be doing the same.
  10. What was worse is that she was one of the best waitresses in the only foreigner-type restaurant in that town at that time. She was only just 18 at the time and all the expats "loved her" as in we all thought she was sweet, naive and a good girl. But that is the kind of girl you find in the backwater, provincial towns. I respect a guy who sticks with the girls who work in bars and know what they are getting into. I also respect a guy who meets a naive girl, has good intentions to give it a fair try for a long term, and gives it his best shot. It does not always work, and it is often more trouble than the bar girls. So have fun either way.
  11. And in some cases, (at least 2 that I could elaborate on from personal knowledge), the girls either commit suicide or kill the replacement girl when they find out they have been used and dumped. But the foreign men who created the situation just move on to the next innocent. There otta be a law.
  12. Dunno about that. Looks like Waldo to me
  13. That reminds me of a fight that went on at a party for foreigners that I held at my place in Cebu some 11 years ago. I supplied the food and told the guests to bring some drinks. Well, two Brits got into it after they had been drinking a while. The first one had only brought a pint bottle of Tanduay and the other had brought a couple of liters of it. So #2 accused #1 of being a stingy b*stard drinking other people's drinks all night and #1 blamed me for not spelling out exactly how many drinks to bring. I quit having parties for foreigners after that. Edit: sorry for going off topic again @gaga4 but it was my turn for a rant
  14. Sorry to hear about your trouble. Perhaps a link to an old joke about fluctuations may turn your frown upside down.
  15. My mistake. Sorry to interrupt your rant. Please continue. We all need it from time to time.
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