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  1. Dave Hounddriver


    Funny because I did almost inhale it and choking was a potental hazard.
  2. My Canadian bank persuaded me to take a card by telling me I get free priority passes to the airport lounges at every major airport worldwide. What a deal. Its like saying: Here's our card. Please use it and skip the country in style.
  3. Just like in our home countries. When I go to the bank, (Philippines or Canada), saying I don't need or want credit because I have plenty of money (I don't but I do not tell the bankers that) then they practically twist my arm to take a credit card. But if I apply for one and act like I need it then they power trip and are reluctant to give one.
  4. Dave Hounddriver


    I cannot post mine as I ate it too quick. It was Angus beef steak with onions and boiled new potatoes with a little bit of real sour cream. (No I did not get that in the Philippines)
  5. I am not sure if you are joking. The poll is meant for expats who have been in the Philippines and actually tried Greenwich Pizza. It is hard to imagine an expat living in the Philippines who has not heard of Greenwich Pizza. It is nationwide and has the same menu and "quality" in every franchise. It is owned by Jolibee and if you want to participate in the poll you really need to give the place a fair try. Here is a franchise locator https://www.greenwich.com.ph/pizzeria-locator/
  6. I had a Philippine credit card and got rid of it. The interest rate was 3% per month. There is no problem using a foreign credit card here and if you want to carry a balance the price is about half what the Philippine cards charge.
  7. Dave Hounddriver


    Well that has me curious because all the foreigners I know have never eaten it within my view. So I started a poll. Just for fun. To see who really eats it.
  8. Dave Hounddriver


    No way. Not ever. They could not pay me to eat it. Seriously. When I have had the misfortune of ordering it I would quite happily pay to leave that crap on the table and leave the place. But to each their own. Did you notice that the number of foreigners eating a Greenwich pizza are extremely low?
  9. Well I certainly hope you get those brown stains off
  10. When I find someone who does exactly what I want him to do, I stop looking for another guy. Any reason for the change, beyond following the other guys?
  11. Funny, yes. But not in the joke section. I would suggest truth is stranger than fiction.
  12. Funny topic. I once bought a motorcycle from a reputable dealer and they offered free oil changes. When I went in for the first one the mechanic said "the oil change is free but we have no oil. You have to go to the auto supply store and buy a liter of oil, then bring it back here and we will change it for you."
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