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  1. Dave Hounddriver

    More Stupid Banking Bureaucracy?

    Ah but its not just the banks who love their bureaucracy in Philippines. A certain company in Dumaguete is worse, much worse. I won't mention the name. See if anyone can guess. They send out a bill every month, hand delivered. You CANNOT pay until you get the bill. No paying in advance, too easy. You CANNOT pay for 2 days after you get the bill because they need time to enter it in the system. You MUST pay within the next 7 days. One day later than that and you pay a 10% late penalty. You CANNOT pay online. You must go to one of their authorized payment spots. . . . So I get all spruced up and go to the authorized payment spot, since they do not allow payments online, and guess what? The authorized payment spot was closed because . . . . . . . . . they were OFFLINE. Duh? If they have to go online to pay it why can't I do it right here, right now, from my online bank account. Perhaps the Philippines is getting to me. I know all the BS here is better than the BS elsewhere but it still gets to me at times.
  2. I just got an email from my Philippine bank telling me that Banko Sentral regulations require that I go to my branch and give them an annual update on my contact information. Basically, that means going in there to tell them that nothing has changed since last year and if it did then I would tell them. I wonder what will happen if I don't bother. Anyone else ever get a notice like this?
  3. Dave Hounddriver

    20,000$ US for soon to be expat

    It is hard to get a work permit for a job that many thousands of Filipinos think they can do. When you see how they weld you will be amazed and as a safety conscious American there is no way you would want to work alongside them. However, if you are qualified to teach it then you may find a position. Just my humble thoughts on that. Better to just budget yourself to 100K to 150K pesos a month for the 6 months and not worry about working. That will leave you with a couple thousand dollars left for emergencies.
  4. Google says: No link because it is from an ad, but now you have an idea of what to look for. EDIT: OOPS, the ad was dated today but I see they had on old special from 2014 quoted so back to square one
  5. Dave Hounddriver

    JGF new car

    JGF surely has a car. I have noticed the license plate. He cannot fool us, but it is not an Aston Martin
  6. Dave Hounddriver

    Where to find good head.

    Dang, now I gotta go to the head.
  7. Dave Hounddriver


    I find that filipina women are sometimes insecure about losing their man and it is the man they do not trust. I also found that some filipina women secretly have 2 or 3 men at the same time and are possessive (jealous?) of all of them as they know they have a good thing going and don't want to screw it up. In addition, I found that some filipina women are afraid of other women talking to their man as they do not want the other woman to tell their man what she is really up to. Just my humble observations of a few filipina women. On the other hand, there are many great ones out there who are faithful, loyal, honest, loving . . . and yet still unreasonably jealous. When a filipina is not jealous I wonder what she is up to.
  8. Dave Hounddriver

    Stressed Beyond Belief by Online Shopping

    But I never give up You people here are so encouraging I actually start to believe it is me and not the system. And guess what. You can see by this screen shot that I actually GOT one out of my last 5 orders. 3 were refunded and one is questionable.
  9. Dave Hounddriver


    Many mention the download speeds but ping time and upload speeds are just as important when doing some internet tasks (like PVP games) so how are those two factors?
  10. Dave Hounddriver

    Thermal Massage Beds

    I hear where you are coming from. I used the machine you seem to be speaking of just once. It was in a massage spa which offered the service. I was severely disappointed when I found out that was all there was. Some spas use mechanical massage devices to get you "softened up" for the human therapist but this place was all just a mechanical massage table. I was not impressed due to the circumstances but there was nothing wrong with it. I only wish I could remember where the place was that offered that service. It may come to me later.
  11. That's a pretty cheap conversion rate: http://immigration.gov.ph/visa-requirements/non-immigrant-visa/temporary-visitor-visa/extension-of-authorized-stay-beyond-59-days
  12. Dave Hounddriver

    Stressed Beyond Belief by Online Shopping

    Well this topic just goes to show how everyone's experience will be different. I remember another Lazada topic where all the posters had bad things to say about it. But that is how they stay in business. If they have enough customers then they can do what they want. Some will be back and there are enough of those that they needn't worry about the ones they pissed off. This is Philippines. Its how it is.
  13. Dave Hounddriver

    Stressed Beyond Belief by Online Shopping

    I realize that part of my stress issue is being from a generation where the customer is always right. This is not the case now. If the customer has a complaint they just shuffle you around from one call center agent to another until the customer realizes you either do it their way or it does not get done. It does not matter that their way is complicated, frustrating, time-consuming an inefficient. It is what it is and if you want the product you will keep trying until it works, or give up and go away.
  14. This is a rant but it is also a question: Is it just me, or is everyone having problems with online shopping in Philippines. Online purchasing has actually gone downhill in Philippines. It used to be fair to OK to buy things online and have them shipped. Now it has been a disaster every effort for the last 4 or more attempts. OLX: I don't use them anymore. They used to be great but changed their way of doing business such that more and more scammers started selling on OLX Lazada: Despite my other rants about them, they still have things I want so I tried twice to make a purchase in November and December and both times the transaction was canceled after 3 days. Reason was: Shipper did not ship item on time, auto-cancel. Well of course they didn't. Its Philippines at Christmas. I expected to wait, not get the transaction canceled. But at least they refunded my money. AliExpress: So I tried to purchase the item on AliExpress. The deal went through. A couple of days later I get a message from the seller. "Please send US$35. Shipper say you in remote area and want more money" I argued for a bit about the shipper, DHL, having an office here and I could pick it up there but what they really wanted was another $35. I put in a dispute with AliExpress about accepting my money for the deal and then upping the price. They said the seller could do that so: transaction canceled but at least I got my money back. Shopee: As a last resort I tried this one. I had to send the payment through L'Huillier as they did not accept my credit card. Again: transaction canceled because shipper took too long to ship BUT this time they kept my money and put it in a Shopee Wallet. Guess what, its a beta function not available to all customers and I cannot use my money. Feck Me! What a nightmare. I have been shopping online for 15 years or more in one country or another and this is the worst I have ever seen it!
  15. If you are talking to that Englishman again. Tell him to ask Fat Reymond in Cebu how long he has to wait for his second 6 month extension. He has been known to allow people to do 2 in the same day. Just file for a 6 month extension then go back to the beginning of the process and get another, consecutive 6 month extension. (NOTE you cannot do that with a 2 month extension as the rules are specific on that one.) The 6 month one seems to be open to interpretation so for anyone who is making a 5 hour journey and definitely will not leave the country for 12 months it would be worth their while to talk to the big dude. It would be wise to buy him a coffee in the shop nearby and ask him discretely because there is no rule that says they have to give you a 6 month extension and no rule that says they cannot give 2. It's up to the "in charge" wherever you are getting your extension.