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  1. Dave Hounddriver

    Anti Dummy Law

    Well, that is one man's opinion. I prefer to go with Duterte's list that I linked to a while back where the new Foreign Negative List says: Here's the link for those who missed it the first time. So it seems Duterte does not believe that a corporation with only 40% foreign ownership that owns private lands violates the anti-dummy act. But Duterte is not the supreme court so it's still a grey area, in my opinion.
  2. Good question. I think they still need to get a visa but my best guess is they could get all the info they need from this site https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/visit-canada/apply-visitor-visa.html Entry requirements to Canada, along with many other countries, has become strict. IF they are green card holders in the USA but still on a Philippine Passport THEN I think they can get electronic travel authorization (ETA) online.
  3. Dave Hounddriver

    The Car Service!

    For people who like to tinker with a piece of junk, get someone to make you an "owner's jeep" They are cheap because they are made from junk parts by people who don't seem to have any engineering degrees Here is an article about them https://ownertypejeep.com/ Press "translate" if it does not show up in English.
  4. You have not mentioned when your ACR card expires and how long your next extension will be for. 2 examples from my own experience: ONE: My ACR card was due to expire in a month and I wanted a 2-month tourist extension. Response: No problem, Sir, we can do the ACR card renewal with your next extension because it is still valid for now. TWO: My ACR card was due to expire in 3 weeks and I wanted a 6-month tourist extension. Response: Sorry Sir, but your ACR card will expire soon so we can do a 6-month extension but we have to include the renewal cost for your ACR card. This is the Philippines so be prepared for your experience to be different from others.
  5. Exactly the same as my experience and about the same length of time ago. I doubt that has changed.
  6. The 13A is as permanent as your marriage. If the wife decides she wants you gone she can have your 13a revoked. This puts you back to your decision of which visa you want to change to. The SRRV is permanent unless the BI declares you an undesirable alien and has you deported, highly unlikely. Many married guys stay as long as they like by taking the wife on vacation once a year and coming back with another year's BB stamp. Others stick to the tourist visa for themselves, rather than doing the 13A. So many choices, it's up to you.
  7. You will find out that most people keep a low profile and are left alone. But what are the reasons immigration can kick me out? This headline sums it up: Immigration bureau to deport American for being undesirable In other words, if someone influential decides they don't want you here, they will find a way to get rid of you, IMHO.
  8. Dave Hounddriver

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    We forgot to mention to those who missed out that we all thanked @OzeMike for buying the drinks. It was his birthday so I don't think he was one of the 2 youngest. So who's birthday is next? Are they coming to the Dumaguete Get Together? And are they going to try and do better than Mike? Food would be nice Seriously, thanks Mike.
  9. Sounds like a great opportunity for all of you to have a vacation together in Hong Kong, or Thailand, or Malaysia. Seems like he would have no trouble meeting up with you all at any of those places and why spend your tourist money in a country that is going to give this kind of headache?
  10. Dave Hounddriver

    knife crime in England

    My Canadian ex father-in-law killed a guy in a bar brawl using just his fists. Should people have their fists taken off them? (BTW he spend a year in jail for manslaughter even though it was a mutual decision for the boys to go at each other).
  11. Another one who does not know Roy. Here's his Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100014359860241 Add him and ask him. It is possible. It is done. And he was lucky enough to only spend 3 months in the deportation detention center before they let him leave the country. No charges laid. Anything he owned here was confiscated. He is back in his home country and he ain't never coming back to the Philippines. Quite a few people get in that predicament when someone dislikes them enough to "drop a dime" on them.
  12. Dave Hounddriver

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    That may be because they have not yet learned to follow good advice such as this one from the Chicago Tribune: 12 reasons Guinness is actually good for you Or it may be the devil's brew they serve at Chin Loong is a far cry from real Guinness
  13. Dave Hounddriver

    Is Tipping 20% Too Much in the Philippines?

    I just realized I tip more than you bunch of cheapskates The topic is "Is tipping 20 percent too much in the Philipines" and I assumed you were talking about restaurants or taxis. I do not give those service people such a large tip as they do not give me a large percentage of their time. But if we are talking massage therapists, 20% is a real cheapskate tip. If I go for a massage and the price is 200 pesos for an hour, and if the therapist is good, then I will tip 100 pesos so that is a 50% tip and it is not too much in the Philippines.
  14. I don't know but you could ask Roy. If you do not know anyone it has happened to yet, just wait a while.
  15. Sorry to hear of his misfortune. We all hear these stories and figure it happens to "someone else" and there must be a "good reason" but I personally know so many good people who got sent back without a valid reason that I have come to the conclusion that: This is the Philippines, they don't need what we might consider a valid reason and there is seldom anything that can be done. I only hope he does not own anything of value in the Philippines.