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  1. If your gf/partner does not believe, mention that you read it on the Internet so it must be true. Then say that "moms" site said: Then show her the link so she can see the dangers of shaving https://www.momsteam.com/mrsa/mrsa-skin-infections-frequently-asked-questions And tell her Moms team is always right, end of story, no need to shave.
  2. It depends where you live, in the Philippines. The culture here sees a dog as just another animal. Filipinos seem to like dogs, and they are annoyed if a foreigner kicks a stray, but they seem them in a practical light. If they live in very rural areas and they are poor people then they see dogs as emercency food rations. If they live on the seafront and have unwanted, sick, or stray dogs that need to be done away with then they put a rope around its neck with a stone on the other end and dump it in the ocean. Until recently I used to walk up and down a 4 mile long stretch of beach every day from 4 to 6 PM. There was an average of one dog a month that washed up on the beach with a rope around its neck. The tide is a strong trash mover for a self cleaning ocean.
  3. Don't hold back. Tell us how your really feel. Care to buy me a meal while I listen to you? Ho Ho Ho where's my gift
  4. I am trying to think how you would do that. Hmmmm, half hour to the airport, an hour until flight leaves, 40 minute flight, an hour waiting for a cab, hopefully only a half hour drive to the city. I can see how it is possible to be in Cebu in 4 hours but an hour? Are you hiding your own private helicopter out there? With a helipad in the city?
  5. Ditto. Did that for more than a decade with no ill effect from brushing. Shaving in tap water is a different matter though. If there is any amount of Staphylococcus (staph) bacteria in the water then it gets in through the tiniest of cuts from shaving. Fortunately it is rare, but it happens and causes skin infections from boils to more severe damage. Just a suggestion, but if anyone is getting boils when shaving then do not wash any freshly shaved areas with unboiled tap water.
  6. Well stated. I could say the same, but things change and I have not yet had your learning experiences of packing off a couple of wives to my home country. I should expect a similar result, and yet some people have reported success from doing that. So I can only surmise it is another case of Your mileage may vary. As such, there is a very good chance that I shall follow in your footstep, a few years behind you. Time will tell.
  7. Perhaps they are on the verge or renaming. The Hysteria Channel might be an apt one.
  8. The info on cleaning up Manila Bay is interesting, but this article says it is a waste of money as the biggest contributors to the pollution are still dumping crap into the Bay, even as the cleanup goes on: https://www.manilatimes.net/2019/09/15/opinion/editorial/fund-for-cleanup-may-be-wasteful/616525/
  9. Judging by your attitude on this forum, I have no doubt you will still be friends with the contractor. It is in your nature.
  10. Just drive like you do in London, except when you drive on the left side of the road it is not the "correct" side in Philippines but you will have lots of company there anyway
  11. In Canada they are available, but more expensive and you usually have to order them days in advance (from your own bank).
  12. Yes. Provided there is an Immigration Official in the airport office who is authorized to do it. @AlwaysRt does it quite frequently.
  13. I believe you are correct. My inference was that Hong Kong would shut the boarding gates and allow enough time to deplane luggage from no-shows and still leave on time.
  14. Not if it is anything like Manila. I just left there last week and the Captain announced: "We will be leaving 2 minutes late due to the groung crew removing the luggage from passengers who did not clear security in time. Please bear with us." We left exactly 2 minutes late. That was fantastic for the Philippines but I bet a flight from Hong Kong would not even be 2 minutes late. You no show, you no go!
  15. If you say so. Probably cost him a few pesos he could easily afford and made him think that it was worth it for all the times he did not get caught. But it made the cops a little richer and the rest of the traveling public a little happier so really a win win
  16. In transit passengers stay inside the secure area, do not pass customs, do not see protestors, they just change gates . . change planes . . and continue their journey. There are exceptions for some airlines who do not have a reception desk inside the secure area, such as Cebu Pacific. When changing planes to a Cebu Pacific flight you are S.O.L. so when transiting in Hong Kong, avoid transferring to a Cebu Pacific flight.
  17. Absolutely. Or else you go through this: Tom: "Hello, US Embassy? I've lost my passport. I'm not sure if I lost it or it was stolen but its gone." US Embassy: "Did you report it to the police? We cannot issue a replacement passport unless we have a police report" Tom: "Not yet but I'll do it now. . . (new call) . . Hello Police? I've lost my passport and I need a police report." Philippine Police: "Yes sir. We will need 4 copies of each page of your lost passport and then we can file a report" Tom: "No, you don't understand. I have LOST my passport and I cannot give you copies of something I do not have." Philippine Police: "No sir, YOU do not understand. If you want the police report you will somehow find 4 copies of each page." Fortunately Tom had some photos of his computer or his laptop and managed to figure out a way. He got a replacement passport and then found his old one in the bottom of a closet, months later. Silly old bugger, May he R.I.P.
  18. Absolutey, and the only way to learn is feedback so we have to hope that @Forefall comes back and tells us the follow up story.
  19. Renting, leasing and buying is a minefield. For every article in the law that says you cannot do it, there is another which suggests a way you can, and then vice versa. You definitely need a lawyer but if you want to get an idea for how convoluted it is, check out the Law Library link here: http://www.chanrobles.com/civilcodeofthephilippinesbook4.htm Start reading with Then find out who the mean in Articles 1490 and 1491 That last sentence would indicate that foreigner, who cannot own land, cannot lease it. But we all know they can. To figure out how that is done, you can read the entire Civil Code of the Philippines here http://www.chanrobles.com/civilcodeofthephilippines.htm OR consult a lawyer OR get your advise from a forum full of foreigners. Its up to you.
  20. People think so until there is a problem. Then they find out that the mother is always 100 percent guardian with 100 percent control of that house anyway, until the kids turn legal age. Get legal advise if you go that route. (Advise as in ask the lawyer not tell him what you want done. That is a common failing amoung foreigners. A Philippine lawyer will do whatever you want to pay him for whether he thinks you should or not.)
  21. They listen. They hear what they want. They ignore anything else. Then they tell you what you are going to do. And then you do it. Ranting on here is just a bonus.
  22. In the 2 instances I know of, where a foreigner has built and owned a home on leased land, The actual owner of the property has the right to come on his land with about a week's notice and check the land and house for any violations of the lease. In these two cases, the owners pop by every Sunday to "check the property" and do not leave until the foreigner has plied them with sufficient Red Horse. Your mileage will vary, of course.
  23. I was not asked for an ACR card when leaving on a 9(a) Temporary Visitor’s Visa so I cannot see why they would refuse to let you go if you do not have yours.
  24. I read and I do not believe. I cannot imagine knowingly eating a pig who was dead or dying of some disease and not getting at least some kind of food poisoning. And you can be sure the locals will sell any pork from disease dead pigs. They will not be able to take the financial loss of just burying or burning it.
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