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  1. That may be where they try to trip people up. When a fellow lets it slip that he is not with his wife anymore then they have a GOTCHA moment.
  2. Yes, the police sometimes stop you. Oftentimes you will see them in advance and you can turn around or stop and wait for them to leave. You will need a license for motorcycles if stopped, but a foreign license is fine if in English and clearly stating it is good for motorcycles. There is little to no insurance available when renting a motorcycle so don't smash it up
  3. That shoud do it, right there, regardless of who his father is. Can we assume that Philippine "tax evasion" is as big a deal as it is in other countries?
  4. Wishing her all the best. I am sure she knows that being vaccinated plus getting Omicron will give her extensive protection from all forms of Covid that we know of. At least that is what current research is showing. The prediction is that this Omicron will be the final wave. We can hope. (Readers should google "will Omicron be the final wave" to form their own conclusions.)
  5. Good news is that people are not easily dying from Omicron. Bad news is it spreads like the plague, here in BC, Canada. It would not be surprising to see it go through the Philippines like a tsunami but then it will be done, we hope.
  6. If you are willing to adapt and overcome the problems then yes. But there are problems and BS that may not exist where you live. Best advice I ever heard is: If you want all the comforts and amenities of where you live now then stay where you live now.
  7. Seems to be the way of the world these days. Here is a link to our local news channel in Victoria, BC Canada where they show the entire video of a woman being run down by a car. Very graphic. I am not sure how long it will be available so take a quick look, its on the page I link to here: https://www.cheknews.ca/vicpd-seek-driver-following-a-hit-and-run-of-pedestrian-931324/
  8. I don't think any of them are much use at stopping the Covid. But maybe they keep people out of hospital. My brother has had 3 vax shots so far (2 AZ and a Pfizer) and him and whole family have the Covid now. He says its the Omicron and it sucks but so far no hospitalization needed.
  9. Not always mistaken. Most of the societies that widely adopted contraception now have labor shortages when it comes to taking care of older people. Many Philippine families have one or more kids who went away to work in other countries. Most of those support their parents financially. If the Philippines adopts contraception in a wide way, they will lose one of their major resources, OFWs.
  10. Previous typhoons did not scare anyone away, (although I moved to Dumaguete, which has fewer typhoons, after being caught in 2013 in Yolanda). Cebu gets a bad one every 30 years so people who live there will probably get back to normal in a few months .
  11. Sometimes yes, many times no. I would strongly suggest she find the BI Facebook site and ask that question on their messenger. They will help her to understand if there is any way she can leave.
  12. https://www.lowyinstitute.org/the-interpreter/duterte-playing-both-sides Bongbong has a good shot at the presidency and seems to be interested in China. No doubt because the USA was instrumental in unseating his father.
  13. “It is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done”. Lord Hewart Many of us have heard that statement. Here is a link to its origin https://www.barandbench.com/columns/the-origins-of-justice-must-be-seen-to-be-done The point is: Justice in the Philippines almost ALWAYS fails as the people almost never see the results.
  14. Agreed. This looks like a Typhoon Ruping or Yolanda event. The powers that be will undoubtedly be asking tourists to stay away while they deal with infrastructure and supply chain issues.
  15. A Facebook link to a typhoon victim playing his piano one last time https://www.facebook.com/manilabulletin/videos/315196683651845
  16. That is a slim possibility, but most immigration guys want to keep their jobs so keep in mind this is a Republic Act and not a gift from the BI. https://lawphil.net/statutes/repacts/ra2002/ra_9174_2002.html
  17. Hmm. A disease that is so mild they cannot even test for it? Sounds like a world wide pandemic that should shut everything down and destroy the economy. (Sarcasm intended) At what point will things get back to normal and the world admit that we are stuck with Covid variants for many years to come? I am getting tired of the restrictions that do absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  18. Perhaps she could. But she didn't. Sometimes it is best to pick your battles.
  19. I am convinced it depends, to a large extent, on how well the landlord likes the tenant. For example take the last house I rented in Dumaguete. Upon moving out I want to see the landlord and asked for my deposit back. He said: "Dave, I will give it back to you because you have been a great tenant. But please do not tell "...." because she has been a pain in my neck and I do not plan to give hers back." (Name of landlord and tenant withheld as some in Duma will know them.) I got mine. She did not get hers.
  20. That may be the least of your worries. I refer you to former member Jim Sibbick. Back in the beginning of lockdowns people were not allowed out of their hotels. Jim was stuck in the Century Hotel, Cebu as I understand it. He had no symptoms of Covid, to my knowledge, but he did have diabetes. It is said they would not let him out of the hotel to go see a doctor about it and he died in the hotel from complications of diabetes. Jim is no longer with us for me to ask him how accurate that is, but it is definitely a warning to me about the lack of logical response in the Philippines. I wonder if he would have been allowed to see a doctor if he had covid symptoms.
  21. Internet is scrambling to fix Log4Shell, the worst hack in history https://bgr.com/tech/internet-is-scrambling-to-fix-log4shell-the-worst-hack-in-history/ This is some kind of software hack that will affect all of us. I don't understand it but if any gurus google Log4Shell and read up on it then maybe they can tell us laymen what we need to now and do.
  22. Very good point. If it really is a milder strain that is not overhelming the medical profession then Covid Parties are in order to get it spread around and get heard immunity. With luck, immunity to Omicron will also be immunity to Kodachrome or whatever they name the next variant.
  23. Hmmm. Except me. I got back every one I ever gave, with occasional small deductions for things like aircon cleaning LOL
  24. IMHO, the Russians respected the US during the Berlin Wall cold war. I fear that respect has faded since the election of the current POTUS and the fiasco in Afghanistan.
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