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  1. Few things on Philippine websites are 100% accurate. But for updated info check Facebook. Send them a message if you like. Facebook is the Philippine Government Bible
  2. That is a brilliant idea. People will stay far away whether they have an illness or not. Another tip is do not shower for 3 days before your flight so people around you will move away.
  3. Sounds long and boring as I scrolled down the page
  4. Makes sense to me, however there is nothing on that page about wearing a face mask. Are all the Asians and TV shows with doctors and nurses wearing masks all wrong? Here is a link to what Huffpost has to say about it and the conclusion they come to is Face masks can help, to a degree.
  5. Traveling via other airports instead of China is also a feel-good measure in my opinion. Whatever plane a person travels on will have a mixed bag of people who have traveled all over and the environment inside the plane is a microcosm of whatever illness they have. Ya pays yer money and ya takes yer chances if you are travelling when a virus is circulating
  6. I live on that budget, in the Philippines, with a wife and kid. However I have no mortgage payment or rent to pay, I have an exit strategy and I will be leaving soon, and the lifestyle is "no frills". What I am saying is you can live on that but you really don't want to have any payments and its not a lot of fun unless you have a "stay at home" lifestyle. Save up and buy something you can afford if at all possible. I use the local trikes and jeepneys and it ain't that bad. Yes I have a car and motorcycle but on that budget how do you fix them when they break down. Wanna buy a car or motorcycle that needs work? I'll sell ya mine LOL
  7. So the topic is about expats financing a motorcycle in the Philippines. I have tried. I know many others who have tried. The only ones I know who succeeded had a Filipino co-signer, someone not your gf or wife. This is not as hard as it sounds. Loads of Filipinos will co-sign for you. Most of them expect a couple thousand pesos for doing you the favor but some do it for free. There seems to be an attitude of . . You are a foreigner but you cannot afford 50 to 80K pesos? Why?
  8. I have found less than acceptable wifi at every hotel I have stayed at in the Philippines. None of them provide better wifi than I can get by using the data connection on my phone and using it as a hotspot. So common man . . use your phone . . its 2020 now.
  9. Thanks all. That answers my questions. I no longer have any doubts about booking the best value I can get. I will probably book my flight next month. I hope all the specials I see today are still on.
  10. My research shows the the best price price that way is approximately 10K pesos per perso (x3) higher than the routes I am looking at. In addition, the total travel time is at least 6 hours longer that way than some of the best low-priced flights I am lookin at. But each to their own, I have flown the way you suggested when travelling on my own and that route works. Now back to my question. Jack D says Narita has a great in-transit area. That is one of my first choices but the final decision will involve price when I go to book, so, does anyone know for sure are Taiwan and Korea the same? (I have transited via Korea in the past but I did not check to see if filipinas had any problems transiting there)
  11. So lets assume my gf and he son have a visa to come to Canada with me. When and if that happens I will be looking to buy a low cost ticket from Cebu to Canada. I have had a look online and most of the cheap flights have connections (plane change) in either Hong Kong, Taiwan, ICN, or Narita. I know that Hong Kong has given me no problem in the past. Land, stay in the secure area, no visa required for a filipina, get on the next plane and go. But Hong Kong is not my first choice. Who has had experience changing planes in Taiwan, Korea, or Japan? Is there any transit visa required for a Filipina before she can board the plane? The only country I know of that requires the transit visa is USA but if there is one country, there are probably others. Anyone?
  12. Yes. It has been mentioned on this forum before. I suggest a search will yield topics like:
  13. Originally yes. Before man had anything to do with gene manipulation or biological weapons, mother nature gave us the bubonic plague and the Spanish flu. But has man tinkered with the basic virus and ended up with more virulent strains? Or is it all just mama nature trying to kill us off?
  14. The report suggest all countries are corrupt, but some are more corrupt than others. Hmm. https://www.transparency.org/whatwedo/publication/corruption_perceptions_index_2019 That is where you can download the report but below is a screenshot of what we all want to know . . Australia, Canada, UK, and Austria are all tied in the 12th place spot while the USA is tied with France at 23rd place
  15. And them feckers bite. I woke up one day with one of them biting my head. It hurt! I chased him down and gave him the vigilante justice he deserved. (My best guess is that I had some of that "hair gel" on and it seems to attract roaches (and filipinas sometimes)
  16. The other problem is the roots. I see so many people in my subdivision planting trees beside their wall, gate or house and inside of a couple of years all the concrete around them is broken up and lifted. Silly buggers. They know it will happen but they do it anyway.
  17. As I understand it, your speed from that laptop was fine before, and now its not. So something has changed. It must be either faulty hardware, or software, or bloat. The Filipino way is to go through and start replacing stuff until the problem is solved. I prefer to do checks on each piece of hardware, and check to be sure I have not overloaded my laptop with apps or movies and stuff. If not those then it will be a software issue. If you cannot find it I would suggest using Windows Defender Fresh Start to get you back on track.
  18. Watch this clip and tell me if you change your mind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03fVpdfjG0Q
  19. Easy to check this: Search CMD on your laptop and open Command app (run as administrator) enter the following exactly as written: wmic diskdrive get status It will tell you if your hard drive is failing. That will cause everything on your laptop to slow down. Not the end of the world, just replace the hard drive.
  20. Hard hearted I may be, but I am not concerned about the ones who die of this virus. I am concerned about the ones who live and spread it around the world as they will not stay, home, rest in be, drink plenty of fluids, and take Aspirin.
  21. For me it is Shakira if you are talking about women over 40
  22. Just for info . . I do not do that any more. No rentals of car or bikes here. There are car hires with driver available at the airport. They call themselves a taxi service but it is a loose definition because I think they just pick up at the airport and take you where you need to go. No doubt you could ask the driver for more personal service if you get the taxi from the airport. As has been said, people want to be insured when they rent and that is not offered anywhere here that I know of. So getting the airport taxi might be the best, (but surely not the cheapest), option.
  23. I predict a lot of overstaying Chinese and not a lot of enforcement. This looks like a good opportunity for corruption IMHO. Chinese come as tourists. They overstay and do not leave the compound. When ready to go home they have someone who will take their money to fix their passport. There will be too much money to be passed up, despite the president's verbal stance against corrutpion.
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