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  1. I remember someone once posted pictures of whole town in China that were built and never occupied. The idea seemed to be that building them was a help to the Chinese GDP and investors were convinced to own empty buildings. Now that idea is all crumbling down. The Evergrande Company, who built most of it, is broke. The whole, loooong story is here: https://www.scmp.com/business/companies/article/3149873/china-evergrande-controlled-demolition-near-certain-default-and
  2. Admirable! We are discussing Calamansi. Vitamin C from Calamansi is as natural as it gets. Are you disputing that?
  3. I have found that high doses of Vitamin C help me with cold and flu symptoms. I bet there is a large dose of Vitamin C in your strong Calamansi juice.
  4. Its probably true. Corrupt and illegal, but true. For an extra 100K, if you know the right people, you could get it converted to a quota visa and be a permanent resident.
  5. Here is a true story for you. In 2008 I bought a 20 year old Isuzu pick up truck in Cebu. I drove it for a couple of years on the original owners name and then decided I would like to transfer the title to my name. The trail of owners dated back 20 years to someone who had imported the truck illegally, without paying customs duty. I was expected to pay for the customs duties and all the years of penalties simply because I thought I would do things the "right" way. Feck that! A lawyer "fixed" it for me for about 10% of the 300,000 pesos I had paid for the truck and yes, at that time anyway, used vehicles were going for ridicuous prices. Do yourself a favour and leave an old used vehicle in someone else's name. Or pay a hefty price to do it the western way.
  6. I cannot tell you the current situation where you are because the 6 month extension has always been something that is decided by the "in charge" at your local BI office. I know this because I asked the "in charge" at the Dumaguete office a couple of years ago. At that time we could get the 6-month in Cebu but not Duma. Then shortly after we could get unlimited 6-month in Duma but only 2 in Cebu. So if you do not get the answer you want at your local BI then try another office.
  7. I wonder how much scrambling this guy did to find a clothes washer
  8. Are you aware that many Philippine vehicles still have the plates from 5 owners ago and that fellow may be dead or left the country? That makes photo radar a little bit useless. You see the plates stay with the car when you sell, not with the owner. So if the new owner never changes it out of your name then . . well you probably get the picture.
  9. I appreciate your passion for the subject. The posts made prior to Jollygoodfellows decision will stay. As of now, we are limiting posts that inflame Covid tension. Please read JGF's thread for precise info.
  10. I thought the point was that you could at least get into the country. Without a marriage certificate you would be a tourist and thus not allowed at this time.
  11. I love how they will impose fees, fines and express lane fees. When they see the windfall profits they may keep this plan after things normalize.
  12. I cannot see it as much different to couples who get drunk in Las Vegas and then get married the same night. Divorce is easy in Nevada.
  13. Probably because your wife has been out of the country before. They know these things. Everyone I know has been questioned. One couple, Filipina married to an American, were turned back and it cost them their vacation flights. So different strokes. I would always prepare for that. OH . . . I tell a lie. . . my Lyn was never questioned but that is probably because she had a permanent resident visa for Canada . . and if enquiring minds want to know, she is 38 years younger than I so pffft there goes that argument.
  14. Yes, it is your fault. It is your fault in the same way it would be MY fault if I went to a Covid 19 discussion forum and tried to discuss expat life in the Philippines. Wrong forum. That does not mean the Covid situation does not touch the lives of expats living in the Philippines. It means that is not the primary focus of this group and does not require your every post to touch on it. Capisci?
  15. I guess you did not read the memo and I ain't gonna find it again.
  16. Skipped ahead to page 7 to avoid BS overload. Did I miss anything?
  17. I heard thalidomide cures covid. Anyone wanna try it?
  18. Are you suggesting that girls from Mindanao never say "No"? Good to know for the single guys.
  19. Me (on messenger to wife): Do you want me to throw out the old rice OR do you want me to keep it for your lunch? Wife: Yes please.
  20. A search of the forum suggests it has been around for quite a few years
  21. Well that made me reach for the Guiness Records. WOW . . So when Snowy said "NO ONE will last 10 minutes" he was way off base. Makes me wonder if we are wrong about ivermectin treating covid as well. (There we go. Back on topic.)
  22. But what will you do when you get there. From pictures I have seen, there is nowhere to go have fun. You might end up isolated in your condo baking cakes.
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