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  1. Some Non-Americans would ask: "WTF? Has nothing changed in the US Police Departments since Rodney King was dragged from his truck and beaten on March 3, 1991?? That was video'd too. Seems nothing was learned."
  2. Remember when all the filipinas told us old goats that "Really? You are that old? You don't look a day over 50." Well now is the time to put that to the test and see if ya get ID'd
  3. The US still has allies. The allies, however, do not agree with everything the US does. The Philippines is a US ally. The Philippine leaders do not agree with everything the US does. I am reasonably sure many other US allies feel similar. Please do not confuse alliance with blind obedience. US allies do not have any rights in choosing US political leaders or military policy. Some allies follow the US lead because of a belief that the POTUS actually knows what he is doing. Others follow the US lead for the same reason Duterte does. As Scott says:
  4. Ahh yes, there's the rub. At that point the US military were helping to WIN a war. Now it seems they help to start or perpetuate them. Just MHO. This article might help explain what I mean https://www.vox.com/2018/2/15/17007678/syria-President-war-win-interview
  5. One post hidden awaiting reply from admin. This is a privately owned forum with voluntary member participation. When discussing the "business" of the forum I would suggest that is a private matter. When admin is online he may think otherwise.
  6. That is a possibility, however "Brig. Gen. Restituto Padilla, said that the American forces were not engaged in combat, but his statement was the first official confirmation of the American military presence in Marawi." So were the US forces really needed? Or were they just sticking their nose in like normal?
  7. Many forum members are citizens of numerous Non-US countries. living as expats in the Philippines. Those members sometimes move back to their homelands with Filipina spouses. Those other countries do not all send military to the Philippines or give them money. No expat has been kicked out of the Philippines because their homeland isn't sending troops or money to the Philippines. But if the US thinks they are somehow controlling the Philippines by sending money then fly at 'er. The rest of us will watch.
  8. I think he pointed out that they could have been far enough apart but the picture. .
  9. In the Philippines, I switched from window units to split units about 5 years ago. However all the old window units I bought in the Philippines had a mechanical 'fresh air/recirculation" lever that opened or closed a half inch diameter hole to the outside. The user could allow some fresh air in using that lever. Not sure if it made much difference but I can see how outside air would get in that way.
  10. I knew one of those. He lived in the Philippines for 5 years and got too frustrated with the girls, the people and the country in general. So he moved back to the USA where he could keep driving a truck for a living and video chatting with the girls. He was much happier and did that right up until he died. Nothing wrong with that at all.
  11. I agree with your opinion but it is still just an opinion. Everyone has their own. As a younger man I believed that a man does not start to really get to know a women until he beds her. As an older man I believe they lie there too. (Or should that be in the puns thread? )
  12. Hard to understand this English. "Cases (plural) was initiated". If all the cases against him were initiated by one woman then the whole thing smells bad to me. It is interesting to see responses from people who automatically assume the guy did something. It could just as easily be he did nothing. If he did nothing when the "Filipino businesswoman" was arguing with him and telling him what to do then that would piss off a lot of "businesswomen" and the smart ones know how to stick a knife in. Just another way of looking at it.
  13. I wish you good future fortune with that. After a few forum members ask questions of the BI saying "Eddie can get it so why can't I" then someone will likely put a stop to Eddie getting it.
  14. Well I thought it was related to rain so I checked with Dr Google and it seems there is some relation to rain: https://www.terminix.com/blog/education/flying-termites-after-rain/
  15. We used to get those once or twice a year on Biliran Island. They swarm around for a day or so then they must find a place to nest as all their wings fall off and they dissappear, until next time. I remember running around with cans of Baygon trying to kill them buggers. They came in through any crack they could find, even under the door. Good luck with them. Seems to me they are just a nuisance.
  16. No sympathy from me. No warning needed to. Useless thread in my opinion. Last thing we need is for her to see this, respond and get an online "he said, she said" argument going on.
  17. Typhoid Mary did not have any symptoms of Typhoid but she was a carrier of it. She passed Typhoid to anyone who got too close. Well now a simalar thing is happening . . . . . . . With Corona . . don't get to close to these Corona carriers or they wil pass you a case of it.
  18. Old news in Canada. Our Prime Minister told us weeks ago to avoid "wet speech". So we no longer talk about the precipitation or the petunias and pansys
  19. Sarcasm (noun) is to say the opposite of what is happening at the time. It is as a type of humour, usually used to make fun of someone. Now you will recognize the sarcasm when a Filipina says: "Its up to you"
  20. So in the interest of fact finding I searched for the video on p * r n hub. It has been taken down.
  21. I have read few details, but many knew @Jim Sibbick https://www.philippines-expats.com/profile/5-jim-sibbick/content/ His favorite place to stay, in Cebu, was the Century Hotel in Colon. I heard that is where he passed away from complications of diabetes. This may or may not be true. Jim has not signed in for almost 2 years but we can hope he signs in and tells us his sister, Karen, is mistaken.
  22. Where else? https://globalnation.inquirer.net/187523/fwd-us-providing-additional-p298m-to-philippines-for-covid-19-response
  23. It has been up since Feb 2012. How much time do you need?
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