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  1. Canada set to begin collecting data on travellers leaving country Ottawa will soon start collecting data on every person leaving Canada by land and air in a bid to identify and track anyone from potential terrorists to snowbirds who lie about their residency to claim government benefits. The new measures, expected to take effect later this year, aim to strengthen border security, enforce residency requirements for permanent residents . . . . (lots more at link)
  2. I have heard of no one having any problems getting it in Dumaguete. They just have problems getting through line ups and bureaucracy and waiting games.
  3. When I got my Philippine license (most recent renewal and on a tourist visa) it took 16 months to get it (no I am not exaggerating in the slightest). So that pretty much proved I was here for a year
  4. Been there. Done that. Could have been your driver. Small world. But that road was a piece of cake compared to portions of the Alaska Highway around Liard River during that same time frame.
  5. I am not following the topic. So forgive me if this has been asked and answered. But does anyone know how they handled the same problem during WW2 when Ireland was neutral and the Axis infiltrators could go there and then sneak into England? It seems they solved the problem then so why re-invent the wheel. Just do whatever they did back then.
  6. Hmm. I'll put myself in the criminal's shoe for a minute. I am using stolen plates so I can do something illegal, perhaps a drug deal or an assassination. So if I get caught I will no longer get shot and killed for that, I will just be fined50K pesos. Yeah, I can "live" with that.
  7. 10 years ago, when I was naive and new to the Philippines. I looked for such a thing as a mortgage broker. I found loads of them. They were "touts" for private lenders who had no problem lending private money as mortgages for real property. The problem with all of them was the high-interest rate they wanted on mortgages. I found private mortgages for as low as 2% and as high as 5%. These interest rates are monthly rates and compounded monthly. Incredible as it sounds, some locals were mortgaging their property at these rates. The lenders were more interested in foreclosing on people who could not pay than getting a high rate of return, but they won either way.
  8. Google says there are a couple. But knowing how the Filipinos take liberties with the meaning of English words I would be reluctant to presume they are anything close to what the op is looking for.
  9. When they first started it, in Cebu, they had the messy ink with nothing to clean up with and the took prints from all fingers before I ever got an ECC and I got many of them (at the old Mactan office). Since I started getting them at the new at the J Mall office they just tell me to put my thumb on the little electronic doo dad so I assume it is an electronic fingerprint? They do the same to get a driver's license at Robinsons. But maybe I just look like the criminal type.
  10. Agree. Hard to do fingerprints if you are not there.
  11. I believe you need an ACR care and proof of a permanent address before you can get a license now. But different offices have different rules. BTW, why are we not using default fonts like everyone else?
  12. It was a bit of "Alright" meeting up with everyone. Hope we can do it again. Unfortunately, I will be out of town on Thursday, March 14 so I will miss the next one. Enjoy!
  13. I knew an Aussie who acted exactly as you describe this fellow does. (He passes away so definitely not the same man.) The point is he screwed over many people, physically assaulted a few, took legal action against some (never won a case but it kept people spending money on lawyers for years). The point is, he knew how to push people's buttons and the only defense was to steer clear of him or strike first. No conscience in that man. He also sued a fellow expat over a bit of trash ( a decade old bit of sheepskin) but he died before the case was decided and the case died with him. Best of luck, but I do not know of a solution that does not involve doing something that would make you seem worse than him.
  14. I have heard the same is true here. Coffee shop gossip talks bought "those guys" who commit a petty crime when they cannot afford to renew their visa and then drag it out in court for years. Just gossip but where there is smoke there is fire.
  15. I cannot find that quote regarding foreigners. Can you screenshot it? I can find: "All eligible Phi!Health members are qualified to avail the Z Benefit Packages. " That is At this link. (pg 4 of 16) but I do not see where foreigners are excluded. Is this a new thing? Many filipinos will tell foreigners they do not qualify because it is only for filipinos but they are generally talking out of their ass. Not saying you are, but I would like to find out more solid info.
  16. Not unless you can give us a source to show it. One of the qualifications of certain retirement visa is to own property, but they mean a condo.
  17. 4 words . . . . good luck with that,
  18. Don't know of one that allows that. Dumaguete is supposed to be a "smoke-free" city. Some places are strict. You have to go stand on the street if you want to smoke while drinking with us at Chin Loong. Nicanor Hotel is close to Chin Loong. All you ask for with prices from 1000 a night and up. But no "smoking" rooms. Yeah. They call it the barge. Maayo ferry. Runs every hour and a half all day until about 10:30 pm. Ask for a return ticket. Costs you 300 plus some nickel and dime stuff like port taxes. If you want to figure it out. Start counting at 6 am and then every hour and a half after that is another barge.
  19. Since your stat has already been "corrected" once . . Do the English still use stones to measure? So 0.4107 stone? No worries. Congrats to Eddie and Noime. We are all thrilled for them.
  20. Some don't repatriate, they just move on to other countries. It's life. There is no paradise, but the search for it is great. There is no trophy for the longest stay in the Philippines. As JD said: So best of luck to all who move "back", to all who stay in the Philippines, and to all who chose to try a different country. Its all good.
  21. You may want to consult a lawyer. In the one case I know of, (speaking only of the Philippines), where someone tried that and the marriage went sour, the child was a minor when the parents split and the judge said the mother is the legal guardian of the minor child and could do whatever she decided was is in the best interest of the child, up to and including selling the house to provide cash for the "child's needs". Once again, foreigner out on the street. Disclaimer, this is only one case and we always here the ones where the foreigner got screwed over. Your way probably worked many times with no problems.
  22. Funny thing that. I know some who lost it all, some who lost nothing, some who spent a fortune in legal fees and got a win, and others who spent a fortune in legal fees and lost anyway.. Depends on so many things. Best advice is: Be prepared to walk away, remember that your mileage will vary from the next fellow, make preparations with the other half before the shite hits the fan and the most important of all: Keep in mind that so many who give advice end up not taking their own advice and losing the lions share (but often do not tell us that part unless we know them well).
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