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    As this is my first attempt at making a blog entry, I would appreciate any advice about 'How to do it right'
    But this entry is about filipinas who see the grass is greener in the other pasture.  It is about my good friend and neighbor whose live in girlfriend left him last night.  Why did she do that?  It was not about age gap, although there is one.  It was not about being treated bad, they are a great couple.  It is about money.
    There are no names used here because the story has been told so many times you can insert any name you like.  I am telling it now because it is close to home.  Di (a generic filipina name for a girl) had a hard life before moving in with Joe (a generic name for an American).  Joe treated her well.  She treated Joe well.  Di could not get a job in the Philippines because she is deaf in one ear.  To get a job here you need to be in great health.
    Joe gives Di an allowance of 4k Pesos a month that she can spend anyway she likes.  Her family found out when she gets it and how much it is and, amazingly enough, there always seems to be a family emergency on Di's allowance day that needs 4K to rectify.
    The problems arose when Di started talking to other girls who have wealthier boyfriends.  Some of these other girls have 2 or more 'boyfriends' who are really online chat mates who send money on a regular basis.  These girls are really, really good at lying.  They are also really good at manipulating men into sending money.  The girls don't ask for it.  In fact they sometimes tell the online friends NOT to send money because they know that encourages trust and, eventually, more more money gets sent.
    So last night Di has an argument about money with Joe.  She is upset because her family takes all of her allowance and her friends are getting so much money for just showing their t*t* online to some foreigner.  Most relationships have money issues at some point.  THIS relationship ended last night because the grass is greener online.
    So if you are reading this and just met a new, online friend who is about 22 and beautiful and nice and had no boyfriend, come on over and I'll introduce you to her ex.  He's a real nice guy.  If you want to help him save his relationship, stop sending money to girls you only know from online chats.  
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