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  1. Perhaps Brucewayne will chime in on this one but sometimes a guy does not like to 'blow his own horn' so let me speak about him.He came here a few years before his pension kicked in and so had to support himself while waiting. He did what I would recommend to anyone, that is to stick with what you know best. In his case it was building or repairing computers. The other thing he did right, in my opinion, is not to try to make a fortune but give good value to his customers even though that meant he had to live very cheaply.So there are success stories, (well done, Bruce), but it ain't easy.
  2. And this is why my wife says she does not like it that I go walking in the rain, or even if it looks like it MIGHT rain. Nothing to do with other girls who may say hello to me, its because I might get hit by lightning. She says I will be safer inside a house with a metal roof and no electrical grounding, so long as all the tvs are unplugged and the mirrors are covered. Honestly, she says this to me, I couldn't make this stuff up even.
  3. A very well written opening post! You sure got my attention. It seems to me you are saying this is a good forum but there are ways to improve it. One of the things you mention is members swearing. I hear that. It is a fine line between what one man sees as acceptable and another finds objectionable so when you say: I have to say that I write as I speak every day. So it is not a conscious thing to actually write whichever words I use. Perhaps there is nothing in my posts that you object to. There are others who humorously inject Superfluous, Weird, Extraneous And Redundant words to their posts but it is a rare thing, done for a smile I expect.Anyway, all forums have room to improve so I hope to see more of your posts as you contribute to helping this one.
  4. Question for BrucewayneIn case I forget to ask you when I see you in person, are the bags of cement they sell here all the same size? I mean is it a standard 25kg sack or do they sometimes sell different sizes? And if they do sell different sizes what size were you using when you were making blocks?It only matters when you are figuring things like 100 blocks to a sack. If it is a 50 kg sack then that would be a lot different than a 25 kg sack.
  5. While published charts have their place, I was hoping this thread would be more 'boots on the ground'. If someone looked at a chart to estimate how much money I made in my old job they would be WAY off the mark and I imagine many of us are in that situation.It seems more helpful, (to me anyway), to get an idea on what real people, known to us, are actually getting paid. For example, an early retired California high school teacher moved here and inquired what he would get for pay if he wanted to work at the Cebu International School. He was offered about 40K pesos a year and figured they may go as high as 50K.Perhaps this thread is not as useful as I first imagined because I can picture such a huge wage disparity depending on location, experience, family background and other factors.
  6. What a great idea. Lets start a chart and add to it to share our knowledge of people we know in different professions and how much they get paid. It would be nice if posters were fairly sure of the amounts when they post as there are already a lot of rumors and false info. The prices I am mentioning are valid in Cebu.1) A girl who works in a profession like Mitsumi in Danao will make about 8K pesos a month plus overtime if available.2) A senior police officer with 20 years in will make over 30K pesos per month plus anything they don't talk about.3) A live in maid will make anywhere from 1,500 pesos to 8K a month depending on who they are working for, their experience and the length of time they have been there. (In the two instances I know of where maids were paid 6 to 8K per month, one employer found that made for a great maid and the other found it was not worth it and the maid quit anyway.)4) A carpenter or welder or electrician will make an average 400 pesos per day when working. Their helpers will make about half what they make or less when jobs are hard to find.Who will add to this list?
  7. You have made an assumption, Kuya Lee, that the owner gets none of the tip. I have found that most employees that I tip have to 'share with everyone' and I have often wondered how much the boss gets out of that. This is Philippines.As to how much to tip, different professions are paid in different ways. I would tip more for a massage than a meal because the first is paid on a percentage and the second is on a wage, (low though that may be). To tip a massage therapist I do some calculations in my head to figure out that, if she does 4 or 5 (1 hour) massages a day and gets 75 to 100 pesos tip per massage then she is doing ok. Of course I would double that for a 2 hour massage and that means I give about 150 to 200 tip.For waitresses I give 10 to 15% of the bill.My barber gets 20 pesos.I think it is very important not to perpetuate the stereotype of the rich Kano that so many of us fight so hard to break down. It only takes a few foreigners overtipping or overpaying for a service to get the story out like wildfire that those 'Kanos' are all rich and don't mind overpaying for goods and services.
  8. 'get very expensive'?Your lifestyle is already WAY over the top of what I can afford. Haircuts at Franzy's in Fooda have been 50 pesos and consistently good for the last 3 years and a 20 peso tip is quite acceptable. I have found a lot that are more expensive in Ayala or SM and I have found a lot that are cheaper but do not do as good a job.Of course, when you tip the guy 50 pesos like you did last year, that is the exact same thing as saying: You are not charging enough, here, have some extra
  9. Can we look at the situation in reverse?First the facts , (on at least one of the guys that I researched): This alleged rapist guy was born in, and a citizen of Philippines. Then he went to US and became a naturalized citizen. There he is accused of committing a crime a crime and so he returned to the Philippines. Now the Philippines are saying he is a foreigner and extraditing him back to the US.So look at the situation in reverse: If an American married a filipina and decided to become a naturalized filipino citizen, and was then accused of a crime so he returned to the US . . .. Now . .. what would you think if the US government said: You are a foreigner now so we are shipping you back to the Philippines and we don't really give a damn about your guilt or innocence?
  10. Sure is great that the Philippines does not allow dual citizenship. They can send their rapists to the US, let them become US citizens, then when they return they are foreigners like the rest of us.
  11. I believe that figure goes up by a factor of 10 if you look up after having sex and see your wife standing there with a knife in her hand.
  12. There are lots of cat houses in Angeles city
  13. I had to chuckle about that Jake. So they have the most modern conveniences and then put artificial restraints on trades because fair market trading: No wonder it is not possible to get a Forex account if they deem your residence to be the Philippines. Good thing I am just a tourist here.
  14. I hope he is a fast kitten if you are letting him outside. The dogs that they call 'pets' here are almost feral. I've seen 'pet' dogs rip apart birds, frogs, rats, and even a kid goat. When I used to walk my dog he was attacked many times each walk by other 'pets' as we walked by houses where they did not keep the dogs leashed, penned, or fenced. The dogs tend to group in gangs of 3 or so and attack any male dog who is not part of their group.I tend to leave my pet at home when I walk now. I have been told that there are areas of Cebu you can walk your dog without this happening but I have not see those areas. Note that when I am walking without my pet then the dogs ignore me 99 times out of 100
  15. So now I am curious about your User Name and its relation to this topic. Do you own that island or is it a coincidence that your name is the same as the Island? I looked at the pics in your gallery and it looks like a nice place to visit.
  16. This is a very interesting analogy. In my previous life, my exwife and I owned a small business. In order to compete with the WalMarts of the world we found we had to band together with the other small businesses and refer customers to each other.Perhaps this is the case here. Small forums like this need not recommend the huge, 'all in one' forums but instead co-operate with the niche forums.In the same analogy, Lars mentioned having the larger forum send business his way and WalMart actually sent business our way, (in that previous life I mentioned). The business WalMart sent over was the niche business which was not profitable for them and not profitable for us. The bottom line is, we went broke once WalMart opened.Continuing on this train of thought, there are some guests like me. I know of other WalMart type forums but choose the one that has a more family type atmosphere, kind of like the bigger one used to have before it got big.
  17. Here's a locally produced 3 wheel conversion vehicle with plastic rattan covering that may have given the designer his idea.The local factory does this conversion for about 40,000 pesos and you supply the motorcycle, (note that the back wheel of the motorcycle is totally eliminated to keep the design a 3 wheeler so once done you could never have your bike back). They also do rattan conversions on the home made jeep frames that look pretty good but they had none there to photograph today.
  18. One of the things that scares me about the Philippines is the quickness of death. These robbers do not even seem to say anything like "The money or your life". They just take your life and seem to think nothing of it. Maybe they should try watching some TV westerns instead of the gangster movies. I do believe that life imitates art.
  19. Oh really?What about this quote? I have a suspicion it is from the same guy.
  20. My trash containers are kept inside my fence until garbage day, I am not so concerned with neighbors filling my trash cans as I am with people spilling the contents to look for cans and plastic then leaving the trash strewn all over. We keep a close eye out for the garbage truck so we can get the trash out in time.In the past I used to tip the driver 50 pesos once a month, (double at Xmas), but I admit that I have been lax this last year. Perhaps it really does help to offer that little bit but friends have told me they do not do that because the trash collectors make a profit from the plastic and cans they get from our garbage.
  21. Part 2Half hour after the man from the mayor's office came out, the garbage truck came. He got upset with my wife because he said he told her on Feb 15 that the garbage needed to be segregated now. She appears to have not understood what he meant but is upset now that the poor guy got in trouble and got mad at her.He still did not take the garbage as she did not have time to segregate it yet. Life goes on. He'll be back at the regular scheduled time on Thursday.
  22. Today I sent an email to the Liloan, Cebu mayor's office. I explained that I had not received garbage pick up in about a month. Before that the municipality garbage truck picked up regularly. My friends in the neighborhood have all said the same thing so I knew it was not just me. I asked what was going on and what we were expected to do with our trash, (unlike some I know who just throw it in a neighbor's yard so it is their problem )About 1 and a half hour later a representative of the municipal hall comes to the front door. He is one of the executive types in a fancy municipal SUV. Note they did not just send an email. Note I did not even give my exact address OR my last name, just an approximate location where I lived. Without a word of a lie the man was there to explain the situation just that fast.It seems we are now expected to 'segregate' our trash in Tayud, Liloan, Cebu and it is likely happening in other areas too so if you are having trouble with garbage pick up then try this: Separate your trash into 2 bags or containers, do not seal them so the garbage collectors can see inside. One container must contain the biodegradable trash and the other contains non degradable. It so happens that they do not pick it up if it is not sorted. But I bet they take mine this Thursday.
  23. Fears can sometimes be overcome by education. What I am getting at is to have Joy enroll in a first aid course so she will know what to do if you are living in the province and having a heart attack. (This assumes you want to do that and her fear is the stumbling block.)
  24. It just occurred to me, as I looked at these pictures again, that not a single one of the concrete hollow blocks used in the broken wall appears to be even cracked. I have heard many, many foreigners here complaining about the poor quality of the building blocks used here but these pictures show that they are more than adequate for the job.Here is a video I found which shows how the local filipinos make concrete blocks. In this video they are using:
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