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  1. Why do you think that is the case? I think that many western males see life as a rat RACE in which one must get AHEAD to win. This seems to translate to driving such that many want to be in front of everyone else as they believe it is the winning position.I have been trained, (30 years as a bus driver in my past life), to think of my passengers as customers and all other people on the road as potential customers. I "win" when those around me would vote for me as a safe and comfortable driver.I find it most irritating when I have a carload of western males giving me a bad time because I am letting those other drivers get ahead of me. I have, on occasion, shown them how I can also be the most aggressive SOB on the road, but I am not happy with myself when I bow to that peer pressure.
  2. My best guess is that the average foreign retiree has been driving for much longer than the average filipino. It is expected, (hoped for?), that this would make a person better at it.So now you have a choice. Your experience can help you be the biggest a**h*le driver on the road, OR, it can help you to set an example for less experienced drivers. It is unfortunate that my experience seems to be that the majority of expats I know choose the former course of action.
  3. As long as we are telling Capitol One stories, let me share my experience. They gave me easy credit, back when I was young and foolish. When I got divorced I was pressured to go bankrupt and I did. That meant I screwed over Capitol One, (among many others), for $10,000. Interestingly enough, when I got discharged they were the first company to offer me a decent credit card to help me get back on my feet. Sure they are all business but I was thankful for that attitude at the time.
  4. "Iway said there would also be a new rate of P3.50 for the succeeding 300 meters. The present rate is P2.50."The flag rate is not a big deal for me. I will just reduce my tip if I feel I am getting gouged. Its the fare per kilometer that worries me. How high will that go? I generally do not bother with taxis unless I am going 6 kilometers or more.
  5. The article lost my attention when they mentioned "the future of the US Empire which sprawls around the world".I am not a part of the US but I recognize political rhetoric when I see it.
  6. I agree with your message. I just want to add a few things. Perhaps you can live like the king of Sealand on $1,000 a month. Perhaps its just that filipinas TREAT you like a king when you have $1,000 a month, but my idea of living like a king in Cebu, (more like a celebrity actually), would require about $2,000 a month or more.
  7. The Hospital Detention LawTo address the recurring cases of patients held in hospitals for lack of sufficient funds, a legislative measure was enacted in April 27 of 2007, declaring the act of detaining patients in hospitals illegal.Under the Republic Act No. 9439, popularly known as the Hospital Detention Law, patients without the financial capacity to settle their hospital obligations but has fully or partially recovered are allowed to leave the hospital or medical clinic upon the accomplishment of a promissory note.I guess the act neglects to mention that the hospital lets you go but the police pick you up and put you in THEIR detention facility. Only in the Philippines
  8. It is natural and commendable that a man would want to seek custody of his children but this argument is unlikely to change the outcome. Some logical person would conclude that the mother CAN provide for the child if only the father would provide enough child support.Here are some things to think over. Spending money on child support, in exchange for for visitation and other considerations, would be better than giving it to lawyers. Think deeply on it. The Philippines will not let foreigners take ownership of their lands. Why would you think they would let foreigners take ownership of their native sons and daughters? And as to the issue of the child being American, you need to research dual citizenship where you will find that dual citizens are subject first to the laws of the country in which they reside. Thus US citizenship becomes very important when the child leaves the Philippines but is of questionable value while the child remains here.
  9. That reminds me of my experience last year in Cebu. I was driving home after a New Years Party at about 1 am and I had my windows open. Some local lads lit firecrackers and tried to toss them into the open windows of my moving car. Luckily they miscalculated.
  10. "Desuasio said Mejia denied the sachet was his and claimed he was set up."Hmmm, next thing you know he will be saying he did not jump but was pushed. That is, he might have said that if he was still alive. It seems strange to me that all the security devices at American airports didn't notice the guy had 'a plastic sachet' in his pocket but the ever vigilant filipinos found it on him.
  11. There are 3 things that many people, the world over, search for. One is a good lawyer, second is an honest politician and third is the holy grail.I have yet to see a success story where a foreigner wins a 'case' against a filipina, (in the Philippines), when it comes to taking custody of her child. One best case scenario is where he will have to pay a little bit of child support in exchange for some visitation rights. I doubt he would need a lawyer for that.Your friend is likely to pay a lot of money to lawyers for a handful of promises.
  12. The one and only time that I bought a used car in Cebu, I was so cautious I made the salesman come with me to the bank, paid him and took delivery of the car right there. And yes, I still used a manager's check.Then I proceeded to give a bag of cash to Legacy group. Funny it was only used car salesmen I did not trust.
  13. Update:The grass really is greener for some girls. Here is what happened since I wrote this blog.My friend found another live in girlfriend within days. She treats him well and he is quite happy with her. Only time will tell if she will go looking for greener pastures one day.The girl who left him found a European boy friend who would bring her to his hotel for sex, give her a cell phone load and jeepney fare home. That lasted a week before she realized it was going no where. Then this week she latched onto an older, wealthier, Australian man who wined and dined her, promised her the moon and gave her lots of money to be sure her family could have a nice Christmas. (More than most here can afford to give but he is just visiting). He promises to come back in January and send lots of money in the meanwhile. She is in love with him now. (This kind of Richard Gere wanna be sure makes things difficult for us ordinary folk.)The girl's roommate, the one who instigated all this, is still collecting money from a couple of foreign, Internet 'boyfriends' while she gets her physical needs met from a local boy.So it seems that everyone is getting what they deserve and the world continues to turn.
  14. They otta wear a sign saying "I am a good expat" Seriously, If you look in church you will find religious expats. If you look in the bar you will find alcoholic expats. If you look in this forum you will find writers and computer aficionados. Which ones are good? I find good and bad in most of us so I just accept the parts I like in a person and try to ignore the parts that rub me the wrong way. If too much that a person says and does "rubs me the wrong way" then I stay as far from that person as I can.
  15. As a current Cebu hasher I want to point out that our group is aging a bit and slowing down. Most of the current hashers are more into walking than running BUT, there are a few who will run with you. I mention this because some readers may think they are not fit enough to run with the hash.So if you can walk about 5 or 6 kilometers in an hour and a half then you can do the hash. The thing that puts some people off is the amount of beer that is drunk AFTER the hash. Personally, I am on some medication which prohibits me from drinking for a couple months so I can attest that it is still enjoyable when you are not sharing in a few beers, but if you enjoy a beer after a bit of a walk then it is definitely for you.Entrance fee is 300 pesos for men, 150 for ladies. All family members are welcome. All the water, beer, or soft drinks that you need are provided. Meeting place is Sand Trap in Banilad at 2:30 on Saturday (except Christmas day).Almost everyone is welcome.
  16. In the event a US court issues a publication ban on a trial, (to protect a victim for example), then the media is not permitted to publish even thought info is 'leaked'. It has been this way for some time now.In a similar way, I believe all governments should reserve the right to issue a publication ban on what they classify as official secrets, provided the current checks and balances are adequate. The precedent has already been set. The alternative means intergovernmental diplomacy, (ie being polite instead of calling other government leaders assholes) will take a huge hit.
  17. I found another one just today. Years ago I had a DVD player that would play the DivX format which is popular for downloaded tv shows and movies. I found one in Super Metro that had a sticker on it which said it played all kinds of formats including DivXOf course, when I got it home it does not play DivX . . but it does play a lot of other crap I have no need for.
  18. It sometimes drives me crazy that there seems to be an absolute minimum of truth in any advertising that you see in the Philippines. It is a pet peeve of mine and I wonder if others have instances they want to add. Here are a few that irk me.Today in Cebu Classifieds. (I won't provide a link as I don't want to give the vendor any additional encouragement but here is the gist of it.)Residential 2-storey furnished townhouse for sale by owner and a little later you see who to contact. Stephany XXXXXXXXProperty ConsultantReal Estate License No.2009-S-78-1428(N)Another example is "Celebrity Carwash" who have never had a celebrity get their car washed and never had a celebrity working their or owning the business.Another example has been mentioned on this forum before. That is buying Internet service Up To 2 megabytes and then getting a service of 1/4 of that.Dontcha just HATE that?
  19. I know it is wise to ask a lawyer. It is my experience that many lawyers will give a lot of false hope for a little bit of up front money so I will research this question on this board first, THEN go to a lawyer if the prospects seem good.My wife, (actually long term live in partner if that makes a difference), has been encouraged by her family to seek SSS benefits from the death of her father, many, many years ago. If that is reasonable then I shall donate some money for the cause but it seems far fetched to me.When my wife was still a baby, her father and mother separated. The mother went to live with another man in Manila and have another family. My wife, her sister, and 1 brother stayed with her father in Leyte. An older brother went to live in Manila on his own to be close to his mother, who had very little to do with her children from then on.When my wife was 7 her father died. From then on she, and her sister, lived with aunties until she moved out on her own. Both brothers then lived in Manila on their own.My wife is now 23. This happened a long time ago. The father did have a lot of work it seems so he did pay SSS. For some reason the family seems to think there is money at SSS from the deceased father that the children can claim. It is my belief that the mother was still legally married to the father up until the time of death, even though she lived with another man in another province. It is my belief that SHE would be entitled to any death benefits.Anyone care to share their opinions?
  20. When you worry about the price of rice every day, it is hard to worry about what the guys who have money are doing. I would venture to say the average guy doesn't even care so long as the people in power keep the price of rice affordable.Does poverty breed ignorance or ignorance breed poverty?
  21. Philippine ISPs suck compared to most other countries. Unfortunately we have to put up with what is available or move to one of those other countries.I use SmartBro with the USB modem and they seem to limit my upload speeds. The download speeds are acceptable in the middle of the night when I want to download torrents, (providing I don't get a disconnect while I am asleep as it requires a manual restart each time it loses signal).My upload speeds at any time of the day or night seem to reach a MAXIMUM of 5 kB/s and usually half of that. I tried my neighbor's Globe service (landline phone and Internet package) and his upload speeds seem to be similarly stifled.This means I cannot effectively reseed to torrent sites which means I am running out of credits and will soon not be able to download from those sites. I want to know who else has their upload speeds limited and if they have found a work around. I also want to know if PLDT does the same thing. I would hate to switch to PLDT and find the same problem. Those 3 seem to be my only choices in the area I live.
  22. So . . . it looks like nobody here has tried this device. It sounds too good to be true so I'm not gonna try it. Maybe some new guy will try it and tell us if it works.
  23. Its not uncommon. A similar incident happened in Country Mall a few days ago. The husband is a foreigner and his wife wanted to pull his new girlfriend's hair out by the roots or cut some pieces off to use in some kind of voodoo thing. In that instance a few 'over 65 y.o.' foreigners started throwing punches resulting in at least one black eye.
  24. That is a simple Yes if she has no parents or children living to claim their 'due'.It is not bad if the two of you have the only children as you would be appointed guardian, in most reasonable cases.If she has children from another relationship, or if her parents are living and want to dispute you, then it can get difficult. There is a law on the books that says a filipino(a) cannot just cut their children (or parents in some cases) out of their will. There is a legal entitlement that you had best consult with a lawyer about . . and be careful about that as there are lawyers who will tell you whatever you want to hear so long as you are paying them.
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