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  1. That makes a nice story but the History Channel says: Perhaps the program you watched called upon their artistic license, or perhaps they have new information that others do not have. Perhaps the illness came from Ancient Aliens and now that I have mentioned it, there will undoubtedly be a documentary on that aspect.
  2. Thank you. It seems we all have our minds made up as to how severe and how logical the virus and the numbers are. I find them alarming. Others find reasons why they are not alarming. I do know that it is mathematically incorrect to only consider resolved cases when calculating death rates due to the virus. However, I see that the death rate of resolved cases was 7% when I first noticed and posted about it. It has climbed daily to 15% as I write this. Those numbers are not good no matter what explanation one puts on it. The death numbers are climbing exponentially compared to the recovered numbers. I don't like it. I speak up.
  3. And how much sense does that make to you. The rest of the world has about 15% dead for all concluded cases but the Philippines is at 66%. Sounds like they are not finding all the cases . . not even close.
  4. Didn't your father ever tell you: Don't do as I do, do as I say! Well now your government is saying that
  5. Turns out we all do know someone. Member @davewe was posting on Facebook about his cousin's Covid 19 occurrence. While I was expecting to hear about one of us "oldies" having the problem, it turns out Dave's cousin is only in his 30's. Here is a link to Dave's cousin's story. It is worth reading https://www.thoroughbreddailynews.com/letter-to-the-editor-brad-weisbord/?fbclid=IwAR2NtaSQRBJfKU-nllGfg5AHgwGHDYN3A5KEyV50-GqnekeM4jzdr3DlX6w#.XnjrzGbY2z4.twitter
  6. And to put this in perspective, more of those men asked to go died from the Spanish Flu than from bullets. But the band played on and there were parades in Philidelphia because they did not see that result as serious. Shortly after the parade, more than 12,000 people died in six weeks, with about 47,000 reported cases of Spanish Flu, in that city. And kids today (including one of my own grown kids) won't learn from history and are looking at this as one big party.
  7. Interesting that you put it that way. So far, from all the people I know online and around the world, not a single one of them have mentioned being in hospital or having someone they know in hospital as a result of this virus. Of course most of us have a cough or runny nose from time to time but that's business as usual and probably the normal cough due to cold. Even if it was Covid, if it cause no effect in us and no knock on effect to anyone we know then its a non issue. So I tend to err on the side of overcautious and staying home and social distance etc, but who are all these people getting sick and dying? Anyone know any or them?
  8. And yet, returning to Canada has opened my eyes to the many repats who retired early and tried Philippines, Mexico, Costa Rica etc and came back to Canada at age 65 ish because those countries just do not compare to where we are now. So perhaps some have explored the Philippines option and it has been weighed, it has been measured, and it has been found wanting.
  9. Possiibly ecause everyone else is wising up to the idea that not going out means not going out for bits and bobs. As I watch it on the news, Italy's streets have no one on them. Too late. Cases still rising exponentially. Time to self quarantine is BEFORE it goes nuts. But time will tell if it is panicing or good sense to ask everyone to stay indoors.
  10. I believe its true. I have read the Chinese research paper from a month or more ago that says they determined there have been no cases of transmission when the temp is 30 C and the humidity is 35 %. I won't provide the source. Reason: even though the Chinese currently have better control of the virus than US and Europe, people do not believe them. Even though the Chinese have been using Malaria drugs to treat this for months, few believed until the POTUS said "we are going to research that and it looks promising" (paraphrasing). So since its just me talking and I won't quote the Chinese research paper how can I convince anyone. AHA Yahoo says its true at this link.
  11. Do we REALLY need another thread on the same subject with the same information as all the other similar threads? I will leave that to admin @Jollygoodfellow but in the meantime members are free to answer this thread or continue on the first thread on the subject (still quite active) at this link:
  12. Nicely said. This definitely deserved its own topic. Thank you for the report and thank you @GeoffH for helping out a forum member.
  13. I know you have your opinion, but its 11% now and still rising. I just tend to think that is more of a big deal than you do. For every 9 person that fully recovers from this disease there is 1 who dies. Tunnel vision I guess but that is what I see. EDIT: The death rate for this kind of thing cannot and does not include non-reported cases. In this kind of scenario, CFR = deaths at day.x / cases at day.x-{T} (where T = average time period from case confirmation to death) CFR is the Case Fatality Rate and T = 2 weeks, which is the average time from confirmation to death for this virus. Let x = March 20 so day x-T is March 6 WHO said the world had 100,000 cases on March 6. On March 20 there have been 11,000 worldwide deaths. CFR = 11,000/100000 = 11% So the death rate of all known cases so far is currently running at 11%
  14. Or it may be like Aspirin. Initially used for a fever or headache or similar, the smallest pill (children's Aspirin) was about 325 mg. So one would think 80 mg would be useless for preventing heart attacks and yet docs say that is all you need.
  15. Gin and tonic is a drink first invented by the army of the British East India Company in the 1700s, almost by chance. As malaria became more of a threat to the Empire, soldiers were given doses of quinine powder to prevent and treat the disease. So if it works for the Brits it may help you too
  16. I got a hmmm from Tommy so figured I better supply a link. I have seen it with my own eyes but here is a link anyway
  17. I take it every day: "Quinine is also the ingredient in tonic water that gives it its bitter taste."
  18. Sorry, it just seems your point is not clear to me because herd mentality IS the current flow and you sound like you are fighting it.
  19. In Philippines I have seen people raise some kind of fish in ponds fed by chicken shit. Then they serve the fish in their restaurant. Strange things happen, Wife says its tilapia and most filipinos eat it.
  20. I doubt that very much. The death rate for resolved cases is growing every day. Last time I posted it was about 8%. The source is reputable. Lots more testing going on in the last couple of weeks but still . . . So 10% worldwide deaths for all closed cases. I see the reasons to stay optimistic and make excuses for this growing number but I support the world governments who are taking it seriously and shutting things down until this percentage starts going the other way. Self isolate, stay calm, enjoy your own company and don't worry about whether 1% or 10% is the final number.
  21. When you are thinking one way and you meet everyone else thinking the other way, do you ever ask who is thinking the wrong way? Remember the global warming thread . . everybody says that when all the scientists agree then they must be right. Just askin' for a friend. My family is self isolating except for going out to buy groceries and such. Every once in a while I wonder about the Covid 19 positives who are self isolataing who also have to eat. They may be in the grocery store too. But for now I figure eating is better than worrying. Anyway, the point I am making is to just relax and go with the flow. You can hold "WHO"ever accountable when its all over.
  22. High Blood Pressure? It raises my blood pressure to think they could ever justify it that way.
  23. Its not all bad news. Shares in grocery stores and toilet paper manufacturers are at a high.
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