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  1. There is a long tradition of this. Moses was left floating on a river and was picked up by a rich lady and raised as her own. In a Catholic country that should be her defense. Of course, even back then the story was bull (rushes).
  2. Well it would not have happened if the foreigners were not here.
  3. This is your second attempt (that I know of) to spam this forum. I only reply so you know it is not welcome. Further sales comments will just be deleted. Goodbye
  4. Areas of the Philippines that are in the Typhoon belt are hit with category 2 and 3 and 4 typhoons every year and often 2 or 3 times in the same year. People with shanties just rebuild after the storm. In my experience, people with concrete block houses have them built to withstand a cat 4 without any additional stormproofing everytime a normal typhoon comes by. If it is useless to try to stormproof for a cat 5, then it must be pure luck that some houses are still standing while their neighbor's houses or roofs are blown away. i don't believe in pure luck. I do believe that even a stormproofed house can be in the path of a storm so powerefull that there is nothing they could have done. I also believe that the destrustion is what makes the news and the people who did the work to safeguard their home are overlooked. I wish you good luck if and when you are caught in a cat 5. Its scary as feck! Good thing I was prepared and stormproofed as much as possible.
  5. Many expats on this forum have reported getting a driver's license conversion recently, without any questions about length of stay. Other people will have a different experience, PLUS the rules continually change here. You know how it is. So any advise from yesterday and before may be worthless today or tomorrow. One has to go to the local LTO and jump through their hoops to see what they require today. The only information that is always good advice is to not tell them or give them anything they do not ask for. It will just make them add more bureaucratic hoops for you to jump. They seem to like watching that.
  6. When being trained to drive a Greyhound bus in Canada, they taught us to use the horn when passing and entering the other vehicle's blind spot. We had airhorns. I loved that job. They changed their policy a few years later.
  7. First, your experience will differ from others as every BI office interprets the rules slightly different. In theory, you could get your first extension at the airport (which gives you the full 59 days) and go to the nearest BI office a day or two later for your first 6-month renewal and ACR card, then come back the next day and get a second 6-month renewal. That gives you a year of temporary residency so you qualify for a driver's license. In practice there is this rule: Some BI officials say that you must apply for your extension a minimum of 7 days before your visa expires. Some BI officials say that is the maximum. At one time there was an "internal memo" that I was told of which advised the BI agents to allow up to 14 days before expiry BUT that was years ago and the individual offices have a lot of flexibility to interpret the rules. Another example: If you read forums and blogs for your information you will read BS like this: Statements like this are just opinions of the blog writer based on his own interpretation of the rules. I can tell you that I have had 3 consecutive 6-month extensions in the past and I can name at least 2 other forum members who have. Again, don't believe what you read online about the BI. Go to the BI office that you will be using and ask them. If you don't like the answers then try another office (if it is not too far out of your way). And good luck to you. Staying here on a tourist visa is getting more contentious all the time. The rules change often, but usually only minor changes. Let's keep our fingers crossed that they do not throw the whole program out.
  8. They are only accepting a limited number of driver's license transactions per day as well. He'll have to be at the LTO an hour before it opens to get a number to even start doing it. Then be prepared to push and shove anyone who comes late and tries to squeeze in front to get one of those coveted numbers before they are all gone. Its like "work to rule" down there. No one has any idea when things will get back to normal, However Lyn was there at 7:30 this morning so she got her student permit done. The system works . . . . very slowly.
  9. AHA. The old "Thirty days in August" trick. Methinks you forgot the 31st of August. Oh well, there are days I would rather forget too. Its not that bad. You will not get whipped with rubber hoses. Just have cash in your pocket and a dumb look on your face when you exit at the airport. They may let you go through or they may charge you the maximum (no more than AUS $300 for sure and probably less). Either way will not damage your ability to come back to the Philippines in the future.
  10. Having been silly enough to be 8 hours late extending my visa I can tell you for a fact it is 1,000 pesos per month, starting 1 minute after midnight IF you get a plick for a BI officer.
  11. In the future, no consequences. When you leave 1 day late, it could cost you a couple of hundred dollars. I see by your post that the BI did give you the exact 29 days. They are not wrong. You get 30 free days on arrival and 29 days on your first extension for a total of 59 days. Aug 30 to Sept 28 is 29 days. So what consequences? Late fee plus the minimum one month extension plus the mandatory ACR card at the 60th day mark whether you leave or not. EDIT: You may get a sympathetic BI person who lets it slide when inspecting your passport on exit. They are few and far between. Whether you pay all those fees (about 9,000 pesos give or take) at the airport or at the BI it will still cost the same. Safest way is to change your flight plans and leave a day early. If it were me I would take my chances at the airport and have enough cash to pay the fees in case I got a sticky wicket.
  12. Close . . "The world does not owe you a living" and "Nobody told you life was fair."
  13. As you can see from other replies this is definitely not normal. If the extension does not start from the expiry date then point it out to them with a smile. If that does not work then send pics to their Facebook messenger site. It will get sorted. EDIT BI is Immigration. BIR is Bureau of Internal Revenue. Yes, we regulars know what you mean, but what about the new guy who found us with a Google search?
  14. You are thinking like a westerner. 5 will get you 10 that some Filipino will turn on the fan in reverse one day.
  15. It will take quite a while because the first few you put on there will be launched as projectiles once the fan hits maximum speed
  16. These two comments have me thinking: I was raised by parents who lived through the WW2 Blitz of London. They did not become hardened to death. They had respect for the dead. They would not be taking videos or photos of the dead. They passed those values on to their children. The problem here in the Philippines is a lack of respect for life. A life has a lot less value in the Phiippines than in most western cultures. Thus the death of someone who is not close to them just seems to be entertainment to many people from a Filipino culture. In my background, I learned the phrase: There but for the Grace of God go I. From Filipinos, I hear the phrase: It's their own fault, or, its God's will. The difference between these opposing philosophies of life is huge.
  17. I had you figured out,, no worries.
  18. You just hit the nail on the head. There is more to the story that just became apparent today. I drove Lynne to the downtown LTO. Actually I dropped her off down the street where she could get her medical. (That is just a useless document required for a student permit. There was no actual medical test of any kind but the document was filled in as required.) So Lynne reported in at LTO at 0930 this morning and this is what they told her: "Sorry, we only accept applications for 50 Student Permits per day. They are all gone at 0800 and no you cannot reserve a spot in advance. By the way, the application form that you downloaded from the Internet and filled in is not good enough. Here is the document we use. It is exactly the same thing but slightly different and we want you to fill it in with black pen, not typewritten. The reason for all of this is the higher ups have decided to cut staff so we cannot service as many people now. Many are coming here from Cebu City as they cannot get in the door there. Please be back before 8 am to try again tomorrow. We do not open until 8 am so some people show up at 6 am to line up to be sure to be one of the 50. Its up to you." She will try again tomorrow. At least she has all the correct documents now . . we hope.
  19. There are many who would be grateful, but my American Chiropractor is retiring from his Dumaguete practice because, he says, the Philippine medical profession are trying to push out all foreigners from the medical profession. Its the old story of: Better run like hell by Filipinos than run efficiently by foreigners (to paraphrase Pres. Quezon of long ago). However the couple are thinking of retiring here and the question was asked: The answer I am most comfortable with is: I haven't seen any who fit that description, unless you consider Filipinas who emigrated, became citizens of another country, then returned as quasi-expats. If there were any, they would likely have their social circles in Manila or Cebu and they would not likely be in my peer group. Nor have I noticed any on this forum, with possible exception of @Queenie O.
  20. I've never seen one fall in my dinner but I have had them drop their crap from the ceiling into my dinner. Good thing I noticed. I cannot tell from your picture if you have hair. I do and one time I went to bed after a night out and I was just a little inebriated. I had but that "Gel" stuff in my hair before going out and I woke up with a horrible pain from a cockroach biting my head. I can only guess they like the taste of that hair gel. That's enough to ruin your love affair with all the bugs and vermin here, unless you have no hair.
  21. Its common to steal the fuel in the Philippines, but checking the odometer won't help. Stolen gas does not show on the odometer.
  22. Fortunately, Steve is going to pick her up even though she is not following his advice. I'm sure she knew he would. When a female asks for advice, she really means "This is what I am going to do so all you have to do is help me accomplish that. My mind is already made up." Of course, females can change their mind on a whim, but it would not be due to advise from a male. If ever it seems that way then dig deeper and you will find they checked with another female to confirm your advice before following it. EDIT: This attitude on the part of females dates back to the first time that a male told a female how long 6 inches was. Since then they assume we exaggerate on everything. Even though we can deny that a million times they STILL think we exagerate things like the dangers of a young woman alone in London.
  23. I have purchased offers like that before. The ticket is only 32 pesos but the cost of fuel surcharge, airport taxes, online purchase fee, and other assorted crap usually brings the ticket price up to 1500 pesos or more. Airlines cannot really sell tickets at a low price like that. Cebu Pacific tried, some years ago, but almost all of the ridiculously low tickets were purchased by travel agents before they were available to the general public. Perhaps to resell them and perhaps to get them off the market so people would have to buy full price tickets at higher commissions.
  24. Locals hunt for snakes, lizards, sparrows and such. Anything bigger is owned by someone. Wild game was hunted out long ago AFAIK
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