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  1. Dave, Thanks for the advice, one less bit of trouble that I can get myself into.
  2. onemore

    Red Wine.

    Old55 & MikeB, Thanks for the info, now that I have my priorities sorted I can start looking for somewhere to stay. Cheers
  3. I hope that the title of the post does not offend anyone, my apolgies if it did. Having said that, I am lookin for a watering hole that caters for the more "mature" male drinker. Any suggestions appreciated. Cheers,
  4. onemore

    Red Wine.

    Now I am not an alcoholic, only because I haven't been to a AA meeting, however I do love a good red wine. So can anyone tell me if t here is anywhere in Cebu that stocks a good red, drink in or take away. Cheers, onemore
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