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  1. You're a lucky guy. It's easy to find a pretty and slim girl but finding one with wit and conversation is the holy grail.
  2. When will the storm have passed? I have a flight Manila to Cebu on Tuesday. Will it be cancelled? The airline PAL haven't said yet.
  3. I have a hotel budget which is low... around P750 / night. Hope that will leave enough for fun. First trip to plan, please help! Can I have a great time without hauling my ass to El Nido on the long bus?
  4. How many on time problem free flights have you had with tiger? I heard they are no reliable. I must have had 6 with cebu pacific, one was late.
  5. shame the app cant magic up taxis in towns which don't have any, or where the min charge is 300 :D
  6. Agreed. When I lived in Liloan Cebu the worst part was trying to find a taxi. I would have loved that service. Fortunately I noticed on my last visit that taxi service is actually getting better, as in more of them and easier to find one. oh yeah. i tried easytaxi but its a waste of time in the city. even on a saturday night i only waited 20 minutes. the app... for the risk of showing my phone in public, wasn't worth it. plus you have to commit to tip a bit more really. (app gives space for u to write the tip you give)
  7. In my expensive, whoops I mean extensive, experience with pinays; there are golddiggers online and offline. There are very sincere girls both online and offline. And you know what? There are scam artists offline and online too! I'm currently involved with a girl who has spent as much on me as I have on her, relative to her wages and my income. Actually if it's relative, then she's spent a lot more. I'm very frugal. I would not stay with a girl who had a big bad effect on my wallet, and yet I still have many good female friends who I've met from dateinasia. However they do tend to be from lower classes. You are less likely meet a girl who is highly educated with a highly educated family on dia. Good luck! I believe there is still plenty of marriage material there, but don't take the first one you meet. And don't take one raised in Cebu city. Also don't pick girls from the online now list. Type in the names of at least 30 small towns and find the girls that log in less.
  8. I walk. The air inside vehicles is worse than the air outside, because the CO builds up and collects inside. I don't care enough, what people think, to stop walking. I feel achy if I don't get exercise. It bugs me a bit what they think, but it's not the end of the world. I think all those security guards waving on people with massive 4x4s (SUVs) should shoot the drivers in the heads. Especially the "doctors" who "help" poor filipinos by getting paid relatively massive salaries, so normal families can be plunged into poverty or have to give up school because of hospital bills....
  9. Glaringly obvious, she doesn't want to spend the money. Fine by me. Her parents have internet and she's going there more often so we can chat. And her work has i'net of course.
  10. Thanks Papa Carl. Can you tell me how long the contracts were?
  11. Great thread! I generally stick to the humble 125 XRM. I've never risen anything bigger, but would like to.
  12. I don't live with her - it's so we can keep in touch. Looks like we might be back to just texting....
  13. Hi Folks, I tend to go for independent women who are financially self-sufficient, but I never asked a lady to get internet at home. I am in my second relationship with a filipina now, and the first had huge difficulties getting internet in Angeles City... it took literally months before the company could sort it out. There were problems with the cables, not reaching the house. And problems with the reliability of engineers. Now, my new and current girlfriend is in Manila, and recently told me she plans to get internet at home. Today was the scheduled appointment for the internet man to set it up, and no shock here... he didn't turn up.... Based on your experience getting home internet set up, would you recommend doing so in the philippines? It just seems like a huge waste of time and stress in my view. I don't know if mobile data is reliable, but my advice to her would be to get a smartphone with 3G or 4G and go that route. What do yous think?
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