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  1. BlancoDiablo

    Nice 3Br 2Ba Ranch In Bacolod City

    Why? :) I see, I did not know that. The term ranch brings to mind a dusty property with cattle grazing. bonanza.JPG The Ponderosa was a two story. :tiphat:
  2. BlancoDiablo

    From A Newbie

    Look forward to more of your updates.
  3. If you could go back in time, what would you do differently? I am mostly looking for those who move to the Phils but any words of wisdom from the sage members of this forum would not go on deaf ears.
  4. BlancoDiablo

    Relocating Alone

    Make sure to reserve a room for a couple days so you have a immediate place to stay. Then find a small room for about 30 days and then explore. You don't want to comment to a place with a long lease until you have a better understanding of the lay of the land. Remember less is more so try not to bring too much $#!% with you and not to accumulate a lot of things.
  5. BlancoDiablo

    Ever Get Bored Or Lonely As An Expat?

    Just strike up a conversation with all of the expats that are former SAS, Navy Seal, Green Beret, Delta Force, Marines who served on the Space Shuttle. That will take care of any boredom. :1 (103):
  6. BlancoDiablo

    So What Planted The Seed For You?

    I desire a simple life where I could retire by 50 (or sooner) and enjoy the rest of my time on this planet. The cost of living/quality of life caught my interest. The weather is to my liking and, lets face it, in my opinion Pinays are the most beautiful women in the world.
  7. BlancoDiablo

    Vfw In Cebu

    Are there any VFW members on this forum? If so, I would be interested in some information on the Cebu Post.
  8. BlancoDiablo

    Rao In Cebu

    Are any of the forum members utilize the RAO in Cebu? If so, how useful do you find the services provided?