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  1. My spel cheker no woking, Tide googling bot sill no woeking.
  2. I remember that incident, both had a browning hand gun. Made my blood boil when I saw it on TV. I would have opened fire and my comrades said the same.
  3. 100 GBP in the UK full tank or $122.
  4. I met my wife through her sister whilst working in the Netherlands. Her sister gave me her Address in Singapore I wrote to her with a photo of me, we arranged to meet up in the Philippines 3 Months later she got her visa to come to England and we got married The rest is history. 20 years later we are still living together. (JUST). LOL.
  5. I skipped foreword to her in a police uniform. So sweet pea arrest me, be gentle.
  6. Yeah, I sometimes get silly ones like that. Try using a VPN to the UK!
  7. You could have an on grid solar power supply If you have space for a 20 kw system.
  8. We have a big problem with ants, tried borax and sugar 50'50 mix, 60 '40 mix but our ants have got use to the sugar and walk past the mixture. They climb a fruit tree and eat aphids, good thing in a way but they are all over the flipping house. I'm going to try fat next time mixed with borax, sometimes the queen wants protein.
  9. Hope globe pull their socks up after hearing this. I have to go outside of the house to get a signal doing the two stage variation,thing damn thing only gives a few minuets.
  10. In the UK 1.75 GBP A liter
  11. wish mine would Tampo, she never shuts up.
  12. very surprised you managed to get a building permit!
  13. Wife puts it in with fish soup, she gave me some with a fish head looking up at me
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