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  1. Yep, I have an old Pajaro that needs doing every 6 months. Just blowing air out like a fan.
  2. We had to use the trikes or easyriders too, Only had a car last two years. Been coming to Dumaguete since 2002. Noticed that the traffic was less congested then.
  3. that's what I have read, squatting is more natural for the body to have a dump.
  4. Some call it lunch money or if near to xmas dinner money
  5. Tommy T started the noisy condos, I'm only stating that Philippines is noisy I think we all agree on that.
  6. It is what it is Jack, think where you are. Noise and philippines comes in hand in hand.
  7. The OP will be renting out the condo, so that won't be a problem for him.
  8. why does the pipe have to be copper?
  9. Don't know what the going rate is in Dumaguete, maybe 100. Cheaper here don't you know old chap.
  10. I reckon it wasn't a comet that made the dinosaurs extinct, they made themselves extinct. Think about it those giant grass eating dinosaurs must have polluted earth with massive farts.
  11. Woolly mammoth must have farted or burped, but they went extinct too.
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