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  1. Then you will need a Hybrid solar system, very expensive. Hope you realize that a "grid-tie" system you will still get brownouts and a "off-grid" you need Batteries, a lot of them to run those appliances you mentioned.
  2. LifePO4, Yes they are the best without a doubt and last 10x more than lead acid batteries. When they become cheaper I might invest in a few. Those and a good solar controller and pure sine inverter.
  3. Depending on your load you will need about 8 to 10 deep cycle solar batteries, very expensive and will need replacing every few years. In my opinion replacing those batteries every few years tells me it's not worth it. Looked on at some of those batteries, 200AH 14,000 Pesos each, 2 year guarantee.
  4. What size of system are you thinking of getting? You may need more batteries if going for a decent size say 5kv, the batteries are expensive and usually only last 2/3 years then may need to be replaced.
  5. That's cheap, I will ask the boss exactly how much was ours, she bought it years ago. edit. She says it was 56,000 pesos after discount.
  6. Could do, but the renter would want his power backed up too lol. Could have a couple of panels on platforms in the garden but Eve would not like it. Garden is her thing.
  7. Off grid, the batteries are the expensive part, if you live in Manila there are shops selling solar batteries and other parts. I was looking to get a backup solar system but having a roof on 3 story building no one is willing to do the job.
  8. Can't remember exactly how much it cost it was several years ago, It weren't cheap I would be guessing at 200,000 pesos.
  9. I kilometer is too far, you're losing out to much electric, transformer needs to be close to your house. Mine is about 80 meters away. Ours is a 15 kva. and serves us only.
  10. I suggested to the foreman about a mixer, he was not interested. Probably because not much water and small electric. Not a small house by any means, thinking back I wonder how many man hours where wasted. Live and learn.
  11. England qualify for the quarter finals with a game in hand. England 39-10 Argentina
  12. Do you have to go into the bank to set up the on-line account?
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