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  1. Looks like it's tracking North Luzon, could turn into a super typhoon. Stay safe everyone.
  2. I used a firestick 4k when I tried Surfshark on BBC iplayer, no joy, and they say it unblocks bbc iplayer. Last year When using express vpn it unblocked BBC iplayer I was using it my PC..
  3. Have you tried changing the protocols in advanced settings. Express unblocked BBC iplayer for me. but not going to pay over 6 quid a month. I get UK tv for nowt through my firestick but still need a good VPN.
  4. A shi-tzu once killed a great Dane. shi-tze got stuck in the great danes throat
  5. I tried different protocols including the Manchester one, I thought it might be my PC but I tried it on my firestick which has more advanced drivers, could not unblock bbc.
  6. Street kids just take one look at me and feel pity, they end up giving me money.
  7. Great minds think alike GeoffH, I tried SurfShark but it couldn't unblock BBC iplayer, the main reason to have a VPN. I had expressvpn for 12 months and that unblocked BBC iplayer but at $6 it's above my budget. There's a few that claim they unblock BBC iplayer. I will wait till I get my refund from Surfshark, they said it will take 7 to 10 days. Not holding my breath.
  8. I've not got round to getting one yet. Express looks the best but more than $6 a month, looking for one about $3 a month.
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