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  1. only had crabs once, never again itched like hell.
  2. Wot no cell phone.
  3. We bought our own cable and poles, noreco connected the cable to our transformer and to the house. Not sure if that's the problem with our A/C. I checked the A/C power and it was drawing 12,000 KWA. For a 1 HP UNIT that is too much, the salesperson who I bought it from said it should draw 1,000 KWH which I think is still too much. I had the filters cleaned and the compressor cleaned by the professionals LOL. They said it's been over used. It's only 15 months old.
  4. wifes has non, but buys at least 6 or 7 every year. She always losing them.
  5. If it went below 50 and stayed there, I recon we would rent the house or sell it. No other options apart from stop drinking and eating. and that's NOT going to happen.
  6. Might be the case in Canada but in the UK gas/fuel cost x2 as much than Philippines. cost more in the Philippines for us Brits.
  7. Hate it when the wife puts up her umbrella, tying to cross the road I can't see for the bloody thing so I walk where I can see if any traffic is coming then she follows me. Ban those umbrellas I say
  8. Yes, but have you seen the rates in the 60's when the Philippines were one of the richest countries in South East Asia. Both US$ and GBP where more or less than 10 pesos.
  9. Very low pre 1980s Just had a look at GBP and the US$. 20 pesos and less, 1960s was low as 10 pesos to the GBP. Philippines must have had high inflation in those days.
  10. I know, gets to me too all repeats.
  11. Satellite TV uses 1080i over here, are at least mine does. (Cignal) Still has the same pixels but one is interlaced and the other p, progressive scan. Can't see any difference TBH.
  12. The filipinos have their own special forces already, can't say it's failed.
  13. Mine I think was 50mg but could have been 100mg long time ago. Not a pill popper, I put up with pain but for how long. My knee has started to hurt since reading these post.
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