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  1. I wonder if the Muslim people of Sri Lanka will hold a vigil like that of new Zealand? Christians coming to the Mosque hold hands and praying for the Muslims.
  2. Best to negotiate best deal, not been to the new airport. Or she can get a trike to the bus terminal in Tagbilaran then a bus to Buenavista, be much cheaper than a taxi.
  3. Scot's invented the condom from a sheep's intestine..... Not too long after the English improved this by removing the intestine from the sheep.
  4. The rules vary from branch to branch, also the rules may well have changed. Did you apply in Dumaguete also?
  5. I got mine while on Balikbayan privileges two years ago. Dumaguete main branch.
  6. I see that's from the UK, You can buy those almost anywhere in the Phils, they come with a remote control to save battery.
  7. Can't you have a well dug? I had one dug in my backyard. Then stick two fingers up to those farmers.
  8. jimeve


    That will never change at least not in the provence. Where I live there is about 12 dogs that run about in 2 or 3 packs barking and fighting. Reported to the barangay captain, nothing happens as per usual. All day long and most times at night. I have built my/wifes house long before these lokals lived here. Made the mistake of building, should have rented, but......
  9. I'm the most sensible drinker on this planet, I never spill a drop
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