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  1. Indeed Tommy it's called etching, You can use vinegar or use weak acid you can buy this acid at a decent hardware store. But using Chromate on tin roofs will be sufficient.
  2. I live in the jungle and bamboo grows here in abundance.
  3. I would use.... Zinc Chromate Primer. Red oxide is for iron. I foolishly used red oxide on my car port and is now peeling. I should have known better being a painter n decorator for 40 odd years
  4. Our firewall is 50 ft tall and they guys doing the job used bamboo and tie wire. Cheaper than coco lumber and nails .
  5. I didn't know that was legal, same with us adjacent lot has over hanging mango trees. He has cut them back two years ago but have grown back over our land. Salamat for that Tommy.
  6. We have our own well 50 ft deep, only for washing. We buy 5 gallon water containers for drinking and cooking 25p delivered. So walay problema.
  7. There's no need for it to be waterproof, It's under a roof so it will be 100% sheltered from the rain. My rooftop has got a roof over it, and overhangs 1.5 meters.
  8. Not sure, I don't think they are welded too thin. Seen them on youtube.
  9. I use sugar and borax in equal quantities, work great.
  10. That's a good idea Steve, going to do that with mine just to keep the noise down. Instead of hollow block going to use metal studs and hardiflex.
  11. could try and delete temp files, not sure how to do this but it can be done just google it. Or maybe your anti virus can do this, CCleaner can do this.
  12. Had to listen all afternoon to the same tune if you can it a tune. Bass and drums and loud, they must have had it on a loop. I was painting my front gate at the time and it was doing my head in.
  13. Yeah brown would be better, yellow will show up dust.
  14. You could have painted my double and single gate. Too late I've painted it for you lol. Used epoxy two pack for extra protection against the salt from the sea. Next the balcony railings, jeez it's like painting the forth bridge, time you have finished painting it all, it's time to start painting everything again.
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