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  1. jimeve

    Buying a car

    Good post but I think you was luck to buy a second hand car that cheap.
  2. jimeve


    i have tinnitus since 2000 and it's really bad to a point that it makes me dizzy/lightheaded. Had a ruptured ear when sub aqua diving with the Royal Marines, way back in 1978. After many ear infections I had two ops to close the hole, but it left me with this permanent buzzing noise in my head.
  3. jimeve


    Mine has the opposite affect, I have a faster speed with 2.4 Ghz, probably due to be in a rather large house.
  4. When I phoned up Cebu they said it's been investigated! Then when I eventually got through to the board of immigration in Manilla they said they have not received my documents. So one of them is telling lies.
  5. Guys, you are not going to believe this. Wife and I have phoned the board of immigration Manila, which the said not received my folders wtf. Having spent the rest of this afternoon on the phone to various branches of immigration. So going to Duma Immigration tomorrow to see if they can shine any light on this mess, some of the numbers that we got, we could not get through,.
  6. They never said anything about that to me and there's nothing in the forms to explain that either. ?????? it I'm off back to England.
  7. My probationary was from October 2017.
  8. Jack I have paid 11,000 pesos for the permanent 13a visa way back in august 2018, done the finger prints/interview and implemented. Phoned the BI at Cebu and I get the usual it's still in Manila. Not my fault this country so xxxx up.
  9. I applied in July/August and was Implemented in september 2018. Now I looked at my passport and my Probation ran out in october. So where does this leave me? Waiting for my permanent to be approved. I have till March 2nd for the annual report. Just have to get in touch with the BI again
  10. I went to Dumaguete BI and did just that, they told me I have to await for the approval of the permanent 13a. So I'm in no man's land.
  11. I'm waiting for my permanent 13A to be approved, started it August they said 2/3 months, that's 5 months, phoned them up and they just say wait a while So I have till March 2nd to report for duty
  12. jimeve

    Stressed Beyond Belief by Online Shopping

    Purchased an Inverter from Lazada, happy with the delivery and on time despite it was over xmas. I can't fault them.
  13. Wife calls me darling when in a good mood, but in a bad mood anything bare darling.
  14. jimeve

    No vegetables?

    Not only growing taller but fatter.