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  1. I have 32 full qualifying years but the work and pension say I have 5 years missing. They sent me a list of years I have to pay for a full pension. At the moment just getting paid for 32 years. I think.
  2. @expatuk2014My wife worked in the UK for 12 years, does she have to wait until she is 60 or can she apply now? Both of us are living in Ph now I get the state pension. Thanks.
  3. I wouldn't go that far. Maybe the left arm.
  4. I had the pleasure of doing a street lining for the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh. Proud moment for me, R.I.P Sir.
  5. I just tested using Cyberghost to London. Got 85 Kbps lol
  6. PLDT, seems to work better at night. I can stream movies without any buffering, even UK live TV shows. Might be that the farcebook media kids have gone to bed.
  7. Wish I had bought some. Mines go like clunk or bang depending what the wife's mood.
  8. My bro-in-law had his covid 19 jab the other day (nurse) AZ vaccine, said he his body was aching after the jab. Bet he can't wait for the second dose.
  9. Has anyone got problems with PLDT? This is the only site I can get on without having to wait for 10 minuets to load. I noticed that some road works on the main road, might be that and I just did a speedtest and got 200 Mbps, I kid you not I'm only paying for 50 Mbps. Strange, It was like this yesterday, Not my PC either the wifes laptop the same.
  10. We had to have our gas bottles outside on both houses we built. Maybe a recent requirement or Negros Oriental are more strict/
  11. Our's is safely stored outside. I thought this was one of the requirements of getting a permit.
  12. You put them in compost to help break down the contents. Small farms sell compost that have had night-crawlers to break down the compost. We buy the compost in 50 liter sacks from the homestead farms.
  13. Ah right, thought he was using real wood. My so called carpenter used real wood and said he dried it out for 2 months prier. 18 months later splits appeared. So now I have to fill with car body filler and re-paint. So much fun in the P...........
  14. Depends if the wood has had time to dry-out properly. Good or bad carpenter. Time will tell.
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