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  1. I don't get any allowance from anyone nor does my wife.
  2. We have about 5 dwarf coconut trees, had more but cut them down. Even dwarf trees grow to 10 meters tall. I can reach those nuts with an extension ladder but the wife insist to get a local to climb, I have vertigo so climbing is a no go for me. Heard some coco nuts falling down over a few years.
  3. I can't give you any advise, never been on a dating site in my life, but some members will give you good advise. Just wait awhile sir.
  4. Guess what, I pulled a bottle out of the fridge for a drink of water, and pored some Tanduay in by mistake, it was only a bit so out come the pepsi and made myself a nice afternoon drink. Normally I don't drink in the afternoon but not going to waste it. Sorry going off topic.
  5. It's no problem, I have a 3 story house. If I can''t get up the stairs when I get older I will sleep down stairs next to the beer.
  6. I'm going to have a bash at making kimchi.
  7. And the girls throwing their panties at me
  8. No, it's like I have paid into the system all my working life, I know I'm an expat not allowed the NHS service but I'm going to try and get what in my mind is my entitlement. I know of another Brit who went and got a knee replacement, went straight to A&E.
  9. I had tender beef strips with onions and rice. P180. Wife had BBQ chicken with 2 cups of rice with veg P200. Then we had mango smoothies P55 each. and the food was mas sarap. (Yesterday)
  10. As Graham said before, Don't tell them. I have been out of the country for 2 years and returned and have had NHS surgery cost bugger all.
  11. That happened to me, exact thing. lips swelled up. I must have looked like mick Jagger's lips
  12. Just chuck your passport and colour your body.
  13. I noticed when we stored bread in a Tupperware container it would go moldy. So now we just leave the bread in the wrapper that it comes with it. kept on top of the water dispenser away from nasties.
  14. I thought travel tax was paid when you buy an international air ticket!
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