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  1. jimeve

    Avoiding fake land titles

    My wife and I bought land 14 years ago, 1200 SM and have a Gorgeous house that we reside in.
  2. jimeve

    Avoiding fake land titles

    Foreigners can't buy land In the Philippines.
  3. Just amended mine this week. The first-day wife went to Cebu from Dumaguete 7 hours...Closed due to local holidays. Next day she went back and the BI was open and she presented the paperwork. Next time we both had to be present for the interview. So all I do now is wait, if succsesfull wife or myself will pick up the Card. Oh, and my card expires on October 5th.
  4. jimeve

    I think I am turning into a Dirty Old man!

    Looks like you're snookered mate
  5. jimeve

    I think I am turning into a Dirty Old man!

    Give them rice, Jack, but cook it first
  6. Just a heads up, Cebu Immigration office in Cebu (J mall) is closed today Monday 8/6/2018. Wife found out after travelling from Dumaguete. Wasted journey and money.
  7. jimeve


    I fell for that one lol
  8. jimeve


    No, its nothing like that Dave, but I know which drink you are referring to. (Snowball)
  9. jimeve

    Is it a Bunny or a Puppy

    Not much on yer in first place
  10. jimeve

    Subic - Road Rage Incident

    Something similar happened to me a few months back, about to make a left turn indicators on for at least 20 to 30 meters. I just looked over my shoulder when a Ceres bus goes thundering past blasting his horn. If I just turned I would not be writing this now.
  11. Seen an advert, corned beef with cheese chunks in a tin.
  12. I must be the only Brit who hates cucumbers, Cucumber sandwich, no thanks.
  13. That's another problem with wood "Termites" make sure wood has a coat of anti-termite protection. (Solignum) Clear.
  14. Hi, I'm a retired house painter. The paint here is not good at best. 1. use a wood primer, then I would use Boysen flat latex paint. 2. Use a cement sealer, then Boysen whatever your desired finish coat falt semi-flat or gloss 3Again use a cement sealer, then an exterior paint, Boysen. My next choice would be Davis paints.
  15. jimeve


    , drinking Lambonog (DISTILLED) is another matter, 3 or 4 shots and I'm wasted