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  1. That's exactly why I have not been out of the house and won't until the virus has gone and the curfew is lifted. Having just come out of hospital from dengue my immune system is still low, so going out of the house is very stupid imho. I don't want my wife to go out in case she ends up with it.If I get the virus it could kill me.
  2. He was late in isolating the UK, now the UK has to suffer.
  3. Eve just found some amongst the other stuff, panic station endex lol.
  4. Great timing NOT, my sciatica has flared up and I have used up all my Paracetamol on the Dengue I just had. Eve said she don't want to go into town for obvious reasons. As I'm over 65 and not allowed out, I'm trying to block the pain mentally and doing some exercises that I learned from my physician last time I had this pain.
  5. I wish somebody would eat the stray dogs outside my compound, barking and fighting all night long. Had to get up twice in the early hours 2am and 4am shining a flashlight in the dogs faces.
  6. Well, after 3 weeks and 3 days I gave in and started to drink alcohol again, the longest I have been sober since I was 15. Dogs barking at each other 12 am and no sign of sleep, sod it, downstairs I went and poured a large glass of Tanduay and ice. Not the best place to give up drinking.
  7. Singapore originally but made in the Philippines under licence But I don't drink any more.
  8. Tiger beer black 6.9% it has a strange malty taste, better than most other beers imho as there's less additives.
  9. won't bother me, not had a drink in 3 weeks, well 20 days, 16 hours and 40 seconds but whos counting.
  10. I think my wife has not got this right at all. She said to me, we will eat all of the food in the house, then we will go shopping I need to have a little talk to her.
  11. FDA has banned Quinine in food and drinks, so it would be indeed useless to fight coronavirus.
  12. You may live longer if you do change!
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