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  1. It would be political suicide to sell the NHS.
  2. dirty old man, oh his deck!
  3. 10 kg bags of rice each. Cost about 500p for decent rice, maybe less.
  4. Kids round my place shout..... Give me money..... I say, Wala kwarta dong.
  5. Only the Brits will get this......Brains gay. Mr Brains gay Advert - YouTube
  6. A thought came in my head, cowboys with those all in one underwear, boy the really needed a fly.
  7. It's a hardwood, woodworm can't penetrate so yes well worth it.
  8. Lucky my wife speaks Bisaya, Tagalog and English. So no problems unless I make her angry then she speaks her mind.
  9. I think Rod has spelt BELCRIS wrong, it's a store. http://belcris.com/index.html
  10. I brought all my short sleeve shirts about 10 much, cooler than t-shirts, as for socks I brought some but never worn any in 3 years of being here. Belts no need i've put weight on.
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