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  1. wife has to be pension age? 66 at present, my wife has to wait till she is 67 I think, could be 68 time will tell
  2. It changed sometime last year. Long-term expats 'to get vote in UK elections' - BBC News
  3. what's supposed to happen when your spouse is dead? I heard an expat said his spouse was already dead.and he lives with his 2 kids. If the gentleman is on this forum, I'm so sorry my condolence to you.
  4. My appointment time was 9:30... went in about 8:30.. came out at 9:00 and got my receipt after paying 310 pesos. Good stuff BI.
  5. Thought it was going to kick off in the noreco 2 electric payment office. A Kano was having an argument about his bill and was holding everyone up, he was at it for 15 mins then an enraged Filipino got up and started to shout at the Kano, the kano was not taking any sh!t and told him to F off. This made the Filipino more angry and told the Kano F you and got his wallet out of his bag and said I'm an American citizen too and showed his card I thought he was going to chin the Kano or shoot him. The guard just looked on. Some foreigners are so stupid he should not do this. I was ashamed to witness this sort of thing from a foreigners point of view. Gives us good guys a bad name.
  6. Seen those on Shopee and Lazada. you still have to buy the solar panels, extra. You can make your own cheaply. 100 watt 12v solar panel... 30 amp solar charger... 12v battery... 12v small inverter. some pv cable... DC breaker. Plenty of instructor vids on you-tube or get someone who knows how to wire them up safely.
  7. I use wise, use to be Transfer wise. Depending how much you send the bigger the fees. I sent 1000 GBP and the fee was 5 GBP. Still a rip off but the rates are good.
  8. Feeling much better thanks, arm still aches but not as much. I caught covid19 two months ago, before that I got fully vaccinated with sinovax, zero side effects. Don't think that sinovac is much use.
  9. Had the booster yesterday (Pfizer) I feel unwell, like a fever and no appetite. Just had 2 paracetamols for the headache. Are you supposed feel like this?
  10. Got power back on Christmas day, little damage but wooden pole that carries power and internet lines was almost blocking the road from my jungle house. Spent most of the day chopping bamboo away from my power lines that had been toppled, a whole bunch of bamboo had been uprooted and completely blocked another dirt track.
  11. Cat 5 as it crashes into Surigao, expected to hit Negros Oriental sometime 12 midnight. Floods expected.
  12. I bet that stopped them singing.My bad I was thinking of Cebu Pacific.
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