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  1. They never ask my age for some reason, I just show them my pass and they let me in after the complimentary hand sanitize and temperature test.
  2. This could be useful. 10/30L Alcohols Distiller Wine Maker Brew Hit Home 304 Stainless Moonshine Boiler ₱7,891
  3. . In Resolution No. 43, it remains that youths aged 21 years old and below, seniors 60 years old and above, can't go out subject to exception of necessities and to work," said Roque in Filipino. I suppose eating is a necessity too.
  4. Thanks, I was having an argument with a guy on a British forum. He read that Manila has lifted the lockdown.
  5. Has Manila lifted it's lockdown completely? or has it been downgraded to GCQ.
  6. Does she wear her mask over her eyes.
  7. I have stock-piled my beer stash to 16 crates of San Mig and Redhorse. oh and 1 crate of flavored apple beer for the Mrs.
  8. No problems, I'm sorry too, mistook your post the wrong way. (On wards and upwards) Stay safe and lets hope for an end to this virus and 'Lockdown'
  9. Carbine dioxide inside the mask, you must have been breathing your own exhausted breath. If you had carried on breathing in your own breath, you would have passed out. They should be banned.
  10. Forgot about the tax increase. What is it called, something like sin tax.
  11. I was a fully qualified diver many moons ago but managed to rupture an ear drum whilst in a decompression chamber. No more diving. Anyhow, I was going to comment about those new type snorkeling mask. They don't look safe at all. What happens when water enters inside the mask, you have to clear the water out by blowing air into the mask. an inexperience snorkeler could panic when descending and the mask got filled with water.
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