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  1. And they take a cold shower, does that not count?
  2. Wife bangs on about the rain, and Filipinos hate the rain. Now I know, thanks for sharing. Umbrella anyone.
  3. My wife is, if I get a cold hers is worse. She had a cold last year and she wanted to go in the hospital in an ambulance. I refused the ambulance and took her to the emergency entrance, they did chest xrays and other needless test and diagnosed the a common cold. I was a bit concerned as she is asthmatic.
  4. Asawa and I went to the local mall with our face shields on then realized we were the only people wearing them lol. Also we noticed kids in the mall, behaving very well I must add. Not like some of the expats I saw not wearing face mask so they chin wag to each other, oh well.
  5. Had a quick glance, saw half of the moon not sure it was the earths shadow or the clouds blocking it.
  6. Could make a compost heap,not that hard to make just add trash (rubbish)and you could chop up your old xmas tree and chuck that on.
  7. I can vouch for that, had the sinovax 2 jabs.2 months later tested positive for covid-19, I went home and self isolated for 3 weeks. Had the fever for a week and a chesty cough, nothing serious. Sinovax kept me out of hospital.
  8. Great location to spread covid-19. Mask or not.
  9. Finally, after 6 days without internet connection two guys from PLDT turn up and put some fresh cable down. Their customer care is pathetic, looking for another ISP when the two year contracts up.
  10. Thanks Tom. we hardly get visitors but have a cleaner that comes round. Could be her.
  11. Not touched a drop for 4 days but I have another fever, Getting a bit fed up with these fevers. 4 in 2.5 years, two of those were dengue, confirmed with the lab results. Last two fevers don't know, this last one is a bit different.
  12. I prefer to take ascorbic acid some thing but more convenient.
  13. A bit too expensive for my needs. $99 a month and $499 for the kit.
  14. Yeah, I can stream netflix and youtube full HD on minimum bandwidith 5Mbps but no chance streaming on a iptv service, need at least 25 Mbps for that.
  15. R.I.P To the victims and hero's who lost their lives.
  16. That's why I said "crazy pldt" Just done another test. down load 87.56 up 203.99. And my plan 50 Mbps....
  17. 50 Mbps, It's so crazy pldt. Just did a sppedtest this morning and it read.. 290 Mbps, now if I do a ST later it will drop to a low bandwidth. Got iptv on now and already buffering and ST is 93 Mbps. But that's live TV from London. It's okay with Youtube even 4 k resolution.
  18. PLDT are throttling my internet, between 6:30 pm and 10 pm. I have an iptv box and I downloaded speedtest which gives accurate results, not like the others do. Usually my internet speed are between 40 to 95 Mbps but thanks to PLDT throttling I get about 15 mbps and I can't get anything on my iptv during the throttling. Bandwidth throttling, not choking someone.
  19. Heard nothing at all with discounts. how are you supposed to know? Do they advertise them?
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