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  1. very surprised you managed to get a building permit!
  2. Wife puts it in with fish soup, she gave me some with a fish head looking up at me
  3. Baby bear had small arms.
  4. Any info about cataract surgery is most welcome, I have a cataract in my right eye and not sure where to have it done, been told NOT to have it done in the Ph from a friends friend he went blind, that put me right off. I could go back to the UK and have it done free but may have to be put on a waiting list, how long for, who knows. Also the NHS don't allow Expats to have free NHS treatment, so I may have to pay anyway.
  5. She can cock my weapon anytime.
  6. Same here, my favorite actress at the time.
  7. 62p for diesel, Dumaguete.
  8. An extra day of hip-hop and karaoke. GREAT.
  9. Nice indeed, just had 6 days without internet due to PLDT slow coach repairs service and no apologies.I'm going to ask for discount but not going to hold my breath.
  10. I don't agree in shutting down nuclear plants too, yes it's counter productive if not making it worse.
  11. Germany has shut down half of it's nuclear plants, three still remaining. Germany shuts down half of its 6 remaining nuclear plants ...
  12. Do you mean "monk fruit sugar" I use stevia but I would use Monk fruit sugar if It was readily available in the stores. Sikwater is a native chocolate drink, I don't drink that. Wife grows it in the garden (Jungle) LOL.
  13. Last two times I flown with Cebu Pacific they have put me in the front exit seat (A1) going back a few years. I never ask them for that exit seat.
  14. Bite the bullet and get married like the rest of us.
  15. I'm registered on my wife's phil account as a dependent before 2016, so it's free for me. She just pays 3,700 P for both of us
  16. Thought it was 35 years full pension, I paid in 32years 3years short. I had to wait until I was 66. Wife has paid in 10 years so she will get 10 percent of a full pension. She will have to wait till she's 68. I will be 80 something by then, probably pushing daises' up by then.
  17. wife has to be pension age? 66 at present, my wife has to wait till she is 67 I think, could be 68 time will tell
  18. It changed sometime last year. Long-term expats 'to get vote in UK elections' - BBC News
  19. what's supposed to happen when your spouse is dead? I heard an expat said his spouse was already dead.and he lives with his 2 kids. If the gentleman is on this forum, I'm so sorry my condolence to you.
  20. My appointment time was 9:30... went in about 8:30.. came out at 9:00 and got my receipt after paying 310 pesos. Good stuff BI.
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