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  1. Would this certain someone be the same as that who: Condemned the Chinese navy "water cannon" attack on two Philippine resupply boats in the West Philippines sea Believe Emperor Pooh's word that the CCP would not bully its neighbors at the recent ASEAN summit Last week praised China as being a good friend, despite exporting the Covid-19 (Wuhan virus) only to profit as supplier of PPE and first vaccine That someone?
  2. Not surprising like every stimulus package that's ever passed. It will benefit the least who need it, big corporations and not those that need it the most, the citizens. In regards to overpaying your taxes, my tax advisors (2 CPA's in my family) educated me on never give the government "free parking" with my money and invest it instead. Ideally, you'd try to "break even" when filing your annual tax returns.
  3. I didn't realize the Philippines was such a rich country! Where is DU30 and gang going to find the pera to pay for all of this? Borrow more money from:
  4. Yeah, because everyone receiving SSA payments should've known to file their 2018 taxes (in 2019) because of Covid-19. Then the IRS tells SSA recipients that no action is needed to receive their Covid-19 stimulus payments, since the SSA would provide the IRS with the recipients direct deposit info. Shows how incompetent the Federal government is at all levels. Since I have a dependant, I provided the IRS directly with my direct deposit info. Many, myself included, are still waiting for their stimulus payments. In my case, I need mine for medical treatment as I don't have Medicaid and even if I did, it's useless here.
  5. This will become interesting as we kickoff the 2020 typhoon season with Tropical Depression AMBO (intensifying into Tropical Storm) tracking towards Central Luzon. How will NDRRMC and local DRRM handle "social distancing" in evacuation centers?
  6. Maybe that's why many are discussing use of Quinine (Hydroxychloroquine) in treatment of Covid-19.
  7. Just watch, when it comes close to May 15th, they will extend the lockdown for another 2 weeks, ad nasuem. Quarantine is for sick people, healthy people go to work. When everyone is under lockdown, it's call tyranny. Politicians never give up their powers willingly.
  8. My spouse messaged me saying she went to BI to file a case. They told her I didn't have any derogatory items listed on my record (no surprise there). My guess is that BI also told her she didn't have any case against me, so she could pretty much go pound sand. Unfortunately, they did notify her that they didn't show any recent ECC filed so she knows I didn't leave the PI's. Even if I wanted to now, I couldn't thanks to the covid lockdown. Flights are impossible to get. My neighbor had to cancel his flight home to Australia tomorrow because of it. She also mentioned she "discovered" she is suffering from Post Partum Depression. While I know some women do suffer from it, a bit convenient she has it "now" as our son will turn 4 yo in a couple of months. She is continuing to play the victim card and is using my child as ammo. It really makes me sad and angry when she (or anyone else) uses a child to get back at the other parent. It's not what's best for any child in that situation. I'm still certain my son is well taken care of regardless of what she or her family says.
  9. Wanted to give everyone the latest update on my situation. I consulted with an attorney who is a former prosecutor and judge. I told him my situation about my wife possibly filing abandonment or deportation cases against me. He told me she has no evidence or case against me and live my life here now that we are separated. He said I have a stronger case against her with evidence of "financial and psychological abuse of an elder/adult with disabilities". Between my medical report stating with my disability I should have an adult caregiver looking out for me, which my wife wasn't. While it's good to hear that from a former prosecutor and judge, I will always be looking over my shoulder for my physical safety. I've been using my former training to leave a false trail of breadcrumbs and keep a low profile in area with a lot of foreigners to blend in easier.
  10. It is mine too. Even though he is a US citizen, he is also a Filipino citizen and the US State Dept won't get involved in this situation. Although I did have some help a few years ago with the SSA thanks to my US Senator (Kamala Harris) and US Congresswoman (Nancy Pelosi) offices. Despite my political views, having a couple of liberal and influential women in positions of power turned out successful for my case.
  11. First thing is that I am in the process of obtaining advice from a reputable attorney on my situation. That would help me determine the best actions to prevent being deported or as someone previously mentioned being detained on a BI hold pending deportation. Upon reading the responses, the best strategy for me to use would be to warn her having me deported from the PI's would terminate SSDI benefits to our son, to which she is currently the trustee. As many in here have said, "it's all about money here in the PI's". I don't even think she would be stupid enough to risk having access to our son's SSDI benefits.
  12. As I stated in an earlier reply, I've "gone dark" for now. She is wildly guessing at whether I'm still in PI's or have returned to the US. I will be meeting a former NBI official who is now an attorney to get advice regarding my situation.
  13. This is one of my strategies of last resort. She did say as I fled, "You will never see your son again!" Well, that would make a great case for me to petition to either have one of my US family listed as the trustee of my son's SSDI benefits instead of my wife. My son's (or any child) welfare should always come first. I've seen many cases where a parent often uses children to get back at their ex's. She really needs to stop and consider what harm she is causing my son (or her own child) in this situation.
  14. The last contact I had with my wife was the day after I left. I texted her that I needed to await my ECC from BI and had planned to return to the US. That is when I "went dark", deactivated my FB account and have kept a low profile. She continues to message my family in the US (we're a military family), so they know better than to respond to her. Their only response is to tell her to "stop worrying about me and take care of my son (and her own daughter).
  15. Hoping someone can put my mind at ease. This is a cross-post thread at this link: Asawa Ko Issues the Novela I discussed how my family in the US and others advised me that my wife's family was financially taking advantage of me because of my disability. I was put into a situation where I feared for my personal safety (life) and literally had to flee with only the clothes in my suitcase and backpack. Since then, my wife has gone ballistic and continuing to wreak havoc on my life. She had a local bank manager reveal information on my individual account to her, compromising my account. I had to file a complaint with the bank against the bank manager. In addition, she is telling my family in the US lots of misleading information and that she is going to try to get me deported. Not sure how I can be deported, as I just got a NBI clearance with no hits and no criminal record anywhere. I also just paid my annual report fees with BI. I can't think of any reason as to how I could be deported. So now I need to find an attorney to protect me. She is spending more time on making my life hell instead of taking care of our child (and one of hers). Is there anyone that could help put my mind at ease as I try to settle in another area of the Philippines?
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