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  1. usa32

    last minute advice

    Thank you. I am coming for vacation, to meet some girls, and as a side note, check out a few condos/houses, and see if it makes sense longer term to live there. If it's something I could deal with:) But first goal, is just have a good time and meet some girls
  2. usa32

    last minute advice

    Thank you. I did not know the clock started the day after you arrive. But I likely could not of gotten anymore time off work anyways.
  3. usa32

    last minute advice

    Thank you. Would you book ahead around that plan, or just wait until you there, even if you dont get the best hotel? In case you like a place and want to extend?
  4. usa32

    last minute advice

    Thank you. thats what I needed to hear. What do you think is reasonable in 29 days?
  5. usa32

    last minute advice

    So in February I will be in the Philippines for a month. I have my flight and first few days booked at a comfy hotel near the airport. I planned on being in manilla, cebu city, and puerto princsea. With shooting off for a day in cebu to moalbol and kawsan falls. And to el nido in palawan. My question, for a first trip for 29 days. There are a lot of things to see, how do you recommend narrowing it down, so you are not just wasting a bunch of time traveling and wearing yourself out? Panglao and bohol look nice, so does tagatay thought about boracay but with the restrictions don't even know if I could get on the island. 29 days sounds like a lot for a vacation, but its really not. Thoughts?
  6. usa32

    2 weeks and counting

    @Jollygoodfellow Thank you.
  7. usa32

    2 weeks and counting

    No worry. I am Filipino size there. But I packed some just in case
  8. usa32

    2 weeks and counting

    Yes first time really. I am excited but nervous at the same time
  9. usa32

    2 weeks and counting

    I downloaded grab., and will bring a small amount of cash with me and exchange at airport. However, my plane comes in around 9:45 in the evening will the money changers be open?
  10. usa32

    2 weeks and counting

    Yeah sorry, i picked that up through geoblue as well
  11. usa32

    2 weeks and counting

    So I will be in manilla feb 3rd. I have passport, put travel alerts on credit cards, bought necessary supplies, I will be there for 29 days, so my return ticket, will be my ticket out of the country under the 30 days allowed. I have my first hotel in manilla booked, then plan to play it be ear. I got vaccinations recommended. Any other things you suggest for a first time trip?
  12. usa32

    cebu city, recommendations?

    Hi Dave. I am coming there to meet a few ladies. Ideally I'd like to be near the mall. I am unsure of my plans above and beyond that as I do not know what there is.
  13. I appreciate it. This forum is great, alot of people willing to help. Cheers!
  14. Thanks. Old55 I have an iphone 7, that is unlocked. So plan on getting a sim card, at airport or mall. and using that.