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  1. Why do expats buy anything in the philippines other than a red horse? Point being, i have only visited once, but there is no way in heck, I would build or buy a house there. If I was a dieing man, and had a good girl that was loyal for several years, then maybe, just so she had a place to stay. But other than that, you rent there, don't buy. There is no upside to a foreigner buying there, Especially with the way property laws are there.
  2. Thanks for all the great replies as usual. I love this board.
  3. I understand what your saying. It can be cheap. apples for apples, its probably the same. as in I live in a huge house, that probably doesn't even exist there of similar build quality. So obviously my lifestyle would be dialed back quite a bit. Plenty of gold diggers there, I have no doubt. However, at least for me, being a balding , slightly overweight white guy in the usa, vs. there in the Philippines, i dont think anyone would argue my options would be plentiful there, and here, not so much. Especially, if you want a slim woman, with a semi-decent attitude. That's a big draw for me, as it is for others. The fact I could retire early and live a simpler life appeals to me as well. As well, as being SE asia, it would be alot easier for me to travel to some other countries I want to check out, thailand, vietnam, Singapore etc. Those are the main reasons.
  4. You will still have to pay some taxes on that to the old us government, since thats where the money is invested. So thats why i said 2k to 2500 a month. I checked out some apartments in makati, and some of them were 120k pesos a month, or like 2200 usd. I was like, who the hell is living here.
  5. If i did. it would still be another 2 years out, as I would have liquidate. With that said the reason for me living there is simple. Early retirement/cheaper living. no winters. And of course the women.
  6. Yeah, I saw some of those too while there. Those girls, may not even be attainable for a foreigner, but even if they were, those are the opposite of what you would want to date. They were all about status/handbags etc, same as you have in america.
  7. I assume if i move there, i will live a few less years, based solely on pollution. One of the drawbacks. ha
  8. Correct. The goal would be to not touch the principal. Until I have a better idea, what I might get from Social security or an inheritance.
  9. Yeah, I have enough to qualify for social security, however, it would be at a much reduced rate if i retire early.
  10. Yeah. I hear that. However, based on research, I don't think I would invest in the Philippines whether in real estate or otherwise. Too many horror stories, where losing your money is the best thing that happened, and death is the worst.
  11. Very true. But investments in general keep up with inflation. The money would not just be sitting in a bank account.
  12. Thank you. What age did you move to the Philippines ? The amount one needs over there, appears to be all over the map, you see the guys, that say they live on 500 a month, but to me thats not really living. And others that say they need 5k a month, well i can live much better in the usa on 5k a month than there. I looked in cebu and manilla and found decent condos with pool/gym etc, for 300 or so a month. add in 50 for visa fees, say 150 for utilities. That's 600 bucks, that gives you 1400 a month for transportation,food, dates and beer, or whatever else you want. Sure if you got a girlfriend, that adds to the expenses, and of course if you are going out to TGI fridays or some western restaurant every night, thats going to get pricey. But knowing your rent,utilities and visa fees are paid in 600. I don't see how you could not live comfortably on another 1400 usd a month. What am i missing? Thanks for the reply
  13. May I ask how you afford to retire at 27? Do you see yourself rejoining the workforce ever back on the usa, or are you totally done? Of course it gets boring there, but hey it gets boring in the usa, as well. You have to deal with that no matter where you are.
  14. This would be a conservative mix of investments stocks/bonds, no just a money sitting in the bank 4 percent seems like a reasonable long term withdrawal rate, and if you have a bad year in investments you obviously have to dial back your spending there. If i may ask when did you retire? How old? Thank you
  15. As my last post stated, I took my first trip in feb of this year, had a good time, and plan on another trip next year. The question here is when to move permanently? And what would you do if you were in my shoes. Im currently 38 from usa, with a decent job. Single, never married. If I were to cash out everything now, I may have somewhere between 900k and a million dollars in the bank. My idea was if I was able to get a 4 percent return off that money, that would give me approximately 2-2500 usd a month in the Philippines after taxes etc. I "might" in 10-15 years also get a decent sized inheritance, that could double the money I have. The question to you, is would you move to the Philippines based on my situation and if so, how long would you wait to retire there? It would be nice to retire and not have to wait until 65 and enjoy while i am reasonable healthy. I know some are older gentlemen here, already retired, if you could turn back the clock and were in my situation, what would you do? Obviously i am giving up a good job and living in a first world country, which has many benefits. But dating options are limited here, and its expensive to live. Any advice is appreciated.
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