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  1. usa32

    cebu city, recommendations?

    Thank you
  2. usa32

    cebu city, recommendations?

    Hi Dave. I am coming there to meet a few ladies. Ideally I'd like to be near the mall. I am unsure of my plans above and beyond that as I do not know what there is.
  3. I appreciate it. This forum is great, alot of people willing to help. Cheers!
  4. Thanks. Old55 I have an iphone 7, that is unlocked. So plan on getting a sim card, at airport or mall. and using that.
  5. usa32

    puerto princsea/el nido

    First time visit to puerto princsea, and el nido. Any recommendations on hotels? Location/amenities, more important than the cheapest. Thank you
  6. First time visit to Cebu city. Any recommendations on a hotel? Location is more important, than finding the cheapest place. Thank you
  7. I have my airfare booked and paid for, Arriving in manila Feb 3rd, and leaving March 3rd. I have that counted as 29 days, so should be under the 30 day limit that wont require a visa/extension I have bought a security backpack, that will at least make it harder for pick pockets. I have a small laptop. Passport up to date. Have my first few days at city of dreams booked in manilla. I have a list of girls, I'd like to meet I have talked to while I am there. What else do I need to prepare for my trip in your opinion? Thank you!
  8. Yeah man if you are in the area, we should meet up for a day, are you actually cebu city, or somewhere else on cebu?
  9. So any opinions, on where I should travel and for how long. I am in manilla for 3 days after landing. I definitely want to make it to palawan, for probably 3-4 days at least, with 1 or 2 of those days being in el nido Someone recommend, i should check out cebu/cebu city. Any other must sees, or good places to meet quality women?
  10. Hi Dave, what happened to your money? blew it on women and booze, and the rest you wasted:) Obviously the goal is really never to have too much money on you anyways. Are people still taking preventive measures at the airport, regarding the bullet scam?
  11. Trying to keep this going. How do you handle money carrying around town? money belt? Just a wallet, in a pocket that zips? What about backpacks, are there any good backpacks out there, where the pockets are harder to open, for thief's? Thanks for the help
  12. Thanks for the replies. The exchange rates, don't make a difference to me. I would feel weary of bringing a large amount of cash, to the airport. Maybe I'll bring 2000 usd in cash, and then talk to my bank, about using the debit card to get more.
  13. You mean there is a way if I can philipine peso before getting on the plane? I figure you just bring american dollars, and exchange at airport.
  14. Thank you. So you are saying the normal power adapter and cell phone charger, will work in most places there, without anything additional?
  15. Thanks guys. For laptops/cell phones. Do you need to buy any time of power adapter or anything for the different electrical over there? How much in cash do you recommend bringing for 29 days? I am assuming you get a new sim card at the airport? Probably will have more questions, as time gets closer. Thanks for all the advice.