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  1. I just got back from my first visit. The part you said about restaurant servers always having to be called over, I didn't really get it until the end of my month trip. I would go to somewhere in a mall and sit down and wait for someone to come(like in america) I figured they didn't like the white foreigner in their restaurant so they were purposely ignoring me. Then I found out its normal. But in some nicer places, to do come to you as expected. I don't get it either. I sat down in your section in your restaurant. No I don't want to eat or drink, I am just here for fun.
  2. Thanks for all the great replies here. Anybody here that has lived there or currently lives there. How do you feel about safety? It appears foreigners have very little or no rights there. What the chances of getting jammed up on a fake charge from a girl or someone else? Do you feel safe there? As a first timer when i stepped off the plane and walked out the airport and you are hit with the aggressive taxi drivers, and you start to see some of the "houses" in manilla . Coming from the usa, its a big shock and there is a fight or flight response that occurred. However, after I got in the hotel and calmed down. I enjoyed it and never really felt any fear after that. It wasn't really the people it was just the shock of "real poverty"
  3. manilla, cebu city, moalbol, palawan. mostly touristy. Honestly, i would probably end up living in one of those areas, in a condo, I would like to visit he rural areas, but likely would want to stay in a bigger city. Condo seems more secure to me.
  4. I agree. My financial position, is not bad for my age. I would never move there, with plans to "find a job" One of the reasons to move there is to not work. I likely would have assets that would generate around 40-45k$ a year in interest/dividends. Meaning I would have that to live on without touching principal. There is also the likely occurrence though not guaranteed that I will inherit a sum of money from my parents when they unfortunately pass over the next 10-15 years. Obviously you shouldn't count on that, but I believe I could afford to live there on 1500-2k usd budget a month and still save money.
  5. Wow. I want to thank everyone for their replies. I am guessing most of you have been in a similar position. I met several girls while there 1 or two I just had fun with and were obviously not relationship material. The rest seemed like quality women, but I didn't meet 'the one" meaning if I go back I may see a few of the girls I met on the first trip, but not just going back for one. To answer your question, on what would make a 38 yr old guy turn his life upside down and move there. I think that answer is obvious, most go to the Philippines for two reasons, cheaper living and women. And my reasons would be the same, with the exception I am sure the Philippines is fun at 60, but I bet its even more fun at 38? Just guessing. Taking 12 months off, I don't think is feasible. Really to keep my job a 30 day stay is really all I can pull off and those that have worked in the USA, no thats even hard with most companies:) I am not a chick magnet, I of course have dated and had girlfriends in the usa with varying degrees of success. I am somewhat overweight,losing some hair. So obviously the dating scene there does appeal to me. There are a lot of young nice women, that are available to me there, unlike in the USA, where because of our culture and the "me too" movement. a 300 lb hippo, thinks she deserves a great looking guy with money. I agree on the don't hurry. I am sorta thinking of dong one or two more trips there and try and live more like I would if I was living there through airbnb instead of hotels etc. And then if still works for me, make a plan to move there around 40.
  6. I went for my first trip for 29 days in February to early march. Not much rain at all(dry season), and I heard its cooler then. ( I didn't see that:)) Had a good time, met several girls, nothing bad happened. So now im back in the us, and thinking what is next? Im 38 years old, have a good job here and some roots(house etc) that I would need to unload before moving there. I am thinking the best play is to plan another trip, and see if the newness wears off, and the negative annoyances of being there, become more important, which I encountered several, before considering moving there. Thoughts? I spent time in manilla, cebu city, moalbol, and palawan.
  7. Don't take this the wrong way to the people that do. But if you don't have the income to take care of you,your wife and/or kids in the Philippines and have to resort to either you or your wife/gf putting money out on the street/lending. Which we all know opens up you and your family to bodily harm. Then you shouldn't really be in the Philippines. just my opinion
  8. Thank you. I am coming for vacation, to meet some girls, and as a side note, check out a few condos/houses, and see if it makes sense longer term to live there. If it's something I could deal with:) But first goal, is just have a good time and meet some girls
  9. Thank you. I did not know the clock started the day after you arrive. But I likely could not of gotten anymore time off work anyways.
  10. Thank you. Would you book ahead around that plan, or just wait until you there, even if you dont get the best hotel? In case you like a place and want to extend?
  11. Thank you. thats what I needed to hear. What do you think is reasonable in 29 days?
  12. So in February I will be in the Philippines for a month. I have my flight and first few days booked at a comfy hotel near the airport. I planned on being in manilla, cebu city, and puerto princsea. With shooting off for a day in cebu to moalbol and kawsan falls. And to el nido in palawan. My question, for a first trip for 29 days. There are a lot of things to see, how do you recommend narrowing it down, so you are not just wasting a bunch of time traveling and wearing yourself out? Panglao and bohol look nice, so does tagatay thought about boracay but with the restrictions don't even know if I could get on the island. 29 days sounds like a lot for a vacation, but its really not. Thoughts?
  13. @Jollygoodfellow Thank you.
  14. No worry. I am Filipino size there. But I packed some just in case
  15. Yes first time really. I am excited but nervous at the same time
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