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  1. I've liked Dumaguete on my visits there. I suspect there is nothing much to this, but folks should check the wordings on their insurance policies.
  2. I am happy to provide an update on the Pig in Question. Had been tied, but was rescued by a b-i-l who cut the halter and piggy swam free. Probably less bothered than the humans, who got flooded out...
  3. Ah, but Queenie provided a film clip!
  4. We all know the proverbial "the carabao is sick" line used as an example of the sort of thing that some young ladies may come up with to part the poreigner from his Dollars. Well I just got this from one of my nieces... "Mmm.. can i ask a load. . i really need to call my brother and mama. Because they texted me that it's flooding in Molave, but i don't have load. I'm here at Lola's house and theres no store near in here - they said that the water is in high level. the pig is drowning . I really need to talk to them." "The pig is drowning...!" (Yes, I sent her some load...)
  5. From the BBC today: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-glasgow-west-40697373 Looks like opportinistic robbery. The lessons to take away are: be careful carry good insurance (which may well be void if you go to Mindanao at the moment...)
  6. When the Dona Paz sank, the worst peacetime shipping disaster, besides the actual loss of life a further three thousand families claimed to have lost their breadwinner...
  7. It looks like the classic case of "amok" - a man (it's usually a man, but maybe women do it in different ways) finds himself in an intolerable position and becomes violent, eventually killing himself. The Manila bus siege was a similar case. In neither case had the perpetrator thought things through clearly. The bus siege killer was a policeman who had been fired for corruption and who wanted his job back. Obviously, hijacking a bus full of tourists isnt going to get your job back. This chap had run up gambling losses and wanted to cash a lot of chips to clear his debts. Obviously you can't cash in chips that you have just stolen. All very sad but a reminder that Filipino culture puts people under enormous stress.
  8. It's another odd one. It would certainly be unusual for a disagreement over business between Japanese businessmen to end in murder. Even the yakuza tend to "ritualise" their violence.
  9. I had a chat with my favourite sister in law - she is a widowed teacher living in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur, with three kids two of whom are over 18. Rose tells me that there is a 10pm curfew and that her neighbours, most of whom are Muslim (Maranons) have taken in many relatives fleeing Marawi, which is 100 miles to the East. She is not comfortable about the situation because of the tensions that will inevitably arise with the influx of people and the overcrowding. So in her case the Martial Law proclamation has had an effect.
  10. Quite happy with that. I was surprised to find it on Facebook, but then we know that much of whatlittle moderation Facebook practices is done at BPO outfits in the Philippines, so maybe I should not have been surprised.
  11. Going abroad or going to sea are by far the simplest ways to get ahead, if you were born on the wrong side of the tracks. I do have friends who have "made it" into the upper middle classes without doing either of those things, but they had something in common - parents who were pretty determined. Often, but not always, one parent or grandparent was ethnically Chinese...
  12. Warning- horrible image. Here is the picture that was posted. It is the way in which Filipinos are coming to accept this sort of thing that troubles me. Still, I suppose that they can snap out of it. The Cambodians experienced much worse...
  13. I feel less safe. I have just been looking at a picture posted to Facebook by a middle class Filipina friend. I did not re-post it. It shows a profusely bleeding corpse lying near a shop front, just behind a Coke truck, with a trike nearby. That's not the disturbing part. The disturbing part is that there are a dozen kids aged say seven to twelve just sitting looking at the still bleeding corpse, with attitudes of unconcern. They don't look shocked or surprised. That picture is giving me nightmares.
  14. 14 year son: "mutter grunt back to video game" 21 year old son: "Well done, Dad!"
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