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  1. Financially agree, piece of mind....well can one put a price on that. There is talk (no idea if reality or not) once...if...Philippines opens up max tourist extension will be up to 2 years only, plus more difficulty to immediately re enter. My friend recently cashed in his PRA as became a married man. Was easy and painless to have his deposit refunded....Some comfort I guess.
  2. No it can be started from abroad how ever to say its complicated would be an understatement. Far easier from within Philippines.
  3. Its hit an miss Kevi, I have written many times to different departments of PRA regarding the annual renewal, only received auto computer generated replies. Finally Eddie, (On the forum) was able sort me out.
  4. Trust me it will make no difference except you gona feel better.
  5. I was in contact with the same one, you maybe forgot I received her contact from yourself. Found her professional in the beginning, after the third day she did not respond so I dropped her like a big stone. Been to long here to deal with this shite... Had same experience recently with an attorney, amazingly even after asking his banking details for payment....no response. He also been dropped. My marketer was totally professional, polite and very responsive. Once done even bought her a lovely box of chocolates.
  6. This is a perfect example why if one uses a good marketer its made simple. I had a similar experience as I paid the application fee in US and they squabbled over the exchange rate plus unable to find it. The marketer sorted this and some other issues out with minimal hassle to me.
  7. Best of luck to Brett and appreciate all the advice and comments. Look forward to fur further positive progress.
  8. Pretty much identical Bacolod. Just the Dito not working which no issue as we have gomo which is OK. Looking at some you tubes its heart wrenching bit south of here.
  9. Brett just ensure a back up in place, My friend was booked into a hotel yesterday for a night Manila pre departure to US. Arrived to be told no cancelled...new rules, finally after huge struggle was accepted. Next day told his pre paid Covid test was cancelled due to high demand.....More panic as flight same day. Finally had it done for double the normal price. So be aware.
  10. Are you referring to Philippines or the US?
  11. Wonder if anyone has any experience with holographic will, was quoted a rather expensive price from an attorney here to make out a will. Also very complicated, this holographic will appears legal and easy.
  12. You ask why......I can answer this from what I have read. He and his supporters have employed the best social media available, its been very well done and effective. When the family fled Philippines he was 28 years old......go figure.
  13. It must be US $ also must be proven to come from overseas. I can give you details of a very trustworthy lady known as a marketeer whom can facilitate this free of charges to you if you wish to continue. Obviously I am not able to publish this so PM me for details.
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