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  1. Wonder if some kind soul can advise that this is the correct form to fill out for above, more than 6 months less than 12 months. BI FORM 2014-08-004 I prefer do fill out at home as had some problems last time as eye site not great and forgot eye glasses...plus dim lighting.
  2. Has anybody any updates on the current situation.?
  3. Agree with these comments, we went once but never again as was out of control. Wonderful food but I over indulged and felt also totally bloated to the point of not sleeping. Much as I love it but not the after effects....
  4. To the OP there is, as other members have pointed out no better way than boots on the ground. To expect some paradise with mountains and beautiful beaches near by is pretty much a pipe dream unless you become a Robinson Crusoe. My thoughts, narrow down a few places by using the search engine here, rent a place for a few months in each before deciding. At first remoteness may not seem a problem how ever as time goes by and locals become more curious situations can change.
  5. Fantastic not laughed so much for months
  6. Absolutely best advice so far. Currently experiencing serious leakage which so far they are unable to locate and appears we must re do whole house. This was done with the blue pvc and glue. Recently our water pressure increased due to a new well complementing the original one. This is now a problem for many of us, the house was a quality build with crappy pipes so consider Tom the latters advice.
  7. Aussie Wales going to the one to watch.....cheering Wales whom I suspect to be victors
  8. Another item to put on the list Tom is out side faucets, my engineer never thought about it. Looks good progress to me how ever expect a few bumps along the road.
  9. Second this, found Lotus crap, as interest bought a cheap black and decker drill about 6 years ago. Still going strong.
  10. Guess world remit is different from orbit remit whom I have been using for years without problems.
  11. This I agree with how ever slowly an surely it's the future. Was surprised in Christchurch last year most supermarkets self check out, takes some getting used to
  12. This opening sentence floored me.....surely your not serious.
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