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  1. Tommy you have the patience of a saint.............
  2. One only has to look at the past results on different small economies of Chinese controlled loans. Sri Lanka, Maldives springs to mind. The obstacles as outlined by the OP will probable not be unsurpassable given the amount involved and the way business is done here. lets hope this does not proceed as outlined.
  3. Gosh Tommy, thought the budget was endless.... Beautiful house guess your almost done....
  4. Personally if I checked out any hotel, cottage and no hot shower I am out of there.
  5. You deserve it Tommy, after the effort of your build. Dogs can be a curse, trust your new house remains quiet as is currently the state. We built only to have a change of people over the road whom owned, to me, the noisiest non stop barking dogs in the country. Huge dogs on short chains 24/7.....Sleepless stressful nights and days, eventually we had to move.
  6. For those whom haven't seen it the you tube video from Peter Navarro Death by China give a pretty interesting perspective, even if perhaps one sided.
  7. There are a heap of interesting, conflicting articles about exactly this subject. Lunacy lock downs comes to mind. In trying to answer this one must look at the total picture including the effects on health, social problems of so many in lock down. perhaps Melbourne can provide some insite. Just yesterday I read a very positive article on Sweden and there long term benefits in spite of the extremely high death rate, there is also some conjecture on how their count was managed.
  8. Great you obvious appreciate the input Tommy. For sure we all are enjoying your build and these posts will be most helpful to future house builders. Must say I do admire your perseverance and patience, having done same on a smaller scale its a challenge.
  9. There are a lot of facts, unfortunately the majority are conflicting. For a rare piece of layman common sense I find Doctor John Campbell on you tube to give me a better understanding. Bacolod just starts a semi lock down, Q pass means up to 4 people per house hold but only resident at a time, 3 times a week. So no more sitting in car with A/C while partner shops....
  10. Perhaps some kind of an introductory post first may avail you of more responces.
  11. We decided on OTR (On The Rock), a Korean outfit that has a few branches in the country. Their normal construction uses regular plywood. We specified "marine ply," which generally seems to be decent quality here. We wanted to use the premium Santa Clara, but it was a bit too expensive and they said they would not work with that. I think they are afraid of making mistakes and losing money correcting them. When we built this was our most difficult choice. Finally we bit the bullet and went for lamination which looks excellent but sadly does not last. Within about 3 years it started warping and the lamination lifting, we did use one of the most popular and well known companies in Cebu. I once built a small pump boat with santa clara marine and was not impressed, still testing in salt water compared to a kitchen is unfair. Personally would ensure the ply is well treated against termites before painting, appear paint does not deter these critters.
  12. Firstly, congrats on your perseverance and success on the wonderful build Tommy. Without going through all the posts, what did you decide on the joinery? Lamination, ply or what? curious. Love the view just what the Doc ordered Tommy
  13. Never saw him get in or out Tommy...perhaps a very large shoe horn....Apparently he has 6 of these among other rare cars....When I asked his line of work was told he is in construction.....go figure.
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