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  1. Yes plus the one thing which still amazed me is so many come out of the secondary road on to a highway without looking, just straight out.
  2. Agree, even with car when visiting Dumaguete I will never drive at night. Used to how ever far to many with no lights and either drunk or crazy pedestrianstuff. Safer easier jump in a trike.
  3. My guess, so would be just another burocratic move from a senior local BI officer. The fact you saw nothing entered in to the computer and obtained the 30 days there should not be an issue. It's more of a suggestion to encourage semi permin anticipation visa. That would be my take on it.
  4. Perhaps slightly off topic how ever we were enjoying an excellent Mexican dish in Dumaguete a month or so back. A couple entered with a young kids perhaps 2 years old whom squealed like one has ever heard before. We transferred to the far corner to no avail, the high pitched repulsive squealing continued unabated. Was impossible to eat. We requested management to do something as we are known to them. They respectfully, politely refused. Our feelings were not to request the parents to control their kid as it most likely would escalate. So we just had them pack our food and left. Amazingly other people seem unaffected from this, or alternatively just accepted it.
  5. How ever the condo management have no control over neighbours. We had 2 years in a Condo in Cebu, neighbours fighting and noisy dogs were an on going issue.
  6. Well Kevi at least it's a good start how ever I am very sceptical it will flow through.
  7. We also had an issue with a 3/4 HP split power Daikin. After 12m months from installation we requested a cleaning of the unit. This was the beginning of a 4 month battle, the company just had some Cowboys do the cleaning and charged us P800. Never fired up after the cleaning, company was determined it was so our responsibility to finance the new motherboard required. This dragged on and on, finally informed them it was going to court, no ifs or buts. Within a week they replaced the mother board how ever left us an Ac out for over P13K ....we shall see how ever it sure not going to paid. Have also a split 1HP Daikin non inverter which I did the cleaning on, it's quiet and performing as expected.
  8. Back on flooring, 5 years ago we laid the long laminated wood grain toungue an grove planks through out our place. Purchased from Citi Hardware. Been mostly happy how ever moisture is the killer, we have several lifting in kitchen where water has been spilt. From memory they were laid over a think cover of foam. Bedrooms and halls are still fine.
  9. The authorities must believe there is intent on the part of the adult before an arrest will be made. Otherwise the courts would be full of innocents....I understand this is the law how ever I stand by my comments. Yes this has been well thrashed before, correct.
  10. I would have no problem and fact have brought my partners kids out with me during times they are here. As stated its intent, if ever a neighbour or whom ever reported this, being with kids of your partner (non wife) I seriously doubt the police would ever be interested, and for sure any judge (allowing for the Philippines) would throw this out on the basis there is a relationship. The danger comes in if one is traveling alone them.....one could be open to charges and or extortion.
  11. Not sure this is totally correct. My understanding is the authorities must have reasonable reason to believe that intent is prevalent. In other words if one is alone with a step daughter or step son while their partner or wife is out shopping there would IMHO be no problems. How ever if one is with a underage boy or girl where there is no relationship with a parent its an entirely different situation. Intent is the key. Many of my friends bring there step kids to school and home again. I have never heard or would expect to hear of any issues here.
  12. Lucky you, my part was bought by a friend in China and mailed here 3 weeks ago. Nothing yet.
  13. Similar how ever when it eventually comes out at least I know with 100% certainty whose fault it always is. Now when something is coming up, like a rain storm, sorry dear it's my fault.
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