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  1. It took six guys to move the solid mahogany bed out of the way. Appears you still have a remarkable amount of energy Tommy....
  2. PM me as I know guy there whom maybe able help.
  3. Very sad indeed Tommy, he was 90+ a great old age with no doubt many fond memories. For yourself and your lovely L are able to move on, it really tears the heart strings to know how others without resources manage to stay the course. Wishes to you both.
  4. I have not heard this, a friend with a US passport is going to apply for a 6 month extension here soon, will report back on his out come.
  5. Think I have read that if one has either a wife or child here they will be able to return Jack. Not sure the requirements to prove same how ever his name will be on the birth certificate Jack
  6. It appears Jack each and every office has its own set of rules, I can only quote my own experiences here. What is of more concern is what one does if he is unable to return home (due to lack of quarantine falcilities) and the BI at 36 or 42 months refuses any more extension.
  7. In the car and at home listen only to FM 99.9.......better than anything back home, be it I am an oldie......
  8. Very legally jack......took all of 10 minutes about a month ago....
  9. Where I am its still possible to obtain the 6 month extension. No questions asked.
  10. Could you explain why such absurd delays if using the slab construction, I have been watching a whole sub division shoot up like grass not far away using slabs.
  11. Yes understand Tommy, as said the strength is in the beams and up rites, from my understand the blocks are just a fill in. having said that Davao appears earthquake prone so one would not want walls caving in. That photo seems particularly shoddy to me, one of our walks here we pass three town houses, two completed. Have seen them being built from scratch, similar to your pic, the two that are finished look a million dollars, if buyers only knew.............. The last two years have been in a condo, very happy, limited space but my time now is my own.....necessary in my ripe old ag
  12. Perhaps Gandang Smile your generalizing a little here. We all from time to time get the run around and attempted small rip offs which we remember, do we likewise remember the suttle little good experiences like..... Recently during heavy rain my front tyre was flat, walked over the road to the vulcanizer explained its a brand new tyre and I wish not drive it, even slowly. Told him just wait until rain eases and bring a jack over. OK....what happened he immediately came in the down pour, removed wheel, dragged about 200 meters to his shop, effected repair and refitted wheel. When I paid h
  13. Yes Tommy you have disagreed with me, TUT TUT...... My experiences were of viewing large construction sites in or close to the lovely Ayala mall area. Must of been 10 years or so ago. I remember discussing this at the time and remarking how unlike Cebu it is. I do not recall this slab construction on housing Tommy.
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