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  1. RBM

    Avoiding fake land titles

    Snowy it would appear your writing about bar girls here, anyone believing the dribble they come out with deserves what they get. It's beyond me why they would entertain same. On a lighter note pleased to read your settled with a new partner, do hope it smooth sailing after your last rather choppy ride.
  2. RBM

    Avoiding fake land titles

    My personal observation is that 50% (my estimate) of foreigner involved property purchases end up with the foreigner saying "I shouldn't have done that". Dave would you be so kind as to expand on this comment. Its my view, bad news travels and fast, its what unfortunately seems to interest people. My thoughts would of been less than 20% of people go down the gurgler........Of the expats friends I know can only think of one whom has invested and lost. Sadly even with the internet there are still so many whom for what ever reason rush into a relationship with a girl 40 plus years younger, many from the bar.
  3. RBM


    Could you please advise what time and where it's not chocked, apart perhaps early am. I am driving there about once a month and travel a lot in the city, it's always chocked, this is between 11am an 6pm. Soon as dark I park up, if going out at night its a taxi.
  4. RBM

    Avoiding fake land titles

    Wonder how many expats feel about this statement. I know of many including myself whom have land Holdings here and are very satisfied with the results, many years on. Think it's to broad a statement on the point of being negative, as friend Jack said do not rush in an do your homework. Myself and many others have never been happier than having a place we are prepared to call home
  5. True, especially about leaving valuables at home. What we make a point of doing is when ever ( every week) we have a worker here when it comes to pay time we without exception say, wait few minutes must go ATM get money. San Carlos is IMHO no more risky for burglaries than any other similar sized citiy. In our unguarded sub division our biggest issue we experienced was a plastic garbage bin which I left out all day disappeared.
  6. Also very saddened by your loss, thought was a miss type when read P700K. Surprised this news has not gone around, mentioned it at tennis and nobody had heard anything. Normally such news travels fast. Your post is beneficial to us all to be aware. From your comments I think your living in St Charles area, we are South Villa how ever it can will happen any where. Not sure the drugged seizures have any bearing on the situation. My thinking is prices are increasing crazily and the average worker is just able to make ends meet, throw in an urgent operation for a family member and anything is possible. Our main security is a 45 KG Rotti with a very loud bark, so far no issues how ever very aware this is far from fool proof so also installed CTV and motion detector lights, we chose no concrete fences at all. Just could not live in a prison like environment. Prickly burgonvillias do a great job and nice to look at.
  7. RBM


    Also love to read some useful tips on easy composting.
  8. I live in a sub division here and this is the first I and my foreigner....Filipino friends have heard about it. Would you mind to share where the info came from. I am aware there are the usual crimes here as anywhere how ever nothing out of the odinary to best of my knowledge.
  9. Yup personally very wary what they say. My friend was told no need an ECC after I think was 16 months as first 12 was on a BB. He was not allowed to board, just lucky he had the letter from a FB immigration Manila, the officer conceeded. Just seems they are the ultimate power regardless of advice given from Manila. Further reading the Web site there appears to be quite a few requirements, one would be busy at an air port to organise all these and heaven help one if something forgotten.
  10. Yup totally agree if one is refused at airport in my case it would start a whole expensive ball rolling, better safe than sorry.....
  11. Interesting to know what to do, if one is unable to obtain his ECC at airport one is in the poo, especially if on a discounted flight. Wondering if anyone has obtained this since Mactan was reopened and if requirements are the same as one needs at a BI office.
  12. RBM


    Each to there own how ever why stay in Cebu and tolerate the traffic, squalor and pollution? I left there after 3 plus years and consider the best decision ever made. Cebu has its advantages with hospitals and I guess schooling how ever if one adds up the pros an cons we considered better out of it. Now visit Cebu once a month under protest, no more going favourite restos as sitting an hour in a taxi just looses ones appetite, stay mostly IT park and seldom leave except for Alaya and few places near by.
  13. RBM

    The Barangay Captain

    Jack good this thread was started. I have noticed over the years the THEM AN US mentality is becoming stronger as is resentment. A foreigner here does not even have to offend a local, if particular foreigner is unliked by said local it's enough to charge you. I should know as I have lived it. Of concern to many should be, awareness, a GF whom one has caused loss of face to or perhaps a brother what ever, if any local fees insulted we can be at risk. Safe is....live under the radar....
  14. Out of curiosity whyou is the prayer group just for Foreigners?
  15. RBM

    How Safe is Philippines?

    Yes it's certain for your first time visit there will be a heap of family and neighbours just awaiting. Whom knows some may even be that slightly little bit hungry while others may have various medical issues your able to help with. All in all a warm welcome awaits.