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  1. paying the above mentioned on line HK did you need to have the BPI enroll the payees or were you able to do this on line.?
  2. Not sure what bank your using Geoff how ever Westpac have a link with their on line banking web site where your able to state what country your visiting and length of stay.
  3. Really necessary is a lot of updated research pertaining to your own status and partner. My Canadian friend spent many frustrating weeks just now trying to leave with his wife. The hoops and cancellations he dealt with was unbelievable. If I had just read this would of believed fake news....But no it was true. I understand the BI are good at replying via FB, if so be sure to print out their advice as many other branches may see the situation differently.
  4. As much as i agree with the sentiments this is not small money for the country. According to the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, POGOs have contributed P94.7 billion to the Philippine economy.
  5. Pleased to read that, in NZ the tax payer still picking up the tab for the 14 day quarantine.
  6. Lets hope there is follow up on the developments of the arrest.
  7. It is definitely illegal to use dynamite for fishing. At Malapascaul island (North Cebu) there is like in many places extensive signs of coral damage by use of dynamite. I have seen this when diving.. Now I understand the preferred choice is cyanide or chlorine fishing which is worse for marine fauna but easier for the perpetrators. Enforcement is lax at best and would suspect even more so at this time.
  8. Possible to do, I have a friend whom cycled all over Luzon on a minimal budget. Most times he simply went to a local police station and explained his situation, was welcomed to spend a night in a cell, free food. He used to joke I must be the only trainee priest whom has spent time in the cells.... If your free camping it would be wise to remain inconspicuous after dark, although mostly locals will be no more than curious there are of course others whom may react differently especially if fulled by alcohol.
  9. They do a great job here in Bacolod as well Tommy.
  10. Looks like the perfect time to visit Boracay.....Snowy is it open for tourists from Kalibo?
  11. Snowy little curious as to how your positive feelings are if and when tourism returns in force. No shoe fits all, myself I am just not suited in areas that attract large amounts of tourists such as Chinese Korans and such. Experienced this in El Nedo and other places, agree the foods and bars can be great but for myself short lived contentment. Much prefer off the beaten track.
  12. RBM

    Ceiling Fan

    Yesterday we went to our local Ace in SM. They had many ceiling fans working so was a perfect time to compare. With out hesitation we choose Hunter, it was deadly quiet and effective on higher speed. Not cheap at P9k how ever pleasantly surprised to be told by cashier its subject to 20% discount. Again thanks for reply's.
  13. From what I understand while infections rates may be increasing death rates are not, in fact decreasing. This virus appears to effect the low hanging fruits........
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