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  1. Never bothered Jack as just couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams any company ever paying out.
  2. Chuckle here, many of us have read if one stays here less than a year ECC can be done at Mactan Airport. Yesterday a close friend asked about this at BI in J mall, several official stated emphatically no cannot be done at airport.......What ever one does here be sure to have it in writing.
  3. RBM

    Free to air TV

    I stay often in AirBnb condos here, it's not often one has full cable TV.
  4. RBM

    Dapitan : Recommendations ?

    In my opinion Dapitan is far nicer than Dipolog and we'll worth staying a while. If you scout the sub sections here a year or so ago a member recommended a hotel, from what I remember his members name was mothersgate or similar.
  5. Thanks Dave nice comments, appreciated. Last time NZ cut edges off my old passport was 10 + years ago. Still trying to find info on what the current requirements are pertaining to 9a visa. Probably going to bring both passports to BI Cebu and find out there what needs to be done. If any reader has any tips or comments love to hear from them, yes Dave will post results as may be useful for other people.
  6. Was this in a 13 visa or tourist 9a. I can find no info on line for Re stamping concerning the 9a, decided take both old and new PP to Cebu and go from there.
  7. Dave your still in the dark ages, this was done in NZ 10 years ago. Now one applies on line and after the initial hassle of having the high quality pic it's pain free. New one issued and old one canceled simultaneously.
  8. Thanks for that, yes did see link how ever it relates to 2014, I am wondering if a tourist visa is a 13 visa as they mention perminant residence visas. I shall read the links you so kindly provided and hope to be enlightened.
  9. Not so, the quality of a NZ pass port pic is very demanding, we tried many shops with requirements, none met the standards required.. Fortunately a friend was able to change some settings in a photo shop Dumaguete that met standards. The pic was at first rejected as mouth not 100% closed, after talking with them in NZ the manager agreed to let it go, so new PP is on the way. Anything that must be done I would hope an expect can be done in Cebu.
  10. No that would not be possible because as soon as the new passport is issued the old is cancelled Dave. I have sent a FB message to BI so waiting their comments.
  11. Interesting do you have a link to this, I google it and could not any info, thought just need have old passport with you when departing. I finally had my renewal accepted and Passport on the way.
  12. Recently we bought tickets for a short hop over to Malaysia, after discovered my passport would be valid just 5.1/2 months upon arrival in Malaysia. So decided to renew on line, first the drama of a pic that meets the NZ specs, thank goodness they have a photo checker on the Web site. After many attempts which were all rejected almost gave up. Fortunately a computer savy friend from Hong Kong was visiting, he did the technical part in a photo shop at Robinsonsons Dumaguete which met the criteria......(the boys there were delighted to learn) Well today I received an e mail Informing me as the mouth was not completely closed the photo was rejected...Crazy but that's how it is. There is no problem returning to Philippines with less than 6 months validity how ever not able to get any info on Malaysia apart from 6 months validity is required. Perhaps somebody has some experience here.
  13. Yup Kev seems more an elbow protector than anything else
  14. Not having read the many posts here I suspect friend Jack is sitting back with his coffee having one giant chuckle. Arrived in Dumaguete yesterday expecting to be viewing a changed city...........reminds of leopards ......not a helmets in site. Well done Jack !