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  1. RBM

    It`s a boy

    Kevi please pass me best to Eddie
  2. W,hen I first met Jack 2 years ago would never ever of guessed he had suffer.ed from a stroke.
  3. Apart from bringing a lot of money also bring a lot of patience. Buying a used car vehicle here is like pulling teeth. We spent around 6 months just to buy a small car for the SO. Hours spent on OLX with 90% of people never replying, after we would text for details. Even with rush sale advertised. Dealers we found were full of freelance people selling on behalf. In short it was a nightmare, finally bought via FB and hope not to go down this road again.
  4. Jack I would endorse your comments. As you will remember I suffered a life threatening injury two years ago. This required immediate treatment, apart from some hiccups along the way the care and sincerity from most medical staff was outstanding. Expensive yes how ever compared to western countries not. It helps to have what we both have, an SO that cares plus medical contacts.
  5. No other reason it's to conserve fuel........Ingrained
  6. RBM

    Filipino Jails

    My personal experience was to visit an aussie in Torledo prison some years ago. Was told he was falsely accussed of sexual assault, as living in Cebu I popped over with some groceries. First was strip search before being allowed entrance, the shopping had to be left with a guard to be handed over after checking, was not given when I left. The conditions were crowded an appalling to say the least, he complained of being beaten for no reason, further his story was the housekeeper set him up. Aussie embassy were of little help, my thoughts were mixed as to his guilt or innocence. Heard he was released after some months, Prison is one place we must all steer well clear of. Piss of the wrong girl and there's a chance you may just experience this.
  7. RBM

    Repatriation:  Yes, you can go home again!

    Very interesting topic here. I have just returned from a 2 month stint in NZ. Although summer I was suffering from the weather especially the south island wind. For this reason plus the ridiculously high prices was reason enough to banish any thoughts of returning on a more permanent basis. As the OP mentioned I like all suffer from some of the nuances here, especially the dogs whom are excessively noisy in our street. How ever weighing this up against shorts and slippers all year round is more than enough to keep me here. This apart from the many other attributes mentioned. A common complaint here is about food and noise. The first can be an issue if ones partner is not fond of cooking, my case is she loves cooking and experimenting with different dishes, many exotic so guess I am fortunate. Plus we eat outside on terrace, something I was unable to do in NZ. Noise, we'll it's part of the culture, we must tolerate, one must also exercise great due diligence here before putting down roots. Most subdivisions will not tolerate excessive noise after 10pm, apart from dogs as I can attest to. If one lives below the radar, to speak one should not run into problems, again our partners should attend to any burocracy. Apart from one occasion with an impossible jealous wealthy woman I have not had issues after 7 plus years. I am happy the OP has so far found what he requires and trust this continues, each to his own.
  8. Kevi IMHO if the separation ends with bitterness and the partner and family want the long nose out its almost impossible to win. I know of just one case where a foreigner was able to dismantle his house which he did after separation. Before the construction he had papers drawn up that gave him this rite. In my case my name is also on the titles, plus I have POA over the land and a separate registered agreement drawn up by an attorney which gives me the right to reside in the house indefinitely should we part. Still I am aware if the situation turned to custard with bitterness my position would be undeniable. I would need to depart.....What I have done may seem to many to be most untrusting of my partner however for myself it's a prudent necessary precaution. I am also aware in many cases in spite of what I have done if ever there was a case many judges would deem I have acted against the spirit of the law which expressly states Foreigners can not own or control land. Guess it's a series of road blocks but little else. More positive news is I do know of cases where a judge has been fair and ordered the selling of property with proceeds being split. This would be how ever quite difficult I imagine.
  9. Nice topic. My health over all is seriously better in Philippines than colder climates. Currently in NZ and aches and pains have increased 10 fold. The cold climate has a lot to answer for. We have nice air where we live in Philippines, keep active and eat fresh mostly natural foods. A/C set high at 27 which suits. Health at 68 is just fine. Maybe a considerable younger partner helps.....not sure on that one.
  10. RBM

    My experince with Airb&b and Booking.com

    Chuck as mentioned your detailed input is very much appreciated, I have read it many times.
  11. RBM

    My experince with Airb&b and Booking.com

    I see wondered why when I have been checking air bnb the price often increases. For me this is a major turn off and I go elsewhere. When I click on a price that's what I expect pay not any different except cleaning fee. Speaking of which guess this is decided by owner not airbnb. We start our little project next month so have really appreciated this thread and the vast helpful input from Chuck. There are no listings in our small city so we are not sure price wise just doing our home work. We stay Cebu a lot airbnb how ever it's a rough guide line at best.
  12. RBM

    My experince with Airb&b and Booking.com

    So with air bnb I take it one can change prices any time without problems.
  13. RBM

    last minute advice

    To my reading your visiting some high density tourist spots. This may not give the ideal perspective of Philippines. In particular Kawasaki falls has had some rather heavy criticism over the guides. Surprised you have not met a lady on line whom would be able to bring you around to more natural but beautiful spots the country has to offer.
  14. RBM

    My experince with Airb&b and Booking.com

    Appears an early Xmas
  15. RBM

    Being used

    Being involved wth a partner from a third world country does expose one to risks as mentioned. We are all aware the health care system here is extremely limited, for those without funds. My partner has never asked for financial assisted, she runs her own small profitable business plus owns a house. During my serious injury 2 years ago her sister was a jewel to myself and partner. She was an angel, so loving, caring and totally selveless. Took weeks off her perminant job to support and stay with us us, all through care and love. Asked expected absolutely nothing. Now fast forward she has been sadly diagnosed with thyroid cancer. We are talking large money here, something my partner even with sisters savings cannot meet. I mention this to point out even the best wife's, girlfriends, cannot put us under financial stress. Especially so if we simply don't have the funds.