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  1. Snowy before your to enshrined in your opinions my suggestion is take a peep at your tube Doctor Campbell invermectin. While he does not give his own opinion what he does is explain in lay man terms about invermectin he has several clinical test of same with results. Very interesting watch. I have also friends, great guys that are so wrapped up in their theories its impossible to talk sense. please tell me how you deal with this? Me now just shut up....guess there entitled to their opinions.
  2. Or garbage would be left on ground beside skips.....
  3. After living some years in Cebu this is hard to believe although it seems to be happening. Bicycle lanes, well unless they put concrete barriers along side the lanes it simply will not work.
  4. No, he has a British accent, although not strong.
  5. Where I swim on a regular basis its very cold spring water which now I enjoy. Was a struggle first few times, now after an hour or so I feel great, very invigorated.
  6. No was a Brit.
  7. Crazy, why on earth would anyone want a heated pool here........
  8. Sad Tommy, I have almost reached the point now that when we walk local I do not see the garbage. There is a lovely river walk near us, the river could be as beautiful as the lovely boulevard the Gov, made. Unfortunately its become a tipping ground for waste, Seems now am able to just see through it.
  9. Heres me thinking the presence of armed guards is but a deterrent nothing else.
  10. Absolutely not a secret OLD but the forum is strict about posting names as can be seen as advertising. Happy to give FB name if allowed. Please remember we are all different critters, as I remember your more into the entertainment side of life, this is not the venue, its more for those whom appreciate nature. Having said that, far from the main pools there are cottages for day use where people as always....seem to spend the whole time eating, but strictly not near pool. Guess the owner has a difficult time to keep all happy.
  11. It can be avoided to some degree. The on line banking is improving every day I use it. Now one can transfer up to P50K to another bank every 24 hours, many places now have the facility to pay this way. Little shops called I pay are popping up all over, one can pay almost anything through these establishments with minimal queuing.
  12. The lovely guy whom runs this tiny resort (part owner) is an environmentalist freak. He spent many years living working in Germany in this area. A medical doctor also. If anything he is extreme, zero food allowed near main pool, no drinks, smoking, excess noise, no running or jumping. Correct not a rooster can be heard, just popular local birds (mostly with wings, although....) Pay off is spotless area to read and swim, not even ants.....due to the strict enforcement of rules. For me...another plus is zero fone signal, meaning less people. At times we have it to ourselves. La
  13. Depends very much on the individual HK. For myself, as said going from the rather run down city of Bacolod to up town IloIlo is like going to a new world. What i do enjoy here though is the proximity of Canlaon and the surrounding national parks, , Within an hours drive we can hike, often without the much vaunted tourist guide to water falls rivers, mostly no garbage. Due to the proximity to Mt Canlaon there are various cold spring resorts close by, fresh invigorating COLD water swimming. Close by we have such a spring run by a nature loving Filipino, beautifully landscaped and run
  14. Two comments here. We know the best time to shop when its not so crowded, beauty of having time on ones hand. I stay car with A/C on, SOH goes in, bought a gomo sim almost a year ago, P300, although always using it still used just 10% of it. Shopping is no worries.....
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