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  1. And so it goes on. 13 month old 1HP inverter unit. Had installer come up for cleaning unit at 12 months. They just sent Cowboys whom broke it, blamed us as expected. Some how they burnt out mother board, now been arguing with small shop that installed it to repair. Currently it's a merry go around.....suspect they no funds for mother board. It's all part of living here....Been watching some you tube videos as I tend to clean our second unit myself, looks quite simple.
  2. Appears pretty much on par with what we paying. Two units of 41 square meters P15k per square. This is contract price all inclusive, we are hands off.
  3. Have been eating shrimps on a regular basis without problems. Tried scallops once in Bacolod, thought was going to die next day, sick for a week, as much as love them reluctant to try again.
  4. Nice receive this feed back and would love to hear more about your reasons. Think have heard Tagaytay is quite expensive rent wise.
  5. Ouch I hear you, sciatica is very painful, had it once many years ago hope never again. Good video raised a laugh or two
  6. Thanks for posting this video, very moving.
  7. RBM

    Visa extension

    My first six month cost P8300 in Bacolod Eddie, seems cheaper Dumaguete.
  8. Yes but how many noisy dump trucks compared to motor cycles. There has been a huge improvement in my area, much more peaceful.......just hope something comes in for noisy dogs.
  9. You could look at at an 650 Versys not so expensive and a great bike. I ride now just a Yamaha 250 serow which is great in the city but open roads..........Still can have some fun light off road riding. I could not advise shipping one over without contacts. Still it will be cost prohibitive.
  10. This is one of the most craziest statements I have ever read on this forum. Obviously by a person whom has never ridden large bikes here. Speed is not everything on a big bike, how ever within 10 minutes of where I live I was often SAFELY riding at over 180KM, nice road, no side roads little traffic. Modesty aside I have ridden extensively here and there are many roads where one can safely ride fast if that is the desire. Only those with riding experience will understand the sensations of having this kind of power under them. Your comment of mine is bigger than yours I find offensive.
  11. I brought a new Super tenere 1200 in Manila and it was not much more expensive than new in NZ. Around 10 years ago did the sums and definitely not worth it to import. Ended up sending 2 TTR s over in a box, ( shipped as BB) was a small issue with customs as xrays were just installed, easily over come by..... Registration was also easy with contacts. I doubt this is possible now. Best, easiest is buy here.
  12. Unfortunately many locals are right into get rich now type of thinking. These people create an environment where Ponzi screams can flourish, wonder how many operate undelr the radar. Where I am there is a shop where lots of locals gather, some kind of number game, seems just P5 is enough to bet.
  13. RBM

    Why oh Why

    To clarify he has 2 months abroad and 2 months in the Philippines, this on a pretty much permanent basis.
  14. RBM

    Why oh Why

    Have close friend here whom has been with his Filipina for over 10 years. He purchased a house for her an their baby, nice location, they have always had an excellent relationship with mutual respect. As he spends a two month period here and returns to his country this poses no problem, they video chat most nights, further he is supporting her parents whom are helping out with baby an house. Its a pension requirement for him to absent no longer than 2 months. She is always excited upon his return, often texts me about it. Recently he called me extremely upset as appears she has a Filipino BF, discovered via the cell. Without going into details it appears certainly to be the situation. They have discussed it and currently trying to work through it. Just not able to understand this word why....she is educated, intelligent as is he, further he adores her and spends accordingly. He is not a drinker and is very good natured, it staggers belief.
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