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  1. I use orbit remit and very happy, one of cost of $6 NZ and like JFC the exact amount appears same day in my account, day after if I activate transfer after lunch.
  2. Wonder what she went through to obtain her DPED what ever it is. Must carry some weight though.
  3. I am sick of it here, on every news channel....Donald... Boris....give me a break.... Thank goodness for my movie down loads....
  4. I also thought about this how ever at 5am my guess was closed. From what I saw anybody can go to the Asian line, they don't care and mostly just a few people.
  5. As per many lovely Jack and so you should be proud.....
  6. RBM

    What’s on the tv

    We have cable Steve how ever 75% of our viewing is movies or docos which we down load. The local channels are a no no, keep up with channel news asia.
  7. As a member pointed out Steve, Citi Hardware be my choice, did buy a heap of stuff from them an on the whole satisfied.
  8. We have recently returned from a short vacation in Vietnam. Like many we found the food quite difficult to enjoy, was nice to enventually come across a neat little chicken burger resto, little scruffy but good food. Until went round the back wanting a P....found this, VID-20191130-WA0004.mp4
  9. Reminds me when I rented a tiny apartment in Cebu during extended holiday many years ago. There were a family with around kids, all in a tiny old studio in mango, outside they had a shinny new SUV washed it daily. Could never get my head around doing this, now full u der stand Humbog!!!
  10. Yes can be, main issue when mixing to much with same expats is......wifes and Girl Friends back stabbing over stupid petty jealously matters.
  11. Suggest you read the posts on Dumguete get together right here on this wonderful forum.
  12. Interesting as I have pretty much same experiences.
  13. RBM


    The only one I find acceptable so far is Earl grey Liptons....not cheap how ever worth it.
  14. Agree how ever suggest after a few more weeks his arrogance will vanish into feeling sorry for himself and crying all day. I often wonder wheat would happen to these guys if they took a back door ride to Indonesia, be interesting if they went to the embassy there if help would be given.
  15. Although I found these a little stiff to open initially now they are wonderful, such a space saver to.
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