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  1. RBM

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Almost happened ...........
  2. RBM

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Fine bunch of guys, guess by now Bexit solved
  3. RBM

    Visit no 3 begins

    Your posts certainly make interesting reading and I feel happy for you, it appears a dream is turning into reality. While I certainly wish you happiness I would exercise a degree of restraint in having to many eggs here. This is a country where situations mostly out of our control can an do change, at times radically. Can recall and old proverb about the 40%60 rule that many adhere to. Most of us whom have lived here a number of years can share some quite frightening stories. Having said this many including myself live here very happily, we'll mostly.....
  4. Wondering if December plays a part. We are regular visitors to Bacolod and unable to remember such traffic before. Seems every road is totally chocked, be interested compare in January when people have less or no money.
  5. RBM

    cebu city, recommendations?

    What is easy girls Dave?
  6. Back on subject, we are currently staying in a government owned resort in Mambucal. Upon checking in we were offered a senior discount providing I could produce ID, my RP licence was fine. 20% discount.
  7. Very good point, I was refused funds at an ATM last week in Malaysia as did not advise bank I was going there.
  8. RBM

    Visit no 3 begins

    Ah house warming, I see, try as I may there does not seem to be a father in site for the blessing, perhaps this will enable you to treat them all again in house blessing.....
  9. RBM

    Visit no 3 begins

    Who Paid?
  10. RBM

    Gutwrenching song

    Likewise thanks, very moving.
  11. RBM

    Visit no 3 begins

    Doubt you shall ever get used to it unless you fill up on the scotch..... Best of luck Barangay life is not for everyone.
  12. Kevi how is the crime situation in the area? I have a friend living further up in Valencia and he never mentions it so presume it's not really a big issue, perhaps opportunist pinching only. When we started building people told us crime was serious and many stories abounded, how ever after 3 plus years no issues. Perhaps a large rotti roaming around has helped.
  13. There has been so much written over the years regarding the legal and not so legal way in which a foreigner can control land. So accordingly I am throwing more confusion on the discussion by posting a link which was sent to me. http://dumaguetemetropost.com/the-philippine-antidummy-law-p8430-641.htm?fbclid=IwAR2BreR-tZlediEX2UwCO2Id6229QYHTXDWoot8g7zrF8NKxPR
  14. One never knows what they require as different officers interrupt different ways depending on their daily whim. One point I wish to make which seems to carry weight at airports. If one has a question and via facebook asks the question at BI manila (which they respond to) prints out answer and brings it along the airport BI officer will usually accepts this.
  15. To the OP although it's quite true these headline grabbing crimes that have have been mentioned will result in deportation. How ever the most common cause of deportation is falling faul of the BI laws. Most being over staying and or totally disrespect of these people. We all need to remember they don't write the laws just enforce them. There are from memory now over 3 million visitors here each year, the percentage of deportations would be a tiny fraction.