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  1. I mentioned to a friendly neighbour 2 years ago that his maid cranks up music the second he leaves home. Ha denIed this an hasn't spoken to me since.
  2. Its really not so difficult, just a little planning. We have always a sum of money aside for emergencies and plenty of food in stock, including beer. During these long breaks I never travel anywhere involving a boat or go close to any tourist area. Kick back do some off road stuff, just think ahead.
  3. You to not need a licence to register a bike or car. This can vary depending on where one lives. Why would you want insurance on a scooter...total waste of money.
  4. Best Hotel in Dumaguete is Henia hotel, I have stayed in dozens. If your lucky its possible to get a bargain with agoda
  5. It's really a country of extremes would not be surprised within a few KMS there sadly is poverty.
  6. As another poster said, the only thing that comes before money is PRIDE so so true
  7. I think the OP just requires some time to cool down and reflect on his situation. Many here have been in similar situations and understand full well his dilemma, he will be answering his own questions for now. Personally I admire his intentions and honesty and like many wish him well. If he is reading this as I believe he is, please come back to us as we all enjoy discussing and commenting.
  8. Just down from city mall, think its Broce Street but every trike driver will know it. They are super nice and a pleasure to deal with.
  9. Bastonjock take a moment to cool down. lots of what members write do appear to come across with negative connotations how ever they are not intended this way. Together there are many years of hands on experienced advice on this form, people trying to help.Yes medicine does not taste good. Be that as it may, we are looking out for you and would like nothing better than to see your project succeed. The reality is, as said by members whom have personally dug wells, including myself in rocky terrain that the price quoted does not add up, something is not correct. Take a moment to look at your Barangay captain, sounds also fishy, would not surprise me if he is in cahoots with the greedy land owners. One thing these kind people fear is.authority, why have an attorney visit these people with a document drawn up per the original agreement, I believe there would be a good chance they would sign. lastly I would be very hesitant about spending any more funds here, something about this whole situation just does not seem correct, like when one smells smoke. Keep those hard earned under the kilt for now.......
  10. I live in San Carlos and use JRS weekly, never had an issue. Often to an from Luzon.
  11. Looks very neat and tidy, be a pity to can it. Perhaps your GF can arrange someone to lease it. It's at time just not worth the hassel and heart aches.
  12. I honestly can't not believe that price for water, it's way off the scale. Something is not right here, I have installed a deep well and costs were not even a forth of that.
  13. RBM


    Even though early days I see the Jack Russell has been moved far from us, boy are they noisy. The others are OK do not worry me. Our area has heaps of dogs, almost all guard dogs kept behind fences on chains.....crazy. Unless people passing by its quiet, how ever two or three times a night one starts to howl and soon after others join in, including our rotti. This last around 3 minutes but seems like 10.....Never struck it before and interested if anybody else experienced this. Another note, I was renting for several years and have zero regrets about building, best thing ever did. I do not prescribe to running every time one has a hiccup.
  14. RBM


    Also sad for the neighbours...
  15. RBM


    Normally very good advice Kevi how ever this guy (still friendly) is one of the wealthiest people in Negros Occidental so I could not see any barangay meeting going against him, plus on surface all good. His house here is one of many he owns an uses, think its more to do with his helpers.
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