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  1. Again HK totally agree, can happen to anyone at any time. Still I try not to dwell on this issue and keep a positive attitude. This covid has really screwed us up, for years was covered under 1 cover whom were excellent, recently they toughened up. Now totally no cover at all for Kiwis going abroad. Going to do the home work on Phill health as understand its available for foreigners and pays 30% of bill.
  2. Thank you for this, would you be able to provide us any links or reference for this 10% discount pertaining to foreigners with ACI card. My reason for asking is I was refused any discount even though my senior years were obvious plus they had a copy of passport and ACI card. Happened few years ago so perhaps times have changed.....for the better.
  3. Correct how ever with care perhaps we can age more gracefully HK without enduring the many issues proven to be linked to an unhealthy life style. My goal is not longativity just to try an be active going into the final stretch. Accidents sure, can happen anywhere, that's why I have my younger partners arm firmly grasped when crossing roads here.
  4. Interesting, I was of view it is unwise to indicate to a BI official upon entry as a tourist that one wishes to stay longer on same visa. In fact may on this site have written about difficulty is the officer suspects same. Maybe the laws have changed or my info is incorrect, my understanding is the ACI card can only be issued after one completes his first extension application, not upon entry, would be interesting as nice to complete all upon entry. Regarding superannuation from Aussie and NZ. Both countries have strict residency requirements that must be met before being eligible.
  5. Regardless all mail sent to to this guy mail address are returned to sender We have tried both android and Windows 10. Strange it will send mail out no problem at all.
  6. First must sate I am the opposite of a geek.....Believe the term computer dummy applies to me. Perhaps some talented G Mail user maybe able to offer a few simple tips.... Problem....I have another G Mail account which I was using regularly until a few months ago. Have been checking it but no mail for a long time which surprises me, discovered it will send but not receive. Have spent some time on google trying to solve this, plus my partner has tried changing settings all to no avail. Any simple tips out there appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Perhaps interesting to some whom will not or cannot access a land line. Gomo is a quite new alternative sim which works pretty much like normal sim for data. Cost was P299 and includes 25 GB which is unlimited time wise. I brought it for use in the car as my partner takes for ever during her market visits where I prefer to wait in the car. Was so impressed with it we bought another, far more Superior than globe or smart, recent speed test sowed 16 down and and 2 up so for what I do its fine. Would like to install a land line how ever waiting for this Duterte shake up with 3rd teleco as
  8. Interesting and something I shall look into as usually there is a similarity between the 2 countries with these rulings , At least Aussie Centi Link is far less stringent with residency requirements (regarding state pension) compared to NZ. From my knowledge in NZ there is no restriction regarding waiting time one a citizen is in NZ after a prolonged absence. Still to be treated immediately it must pretty well be a life threatening situation, if one if after a hip replacement the list goes for ever and ever.
  9. A little intrigued here also Jim....Senior Citizen to means Citizen......none of us I understand are citizens so perhaps its dependent on the interpretation of the person receiving the payment.
  10. Yes mirrors my thoughts exactly, being a senior and unable to access my former health insurance is a concern. Further not being eligible for a pension adds to the concern knowing hospital costs here. Currently doing all I am able in line with the comments of Snowy, good food and exercise, if something major happens its good by. Would I want to linger as a burden....NO NO No As a consolation still having a Kiwi passport does allow any surgery in NZ at no cost ..Still getting there currently is next to impossible.
  11. Tommy you have and live the life of a KING....How I envy you....Not withstanding what has been endured to make this wonderful reality occur. Congrats again.
  12. I gave up long ago to try an make sense out of local listings. Wasted many hours trying to buy a near new car, nobody as in nobody would ever reply even when listed a rush sell. Ended up just buying new.
  13. No wonder The Philippines is often referred to as the sick country of Asia......Its mind boggling to think about the financial wastage here during this epidemic.
  14. Tommy I believe Cebu City is also considering a sort of lock down. When we watch CNA one sees cases increasing in almost every Asia country (except North Korea of course) and it just has to increase here, no other way. I expect some sort of a national lock down come xmas and are preparing for same. Just my thoughts.
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