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  1. Was there any good that came out of this other that a few VIPs strutting around boasting, now no doubt hiding......
  2. From all the welcome comments and the videos I have seen it appears the home testings are number 1. The only video that sticks in mind was a doc whom said even if your home readings are fine, your high at the docs meds are necessary. Why because every day one has a similar experience, near car incident (Happens here every day) unexpected financial shocks...also happens often......all these puts one at risk.... I intend to stop meds at weekend and see what the changes are.
  3. Read a lot about this, watched a you tube vid a while ago. Guy tested himself immediately after running up stairs and of course very high. Went into deep breathing 5 minutes and was low....Confusing at best. I am trying to test after sitting for 5 minutes but nothing else.
  4. Wonder if its the time span between taking the tabs and the testing, not sure how long it stays in the system but believe not that long.
  5. Be interested in comments as quite a few of us here are late 60s plus. Having never suffered from serious BP issues been pretty relaxed about monitoring BP. Reasonably active with gym, tennis swimming and apart from some minor arthritis issues OK. After an injury some years ago did invest in home BP monitor, wraps around arm not wrist, I Care model. Just check occasionally, in fact few months ago been a while and batteries were dead. Seemed to be always around 125/70. Recently went to Doc for a medical and as always first is BP test, 160/80 which surprised him and me. Tested 5 times, different monitors.... and always about same. prescribed Losertan 50mg. Same day checked at home and was normal. Out comes google......White collar syndrome......Heck no I did not feel a bit nervous, apprehensive or anything.....Plus usual long sit waiting for Doc. Weird. Anyway after a couple weeks taking these it dropped to low 100s over 60s at times under 60s which as Doc Google advised can lead to light headiness which I hate. So what to do last week my partner has been cutting the pills in half so 25mg a day. Always test same time, 3 times. Still low 100s and 60 or under. We checked our monitor with 2 other people whom had a recent Doc test and it appears accurate. Just curious any other people had similar experiences....I am 70.
  6. Yes correct how ever as my comment said One would need to keep his mouth totally shut, meaning nothing to anyone. I in no way endorse this plan, there are quite a few whom do it. I knew a gentleman whom had some reasonably serious health issues, lived in Valencia married and content. He was a very low key guy whom never went out much, knew he would not last 5 years and had not re renewed visa for double that period, he died a couple of years ago. Another guy I have met, lives not far from us, he is 74 and stays in cheap pension house close by. Same situation but single, many years not renewed and content to potter on as is. No plan or dream to go anywhere. Passport also expired. As for leaving, apart from Covid doubt it would be to difficult to arrange boat Zambaonga Sandagan. Not sure what ones embassy in Indonesia would do.
  7. To many what ifs....maybe....its all unpredictable. Already in process of applying the PRA visa, not cheap, not dead simple, as expected. If successful will definitely remove ifs and buts.... For some I am aware of its just carry on under the radar, if content to stay put, simple life, hard to imagine they would ever have a problem.....providing they kept mouth well and truly shut.
  8. Anybody heard if our president has made a comment.
  9. Yes had this sent to me a few days ago........Sounds very strange or fishy. From everything read and heard about airlines are extremely strict checking requirements before boarding. As understood they can be liable for deporting same if their visas not in order. Something strange here.
  10. For myself why would i bother in getting mixed up in their eternal bureaucracy and uncertainty. Most of us here are retired or semi, who the heck wants to be involved in this nonsense. Speaking for myself, any purchase be it a unit, car or anything, the slightest whiff of complications I am out.....Kinda narrows the field but its now how I am.
  11. Care is also needed here. I can remember reading some time ago that buying a foreclosed mortgage home from a bank comes with conditions attached. Sorry not recall 100%, was to do with the original owner being able to reclaim the property within a certain period if he had funds. 12 months comes to mind.
  12. This is my last comment on the discussion, just had a read of page 5 only, to me it is more of a squabble between 2 members. Trivial at best. Time to let go.
  13. maybe you could re read what you have posted, particularly the second paragraph. Be interested to read any other posts relating to G.S being a so called troll, cannot recall even one.
  14. Well I would respectfully have to disagree here. Why do you presume I see only one side of what he posts. Like most if not all members I enjoy to read both sides, debate is what makes a discussion interesting. Again I take to task in the comment we are interested in Covid here in the Philippines and not Australian politics with added covid overtunes. Even as manager you have know way of knowing what members of the forum are or are not interested in. Myself being interested in not only Philippines but world wide as i suspect most of us are. We all from time to time get a little off side in what we post, quite normal IMHO. Personally do hope Gangdang keeps posting as have learn't a lot from many of his enlightening posts.
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