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  1. Could you please explain your comments, neighbouring countries have all seen an increase hospital rates why should it be different here?
  2. Putting a cat in the ceiling solved our problem.
  3. Thanks for this Snowy, there will be many like myself most interested in this subject, please keep us informed.
  4. This out burst for sure going to boost his presidential aspirations, he is saying what so many want to hear.....lets hope the brains behind him can dig up something concrete. Sadly, crazy how ever IMHO if he happens to win up coming fight his desires will be well on they to success.......
  5. I have a close friend, his wife is a qualified teacher. I was amazed, shocked and astonished when she graduated, lets be honest here....she had the mind set of about a typical 8 year old western kid. Could not add, geography was pathetic at best. Her whole world revolved around FB. Must say though the written and oral expression from most people here is honestly not bad IMHO.
  6. We had a bit of a you tube trip down memory lane last night. Started Mike Oldfield Tubular bells....Kataro Silk Road......1, 2.....Oh my my memories.
  7. Yes we have found this increasingly handy in Philippines, accepted almost everywhere. Especially good for buying load, recently my partner used it for pre paying a doctor appointment as was the only option to confirm appointment.
  8. From latest readings this senario looks increasingly likely......More of the same.......lets hope somebody else comes forward.
  9. You see no problem with Pacquiao being president........I can only shake my head in bewilderment at such a statement.
  10. I watched the BBC video on this today, he was quite bad. The Brit minister of health was emphasizing the priority was to eliminate the need of hospitalization and death. Andrew did not appear to be impressed, he was pretty bad, on verge of going to hospital.
  11. Not being a tech guy can only assume perhaps Dito are using some pretty up to date hardware on their cell sites. China being the major shareholder they should have access to the best. if someone had told me these speeds are possible via a cell i would of laughed. At P200 (moment) for 25 GB I am a happy punter.
  12. Not only prices, a Doctor told me during casual conversation these small cute looking lemona are highly toxic, if one wants to eat or use to alkaline water be sure to soak in water with baking soda first. For us we use just un sprayed local calamansie.
  13. Over the last 6 months or so we have been using GOMO which is convenient for those not able to avail of a fiber or broadband. Its great as no expiry so we both have a sim plus one in the pocket wi fi, speeds around 6--7 down and 1---2 up. Not great but OK and well able down load movies. yesterday my partner brought a dito sim, P100 with 1 GB included, basically for testing. Well surprise surprise, first speed test was 37 down and 26 up......repeated tests showed more of the same. easy to top up using G cash. Paid P200 for additional 25GB and so far excellent results. Not sure the future a
  14. No, hydroponics, actually the SOH is doing it not me, I do the eating......She does mix something with the water in pipe not sure what.
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