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  1. From my experience here this an exception not the rule. Congrats to them.
  2. if one takes a peep at how the proceeds were dispersed during and after yolander one would cringe. Lets pray for some semblance of accountability in this program.
  3. Appear nothing has been thought through or applied similarly through out the country. In fairness this whole Virus has come down so fast its not surprising, my partners pass has applicable to 59 years old only....My friend whom is 64 also has same pass, nobody has ever requested this so far and he is out and about.
  4. This is a tad confusing, as my understanding is, over 65 not allowed out period... So if for example drinking water or large shopping required how can ones wife or partner manage? perhaps I can be enlightened here.
  5. Some time the like in my situation I am the only driver so necessary. Once the trikes and jeeps dry up kinda hard to cart water and other essentials. In general yes agree unless important better to stay in, thank goodness for internet and movie down loads....
  6. Thats to bad Jim Sciatica is one hell of a curse, had it years ago fortunately not returned. There are some good yoga videos on line for seniors that could i hope help with pain management. Best of luck with it.
  7. Curious where this info came from. I currently live in Bacolod and are over 65...out and about on a daily basis, often going through check points where just the temperature is checked. never has there been any mention of a senior, also been to many supermarkets, apart from a long line no issues. Several friends here also no issues.
  8. Yes the no shoe fits comes to mind....each to his own
  9. Ahh really I received this info in a text message and had heard of the Author, if your info is correct Snowy no need to down load the book. hard to know what true or other wise.
  10. Yes maybe more money will now will go to food for the family instead of booze.
  11. Although I am not a great believer in prophecies and predictions I find it uncanny the well known Author Sylvia Browne appeared to have nailed this in her book of 2008 End of The Days. Quote Around 2020 a sever pneumonia illness will spread though out the globe attacking lungs and bronchial tubes. On a more positive note she also goes on to say it will vanish as quickly as it arrived, how ever it will attack again years later, after disappear for ever.... Guess not the only accurate prediction, still makes me shake the head a bit. Side note having problems to find any info on the stay at home for seniors.....Anybody know if this nation wide or just selected provinces?
  12. Wonderful news and full kudos for Geoff supporting you so well, truly a good decent man.
  13. You have forgotten....winter is on the way
  14. Watched a video a while back about the Cat fish (Cream Dory imported from Vietnam). They were raised in a pond and feed by a large pig pen above. It was stated many first world countries have banned them. Think it also includes pangasinan fish. They are sold here supermarkets cheap and all ready for the pan. Could be the local ones here are bred locally, no idea as never eat them. Would hope they are of a better quality.
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