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  1. as another poster has said just use your fone as a hot spot. Now I rarely if ever bother to use hotel or public wi fi, always have data on fone, saves me a heap of head aches and its cheap....I recall how your earlier post stated about living on a huge budget.....How come it does not extent to miserly data load.
  2. Sorry how ever we also tried a new one last night, fish resto. Delicious chili shrimps, with rice good for 2 P225. One of the best meals for ages....We shall return.....
  3. RBM

    Food panda

    We seem to strike it unlucky when eating out. Love to try different recommended resto, do so often. Recently for what reason...have experienced very noisy people in adjoining tables, shouting laughing raucously or just plain unnerving. These are also mid to upper class restos. Not to mention uncontrollable kids.. Decided recently go the food panda way, been really surprised how efficient the system is. My partner down loaded the app and gives me the details, amazing so far how accurate and precise the deliveries have been. Although she cooks 4 times a week its nice to have a change and seems such a waste to eat even a top meal in a lousy environment. Wonder if other members have used this app and what their experiences have been.
  4. Yeh same issue, we ended up buying another faucet with a longer pipe, works well now, no leaks.
  5. Steve if the situation flares up and becomes, well, kinda hard to deal with, there is a cure. Shoot down to Jollibee and buy them a huge box of their best, I guarantee all issues will be resolved.
  6. Steve reading through your posts I just am not able to imagine a happy long lasting time here while your in the vicinity of family. From an out siders view point yourself an Emma must move far away from where you are, write off what you have spent to a hands on learning experience.
  7. Simple answer if wants to stay out of the detention center. Seek help from an immigration attorney, easily found on line.
  8. Just bought a sharp top loader fully automatic for P9K No bells or whistles like wobble tech just simple. Washes well but as new not able say more.
  9. Wow you sure love them.... We had a group of them on our floor in a hotel recently, seemed they were yelling at screaming all night, peaked around 5am when they checked out, were able to sleep at this time. Not sure this is typical or extreme.
  10. For me I prefer Twinings Earl Gray.....Each to their own
  11. I can relate to this after living on the beach in a semi remote area for many years. The first few years were for sure paradise, as time went on and we experienced all the hassles associated with being away from the cities the dream started to fade, suddenly the other side of paradise started appearing more and more. Fast forward, we recently bought a small condo in the out skirts of a city as a get away plus shopping convenience. Now we spend more time condo living and our large house almost not required. Something about the conveniences of a city sure get appealing after years without.
  12. Nice to read such a positive house building experience. Mine thanks to a crooked engineer left me with a shortened life expectancy which i can ill afford Ha Ha....
  13. Yes great life style for the short mid term, sure many of us like myself have been there done that. Trust on your conquests no false promises made to the young lovelies.
  14. Even worse in the malls....put a whole new meaning to slow walking. Not sure the whys how ever maybe we can learn from it and slow down...
  15. trust your research has included rental costs in IT park.....Plus salaries and all the add ons plus the 13 month at Xmas. It does add up so really need to have turn over. For sure it can be done how ever the journey will be tough especially so if your in experienced here.
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