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  1. Please come at live at our complex for a few weeks as for sure your gona realize just how lucky you are. Our management team are just a set of nazies led by a huge fat lesbian commandant. There have been efforts to remove her to no avail, apparently she has a relative whom occupies a high place in the ownership company. Her sole purpose in life is to ensure the most discomfort to renters and owners as possible. Last 3 years the pool is a green cess pit. Several court cases have not helped, any arguments she doubles or trebles power account. We own our unit, otherwise like many would of left, small argument a year ago and the commandant was down to Immigration to attempt my deportation. My friend whom also crossed blades with her had a sex charge laid him....Fortunately the police did not believe a word and refused to entertain the bitch. My partner and I just live below the radar and accept it for what it is.
  2. Ahhhh man after my own heart, many times been Sepang and ridden most areas you have been to. Never miss a Moto GP as able to stream it on Hes ago sports...... Sad how the age factor catches us up.......
  3. I have spent many years riding big motor cycles here and traveled pretty much throughout the country. Over all felt pretty safe and no majors. Now with age its just the car......Here in Bacolod they are bike crazy, partly I think due to some great nature tracks, still rather put my feet back over a 1200 than a cycle......Seen quite a few crashes and most deserved, some how they think they are cars riding 3 abreast. Just dam dangerous.
  4. The main issue would be to get her through immigration if its first time. We had a long wait some years ago and almost missed flight just going Vietnam for a vacation. Totally ignore comments or looks from others once in Aussie. Its a non event in my opinion, she must understand this also.
  5. Brett.....long time since I have been there, mostly motorcycling and loved it. The most important issue is Comparison (up to date) of BEER.... We are considering a couple weeks there this year, just loved food like all, in spite of the MSG which I understand is not so harmful as thought.
  6. Siem Reap is a tourist destination. If one (I going back few years) travels around the country as I have it is without question far behind the Philippines. Again this is many years ago
  7. Thanks again how ever no longer required as Old is bringing the book next week. Very kind offer.
  8. I like many others have also spent time in Thailand and can appreciate most of the comments of the OP. Especially in the food line, fortunately for myself my partner is a foodie and always on You tube finding and cooking different wonderful exotic meals, most spices are available from local Indian shops here. The local food (at least here in Bacolod) is terrible, bland is an understatement. What seems strange is the OP is prepared to to sacrifice what is a excellent relationship in a short time to continue living in Thailand, just appears strange to me.. Two close friends of mine resident here have previously lived many years in Thailand but prefer living here, the English being widely spoken plays a major part in their decisions. Both state the Thais in general are more mercenary that Filipinos......What ever that may mean.
  9. Further to this, received a PM just now stating a member has a hard copy and can bring it in July, again a very generous offer.
  10. Thanks your effort and advice, guess you have read the post of On My Way which I shall follow up on.
  11. Yes been told numerous time, but....what is easy for a computer geek unfortunately does not apply to a computer dummy. Plus do not have any Amazon account. Still get wearying going through stacks of books at Book Store as 90% appear to be woman authors which do not do much for me. I do have a Le nova tablet which may or may not be suitable for Kindle......Find it hard to imagine reading a novel on a tablet....Still can handle the BBC every am so be a step or two up.
  12. That is a very kind offer of which I would love to avail. Gives me a warm feeling of how members will go to their extreme to assist others, deeply appreciated and I shall PM you.
  13. Hi guys, I have read and really enjoyed books from the above late author. Recently have been trying to buy his novel The Officers Wifes without success. Not available, even to order in the local book shops. Any tips on where to find appreciated. I am not into kindle and to old to learn, plus could not imagine reading a novel on line.... Amazon I have never used and not much idea how it works but if its there maybe worth a shot. Unsure how this would work for payment.
  14. To me its quite amazing and baffling reading some of the horrible problems members have encountered. It quite beyond my understanding having no knowledge of the US regulations. My US friend simply uses his credit card from the US in any BPI bank ATM to access his pension, never an issue. I have been with him during withdrawals. Curious as to why others do not do same. Its not an issue to open an account here if one has his ACI card, why can members not avail of money transfers, example Wise (I use them) or orbit plus so many others, not instant but max is 2 days. For sure almost everyone has internet banking in their home country.
  15. No shortage here, we can barely eat 10% of what the partner grows on the terrace.
  16. I used to play at Ang Tay Dumaguete, reasonable course not great, Was reasonable many years ago at P500 probably doubled by now.
  17. No disagreement from me, experienced same. Remember bring back to ex a stack of brand new shoes to give to relies and friends.....All were branded but seconds, they were stuffed in a bag and still hanging on the peg months later. A small of chocolate not available here is now all that is given.
  18. Yes it very much a scale game, weigh up the convenience of having her around complete with Tampo and the inconvenience of being alone. Of course there tends to be an unexhaustive supply of woman here how ever one must factor in the fry-pan story. For myself I just find it a reason to involve more in my interests most of which are out doors, its just part of the package.
  19. Wonder if any readers can comment here. Quote from a FB which appeared to be very genuine. If one wants to avail of Phill Health one cannot have a private room in a hospital. The Phill Health site is quite confusing here, perhaps somebody has additional info.
  20. Just thought would add my experience in applying for the above. Had looked at blue cross Insurance how ever in my particular case Phill Health was more attractive. Expecting the typical bureaucracy I told myself to expect just to be told what else to go fetch....Requirements Requirements requirements..... Arriving at the main office with completed form we were met by a friendly guard and directed to sit in the senior section...... Within 5 minutes we were talking to a very nice consultant and were all done an dusted in less than 30 minutes. Most surprised and delighted. There is a 3 month stand down time which is fair as I understand in regards to existing medical issues. The total cost was P15k being 1 year. Not entirely clear of the situation if one is treated after the down time for some preexisting condition as this is not mentioned on the application form. From my understanding on average Phill Health will pay around 30% on most medical accounts.
  21. Would love to know the advice from your mother on teaching Filipinos from the so called deprived economic areas on how deal with financial matters.
  22. Steve I have not read all these threads how ever appears a common issue. No simple answer, what does work in many situations is......an allowance for the wife...partner and made clear thats its, its yours to do what ever you like with, no questions asked. The last 5 plus year this is my system and has worked without a single issue, of course unknown to her if a medical situation occurred and....I was in a position to help, well........ My partner is aware of my lack of interest to visit her family (3 hours drive from home) and respects this, fortunately they are about middle class and appear to do OK. Think its called KEEP ONES DISTANCE
  23. Together with an obsession for power. We bought a condo 5 years ago, lovely pool and grounds. New manager came in, a relation of one of the property companies directors, she is brainless an useless. Makes up for her limited ability by being a so called police power. Now our pool is unswimable, garbage all over, maintenance non existent plus the usual draconian rules regarding visitors as mentioned by previous posters. The housing committee for what its worth has had an attorney working on issues with no result. Latest stupidity is she banned us from using the public parking, why? Her devious plan was to have owners and renters pay her for a park slot. Nice to see a few of our owners in their large SUVs just ran through the barricades, finally she gave up. Bit of a stale mate at present. For me condo living is great as no lawns to cut or other issues pertaining to home ownership, so much depends on the management though.
  24. Well Dave, even Doc Fauci says now....natural immunity is the best so be happy..........
  25. Same issue during my time in San Carlos. Best method we found was put a cat in ceiling for a day or two. No more problem for a couple of months, repeat again. Its very annoying at night to hear them scratching around.
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