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  1. I was in contact with the same one, you maybe forgot I received her contact from yourself. Found her professional in the beginning, after the third day she did not respond so I dropped her like a big stone. Been to long here to deal with this shite... Had same experience recently with an attorney, amazingly even after asking his banking details for payment....no response. He also been dropped. My marketer was totally professional, polite and very responsive. Once done even bought her a lovely box of chocolates.
  2. This is a perfect example why if one uses a good marketer its made simple. I had a similar experience as I paid the application fee in US and they squabbled over the exchange rate plus unable to find it. The marketer sorted this and some other issues out with minimal hassle to me.
  3. Best of luck to Brett and appreciate all the advice and comments. Look forward to fur further positive progress.
  4. Pretty much identical Bacolod. Just the Dito not working which no issue as we have gomo which is OK. Looking at some you tubes its heart wrenching bit south of here.
  5. Brett just ensure a back up in place, My friend was booked into a hotel yesterday for a night Manila pre departure to US. Arrived to be told no cancelled...new rules, finally after huge struggle was accepted. Next day told his pre paid Covid test was cancelled due to high demand.....More panic as flight same day. Finally had it done for double the normal price. So be aware.
  6. Are you referring to Philippines or the US?
  7. Wonder if anyone has any experience with holographic will, was quoted a rather expensive price from an attorney here to make out a will. Also very complicated, this holographic will appears legal and easy.
  8. You ask why......I can answer this from what I have read. He and his supporters have employed the best social media available, its been very well done and effective. When the family fled Philippines he was 28 years old......go figure.
  9. It must be US $ also must be proven to come from overseas. I can give you details of a very trustworthy lady known as a marketeer whom can facilitate this free of charges to you if you wish to continue. Obviously I am not able to publish this so PM me for details.
  10. Given the not to far proximity to Cebu would of thought enough people to keep their heads above water. Did dive there many years ago and was very busy. Guess this down turn effects the whole city, or is it a town?
  11. Well Snowy we just operate in our little bubble which is inside our province. Apart from a recent boat trip to Iloilo we stay put, congrats on laughing it off.
  12. Hope I am allowed to post this....If not please remove mods.. It explains situation pretty good.
  13. The Filipina Pea has just released a video on you tube which explains the situation.
  14. Here in Bacolod common sense prevails!!!!..... Providing one carries ones shield its OK to enter a mall, bit like the crash helmets worn on the elbow......Sir I do have my helmet ....oh OK off you go.
  15. Think the term pastor would be more appropriate.
  16. This particular Gentleman, pastor appears to believe he can make a difference.
  17. Could you elaborate please. Here around Bacolod area I have only noticed it doing hikes in the national park. Regardless if your resident or not, if the nose is long you pay extra.....Used to annoy me, now if the funds are going to help protect and clean the parks I accept it OK. Probably about half of them charge the foreigner extra. Its stated on the boards.
  18. This is common in Thailand, even here I notice a few official places have different prices for foreigners. Not much can do except not go.
  19. Correct, I did read he graduated from a university in the States, extremely well read gentleman, specializing in ancient religious scripts... I have respect for anyone doing anything here for the betterment of others, even more so for this type of dangerous seedy kind of help he is trying to offer. . Lets wish him well in his en devours.
  20. Graham what ever happened to don't judge the book...........
  21. Actually your bang on here, I was in their club and at this time had enough miles up for another upgrade or short free flight. Dropped the lot and swore never to fly with them again. Remember this was over 10 years ago, seemed unless their hostesses were a retired school teacher or a bitchy sister or similar no job....Oh were a few Buyots there also.
  22. Qantas is your choice.....Well times must of changed or else your comfort zone is very different from mine. My last Qantas trip was admittedly over 10 years ago, swore after that horrible experience, from lousy food, arrogant bitches of staff never fly with them again. My airline of choice since for trips to Kiwi has been SAL, no complaint but schedule and price not great. No issue now as impossible to get back due to Covid.
  23. Mr Lawnmower in one post you claim to have lived here 15 years. The above post insinuates you expected a reply.......Something just does not add up. Welcome to the forum......
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