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  1. Read a FB post yesterday, no idea of the authenticity of it anyway sounded genuine. my 36 months was almost up, went to BI office and obtained another 2 months, no questions asked.
  2. Appears we have wondered from my original question. How to stream sports once Fox stop very soon. I was given this link Hesgoal,com which I used for the US open as we had TV issue. Worked fine although was in Swiss German which the most I am able to understand. Trust it will also work for Moto GP......We have just DITO varies from 20 to 50 down load.
  3. I received this late last night, had a quick look. From what i gathered if one asks a 6 month MR before ones 36 months are up the cost is in excess of P40K. That is not cheap and will make decision making difficult for so many, perhaps even force some to go under the radar and just over stay. There are already many do exactly this.
  4. To add to this topic although appreciated we were not able to access any of links suggested. Always being side tracked and led around and around. Most success was the suggestion of Freebie. Again stress we are computer dummies although my partner has a few clues but obviously not enough. We will enjoy another 2 Moto GPs after keep trying the streaming. Our speeds with the DITO have dropped as expected, now average around 28 down and 13 up.
  5. Similar experience here, sad thing was, many foreigners I spoke to while waiting 2 hours for interview had lost their flight due to delay. Thank goodness we were very early but still only just made it to flight.
  6. Any suggestions on for a computer dummy on how to watch Fox Sports.......Our Dito cell connection runs around 35...40 MPS down nd 20 plus up
  7. Could a mod please remove this as I see its already posted, I have tried to delete it but unable.Thank you
  8. According to an article today Fox sports, news, movies, crime and national Geographic are no longer available here after 1 October. Serious issue for myself an no doubt others whom love sport, I never miss Moto GP. Any geeks out there whom know of a way to watch some sports (MotoGP) on line with or with out payment would love to hear from them. layman terms please.
  9. Yes how ever never checked on it as orbit remit offered such a wonderful service and seem to have Kiwi market pretty much sown up. From first peep at wise it seems one is able open an account in any currency. This could be an advantage if I go the route of retirement visa as transferring from a NZ bank is rather a rip off, fees and rates are shocking.
  10. Wow....wished had heard of them earlier, always been using Orbit Remit. Signed up with Wise, made a transfer and received funds same day. Rate considerably better than orbit....hind site.......if only.
  11. Yes and its not working.......Who was that said....Lunacy lock downs.......
  12. I fail to see where I indicated if you care or not, its quite irreverent to me what you care. But as everyone (except yourself) appears to know who and what Greg Norman is, point is although being in top shape one would presume does help against covid its not always the case as Mike j correctly posted about.
  13. Not sure Greg Norman would agree with the above.
  14. For starters the price. Have read several positive studies, none of which have been peer reviewed. One thing is certain Big Pharma will oppose any and all means to have it approved.
  15. Actually HK, was watching a video from Doc Campbell a week or so ago in which he showed statistics, deaths in the UK had decreased compared to the yearly average. Sorry cannot remember the time periods. Its just so much, especially here, seems to be blamed on covid, these people in their 80s plus, while I do accept covid sadly contributed to their unfortunate demise, if not covid pneumonia, influenza or what ever which would not of resulted in any publicity.
  16. Yes and also plenty dying from what they reason is covid where before the pandemic would of had another name such as pneumonia. Its interesting when watching news from Channel 9 Aussie many of the deaths are people in their 80s, 90s....All covid deaths.
  17. Cost of getting the visa.....Meaning one must look at ones age, crystal ball ones pass over time and do the maths. Yes if one has a lingering sickness in final years perhaps there is time, how ever an accident or sudden illness there would be no time. Not withstanding any hold ups by the PRRV in returning funds. If we only knew the intentions of the powers to be in opening up....surely they want, need, the tourist income and act accordingly.
  18. Thank you for that post, I am looking seriously at this option and you have helped me in the decision making. The problem is when ever one has questions (me many) and we e mail them one receives just a computer generated reply..... My main so far unanswered question is, if one passes over what happens to the US20K I understand one is unable to give signing authority on the account to ones partner, can one will it or what.......Any comments here appreciated. if only we had a crystal ball.....
  19. Well here in Bacolod everything is same in spite of delta cases appearing. Some bars are not selling alcohol but most its business as usual, except after 6pm they pour the beer into cardboard glasses. Bands playing at my local, nothing really changed vat all.
  20. Before you test BP try relaxing 5 minutes, deep breathing, slowly exhaling breath. Ensure arm at chest height. Recommended is test twice, place more emphasize on second test. Some docs actually say forget first test....Kinda weird as they test only once in my experience.
  21. Yes so sad, think I speak for us all with deepest sympathies.
  22. Bacolod SM as a senior took me around 4 hours playing musical chairs. Following day my partner was there before 8am and finished very late PM. They are trying but just to many people.
  23. Same issue, first girl tested me while waiting with my arm hanging down, loose cuff fit, said its high. Few minutes later other girl put my arm on desk just before jab, said its normal. [email protected] basically no reactions at all.
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