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  1. As JP states, you have to be careful what you complain about in a situation such as this. Albeit it reasonable, the repercussions can nevertheless snowball remarkably quickly if not handled extremely carefully. Hopefully a polite and friendly request will do the trick. Any form of complaint however, could be viewed as "arrogance" or cause the offender to take offence and you then have a potential enemy for the duration of your time there. I know it sounds petty, but that is the prevalent mind-set here unfortunately. A good example of this is our place: lovely neighbors in a very provincial non
  2. @ Mogo: One thing to bear in mind when buying new is to take the dealer's assurance that the rego will be sorted in 2 months with a very large pinch of salt. They will say anything to have you hand over the money. I have bought 6 small bikes and the same number of big capacity machines here in the Phils and the only ones that were registered within a couple of weeks were the big bikes supplied by Phil Ang out of Manila. Dealing with him is a first world experience. All the others have taken anything from 4 months to 2 years to get sorted, with an innumerable raft of inventive excuses for the o
  3. Nothing new there really. Just seems part of the present trait where someone is always being "offended" by someone or something else.........
  4. I always take the boat to and from Cebu. Cockaliong and George and Peter Line between them have boats practically every evening from Cebu. One surprising thing I discovered a while back was that, for me at least, the economy fresh air beds are actually more comfortable than the tourist aircon option. I used to go with the aircon accommodation which costs 600 pesos and invariably froze half to death by the time I got to Cebu. Economy, on the other hand gives you a very pleasant crossing, cool, not cold with the ever-present sea breeze. Far more comfortable stretching out on a bed and getting a
  5. We use Dr Tubog as our family physician - she has a clinic at Holy Child and at Dauin. Although she specializes in pediatrics she is a lovely and competent doctor who take her time with her patients and is very conscientious. A real gem.
  6. Very well written and absolutely correct in every detail. Very sound advice.
  7. Globalink Driving School   Driving school in Dumaguete, Philippines Address: Dr Miciano Rd, Dumaguete, 6200 Negros Oriental Phone: 0915 795 0485 Hours: Open today · 8AM–12PM, 1–7PM
  8. The driving school you are referring to is Global Link in Dumaguete proper. They have both an automatic trans Wigo and a manual Sportage, both new. My missus learnt with them a few years back, when they only had a real beat up old manual trans Sportage. She took twenty hours of instruction, supplemented with a lot of practice up the back roads on our old 4-wheel drive Retona jeep. She chose to take another ten hours with the same instructor prior to being let out on her own. I spoke to the guy at this time and he was very professional and his assessment of her progress to date was the same as
  9. Agree with the above poster 100 percent! I lived in Thailand for around 7 years and have just clocked up my 12th here in the Phils. TRhat speaks volumes. And I used to dread visits to the Thai immigration for all the reasons mentioned above. Although bureaucracy here can also be frustrating I find it pales into insignificance when compared with dealing with Thai government officials.
  10. Just an update. Project complete and have now moved in. All good - no glitches. Delighted with the outcome!
  11. Just a few interior pics to conclude. The place has 10 ft ceilings which, when combined with double-sided roof insulation and very large jalousie plus windows with mirrored one-way bronze glass completely preclude the need for aircon up here in Valencia. Bedrooms were kept to a modest size to allow for more living space and both en-suite cr and walk-through closet. LED lighting throughout. Bit of a one-off expense that will hopefully pay for itself over time. Last pic of self with Mr Santos.
  12. Having read and heard the usual horror stories about house builds in the Philippines, I thought I would try and offset them with an account of what has been an extremely stress-free and enjoyable experience. I would add that until the recent birth of my daughter, I had always stood firmly in the rent, don’t build camp. However, her arrival brought about a change in perspective, and this build is my way of ensuring that both mother and daughter have a solid base to call their own long after my demise! After 10 years here, I went into this with eyes wide open and in full k
  13. Hi guys - I am advertising this vehicle on behalf of an expat friend here in Dumaguete. The car is in great condition and 100% sound mechanically and cosmetically - having been expat owned and maintained since it first arrived in the Phils. It has a new battery, new clutch master and slave cylinders, recent paint job and aircon overhaul (very cold). Four wheel drive. Electric windows. Everything in top working order. Registered and insured for 12 months. Asking price 199,000 pesos or nearest offer. Vehicle can be viewed at my place in Valencia (9 kms from Dumaguete City). For further details e
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