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  1. That's a valid worry, she could scam him for even more money by filing for child support.
  2. Million dollar question. I'd be like you broke it you bought it. Don't want to pay? I will just take something you have of equivalent value, than you very much, good day. (Make sure you are in their house when that happens.)
  3. @robert k I couldn't agree with you more. @everyone I have lived in Mexico for 10 years and bought my first smartphone shortly after arriving. I asked my, then fiance and now, late wife if she wanted one too. She said no until I got mine, then she wanted one. Shortly before our wedding I had a friend coming for the wedding bring one for her that I had bought on Ebay, it was exactly the same as mine. Long story short over 10 years neither of us lost a phone and we always had protective cases for them (I mean for goodness sake they only cost 5-20 dollars). I usually went with the heavy duty "armor" types but my wife always preferred the silicon rubbery ones. She NEVER broke, lost or lent a phone out, in fact I still have her last phone in storage. I only ONCE broke one on a visit to the states, I dropped it on a wooden floor and it was a very short drop, I was stunned as I had once or twice on concrete and nothing happened. I guess it was just the right angle, anyway I was able to buy a new screen for about $10 and replace it myself, good to go. So for 10 YEARS I have only taken minimal precautions and only had one incidents, here in Mexico I have seen a LOT of people lose or break their phones. I have a lot of friends in the Philippines who often message me saying something like "Sorry I haven't messaged in a while, I broke/lost my phone." I just don't get it, just a small amount of energy and precaution is needed to preserve these darn things. Buy a protective case, if someone asks to "borrow" it the answer is "NO" (I mean unless it's just for a few minutes to make a quick call because they are out of load or their battery has no juice.) Especially in the case where someone has given it to you as a gift. All you have to say is "No you can't borrow this for a week, your sister or her husband have given it to me as a gift and I can't take the chance that an "accident" might happen." Sure they might get pissed, but oh well too bad for them, they will get over it. I can't name the amount of times my late wife and I had to say no to loans (of money) to people we knew had even a slight chance of not paying it back. My late wife's brother was the family cash cow and everyone tried to borrow money from him. One time my nephew broke his arm because my other deadbeat brother in law wasn't watching his kids. He asked for money for the hospital bill and my brother in law was just like my late wife and said no because he knew that, first of all it was the deadbeat's fault, second he would never see that money again and MOST importantly, he knew his brother had to wake up and man up. I know that seems extreme but you had to be there, it really wasn't cruel and he told us later that he would have paid in the end but he just wanted to see what his brother would and if he would man up, which he eventually did. I'm not saying never to borrow and my late wife and I have asked for loans but we paid them back immediately. If you are dealing with responsible people then I see no problem, with lending money. A cell phone or anything else then no way. (One exception is to lend a car to someone who has had an accident or whose car has broken down, but again they have to be SUPER close to you and SUPER responsible.) OK, sorry about the rant, you may now return to your regularly scheduled programming. P.S. What happened to partial quotes and multi-quotes?
  4. Problem is calling to someone without load when a convo gets cut off in the middle.
  5. Does anyone know of a way to make free calls to the Philippine islands?
  6. If this was normal and serious it would really worry me about the kind of woman she is and if I would want to be with her.
  7. Was this a serious conversation? Is this just sarcastic banter that the 2 of you usually share?
  8. I understand, it was the same for me here in Mexico as far as red tape and bureaucracy but the last 2 I just had to buckle down and go through the processes and we just did our best to try to keep the wedding as simple as possible and it all worked out. Even a nice wedding can be done on the cheap here in Mexico and I'm sure even cheaper in the PI. Again just my 2 cents but I would think going through and getting over all of the above would be worth it when property, houses and bank accounts are at stake. No?
  9. Just my 2 cents on the matter. If one is dedicated enough to a woman to start a bank account for her, buy land or property with her, for her or for himself in her name then why not marry? Or the other logical option to me is to hold of on that sort of thing (bank, property, house) until you are sure you want to marry her. Another option is to see if you can start a second account of your own and just give her the card and PIN and deposit what amounts you want her to have access to in that. Final option would be to give her cash. I still think marriage or waiting until you are sure would be the best. Like I said just my 2 cents. Also maybe this has all been suggested before but I got to dizzy to read after the first dozen posts or so. I will try to catch up later.
  10. I agree Dave ..... especially the term "dog" .... I told one idiot at work once that if he called me "dog" one more time I would kick his butt .... he thought he was cute and almost slipped one time but the look on his face as I started towards him was priceless ..... he didn't forget again ..... people are all the time trying to change the English Language take for example the # .... it has been called the pound sign for decades ever since the telephone .... math and the typewriter were invented but it is now know as a "hash tag" ..... why didn't they just make another symbol to represent a "hash tag" ..... they can't say pound sign .... nope it's got to be "hash tag" ..... oh well I don't use social media anyway so I just ignore "hash tag" .... oooops..... I mean pound sign .... :36_6_3[1]: :hystery: :hystery: :cheersty: Whadda ya mean dog? Sorry I couldn't resist. While I have nothing against slang as a joke, there is a time and place for everything. I am glad that my dad made us speak proper English in everyday life, especially outside the home and in formal settings. I rarely use slang and when I do it is, again, in a joking way with close friends or family. As an English teacher I do teach it but only so the students know what it means, I also let them know when it might or might not be appropriate and most of the time I tell them not to use it. Interesting as it will always be the "number sign" to me. For me it has always been the "number sign" first and then the pound key on the phone (don't recall it being the pound sign). I know now it's hashtag and I hate it and only use "hashtag" as a joke.
  11. JFG I understand why you are upset, some blanket statements have been made and that is bound to upset people. I am not sure that all the writers intended them in a serious manner. But you are right, we do have to be careful of what we post and think twice before posting, myself included. I think we will all be a bit more careful in the future. That said I think we have developed a bit of a "Band of Brothers" and almost family type of atmosphere and we tend do say things of the top of our head because of that. I am not saying that it's right but I do think that it's nice that many feel that comfortable with fellow board members. I don't think anyone wants you to crawl in a hole and I don't think you meant to "showboat" I think JFG was saying it could give that impression. For me it didn't, lots of people just have a preferred font and color when they write. For me I am a black and Times New Roman man. I use to like to write in red but I quickly learned many people didn't appreciate the color and found it too loud. I do understand the feeling of wanting to be quiet and just go away, I am the same sometimes and end up not contributing at times. Later people ask me why I have been so quiet and not commented in various chats or on forums. That said I understand both sides and hope the thread can get back on track rather than being locked down. I think things will cool off and people will post more judiciously in the future, or at least I hope.
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