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  1. 9A sorry. :) Whatever the tourist visa is. haha
  2. Shoot I dont have the link, but yes a 13a being processed you require a valid visa until approved. There is no more BB to reenter. You must go to your country's Filipino Embassy or Counselor and apply for a 6A and have a ton of proof you both are married to reenter. Like I said I dont remember specifics but there is a list... check your countries 6A Embassy requirements.
  3. Heard from a Gent in Cebu, he went to Jmail Cebu and was fined two months, because he was over two months.
  4. I have found from listening to folks all over the Philippines, it all depends on your location and what BI you go to. I have received 4-six month extensions in a row from the closest BI. I have heard horror stories of the BI in J-Mall, Cebu.
  5. I believe you have two visa choices for a permanent resident visa, a 13A spousal visa if your wife is a Philippine citizen or a SRRV visa.
  6. There are a few of us around Ormoc, Leyte that go fishing in the ocean, and I have seen Pinoys with fishing poles and children with a plastic bottles with line and a hook w/worms. I've found you need a boat or rent a boat, because of all the fishermen using nets around shore. I know there is a Brit on Siargao Island that has a fishing charter for deep sea fishing. There are no organized fishing stores or events I have seen in Leyte.
  7. You should evacuate if they ask you too for your safety.
  8. NAVAL, Biliran – A foreign national was shot dead in downtown Naval early morning today, Wednesday, July 26. The victim was identified as Simon Rawlinson from New Zealand, 63 years old, and is presently residing at Barangay Bato in Maripipi, Biliran. According to witnesses, the foreign national was shot by a riding-in-tandem at the adjacent corner of Goldilocks. Based on initial information, the foreign national who was from Maripipi was shot at around 6:00 o’clock in the morning. SOCO in Biliran already conducted preliminary investigation at the scene of the crime while police authori
  9. I just joined this forum and am not sure how to send a PM. Here is the website: http://vfwpost12130.org R/ Soup
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