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  1. Hi Dave, it's not our first trip to Myanmar though our previous trips are some years ago and we may try one of the land borders now open with TH but we want to make sure this can be done either without a visa for my PH partner or she obtains a visa as well if this is necessary. Anyway we're still a few months ahead of our trip so please be patient with any update from our side. Johann
  2. A Big Hello, well, in general I have pretty much all the informations regarding entry formalities to Myanmar when it comes to my Phil. partner. I'm aware she will be granted 14 days visa-free entry on arrival. What I don't know: Can a Phil. passport holder avail this privilege at a Myanmar airport only OR does this apply to the land border crossings with TH as well?? Any reliable info is appreciated. Johann
  3. Hi folks, thanks to all of you for the effort to help.... Mango-Johnny
  4. Hello Methersgate, thank you for the useful reply. Actually, it seems it all depends if my flight to MNL is ON TIME. I've done the connection between the two terminals before in the opposite direction but with more than sufficient time but with 2:15 hrs. left my confidence dropped a bit. Thanks again for your help. Mango-Johnny
  5. Hi, everybody! This is regarding Manila airport connection time between flights. My original plan (and booking) for travel in April was to arr. by 12:00 noon at T3 on a 5J-flight and to continue by PR from T2 at 15:20. 3 hrs. 20 min. are a reasonable amount of time to change Terminals and check-in for the new flight. BUT: PR rescheduled my flight and now my PR flight is scheduled to dep. MNL at 14:15 which means my connecting time became a crucial issue. I did research for the minimum connecting time at NAIA airport (theoretical 2 hours) but I’m still worried about if this could work out fine…? I’ld like to know if anyone of the members have any experience regarding connections in NAIA plus I also like to know if the new schedule entitles me to cancel my PR flight without paying any cancellation fee, of course. I’ll check with PR as well but I like to know my rights ahead of discussing this with Phil. Air. Anyone who can give me a useful advice?? Thanx
  6. Hi Jollygoodfellow, I'll forward all the info to my friend.... Thanks again Mango-Johnny
  7. Hi brock, Hi Old55, thank you for your response. I'll transmit your reply to my friend. Thanks again Mango-Johnny
  8. Hi Jollygoodfellow, thanx for your fast response. That's a good start. Maybe I receive more great suggestions....?? Johnny
  9. Hello, I'm asking the topic question on behalf of a good friend from Europe, who doesn't enjoy the benefits of an own notebook yet. He's currectly in Thailand but considers moving to the Phil's since the bureaucratic hurdles are getting higher and higher over there. I myself have no idea regarding the current situation in the Phil's in this respect so I hope somebody in this community can clarify this. My question is: Is there a realistic chance he could find a decent job as chef in a 4 or 5 star hotel / resort?? Actually regarding cooks for western food: Is there more demand for labour or more demand for such jobs?? What monthly/yearly salary he could expect just in case?? Is there any certain area in particular attractive for him?? Where to start the research for a job?? Regarding my own nationality (Austria) I could give pretty good advice to my friend but in case of the Phil's I'm clueless in this respect. Any suggestions?? Thanks for your support Johnny
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