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  1. Ahh, but is it a feast these days, Tim. I think your discipline over the last few months says otherwise-which speaks well to your younger slimmer look-great job on the diet!
  2. The choice between debit and credit (where credit cards are accepted) when making a purchase. I'm sure that's a looong way off.
  3. Add me to that list as well (DIA)...It's where I met my wife as well-couldn't be happier
  4. K-1 Visas to the US from the PI is about 8,500 per year. (Second most world wide is China at about 2,500). Almost all of these unions are the result of internet dating at the start. Through FB groups and those we know personally-there are countless couples so willing to share their lives as a happy Phil-AM couple. Where is there any evidence that these unions resulting in scams, etc. Common sense should weed out those who are potential scammers or players.
  5. It seems that given the current political climate under Duterte that leniency in his case would be most unpopular and that might mean he's going to be paying some dues-as this goes through appeals. Unfortunate timing for this man for sure.
  6. I suppose it would depend on the type of friend HE is and how well I know him as far as matching him up with a gal from a certain culture-that's a tough one-and yet guys open to starting relationships with women overseas are so few and far between-at least in my area of the US.
  7. I also sent the details of what you show here to a friend in Puerta Princessa-he's got a decent amount of friends, they get out quite a bit and have linked this post so he can check it out-just another set of eyes, I guess-I hope he gets tracked down
  8. I wonder if this guy can heal a hang over too
  9. It's also a good way to roughly guage the size of the family you will encounter before walking in a home for the first time...
  10. (not sure if this is a cryptic way of saying things are on a turn for the worst or....) but anyway my wife was just yesterday playing with a new app on her cell phone that displays a whole host of facial adjustments...some funny, some scary, some cute...etc
  11. All the best to you JGF...Ha ha...a Mexican theme restaurant, ran by an Australian with Filipino employees likely with American & British patrons...my what a cross cultural menagerie to say the least!! G'dAy Mate!, Hiya!, Hello, Ola! Maayon Buntag!! Por favor, try our famous Beef Burritos, palihog-It's ang Sarap, sarap. Pay in Mex pesos, Phl Peso, American Dollars, Pounds or Aussie Dollar!!
  12. Mr ""Newtlug""...In dealing with law enforcement myself, it's relatively easy these days to get the name of the prospective "tourist" who shares these types of intentions on line-connecting one's name to a passport number and then conveying that to the country one may be visiting can mark that person. Surveillance usually is the next step. Also note that even developing nations have a "code" in their jails-I'll let you figure out the rest.-just food for thought-that's all.
  13. Well Dave, that would be one way to keep things on the lighter side for sure! All 3 together may share internet dating stories (yea as if that's their source ha ha) Putin/Weng... Duterte/Zimmerman...Trump/Melanie Knauss What is it with these guys meeting/dating/marrying women from other countries anyway? Good, bad, or indifferent great minds think alike
  14. If not more in 'round about ways. It seems on the surface that Duterte's war on drugs is being fought on the street level and yet nothing regarding syndicates. The term drug lord is very loosly used in the Philippines IMO. The real ones are out of reach.
  15. I may have lent some confusion on this earlier post of 26,000 rifles as I had used "M" (as being the Roman numeral for thousand) and mm in the past I had seen it used for "million" (maybe old school-my bad-sorry). I'll stick to K (for thousand) - my lesson for the day-thanks for correcting me. Either way since it's not really significant as to the financial impact of the potential buyer or seller, it's still a subtle message to Duterte of disapproval from the US (as these rifles being earmarked for the PNP) and did not want the US taxpayer to fund anything connected to this activity.
  16. I'm wondering if that trend will continue as the US sent a somewhat subtle message to Duterte by recently cancelling an order of 26m assault rifles earmarked for the PNP. (Maybe our gov't could not justify spending the money in light of how Duterte has chosen to handle this).
  17. That's likely the Chinese version of "crab mentality", I guess
  18. If you ask construction workers walking on scaffolding, with nails all over, mixing cement, etc-well--they're a lot more comfortable than steel toe'd shoes that's for sure (I guess it's about their priorities in what they buy from day to day).
  19. Hey Steve

    Filipino/a IQ

    In total support for your post, Reboot and hopefully to add....I for one would feel embarrassed to judge one's mental abilities simply by their lot in life which (as with me) is by chance and not by choice. Who are we to sit in our ivory towers and ridicule and criticize someone that may well have been a doctor rather than an umbrella repair man simply based on the land the hospital was on when he took his first breath. I respect the labor and all the creative means these people (that for the most part show us Westerners basic respect) have in how they carve out their living. I think more personally than globally and don't allow the latter to cloud my view of this country and it's people.
  20. He certainly is a "colorful character" as the only pubic statement made by our President. Well to me that was reaffirmed when he started lecturing the US on what is moral and right to the US and what is moral and right to his country. Then he proceeded to ask a rather attractive reporter to just stand in silence so he could have a "moment" to stare at her before she was allowed to ask a question. What will tomorrow(s) bring?
  21. Tim & Dave...I think you're both doing great-I sub to you both
  22. JGF, can you please give me very specific information as to where you were standing when these encounters took place (what floor, landmarks nearby..GPS if possible)...so I know to always avoid that particular spot .
  23. A lot of Filipino Grocery stores (Filipino-not "Asian") either have the BB service as a sideline-like we have here in KC or can lead them to a local provider nearby (without having to drive too far). One in particular he can check with is "Philippine Oriental Store" in Tampa https://www.mapquest.com/us/florida/business-tampa/philippine-oriental-store-271268876
  24. What I find interesting in this whole mock buy-bust operation is that both the Australian and Philippines media covered this story at the time the incident allegedly happened in late June-however from what I see (or don't see for that matter) is that ONLY the Australian media reported how this was man was set up by the Phl police with CCTV footage proving his innocence and subsequent acquittal. The follow up story 3 days ago would be the most important part of this story The absence of the follow up story in the Philippines media where Filipinos go for their news-leaves them with a vision of an Australian drug dealer caught in the act of selling. Period. Maybe the court's decision is on the back page of some local article, but his innocence seems to be immaterial to local readers and the media.
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