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  1. 1 hour ago, Old55 said:

    ......would you best recommend a friend to meet a Filipina or a lady from China or some other region?


    I suppose it would depend on the type of friend HE is and how well I know him as far as matching him up with a gal from a certain culture-that's a tough one-and yet guys open to starting relationships with women overseas are so few and far between-at least in my area of the US.

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  2. 2 hours ago, davewe said:

    My guess is that if DU30 and Trump ever get together they'll throw out a few curse words, down a few San Migs, and share a couple girls. And if they bring in Putin to the party, they'll need more than a couple.

    Well Dave, that would be one way to keep things on the lighter side for sure!

    All 3 together may share internet dating stories (yea as if that's their source ha ha)

    Putin/Weng... Duterte/Zimmerman...Trump/Melanie Knauss

    What is it with these guys meeting/dating/marrying women from other countries anyway? Good, bad, or indifferent great minds think alike :hystery:

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  3. 1 hour ago, robert k said:

     ....I can't see why the US would even propose it to begin with. The US gives almost as many weapons to the Mexican drug cartels.

    If not more in 'round about ways. It seems on the surface that Duterte's war on drugs is being fought on the street level and yet nothing regarding syndicates. The term drug lord is very loosly used in the Philippines IMO. The real ones are out of reach.

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  4. 10 hours ago, robert k said:

    I didn't fact check on this. Just commented on someone else's comment and ran with it.:571c66d400c8c_1(103):


    I may have lent some confusion on this earlier post of 26,000 rifles as I had used "M" (as being the Roman numeral for thousand) and mm in the past I had seen it used for "million" (maybe old school-my bad-sorry). I'll stick to K (for thousand) - my lesson for the day-thanks for correcting me.:89:

    Either way since it's not really significant as to the financial impact of the potential buyer or seller, it's still a subtle message to Duterte of disapproval from the US (as these rifles being earmarked for the PNP) and did not want the US taxpayer to fund anything connected to this activity.

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  5. 5 hours ago, Gerald Glatt said:

    :boohoo:at least Fil is winning it's war on drugs, nd not spending a fortune on prisons full of users.

    I'm wondering if that trend will continue as the US sent a somewhat subtle message to Duterte by recently cancelling an order of 26m assault rifles earmarked for the PNP. (Maybe our gov't could not justify spending the money in light of how Duterte has chosen to handle this).

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  6. 2 hours ago, bows00 said:

    ....  They have this scarcity mentality that the food is going to run out - the hording was so classless - they go for the most expensive item (i.e., crab legs) and pile mounds of it on their dish, we had no chance of getting even a small a taste of the good stuff.  This is a typical experience... 

    That's likely the Chinese version of "crab mentality", I guess :mocking:

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  7. If you ask construction workers walking on scaffolding, with nails all over, mixing cement, etc-well--they're a lot more comfortable than steel toe'd shoes that's for sure (I guess it's about their priorities in what they buy from day to day).

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  8. He certainly is a "colorful character" as the only pubic statement made by our President. Well to me that was reaffirmed when he started lecturing the US on what is moral and right to the US and what is moral and right to his country. Then he proceeded to ask a rather attractive reporter to just stand in silence so he could have a "moment" to stare at her before she was allowed to ask a question. What will tomorrow(s) bring?

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  9. On ‎9‎/‎29‎/‎2016 at 6:39 AM, Jollygoodfellow said:

    Today I was Ayala ....

    ...just walking out on the terraces

    ...and stop leaning on the railing,



    JGF, can you please give me very specific information as to where you were standing when these encounters took place (what floor, landmarks nearby..GPS if possible)...so I know to always avoid that particular spot :whistling:.

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  10. What I find interesting in this whole mock buy-bust operation is that both the Australian and Philippines media covered this story at the time the incident allegedly happened in late June-however from what I see (or don't see for that matter) is that ONLY the Australian media reported how this was man was set up by the Phl police with CCTV footage proving his innocence and subsequent acquittal. The follow up story 3 days ago would be the most important part of this story

    The absence of the follow up story in the Philippines media where Filipinos go for their news-leaves them with a vision of an Australian drug dealer caught in the act of selling. Period. 

    Maybe the court's decision is on the back page of some local article, but his innocence seems to be immaterial to local readers and the media.

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