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  1. My prediction is that the inmates are going to run the asylum for 96 hours
  2. Depending if you wear socks or not, (I usually do), I use a velcro strapped ankle wallet that wraps nicely and comfortably around my ankle (snatcher proof too) and it also "soft" folds my money-never had a problem exchanging.
  3. Every time he rests his right hand gently on his cheek and opens his mouth, I think-Oh dear Lord, what is he going to say now?! He's obviously cherry picking negative sentiment against the US since the Terrance Meiring incident in Davao years back. I just wish he could just let it go. He's having a tough time of it for now-that's for sure.
  4. Actually, until retired, and in some cases after retirement, I would think and have experienced that there's "nothing more expensive" than a free lunch (at the end of the day).
  5. Yea..he should have just left her if it was that bad...maybe he lived by the notion that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"
  6. Regarding the first 15 seconds of the video. I read elsewhere (Huffington Post), this guy just took the money and stood there in the bank waiting to get arrested. He chose the bank closest to the police station by the way...so, meanwhile back here in Kansas City, couples are doing what they can to maintain peace in the household. My wife asked me if it's really that bad here?
  7. I know whenever I would stop into Jolly Bee I'd have to ask for about 15 of them little thin napkin squares in case I had to wipe my mouth a couple times. Where's the savings in paper products effecting the bottom line? It's got to be minimal. I can understand condiments end up in hand bags, but napkins? Gimme a break!
  8. Accusations that Duterte spearheaded deaths squads (never proven legally) or amassed millions through corrupt means (never proven legally) seem to be on the back burner of the populous' minds right now-and the foreseeable future. They are mere distractions and woe to the one (Delima, Roxas or the Int'l community-even the media I dare say) should they stand in his way. Hope floats, yes, I agree..but the status quo simply is not working in the minds of the people that matter. Duterte is going to drive this new ship his way-and the people seem to feel whatever that way is, will be our way too and again, woe to those that try to redirect that ship-with reason or otherwise. The people truly are mezmorized by him-and it may not be such a bad thing-we'll wait and see.
  9. On my 2 points I posted about-to point out examples as to the substance behind my thoughts (not feelings) are 1- on his popularity is that he currently has a 91% approval rating from Pulse Asia and 2-regarding past Presidents-I would expand to say Erap who was ousted found guilty of plunder, Arroyo (electoral fraud), Marcos (corruption, extravagance, brutality) but hope this helps in my case .
  10. As I see it with Duterte in power now,due to his present overwhelming popularity coupled with his somewhat egotistical and outlandish leadership style, I believe he feels he can "skirt the system". In many ways he can-and has-and will as he rides the coat tails of his vast followers. How long he can continue to push the envelope on future issues, remains to be seen. I don't believe dictatorship is in the cards though. Why go that dictator route anyway when the populous will back everything he does in whatever way he chooses to go about - even in the present political climate. The honeymoon phase will end in due time. Malacañang will settle into some kind of groove eventually. But make a perceived bad move or wrong decision that changes people's perception of what you stand for and political viewpoints and how politicians (Duterte included) are viewed in the Philippines can change in a heartbeat as many past Presidents surely can attest to. I think a lot will change if Robrerto takes the reigns (for whatever reason), but that's another topic, maybe for another day.
  11. I remember another recent report that said about 23 Muslim extremists were killed in and around Abu Sayaf strongholds near Jolo in military operations. This news report here now states 23 Muslim extremists have escaped from jail. Reinforcements or coincidence?
  12. IMO...Sports like gymnastics, synchronized swimming, figure skating and diving that depend on the "opinion" of judges to determine if you are "metal material" are something I never watch-ie a subjective winner. (boxing and wrestling are grey areas in this same way). I believe a winner should be clear cut-1st to finish-highest score-longest jump. etc.
  13. My wife frequents the thrift stores on a regular basis and spends hours scowering the racks for just the right item (usually tops). I asked her if starting Jan 1 if she wore a different top every day, what date would it be before she had to wear that same top she wore on Jan 1. I'm guessing sometime in October before the cycle would begin again.
  14. My wife pretty much views this approach as an unfortunate "necessary evil". She is hoping soon with many now deceased, incarcerated, or committed to rehab that things will calm down and lead to a more humane approach to the problem-that's her hope anyway. Initially she had some stronger reactions to this situation, but I'll refrain from sharing that.
  15. I do as well...I sure wish I knew of an alternate route with a high guarantee of success reaching this goal...
  16. Just a thought if I may, attaining a K-1 as the most assured way to get her to the US is a vehicle (yes, through marriage)-to get to the US. Not wanting to get involved in the dynamics of your relationship so much, but all other ways are vehicles to get to the US just the same. Being together for 4 years tells me this might not be an immoral choice looking at it on the surface. I don't know if at the end of the day, this route may in fact be the only practical way for you two-in a long term relationship to go. I wish you the best.
  17. As Earthdome eluded to, your best course of action, I would say as well, is to file a K-1 Visa. If you time it out right initiate the process, say, about Dec 2017. This will mean she will have that K-1 visa in hand in the spring of 2018. (of course you will have 90 days to marry once you get her to the US). The only issue at hand here is that you need to be on US soil to file this (I-129 form-K-1 visa) and not in Thailand (not sure if that will be logistically practical for you).
  18. Well, Dave, I guess you are a leg up on the rest of it..goes to show there's proof-you're only as beautiful as you feel....
  19. Jake, there you go off to the dog house yet again?
  20. Dinner partners are usually concentrated in certain areas in the Philippines. If you search "Philippines" on You Tube and filter in "most viewed", I'm sure you will find those locations to meet your specs. All the best in your search in this mostly conservative country. Stay Safe!
  21. My wife is in the process of getting approval to lift her conditions on her Green Card. The paperwork to apply went through as complete as can be-nothing strange-nothing missing-yet they sent an RFI (request for more information) letter back-took 6 months of waiting. I gathered the requested info and sent it back straight away (we'll see what happens). She saw the You Tube clip of "The Donald" talking about the Philippines-terrorist nation speech, etc shortly after receiving this RFI letter from USCIS. She worries because she's from southern Mindanao that she's going to be targeted or scrutinized more and thinks they will call us down for an interview. I told her-no worries-this guy has no authority at this point (may never-not going to predict either).
  22. Service can be slow-sometimes real slow when waiting your turn in many PI retail or resto establishments. Cutting overhead to accommodate DU30's demand to reduce/eliminate contract workers may result in service that much slower depending on how much overhead is cut. I'm wondering if the phrase "falling in line" will take on a whole new meaning.
  23. I'm wondering too if he wants to head back to the US if he will have over stay charges to pay since he's been in jail all that time.
  24. As far as sharing financial matters with my wife's family, well, I try to keep that under control by sending mixed signals to them. It's like they ask how I got a new car when we told them we have limited funds. I tell them it's a loan and will be sacrificing this and that to meet the payments. They key in on anything we attain or plan on with $ on their mind. The bamboo pipeline as most know only too well, is a well oiled machine in the PI. Once we arrive for good, I really don't want to live too close to them (but not too far either-just an inconvenient trip away). I've already told my wife when I pass her new bank will be First Bank of Xoom which a US based family member of mine will send her the monthly financial needs at that point. There's no profit to be had if in the unlikely event I'm knocked off.
  25. Justice is so slow in the Philippines going in and coming out of jail-for both those that deserve justice and those who are victims of the "system". This woman knew how to "work" the system and yet what will become of her attempting to extort this "foreigner" as revenge for him charging this lady with abuse of a child? Likely nothing which is sad indeed. Her vengeance is fulfilled with his time spent in the hole. I wonder if the new President will work to clean up some of these injustices in their legal system.
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