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  1. This is about the same position my wife takes. She's good with a general sense of our finances-she's frugal too-very frugal...
  2. I saw PAL has a $603 price (must leave on a Thursday)-2 hr lay over in Manila-leave Brisbane 11AM -arr Cebu 11PM (10 hr total travel time). I don't know how this compares with the rest for price and convenience.
  3. There's a lot of distain (possibly envy) from the Peter Vandever (dysfunctional expat according to most You Tube viewers) troll crowd toward Henry at Life Beyond the Sea and one of Peter's minions might be getting bored or lacking attention. The gal is 22 and I believe he is 55.
  4. You'll likely be caught up in a karaoke sing fest there as is the typical custom on get-togethers-just try to avoid picking out and singing that old Paul Anka song ..."havin' my baby".... oh never mind ..hope you have lots of fun-party-party-and family bonding I'm sure
  5. Enjoying the Philippines on my many trips/vacations there, I would have to add the festivals and festival parades. Along with the music, costumes, food, great people in good moods, entertainment, and all the fan fare that goes with it-a Filipino festival/parade is not far away in distance and time-each a little different than another. Once I get settled there, I plan to travel to many for the unique experience. Filipinos love festivals!
  6. My take is that if this guy gets blacklisted-any other foreigner shabu junkies in hiding will remain in hiding as they may be watching closely what happens in this case. I think the govt knows this about other foreigners coming forward and will not deport him. As far as dropping a dime on any dealers goes, he should remain silent for his own safety-given the fact he will likely have no police protection.
  7. ..just as I was bring over a lechon to Dave's house, the forum popped back on-now not sure what to do with all this pork!
  8. Always a popular topic across the net and everywhere with very subjective answers . Each person, I believe, can only answer this question (be it 32k or whatever amount) on their own. If someone is making a decision whether or not to make a permanent move to the Philippines-only they personally can decide by balancing out their income stream/assets with their wants and needs that the Philippines can offer. Each person has to research prices based on their location and expected amenities they expect or need. I always answer this question simply with "it depends" and leave it to them to fill in all the blanks with follow up questions.
  9. Triple like as well, Don. I used to post my opinion or input more in the past than I have over the last 6 months, because negativity (like with DaveWe recently getting unjustly attacked for sharing about the dangerous aspects of life in general... not being in the Phl "yet"-same as me) from some folks that has me reduced to only periodic posts now and then. To stop posting altogether would mean "they win" and I won't let that happen. I remain positive as I read posts from folks like yourself, Jack, Jake, Dave, I am Bob (wherever you are these days..) and a few others who eventually bring some balance to the forum which is really insightful on your part and shows you can see a negative situation in the Philippines, isolate it for just that, and then remind us, that's only that one issue-as the positive aspects will allow things to balance out; as any healthy thinking person should see life in general anyway--IMO.
  10. The fine print under the "suggested" 20% tip on the tab should state to feel free to take off 20% from the bill for doing the work yourself.
  11. 4. If you have poor health and move to the Philippines and live in the province areas you will find the treatment for a condition will likely be sub par and can cost you-very dangerous
  12. That's also the way I met my (now wife). It turned out better than I imagined. I always believe in trust but verify though when it comes to the most important matters. By this, I mean verify she was never married. It's a good idea to request a CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage) be mailed to you from the NSO in the Philippines (go to e-census and follow instructions on how to obtain one). They mail it to you which you take on your trip as proof you made an honest attempt to reach out and verify her status if legal trouble surfaces while you are there (jail time is possible for both you and her-concubinage-I believe would be the charge- if a spouse unknown to you from the past wishes to press charges-as this is a strict law in the Family code of the Philippines). Just something to be aware of-then you truly can breathe easy.
  13. Glad to hear it all ended well, Larry. Nice to hear such a positive experience.
  14. I have always smiled and responded with Hey Dong!!-or Hey Dai!! They seem to smile as well and more or less move on. I think there's a lot worse things they could be saying or doing when they see a Kano/Foreigner-and their tone varies when they say it too-so maybe the jury is out as far as if it's (like Dave said..) an identifier-or derogatory for their own personal reason.
  15. The Thrilla' in Manila...one of the best (if not the best) fight ever...thanks for the memories, champ RIP
  16. Although this is 2014, I doubt much has changed-as I have not heard of any surge in tourism in the last couple years. Aquino has fallen short of his goals to boost the tourism sector-I think because there's too many holes in the dam and not enough fingers. http://www.statista.com/statistics/261749/tourism-receipts-of-selected-asian-and-pacific-countries/
  17. ....or possibly getting that p30 "senior" discount at McDonald's
  18. Forewarned is forearmed...nice exchange for us "flies on the wall" learning through all your experiences ; advising us who consider ourselves future expats that are looking for a somewhat "normal" life in the Philippines in the future-without all the drama that may come up with befriending certain expats-those of us who are not sounding boards for constant complainers, moochers, or those that, well, "have a great business idea". Learning the local dialect in my free time with my wife's infinite patience will, for me, broaden some horizons on a social level.
  19. ..But Dave......I always thought the magic number was $1,852 per month steady income (SS) which will allow you to live like a millionaire.. ($1,852 x 45 pesos/$ x 12 months = ~1,000,000). Actually what's in reserves for major medical and an exit plan IMO has to come first before thinking about the budget.
  20. My thoughts are the more elaborate the security, the more the potential (bandit) feels you have to lose and that in itself will draw attention to the targeted residence. Modest looking security may be best IMO as the bad guy will try to find a way around just about everything if they are determined enough
  21. So, a scenario such as this... trash is being burned by the roadside and jeepneys, trucks, and trikes are driving by spewing their usual exhaust, there's a guy sitting there watching his burning trash pile and smoking police drive by and tell him to put out the cigarette-it's unhealthy for others in the area...how many mommy laws will take hold I wonder.
  22. I thought I would ask what your first or favorite go-to news source would be when you check out either breaking news (like with the transgender death, Yolanda, etc) or ongoing news & commentaries (like the elections). Which news source seems to be the most accurate to you, the most unbiased, and complete. I know there's the local news in your area (especially regarding politics it can really get one sided because of the demographics as I've seen), but I am looking for what might be considered the accurate true pulse of the nation (or is it pick your poison?). My wife simply prefers ABS-CBN simply because she can watch on the computer monitor the TV Patrol from her area (Socksargen) rather than reading, but I don't know if it's (ABS-CBN) more reliable and more accurate than say Manila Times, GMA News, or CNN Philippines (or underground news like Rappler or Inquirer.net). Another point I noticed was that sometimes the exact same words are used on 2 or 3 different news sources when cross checking-like they just copy and paste articles(?)
  23. Sometimes, Dave, if certain people get elected in this way (shh ..money for snacks), at the end of the day, there's nothing more expensive than a free lunch.
  24. I think the culture is interesting and dynamic regarding gay/trans genders-especially in a "Catholic conservative" nation. The country is becoming more and more accepting and as prof here... on the attached article is a first ever newly elected trans gender (congress in district of Bataan). http://www.cnn.com/2016/05/17/asia/geraldine-roman-transgender-philippines-interview/
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