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  1. Oh yes, Robert. It would be a great challenge to say the least to get the justice system straightened out with money-from where??!!. Look at the lavish lifestyles and caste system in place with the drug lords in place at Bilibig prison. It's evidence that the whole prison system is in shambles. Now, Duterte has to reassess how and where to prioritize the national budget if in the way Duterte put it (law and order being his passion)- to kill these "suspects" and throw them in Manila Bay being the best bandaid, well, in the long run, I believe everyone loses. I still believe with the apparent lack of due process in a Democracy, nobody wins in the long run. No, I don't know where the money will come from, Robert or what would suffer to do this right, but to police the masses in the spirit of the Punisher as we see it right now-should not be an option.
  2. I would think rather than throwing money at the problem (increasing police salaries), there needs to be better training at the "academy" level, ie training the police on how to defuse a situation with minimal loss of life so due process can take it's course based on the crime of course. There will be a come to Jesus from the human rights community IMO regarding Duterte's old west version of gun slinging justice. Done in Davao maybe, but I doubt the whole nation will see that same style of justice. There's laws on the books already-many not enforced-so maybe he will need to settle with being the "Enforcer" rather than the "Punisher".
  3. Markpa, I had to hide your particular post regarding your opinions about other cultures for review from the forum manager. Please review the rules on this forum regarding referencing people, groups etc. Thanks much Steve
  4. Yea,I did as well. I guess that was that Chris Wren in Naga City. If one has shady intentions at least keep them under wraps...not on a You Tube video for the whole world to see.
  5. IMO opinion (outside of the bargirl types) we are in their country and should more or less bend to some of the most important cultural aspects of what identifies these women in their own society. That said "being together"-regardless of age difference should result (after courtship in whatever form) in marriage and children as an end game-typically. Their country-their culture-and it's not really such a bazzar concept-it's just, well, traditional. In some cases westerners coming to the Philippines feel, again as I see it, that they can just come over and in many ways have their cake and eat it too. No marriage, no children-just having a live in ...for example-Reekay (Henry) from Life Beyond the Sea comes to mind. Financial security for the lady has more impact for these women than western women and it is the man's trump card; whereas she will likely bend away from what is culturally the norm in her country as this applies to this segment of Phil/Western couples.
  6. This has been the tone-more or less- of discussion between my wife and I take too, Larry. His SONA in July will be interesting as many people tend to embrace fully comments from such a charismatic leader. Reactions to his speech could be very favorable too-rather than unfavorable depending on how he phrases his words on any issues related to expats-even indirectly related. I remain optimistically guarded.
  7. As Mike pointed out, markpa, we need to wait and see. IMO, I think expats should key in on areas for positive changes to crime and immigration and watch for continued good relations with US, GB, and OZ. I, personally will wait for the media to play out all the drama that's fit to print and from there will. again, wait and see as well.
  8. I hear ya Dave. I think I'll make a sound proof room (man cave) with AC and white noise going, etc myself (when I'm feeling my age and need to get away from the constant noise). Some folks here a while back had given some suggestions on how to do this-which I will reference when I go out there. ""Noise"" seems to be one of the top reasons for those who struggle with... "should I stay or should I go..."
  9. If someone is complaining about Travis trashing their country, why stop there-maybe go after Kyle Jennerman next (I can't figure out some folks sometimes, USA)
  10. Where I see some hope (if elected) is where this man has said one thing after another and recanted (as was the case with the Pope) when he knew spouting off like he does might cost him many votes. I wonder if downstream he will revisit some of his tough guy words and soften his tone(?). He'll find out a city is in no way ran like an entire country-especially the Philippines.
  11. Steve, I'm not sure if there is a statute of limitations in the Philippines (in most cases in the US it's 7 years). Being so long ago that this may be long forgotten (or shelved). If she attempts to use credit once she returns it may trigger reactivation of a dormant account.Personally I would not inquire with the card company as this also could trigger reactivation.
  12. Well, pick your poison (or candidate of choice as my wife said) Blue Blood (Roxas) Half Blood (Poe) High Blood (Mariam) Blood money (Binay) Blood thirsty (Du30)
  13. I saw this documentary a while back as well-and it's truly scary how easily one can unknowingly land themselves in jail or worse-the wrath of the estranged husband. There was a post "a cautionary tale" posted a couple months ago that seemed to deal with how this whole issue of being separatedg can erupt into a nightmare. (personally I don't think enough can be said about this topic as it's a land mine for those arriving the first time to the Philippines.
  14. My wife-being from Mindanao and near Davao-it's a given who her candidate of choice is (I don't really get involved in opinion to her and her friends about who is better-worse, etc)
  15. Ha I see that too, Bows..he's a loose canon traveling the Philippines and seems to have some pretty serious personality disorders-I remember him, while in Davao trashing muslims (very bad to do)-seemed like a death wish on his part.
  16. With the amount of unsolved serious crimes, why would capturing these undesirable foreigners take priority whereas police resources are stretched so thin. Is it politically motivated to take this action-given the timing?
  17. Sander, I also agree with this whole complaint issue being seen as an issue of "Filipino pride". From a cultural standpoint-you and me being on the outside looking in (a foreigner with a high profile vlog channel with 100k viewers)-well, who are we as outsiders to "teach and preach" (tongue in cheek) about the ins and outs of a country that is not ours? The person filing the complaint may feel indignant to say the least. This guy Travis appears in Filipino films, has influential Filipino friends, attends high falutin' social functions, and has a wife who is an MC at concerts-BUT he's a foreigner-hmm. Crab mentality comes to mind. Basically he's a good guy IMO that has said good things in lots of his videos from what I saw-but again-maybe he strikes a nerve-apparently to "certain" Filipinos as you have pointed out
  18. I told my wife when she came out here (US) that we are out the door at 9:10 and no later to go to church because I will not wrestle and search for a "possible" seat when we get there first time. I waited and she was ready at 9:20 to go. I told her I can drop her off but I won't go in late -we didn't go..(silence for the day). Needless to say she has always been ready to go at 9:00 every Sunday since.
  19. When it comes to small ticket items such as senior discounts (or lack of..) or a small purchase at the market-really now.. how tight can one's budget be not to pay the skin tax?? Large ticket exchanges like cars, rental agreement or appliances, I think one needs to be invisible if possible-but in this case-no need to be outwardly vocal about it and make a spectacle of yourself. Personally I would have taken the role of Bud Brown here (taking the video
  20. Ahh-but isn't Jake's "dog house" set a lot, lot further from the main house and a lot less elaborate?
  21. audioboy...My thoughts regarding getting along with her family... if politics comes up as a topic of discussion most folks these days are very vocal and voice strong opinions, yet, you, as a foreigner might want to be more of a listener than talking-trying to keep a reserved opinion and even tone initially, as you are getting to know them. This can go a long way in the long run. I wish you well on your trip and we certainly hope to hear about it when you return.
  22. Yes Robert, I was thinking only if you marry in the US-but I guess a divorce decree from the US works regardless of where one was married...glad to hear he landed on his feet-storybook ending for sure
  23. My wife has already told me to watch out for the "ering ering" women-and so when she chats (gossips) with her sister they talk about that activity in the neighborhood. Everyone knows everyone's business there-and the jealousy, I guess can be well founded when this is not so uncommon-at least in her neck of the woods (jungle). I told her I may read the menu but won't order off it-and don't expect her to turn away from looking at an attractive guy...we're human after all.
  24. Wonderful work you do there Bruce. You're an answer to many of those people's prayers. God bless
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