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  1. Wow-triple like as well, Queenie-very nice!
  2. I know Google Chrome sent me a notification it will no longer support Windows Vista, but I'm not sure if they will include other older windows versions as well.
  3. My wife is a fan (and frequent participant of the 3 finger scoop)..and although the quiet type usually, here most lively conversations are usually around meal time. It makes for an interesting sight sometimes, but it's only the two of us, so I'm used to it for the most part.
  4. Well done, Andrew. Congratulations to you and your new bride-this is awesome
  5. Regarding the K-1 Visa, Nephi..yes they can get one and it's been happening for (I think about 1 1/2 years now). My wife knows a Filipina on her FB ("Tom Boy") lesbian that has recently arrived in the US to be with her same sex partner. It's happening as we speak-not too common, but again, yes.
  6. We went to the Durham railroad museum in Omaha-a side interest of mine-been meaning to do that for a while. We had a great time. I must have the railroad in my blood (father & grandfather worked for Union Pacific)... because I'm always on the straight and narrow-my job deals with inter modal transportation and...oh yea...also my ex turned out to be a train wreck.
  7. simply put , Mogo...but there's so, so much to that-as I can relate to you 100%
  8. I have come to understand a lot of differences between Asian and Western culture (particularly US)-both pros and cons. For me, actually the women in the Philippines (a big plus to me in Asian culture) have a much different and better demeanor, a somewhat simplistic sense of what makes them truly happy with their partner, and an over all joyous nature about them that makes them easy to love-and love a lot....hence, my Filipina wife of 2 1/2years-I could not be happier (previous marriage of 14 years fell apart 16 years ago after years of trying in vain to hold it together).
  9. Ynot, I guess this is where the rub comes in for me. (deep breath...) Ya know, relationships are like snowflakes-no two are the same, I would think that most agree here. To equate the logistics of how a couple is set up - how their particular arrangement works for them (and there are many, many multiple reasons that these variations of living arrangements are made) with matters of the heart for any man without exception as you state (as your conclusion) is too broad of a brush stroke. Regardless if he rents or owns for any reason for that matter-we can only speak for ourselves in our own relationship on how we feel about our partner (in love or not). I mean, I have everything all secure for my wife (financially)-but my point is not so much me, but in general... that we just can't speak conclusively for all others on how THEY feel about their partner for logistical reasons as stated (unless if it was some form of abuse-or something extreme).
  10. I've been procrastinating (or just saving) as I need to get busy getting our house built since the cost of love 'er land, labor, and materials in our area where we are moving to is going up very quickly these days. But seriously, if I may make a counter point to the OP. Have you considered that most of the men here on this forum have moved half way around the world to be in a place that brings comfort to their spouse/SO in a strange land with it's food, cultures, languages, and laws we have to learn and sometimes struggle to get used to? Is this not love? I'm willing to bet the house most of these men DO in fact love their partners as opposed to you saying most do not love their partner. There are plenty of sacrifices made (and very willingly) that in fact do show a deep sense of commitment from the men-as well as the women-hence loving relationships-house or no house, car or no car, etc. Just maybe some deep thought/reflection back to you as well. Just my take anyway.
  11. I don't know if you mean "danggit", Old - my wife buys that and similar other whole dried fish-(that looks at you) at the FilAm market (store) here in KC. She will reach into their freezers, push aside the salmon and mahi-mahi to reach under to get that much coveted danggit. I just tell her dang it! Same with the spaghetti sauce-she pushes aside the Barilla brand sauce to get that sweet stuff in those sachets-pushes aside the rice-a-roni for her 4.5 kilo bag of plain white rice, on and on. It's ok though-I circle back for what I like when she's done with her items.
  12. Sander Martin, as a suggestion, you may want to start/create a new topic if you feel inclined as this post regarding your feelings about age gaps is essentially swaying away from the OP and...so back to the topic of ""Sharing with Family"". Thanks much...
  13. 3 of 6 of my wife's family members (brothers and sisters) are perpetually broke/poor. They all have inherited from their deceased parents 3 hectar plots each and the 3 poor ones (even after harvest time came and went) did not pay their taxes, soooo the other 3 including my wife need to foot the bill (evenly) to avoid all the legal crap that would ensue. It's not much, but my wife's Ate makes sure they get real embarrassed when they are bailed out---yet again.
  14. Well, whether your wife/SO is moving to or visiting your country for the first time or visa versa whereas you have just landed to live in her country and are getting your gears (some may need to think back a bit), there's always those quirky first time observations and things the newbie in the new country can't seem to quite grasp or understand. When questioning these things to your wife/SO that question may be met with a bit of a chuckle from your partner who sees your confusion as an every day occurrence in their world. By example from my end-when my wife (born and raised in the province-or should I say "A" province) landed here in the US she was wide eyed yet very confused. example 1-why are all the trees dead (me-they are sleeping sweetie-this is winter) why is the grass yellow here (same answer) example 2-sweetie-here's how to use a can opener example 3-amazed at the auto car wash-she wondered if this would be effective with caribous in the dry season example 4-No honey that's not a "fiso" that's a Ford F150 example 5-why are the driving rules so strict (well, sweetie...lives matter and I hope one day they get stricter in the Philippines too) example 6-in the grocery store-Where are all the sachets? example 7-trying to smell the chicken and beef through those sealed packages in the grocery store There's more-actually. It's fun to see her reaction to many new things in her new environment-although texting is more of a passion to her and her friends still than calling (with unlimited free long distance calling)-old habits die hard-if at all. I'm just as curious on the other end if when you landed in the Philippines if you had any experiences there that was similar. I know in a few years I'm going to be making some folks laugh with (what I think will be) some so called serious questions.
  15. My wife took 5 days after her interview. She gave the embassy the preferred LBC office she was going to pick it up. They texted her when it was ready. It all works real smooth.
  16. Or given him her single sister's or friend's name. I haven't figured out a way to know things with certainty. Maybe the private investigator route, not sure, it is just too easy to hide facts here. That's true...Having the NSO send directly to "your" home the Filipina's status bypasses the fixers and scammers and pretenders rampant in some places, PI's may (or may not) just tell you what you want to hear, claim this or that as far as reliability, but at the end of the day-not knowing the person doing the investigating-I find it a crap shoot-and the cost is a lot more than the official document from the NSO I think Right but I am saying you can't trust even an official document never having met. Why? if they are scamming you they can give you another family member or friends name to run the CENOMAR. "Yes baby, all my friends call me Barbra but my legal name is Celeste Tial Robinson". I can't think of anything short of interviewing friends, family, and neighbors - in person - that there isn't an easy way to conceal the truth. I also know these things happen as I have been the recipient of a CENOMAR that was bought from a fixer. Luckily I figured it out before I ever left the States though. No great detective work, just paid attention to what she said and over time it was obvious some of the puzzle pieces didn't fit. btw, every time I see you post I start to answer. As in Hey Steve. Yes? Oh damn it's your name too. lol Always Rt-now ya got me thinking and circling back-I used to advise to do this (e-census)...because as you put it this is a well played card a scammer would have in their deck of tricks...brain cramp here.. :89:
  17. Or given him her single sister's or friend's name. I haven't figured out a way to know things with certainty. Maybe the private investigator route, not sure, it is just too easy to hide facts here. That's true...Having the NSO send directly to "your" home the Filipina's status bypasses the fixers and scammers and pretenders rampant in some places, PI's may (or may not) just tell you what you want to hear, claim this or that as far as reliability, but at the end of the day-not knowing the person doing the investigating-I find it a crap shoot-and the cost is a lot more than the official document from the NSO I think
  18. That's such a sad and common experience for men looking for love on line, but to invest time and money into such a big trip means a little homework on his part prior to arranging a trip can go a long way. If he had gone to e-census and for $25 requested a CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage) be mailed to his address from the NSO (with a little info provided by the Filipina for him to fill out the on line request form), well she would have either panicked upon his request or he would have saved himself the time, money, and energy he basically wasted on this scammer. This should be SOP for anyone in his position.
  19. I think GMA had more commercial time than actual debate time if you noticed-and that annoying sound that warned them to stop talking was way to soon for any of them to get their point across. Most thought Poe was strongest from what I hear, but it remains to be seen if that has any impact come election time. I hope there's a peaceful process in the coming months-although I'm sure COMELEC will receive it's usual accusations of fixing and miscounting
  20. I know how ya feel, Dave. My wife's family has their own group page and if I'm not liking all 86 baby pics and cook outs, it feels like I'm the anti social foreigner. Great folks-my wife's family, but when they say "that's for the like Steve"...it's like they are looking for me to respond.
  21. My wife seems to lean towards action movies rather than chick flicks mainly because she can't get "into" it with her limited English and the fact that may of these movies have pretty intense dialogue that pull on heart strings and bring a tear, etc.so she would go for action movies like Fast & Furious (1 thru 7), Rambo, Die Hard, etc...how romantic is that-ha ha..
  22. Jake and I have been swapping first VCR tapes, then DVD's for years, just as troop moral boosters (we never watched them ourselves naturally). 1. Debbie does Dallas 2. Debbie does Denver 3. Debbie does Davenport 4. Debbie does Dayton 5. Debbie does Detroit 6. Debbie does Duluth 7. Debbie does Dearborn 8. Debbie does Daytona Beach 9. Debbie does Dayton and the international best seller 10. Debbie does Denmark. ha ha....followed closely by McHale's Navy, the love boat, and Hogan's Heroes...can't wait...
  23. Who knows for sure what the projected population will be by 2025 as that report said. I take it with a grain of salt. One factor is the OFW card that (who knows for now) can play out. World events in HK and Middle East could force a heck of a lot of OFW's home-there's no guarantee there-which would further stress the economy in the Philippines.
  24. 10-To Kill a Mockingbird 9-Raging Bull 8-Schindler's List 7-Young Frankenstein 6-The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly 5-Fist full of Dollars 4-A beautiful Mind 3-The Treasure of Sierra Madre 2-Sling Blade 1-Braveheart I hope we can recognize at least 6 out 10 of Jake's favorites-Jake..let 'er rip
  25. Eddie, from the standpoint of empathy, I can say I shared a similar post some 18 months ago when I first joined this forum (wheras my fiancée had passed on with ovarian cancer) and received very much the same support from the good folks on this forum. Medic Mike another forum member here, shared a similar story as well. Better times are coming, Eddie-we somehow learn to deal with the pain and sometimes we even recover to a degree. I since moved on and married a wonderful Filipina gal-knowing my then fiancée would be smiling down knowing I'm happy. My condolences as well. It somehow sorts out in time when the wounds are not so open.
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