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  1. Me also! Glad I located and joined this group of knowledgeable fun people :tiphat: Myself as well-so many supportive and helpful folks here-much better mannered than other forums as I see it...go on..."make the click""" you can do it...
  2. At about 4:30 in this video, Ron..you will see my friends heading your way-thanks for the recommendation!!
  3. Thanks for the update, Ron. I have notified some of my friends and have a video here of them heading your way. Thumbs up-a beer for each of them....https://youtu.be/mM5vxe5HYg4
  4. Ynot, my wife has a similar mindset regarding being flexible (except for Thailand).For me I guess because the family is now a bit scattered-OFW's and big city migrants, parents are deceased, and the remaining family members still in ground zero are in their 50's and 60's and set in the way they carry on with their lifestyle-leaving the door open for us to decide to move away (anywhere) from where she was born and raised. I hope on my places to live topic, there's enough ideas-so my next trip will be a series of ceries buses, pump boats and puddle jumpers checking out different areas suggested
  5. I certainly will cross that place off my list of prospective places to visit when considering my move there-thanks Ron!
  6. A friend of mine with end stage COPD wires part of his disability money to 3 Filipinas. He can't travel and never will see them-yet he took exception when I told him that this friendship with them is purely conditional. He said (when I asked) that they are aware this money is coming out of his monthly disability check and seem to have no problem accepting it. However, I think these might be the exception-like anybody, I guess-either you have a conscious or you don't.
  7. Point taken, Mogo...it's got to feel right and that's where the X factor comes in when deciding. You know my wife here in the US has built up quite a network of Fil/Am couples here and about 6 of them are seriously considering moving out to the Philippines at some point-some very soon-and they know others with plans to do the same-hense the purpose of this request. I talk to the husbands of these Filipinas who want to move there by phone now and then. One thing I told them was that I would try to get some research here on where to live-not from some flowery ads or isolated You Tube commentaries, etc-but real Expats that say it as it is and don't pull punches-and I thank you (so far about 10 responses from about 150 views)-no worry-I won't squat on your land if it sounds like a place for me-ha ha)-again..thank you all for the information so far-still hopeful on the infrequent folks from provinces and cities not mentioned...hopefully some folks from Palawan, Northern Mindanao, eastern Visayas, more from Northern Luzon, areas around Manila-I don't know-I just thought I'd give this a try-see who's out there-to get a good cross section.
  8. First may I suggest that you keep well away from any family if you intend to settle! We invested in building a quality home near the relies... all was good, they were terrific until the ever expanding number of hand outs become unbearable and impossible, then we become the villains! Cheers Hi Pete, thanks..actually my wife's parents are deceased and a lot of the family has scattered to different places in and out of the Philippines, along with the fact she had lived in Manila for years at a job as a personal assistant (far from her Digos City area of upbringing), so this leaves us wide open with our thoughts to different locations.
  9. I have openly asked my wife if she feels it's absolutely necessary we live near her family when we set up stakes upon moving to the Philippines. She mentioned "absolutely not. Where would you like to live?" Well, I'm here to get your recommendation (not just for me, but for others who would also be considering the move), so my question to Expats and Filipinos(as)is rather broad and wide open. I don't know how this will go, so I will give it a shot anyway. Can you rate below(from 1-10) your particular province/city/surrounding communities? I am hoping those that don't normally chime in here help out as this rating can be helpful to others considering the move in making a more informed decision on where they can hang their hat and maybe set up new roots. In no particular order of importance, if you can rate, I have the list below Just assume I am the average Joe and this is not specifically for just myself! Name of City/province_____________ rate the following 1-10 (with comments if appl.) local sights___ general mood/outlook of foreigners by locals__ local Expat community___ proximity to malls/stores___ traffic___ crime___ hospital___ local foods/restos___ comparable cost of living to the rest of the Phl___ level of poverty seen___ cleanliness of the area__ beaches___ internet___ other to add... Also if appl...if you could or would move to another part of the Philippines where would that be/why? What is something that is somewhat unique to your area that sets it apart from other areas in the Philippines? I hope to get a lot of areas covered here and apply the information to a map (if possible)...just hoping there's lots of readers (the more the better detail) that can add to add to this detail. Some of us are not there yet, so we are learning lots from you Expats...thanks so much.
  10. What I see in the 2 pictures showing the obvious contrasts between them is how much value Filipinos place on global perception-that meaning not only in how Filipinos view their own environment, but on how much importance they place on how they would wish those foreigners would see their environment. By that I mean, Filipinos are very defensive to critical viewpoints (I know I'm opening up a can of worms)-especially that of outsiders-especially those in the media and those Hollywood stars (ex. Alec Baldwin-mail order bride joke, Justin Bieber-Manny Paquio comment-a few others) who may cast the Filipino culture, nation, and/or people in a negative light. This outside critisizm is often met with fierce opposition (person non grata, blacklisting, and sometimes worse). I am an eternal optimist (maybe to a fault), but I believe the Philippines has what it takes to get the second picture to match the first. This has to start from the top-and it's going to take someone real special to get that train rolling.
  11. Condolences to your friend, Dave...and as a silver lining to this tragic end, you see what your girl is made of. I'm sure your proud of her for what she was willing to do in such a situation.
  12. Oh, yea Andrew..those Badjau kids would just not leave my wife and I alone at a Gen San festival...they followed us everywhere-ignoring being told wala! and hindi, and our glares...etc...we left them our left over food from a canteen we ate at - they were torn between continuing to follow us or eating the food. It's a real problem at markets and festivals. I don't want to cause any hint of a scene-but they hone in on the white skin.
  13. It would seem to me that satellite feeding centers set up by the government specifically for these kids would be something of a priority rather than having these roving groups of kids rushing any Western guy they see. The Church, the general public, the government can all throw in money to keep these feeding centers going. It just seems to make simple sense to me. .
  14. Of the places listed, the place where you need it least is Hong Kong. Hong Kong people have a very low level of situational awareness because their own territory is so very safe. I have often had to advise Hong Kongers visiting London to take more care and to be more alert. Yes, crime exists the world over as we all know, but knowing the cultural tendencies as Expats do-specific to the country they are in, can and will give one a tremendous edge regarding your personal safety in that particular society they are living in. Example is as an American to go to a seedy neighborhood in LA or NY, etc... I know the culture, I know how, where, and when to avoid a possible confrontation/crime-being raised in that environment and culture- and so as mentioned before, if one is not keenly aware of Asian (Filipino specifically) culture and what can set them off or give the opportunists a chance to get at your money-the smiles and hellos can end in a flash. This is where I was less educated and more vulnerable on my first trip there years back. That's why those going for the first time, need to heed advice from expats here regarding your safety and security-so you have fun but not at anyone's expense (ultimately including your own). I am much more aware now of how those possibilities can unfold since experience has taught me this. I have since been there on several extended stays and enjoyed the heck out of myself (being mindful of the afore mentioned). Ok, yes, I'll put this soap box :boohoo: back in the garage where I found it-thanks for the advice given here in response. :tiphat:
  15. I know on my first visit to the Philippines, meeting a young lady there-spending time in the city (CDO), riding jeepneys, strolling the mall and wet markets, meeting and having small talk with locals, my guard at the time was completely down. I was not educated in with regard to the safety side of carrying myself as a foreigner. The country seemed to have a sort of seductive (not just referring to the obvious gorgeous women) quality about it in the relaxed fun, friendly way that was missing back in the US. This is why I wish more guys going over should heed advice from you ExPats that should be taken very seriously. Sure..have fun, enjoy life..with forewarned knowledge at all times.
  16. Apparently this guy he knew-a neighbor may have been somewhat jaded. I noticed the 3 things that can get one in trouble is. I've learned from many here the following 1) don't piss off the locals-the really bad ones don't see any value in a life and don't know how to handle emotionally being told off 2) don't flaunt your wealth 3) don't hook up with a Filipina that may have a history of trouble-or has a family that seems like trouble 4) business activities dealing directly with locals can and does get sketchy at times 5) don't hang out at times and in places where locals drink whereas it just feels uncomfortable Any combination of these can mostly by surprise can spell your demise...seems in the eyes of the locals anyway this guy, the guy in Cavite, and Phil are just recent unfortunate examples-stay safe my friends
  17. Hope somehow your friend gets better, Dave..but for what Yvonne is doing is sure an indicator she's a keeper for sure...
  18. Sad, but I saw a lot of this, attempted. They didn't have much luck though. I would say that anyone having experiences like this should change who they associate with. These generalizations do not hold for the people in my life. I'm not saying I've never met any, just saying that they are a minority and not allowed to stay in my life once identified. I am offended for the general Filipino population by the generalization in these types of statements (example "... there are not many honest. ...") and extend my apology to my hosts here in the Philippines that may read this. This is not an attempt to provoke anyone either. I just want the good side pointed out along with the bad. Be aware and be cautious as well as informed, but do not be paranoid. Opinions are like butts. Everybody has one and everybody else's stinks. Thanks. [emoji12] I posed this to my wife for her POV-She simply responded in so many words-if the lady senses a man's going to be shallow and the man is showing no potential for a commitment-well-he's playing-so she will play too-but these scenes are usually played out in bar type settings and for the most part folks with more noble intentions that don't hang in these places for shallow purposes will find most women just simply want a loving, faithful partner. If you are single either pick your poison or search in earnest for the "one". She's out there for sure.
  19. Congrats, Jack..very nice pictures.... :cheersty:
  20. ALways rt you can get it yourself on your girl just go on the NSO's website fill out the forms and pay the fee Seems like a smart step before considering handing over 'support' payment(s) and/or moving in together. it is and besides if things work out and decide to get married you will need that cenomar when applying for the marriage license anyway so you will already have one step done ! personally i will do that with any future woman i get serious with So true in my opinion too, but if you get too far ahead of the game getting the CENOMAR, these forms can become dated (like the NBI clearance as well) and you will need to re-order when actually filing..but this CENOMAR YOU are the one who should order and not have HER provide it (too many fixers in the Phl). Delicately ask her the few questions-parent's names place of residence-age-a few more for $25. Let her know it's "suggested" by your country before traveling to the Philippines with this purpose in mind-there's legal consequences if she's married. I think it's also good to find out as much as possible about the biological father (even if she states it's a closed subject). This prepares you better also (peace of mind). I bet she's wonderful. It's just--well-saying all this that posters have mentioned....it's the Philippines and it's unique laws unfortunately make all this a vital necessity as Old, Ugly, Cranky, Tim, Always RT eluded.
  21. That's true, Tim. I guess that can apply the FB posts and Skype, phone calls, etc...If they look over at you with an evil eye vs a loving eye than maybe there's cause for concern
  22. It happens every day some we hear about others we just read about but I don't think we have ever had it happen to any member here. Yes there have been a couple of Bad ones but not like Bruce posted. That's the beauty of this Forum, we are in the main Settled Responsible People. "A fool and his money are soon parted" Not so here because we are cautious and have thrown away those Rose coloured Glasses years ago. Those that say 100% know where they are, those are at a level below will get there I am sure. Mainly I would like to think because we all listen to each other and many problems can be averted. To close on this, I am still and will be 100% Sure. :) That certainly is a good point, Jack...what would be the motivation to participate in a forum whereas we have our sig other/wife/husband here if they got smitten-then bitten. They would be so very disconnected with any forum that is positive based in many ways as this one. As for me, my wife married me at 40....trust was her main reason to wait and she was prepared to be a spinster rather than getting burned. Transparency plays a big role in our relationship.
  23. My only personal experience with a scam is at CDO airport-some woman (without me knowing) followed me after I picked up my bag on the carrousel to where you leave, claiming to the guard on the way out that it was HER bag. Fortunately my lady waiting just beyond the entrance saw the whole thing unfold and rushed in and grabbed my passport-compared it to the ID on my tagged luggage-glared at the guard and pulled me out of there real quick. Watch who's following you when retrieving your bag at the small airports and stare them down-that's my airport scam story.
  24. Whether it's inspiration, motivation, or perspiration as I see it..the thought always comes to my mind afterwards. You can take the girl out of the province, but you can't take the province out of the girl-but that's just me. :tiphat:
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