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  1. Thanks for your reply,Gaga..maybe I was thinking along the lines "...if I (meaning yourself) was in the position of highest authority, I would have handled this situation____. The end result would then be____.Maybe I wasn't clear. (just seeing the summary of how you would have handled this scam to it's completion(?)
  2. Don't take it wrong Gaga, your passion is unmistakable, and admirable to a degree, if not a bit zealous. In fact, you are one of the very few that can actually do something about it. I sincerely hope you have your dual citizenship and are registered to vote absentee here in the Philippines. What this country could also use are folks like you, who have been exposed to other lifestyles to come home, regain your citizenship, run for public office and really affect some change. As you know those of us who are here on tourist or spousal visas have to be very careful with any criticism of the way things are run here. You on the other hand can run for public office and really help improve the county. If that is, you are sincerely passionate about improving things in the country of your birth. Gaga, any thoughts regarding Scott's inquiry a while back. A person with your passion and drive would certainly get my vote (although I can't vote in the Phl). Your thoughts?
  3. I suspect she thinks the same thing about her husband but tolerates me because I am so guapo Yea me too Dave, I gotcha....Maybe with your back turned you should ask her what color your eyes are :lol: . As Jake would say, I never get respect sometimes--ha ha...
  4. Dave, I think I see where you're coming from being in a similar set up her in the mid west and running into a similar type situation. First, Dave, Janet should be taken back by the fact that the first conversation with this woman was peppered with opinions rather than pleasantries, as this woman does not know Janet. Secondly, why is this friend of your's making the automatic assumption that Janet needs to shed some of her cultural values she has grown up with and exchange them with what this woman's cultural values are (right or wrong). The cart is waay ahead of the horse on this one. I commend Janet for standing by that which has made her the woman that attracted you to her. To assume cultural superiority by your friend, seems a bit arrogant as I see it, Dave. On a side note, I used to live in Kaleefornia (near Daly City-38% Filipino population). I had some friends from there and it seems "all new recruits" just over from the Philippines were given the once over as to converting to the Americanized way of thinking. Be glad you're not living in the Bay Area, Dave-ha ha-
  5. Ahh, yes, David. Also thought there's a few folks who might be planning their maiden voyage to the Philippines. Who knows?...maybe their girl on line is from Zambo or Cotabato and they don't know this place from Shanghai in terms of safety. All they know is "This is my first trip abroad-I can't wait to see her".... (actually happened to me several years back...). Anyway, if they stumble upon this travel warning James put up, it just may be helpful fro just them in asking more questions as to where they are going-especially if they are not (Int'l) travel savvy.
  6. My wife is an angel as well. I would not trade her for anything-so many reasons why...but in a related topic, Vince, hey Vince, my friend if you are reading this, please chime in. Here you are seeing volumes 4,,5,6,7, etc....the middle and the end of the book. Vince, you are on the right track because of your enthusiastic mindset and I hope these folks here further inspire you to stay on track-because were rooting for you, buddy. Here's what you might be labeling as the "finished product". Love a Filipina-and if she's the right one, she will likely love you more.
  7. Wonderful share-wonderful picture in the other "Older Filipinas" post as well. One thing for sure, it seems to me, the vast majority of Filipinas are truly loving, devoted, and so caring-as their culture raised them this way. There are some exceptions, yes, but I know so many men that have similar stories in their life.
  8. Yeah, I wouldn't rule out substance abuse. I hope his family was informed. On the subject of unjust vexation, I'm really confused even when I read several definitions to it. Anybody have any ideas on this particular charge? One would think that malicious mischief charge would be sufficient? I'm with you, Jake. I've never heard of anyone unjustly vexating... :89: (I can be slow, but consistent sometimes-this being one of those cases).
  9. Just on the surface of things, it seems he either had drugs in him (illegal) ir lack of drugs in him (prescribed). A hotel environment might mean he hasn't been to the PI very long. Either way, poor man.
  10. Great line, Mike. I think I will borrow it from time to time when appropriate. My wife is from Davao and you should hear her right now...
  11. I second that triple like from Jake, Scott. It seems to me, anyway, this gives a clear prospective and summarizes this whole issue to completion.
  12. War as we once knew it does not even come into play with the new world order-the fight against ISIS to victory can only be won by a combination of special forces, guerrilla warfare the commitment from the Arab community to root these evil bastreds out, intelligence gathering and execution of that intelligence-each member considered a fugitive with no shelter anywhere. Persistence and patience will be the biggest weapon and the sooner we attack the enemy in this way, the less likely chemical or biological weapons will be possible (still considered a remote possibility). No more nation against nation-these folks are braided into western society.
  13. ahh-I edited my comment, Jake...to see the actual category (maroon highlight). Ya know, :89: maybe with a printer, a 3 hole punch, a binder, and a little white out here and there and credit the boss as the author..I can throw together an internet book/blog-like a side bar sort of-hmmm-naw.....it's good where it is. Vince has GOT this...more!-more!
  14. I'm not suggesting that failure must result with cyber. For many men, economics dictate that they use the Internet to find the right girl. It can be done. Hell, I got a girl to buy me lunch in real life via an Internet venue, back in the day. BTW, it was Valentine's Day! I'll just leave it to somebody else to dive deep and write the book on Internet dating and the Philippines. Me, I'm a boots-on-the-ground kinda guy! Actually the book is already out there, Vince (80 topics and over 1700 comments) Internet Dating..right here on this forum-an entire section devoted to this way to meet a Filipina-, lending to the critical role this activity plays in "Finding the Right Filipina". One thing that will be interesting is when you go live and share in real time upcoming adventures-which I will look forward to!
  15. ...... Yeah, some of you think cyber dating is like training wheels for dating in the Philippines. No, it isn't. Despite the success stories you read (and hear) about pen-pals and dating website romances, save it. You need situational awareness, based on actual experience on the ground. Some of you will disagree. That's fine. ..... Vince, your putting together quite a manual and kudos to you sir. :thumbsup: (A lively debate and need your thoughts here). I would say there's one chapter in your manual that I feel you may want to down shift on...that being, recommending that on-line dating and it's potential be excluded from any possibility of a successful relationship with a filipina. Here's my rebuttal before you roll your eyes, yawn, etc-ha ha.... :36_1_50[1]: The Philippines has over 8,200 K-1 visas approved annually by the US State Dept (for my country-US). That is almost triple the amount of the second most in the world (China). That said, these women have many desirable traits many "Western" men seek that has IMO all but dried up in the dating pool in our own host country. Most of these men who met their prospective wives through ""cyber"" were k-1 visa filers. FB groups of Fil Am marriges that have met on line reflect time and time again how successful and lasting these marriages are (including mine). There's a cookie cutter profile stamped all over the internet by folks with what is obviously a loser mentality with no clue about how to spot scammers. horror stories, and warning. These are yet another group known as the loud minority that have been touting their negativity since-well, ever since the first failed relationship. Why else are they even on these forums. I don't buy it..AND if you know where the red flags are when selecting a possible match, and you happen to be somewhat savvy in your search ON LINE you can easily avoid the scammers, ETC. which can lead to a common goal which actually is quite common these days. Now, some of us are still entrenched in our careers and don't have the luxury of spending 3-6 months (whatever) to go to the Philippines with our boots on the ground to seek out our special someone-wherever she may be(?). That would in many cases be financial suicide in all reality. I actually (to a degree) envy those few that are of retirement age that have earned an income stream that can afford to do this. I'm in my 50's and don't (didn't) want to wait. I share with many, many men the success stories of meeting a gal on line that ends in a marriage full of bliss-hense my decision to search out and find my sweetie. Take it with an open mind, Vince. An open mind for me got me to where I am today-a happy man married to a Filipina who I met on line. :cheersty: (nice topic too!!)
  16. Hello Vince, A very interesting read sir. Please continue.....you kind of remind me of Dear Abby crossed with George Carlin! I really like your style -- I'm also a student of fluent sarcasm.......he, he. Respectfully -- Jake Oh, I agree Jake... Vince, I'll bet you are fun to be around-and a good sense of humor at that as well. You know my wife is gwapa and I am maot (IMO) but it all worked out in the end. My instruction manual upon arrival in the Philippines must be outdated though-but my lady is old fashioned so, I chalk that up to just plain good luck. :cheersty:
  17. One of the nice things about many of our wives, Dave, is that I think many of us fall under the "opposites attract" category rather than the "common ground" category. The opposite meaning the positive aspects of that said attraction-which I think Filipinas in general are such a good fit for us foreigners. This can apply not only to the obvious outer physical appearances between the two, but also in attitude, age, and certain routine practices in daily life. In this case, as you pointed out, it's somewhat aggressive playful behavior vs a more passive way of showing love. The list of these differences can be endless There it is...I generalized filipinas-alas! But in the most positive way... (I know other cultures...but this forum is Phl related)... Whatever your time zone is, hope you and your wonderful opposite are having a good morning, afternoon, evening... :morning1: :cheersty: :Count_Sheep:
  18. I like sandals over flip flops as well. But if you gave them to me I would use them to play Tumbang Preso, other than that, no use for me (ouch!)
  19. Maybe a few tee shirts-plus Christmas is right around the corner-two birds-one stone
  20. My wife (on the left) with her friend Criselda-both in their early 40's
  21. Ha ha Steve-the Oten is where the sun don't shine..(not laughing at the hit, Dave-that in itself is not funny). I just read your post to my wife-and from her (filipina) POV she thinks Janet may be feeling guilt more than anger and thereby is just frustrated(?) Just give her a graceful way out here and (as Jake mentioned) get over the speed bump and get back to being the great couple you and Janet are.
  22. This is the same as I see it too, Intrepid...also my wife pointed out that (at least with the Fil Am couple) that TLC's choice for this particular couple seems non typical of most couples that take a similar leap.
  23. Well with the sudden passing of 3 of my wife's relatives over the last year or so-all because of "high blood" and no other words beyond that given, it gave me pause to think of so many that were active one day and gone the next-far too typical among Filipinos I have known directly and indirectly. It seems that the filipino lifestyle and ways to enjoy life can catch up to them in their 50's and early 60's (as was the age of theses aunts and uncles of my wife's that passed on suddenly). Emperidor, lechon, street food, smoking, durian (so I'm told), and other high fat foods and habits commonplace among the locals are not off set with trips to the doctor for blood pressure and hypertension related medications, etc. Simple economics seems to be why all these ailments despite warning signs go completely unchecked-ie priorities in money spent-live for today attitude, etc. We all gotta go sometime, I know, but this way of passing seems to be so preventable and yet, sadly so common. There really needs (in my opinion) to be a way to get at least some kind of meds in these good folks to extend their life. BP related meds need to be available to everyone-but, again, it's all about the $. Do you agree?
  24. I have an expat friend (near Duma) that likely will sell his Kawasaki Rouser 200NS (2K kilometers on it) if you want to keep the spending down. I'll PM his e-mail if you would consider. He's a straight shooter too.
  25. I have a British friend that eats cucumber with marmite sandwiches (crusts cut off)..says it's addicting, but in the US, I'm not even sure if this is a popular mix just what he tells me.
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