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  1. Its a little odd for me as I was a strong supporter of this forum when it first started purely because it was looking to move away from the heavily moderated other forums out there in fact if I remember right this is why it was formed???But as I found out this is probably worse than others I have been on as like today I popped back for the first time in a while to find my Avatar removed, Signature and the little ad they put with their friends on the list.. Now before you think I am petty I am not its purely annoying as they kept my photos and comments as these benefit themselves. A while back
  2. The other problem is the amount of competition that has opened up in the last 18 months in Cebu as well as a lot of the tourist trade amongst the "western foreigners" seems to have dropped with the recessions going on.
  3. Now hardship is often used here as a reason for pride to work through it but I will ask this.. how much of it is self inflicted?Now I know some people have sponsered students that dropped out and from things going on this year within my wife's family I noticed madness that repeats the poverty pattern in several events the first one is the number of people this year I have seen have children even though they are either already struggling or simply have no means to support themselves never mind a newly formed family. Second thing is relevant to the first the amount of guys I have seen give up w
  4. Education is my biggest issue at the moment as I find it just doesn't cut the mustard unless you throw money at it and even then the follow ons arent good. Ever wonder why they have revision? Because they could fit a 3 year course into 1-2 its just about the money.. a lot of the time they are wasting our money and defintely our childrens education. A mariner student here was actually told to study the movie Tekken by his lecturer now you can't tell me that is anything else than a lazy teacher!I think the best alternative is actually combining home study with the local education system as it se
  5. Interesting topic.. good to see the 2 extremes on the same page..lol For me personally the OFW's are probably the odd mix because they are proud but seem disillussioned on how to fix things but being outside the country they understand the home issues more.Although did recently get into an argument with a local politician over the OFW's being heroes as someone else had asked why are they heroes and I am not I get up every morning go to work, pay for my family etc. etc. aren't I a hero? when my response came neither are they are just working for the family it obviously went to the "you dont und
  6. Parkmall is near SM Mall in Cebu City. Its along the road from the docks, any taxi driver will know where it is. There is always airsoft going on here in Minglanilla at weekends its along the SRP road heading south for about 40mins from Cebu city.
  7. Funny enough I bumped into a florist last month who is looking to setup on-line in Cebu so if you need flowers give me a buzz..
  8. An important thing to remember though if you book the "throw away ticket" in advance dates you can actually get at least 30% of it refunded. It's what I normally do with Cebu Pacific tickets as you can sort most issues out over the internet.
  9. Important thing to remember if joining for the "insurance" benefits is that it does only cover accidents and murder not illness and sickness.
  10. Funny enough like most things there are no flyers and the guy on site seemed to know very little and didn't speak much english.. but it looks like a permanent fixture.. thought it might be worth an afternoon out.. There is also an Airsoft tournament coming up this month in Minglanilla (my team) so if anyone wanted to take a look its an ideal day as there should hopefully be 16 teams there from all over the visayas.
  11. I will ask around.. the only issue probably is having a Yard/garage and in a sub-division as generally you won't get all 3 with P20k most sub-division houses also lack a decent sized garden and resemble more of a strip of grass than an actual garden. I do have some people in the area who might know as the ones I have here at the moment are either fully booked or half way through construction.
  12. Its an interesting statement from PAL and from people I know in the flight industry the first years are the hardest as they need to clock up a lot of hours.. now thinking about it I wonder if they will get any ex-military pilots. Doesn't really affect me mind as I don't fly PAL but will be interesting to see what happens either way I can see a high turn of staff developing especially if other airlines aggressively poach pilots.. Like everything else its not we will fix the problem more we will try to work round it..
  13. They stick "Family use" signs on the front then its no longer in route use ;-) same reason they can go up the SRP if its not in offical use.
  14. Any updates on boat trips? might be worth cross platforming with "another forum" / Carlos to keep the numbers up.. advertised in more places more likely to have a full boat.
  15. Just wondering if anyone would be interested in a meet up at Parkmall for a few beers and a couple of rounds of paintball? There has been a small outdoor arena setup (dont know who owns it). But thought it would be a good afternoon out with things not just based around a beer bottle but a bit of exercise..
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