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  1. Gratefuled

    Generika meds

    That in itself should tell you something. Mercury has been our pharmacy of choice. Always a good supply and always choices available as to whether original or generic.
  2. Gratefuled

    Who lives in Tagum City (DavNor)?

    My wife's brother has a farm there in Tagum. The only bad thing I have heard about Tagum is that when it rains, a lot of it gets flooded. So, begin by being careful where you locate yourself. Good Luck
  3. People all over have made claims to seeing everything from Loch Ness Monster, Big Foot, The Devil, space ships, and who knows what else. Kids, especially love to exaggerate a story started by someone. We have even done it at the work place just to see how much will be added to it by the time you hear it again. Rumors, false gossip, tall tales are very common.
  4. Gratefuled

    Am I considered a senior in the Philippines?

    I have salt & pepper hair and so maybe some consider me a senior even tho I am not. So, even tho I am not, I get the senior citizen treatment just about everywhere. I do not get the discounts simply because I am not a citizen and not a senior. I do get in priority lines for seniors because I am ushered there by security guards. I've had my share of rude people, both male and female. It depends on the situation. I don't allow anyone to get in front of me at a counter or in line.
  5. Gratefuled

    VPN For Android Phone

    VPN is very new to me. I have anti-virus protection so I didn't think I needed it. Why would I need extra protection at a monthly cost? Someone enlighten me. I use an Apple Mac Book Pro.
  6. "just a penny?" "JUST A PENNY?" It's not how many you have but what you do with them. Makes perfect sense to me. There are so many quotes that refer to the way a fool handles money.
  7. Gratefuled

    Hurricane Irma Looks VERY Bad

    "FAKE NEWS", It's not really happening. Just like "global warming" "fake news"
  8. Gratefuled

    cheap electronics

    I would agree because my brother asked me to check prices here on some items. He had thoughts of possibly me buying here and taking it back to him when I go back on visits. After checking and relaying the prices, he decided it's cheaper in the states. I'm satisfied with what I have bought here with the exception of my Macbook Pro. While still under warranty, I returned it to customer service and after checking it out, they decided the problem was due to customer abuse of the computer and I would have to pay for the repair. That's when the shit hit the fan. I complained loud and clear and they fixed it in just a few minutes, FREE. The problem was a squeaky lid. When I opened it or closed it. I did not want to oil it or try to fix the squeak since it was under warranty. This is probably all they did. I still HATE the damn thing. SAFARI is not as good as it used to be with my last Macbook Pro. My wife's Toshiba works easier and a lot better.
  9. Gratefuled

    High Cost of Construction, or Taken to the Cleaners?

    Good advice. I might add that the quality of the material is also important in estimates. Hollow blocks are an example. Some cheap ones are very brittle and crumble and/or crack easily. Another thing if comparing cost is that contractors usually get a discount on the same material that a non contractor would not. This is standard procedure even in the states. Make them clean up their mess every day after they finish. If you notice the workers doing shabby work then tell the contractor about it before it is too late. You have a right to complain.
  10. Gratefuled

    Why Bother Yourself With Internet Dating??

    Old, real old joke but in many cases true but not funny.
  11. Gratefuled

    cheap electronics

    My wife likes shopping in China Town here. Everything is cheaper than at the malls. I tell her that the stuff is probably imitation. An example is electronics. Sold cheap with no sales receipt and no warranty. The stores are packed with customers every day. Wife doesn't care so I let her go alone. I'll stick with the malls. I'm the first to admit that not everything that I buy is "Branded" but if it's good enough for my purpose then I don't care.
  12. Gratefuled

    My budget has been blown up.

    Since I persuaded my wife to retire early and become a full time mother and full time wife, the only income she would have had is the rent from her boarding house. She put all of the money she received from the hospital on retirement in the bank. This was with the understanding that I agreed to give her what we jokingly call "honorarium". Once a month I give her a set amount to cover groceries for her and her son. They eat different than I do. In addition to this, I include money for her social security her health insurance ( which she included me ), life insurance, and extra spending money for incidentals. I'm frugal but I'm not a tightwad. I spring for everything when we go out. As long as she is happy, I'm happy. P.S. She misses her work and her co workers. They still meet once in a while for dinner someplace, usually Yakimix.
  13. Gratefuled

    Why Bother Yourself With Internet Dating??

    Just to add a little controversy to the subject. Do you know what Filipinos call foreigners who meet their wives or girl friends in the Philippines, whether by internet or otherwise? They call them LBH. Losers Back Home. Maybe right in some cases maybe not. I'm a widower and after dating American women for many years I never met one that I wanted to marry. More reasons not to marry them than reasons for marrying them. I'm not a "Loser Back Home" I'm a "WINNER" here.
  14. Gratefuled


    I agree with this. Someone once said, " 90% of what one worries about we have no control over it" ( or something like that)
  15. Gratefuled

    Foreigners Hiding In The Philippines

    First of all, I don't think a fugitive from justice is going to announce to any of us that he is a criminal and hiding from authorities. The whole purpose of him/her being here is to avoid being found. So, I would not know the he is a fugitive unless he is stupid enough to tell me and if he did he is probably lying and just wants to pretend that he is a bad ass. This question started back in February 2012. Isn't this "overkill"?