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  1. A co worker told me once a long time ago. He and his son were coming from a LAKER game at the Forum. They pulled into a small convenient store to buy some refreshments for the drive home. He quickly realized that they were the only whites around. The owner of the place told them to get back on the freeway and GTF outta south central as fast as you can. They did not realize where they were.
  2. Why would you want to "supplement" your income? People have said that $20,000 is enough for the length of time you want to spend here. Unless maybe you want to stay longer or maybe $20000 is all you have.
  3. Gratefuled

    Blown away guy

    If its too loud you are either too old or deaf. I like my loud music.
  4. I love to drive also but not here. I would have a wreck every time out. Crazy inconsiderate drivers. I prefer someone else to do the driving like a taxi. I can tell them where to go and tell them which routes to take. You can never predict when you will get a flat or a collision or any other minor mechanical problem. I've never seen a tow truck here. Just someone pulling another car with a rope. Not what I want. I don't want to have to change spark plugs, change oil, rotate tires, and all the other things required if you don't want them done at a repair shop. I always use this principle, " THE MORE THING YOU OWN THE MORE THEY OWN YOU". Just the routine maintenance at home is enough for me. P.S. Filipino drivers would not last long in a big city in the states. They would get shot, beat up or have wrecks and it would be their fault.
  5. There are better places than here but its your choice Good luck
  6. My extended stay in the Philippines is for my wife and only her. Her commitment to her parents is normal. It is an old world custom to take care of your aging parents. That responsibility lies mainly with their daughter. Wife has no sisters and 2 brothers have died. We have contributed money for the medical expenses of one brother who passed away. This was done voluntarily on my part. We help sometimes financially with nieces education (college ) but not on a regular basis. I do not have any needs other than a loving wife and I have one for this I am very grateful and show my gratitude financially but on a limited basis. My financial future is secure. My main concern is my health. I try to live a healthy life style. I owe it to my children grand children and my wife. I do not want anyone to worry about me. It's good to know for your sake that you found this out sooner better than later. Good Luck and Good Health
  7. This is funny. Like you can take the girl out of the jungle but you can't take the jungle out of the girl. My wife is as educated as most but she still likes to wash her own clothes by hand and I let her. I bought a nice new washing machine and dryer long time ago but I'm the only one who uses it. I had to put up a clothes line for her in the back so she could hang her wet clothes while mine get dried in an hour or less. Funny also is that my neighbors can afford a nice new car but will do their laundry the old fashion way. I know, its none of my business, just curious.
  8. You should know that prices range from very very cheap to very very expensive. since you don't plan to be here till sometime in 2020, then you have a lot of time to decide on location. Once you are here and start checking things out you will soon find out how fast money just seems to slip away. Like going from one island to another you cannot just hop in a car and go. You will need to fly to most places. If you want to feel like you're in da Bronx just stay in Manila. There is Tondo and then there is Makati.
  9. Good to know that you are "street wise". It really helps in survival anywhere. Knowing how to take care of your money and possessions and who you can trust. Remember the song, " smiling faces show no traces etc. etc..."
  10. I ask because I haven't seen any comments pro or con for this place. We stayed there a few years ago and it was great. Its on Samal Island off the coast of Davao. Its not cheap but well worth the money. We plan on going again during school vacation this year. Check it out on Trip Advisor. Don't take my word for it. Read the reviews and compare with others. Good Luck and hope you enjoy it as much as we did.
  11. Vikings is also my choice. We go when its one of our birthdays. This way one eats free. The food is better than other " all you can eat buffets". At least for us.
  12. Yes, him and Andrea Bocelli. Volare, "prego"
  13. Not really. Maybe safer than some but not really a safe place to live. You just don't read about the crime in local newspapers but its there (here). One of my best friends here is a retired PNP. but taxi drivers are a source of crime reportings..
  14. Ok, here is what I did. You decide what's best for you. When I decided that I was going to live here off and on, I opened up a joint account here with my wife. I arranged to have money transferred from my bank in the states to my joint bank account here. I get charged $4 for each transfer. The money is sent in US dollars and received in Pesos. My bank here does not charge me for anything. I have it deposited to my checking account and withdraw what I need when I need it. Very simple. I use BPI for this but I, we also have an account with BDO. Both banks are very professional but the BPI bank branch that I use knows how to do the transaction. The first time, it took a while because the girl had to inquire how to do it. Now she, they know.
  15. I do not lend money to anyone here or in the states. My mother in law here thinks I am rich. I tell her, " if I was rich I would be living in the Marco Polo Hotel instead of here and have a chauffeur driven car" Oh, and a funny thing about MIL. We have a nice Daikin A/C that I keep at 26 degrees C. She bundles up when she comes here and sleeps like in a cocoon at night. She says I am cold blooded. Well, maybe but I don't like heat and humidity inside the house. Other than that, she is very nice and takes my side in any small disagreements I have with my wife. She speaks very good English unlike father in law who seems to mumble when he speaks. He loves my music and commented last time he was here about how he remembers an old Italian song by Dean Martin in Italian that I was playing. Wife has downloaded a ton of music for him. He loves CW and 60's music as well as Spanish and Italian songs.
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