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  1. Hey guys. I've had a permanent 13-A Visa for 5 years. My 5 year ACR card expires on Oct 30, 2019. I've sent messages to Immigration asking if I should come in for renewal now or wait until it is expired. Their only answer is to send me links to a 2014 page on their website about the procedure. Has anybody renewed their 5 year card recently? Is there any change in the paperwork to deal with, or new requirements? I have read some old posts here about being told to wait until the card expires, but I have a bad feeling about that. I got my 13-A in the states and I never dealt with the probationary Visa thing, so this is my first renewal since getting it. So, should I go do it now or wait until it expires? I'll be going to Intramuros to do it. Thanks
  2. This is nothing about a Barangay Clearance, I have one and they know me there. I've been in the same location for 5 years. I was just curious to see if anyone else had been given a form like this.
  3. That was my question, do I have a choice in this? But apparently I don't. I suppose it's like most things, nothing will ever come of it.
  4. Maybe this is in the wrong section, sorry. Has any expats been asked to fill out a form like this recently? It's 3 pages wanting a lot of personal information. The sub-division I live in had the guard deliver this to me today. I asked about it and the Admin said it goes to the local police and it's required. Then they filled it out for me and said I need to supply a photo. Seems kind of odd and I'm wondering if maybe the sub-division is not just checking up on me (after living here 5 years).
  5. I've heard too many stories of scammers running into the back of cars or pretending to be hit and injured. Not having the desire to support a family I don't know for the rest of my life, I've shied away from buying a car. It's inconvenient and the wife gripes every time we go to the store, but it's far cheaper in the long run. If we lived out in the province somewhere, maybe, but I don't want to live out in the sticks either.
  6. So if I did the online thing last year, I don't have to do it this year? Thanks
  7. I've seen the beans at SM a few times. Canned, they have brown and white. Not too bad. The dry beans seem to be very old, at least the two times I tried them. Cooked them all day and still crunchy. I don't even try beans anymore because I can't find corn meal. I keep hearing stories about how they feed it to the hogs here, but I don't know where they get it. One store ordered cornbread mix for me once. It was ground fine as flour and tasted like super sweet cake. Now I save up my beans and cornbread (and usually collard greens) hankerings until my yearly trip home to get paid and pay taxes :)
  8. Finding someone you can trust is very hard. And that's not just in the Philippines. We tried family members and total strangers as maids, and I couldn't tell much difference. There are just too many "emergencies" and once you help, it never seems to stop. There are big security issues to think about as well, that I won't even get into (other than to say we were robbed once by the maid's ex boyfriend). My wife is happy without a maid now. She likes knowing her things will still be there when we go home. And she likes the extra money we are saving by not paying a maid and covering "emergencies" all the time. She doesn't work as hard as she did at her parents home and she proved to herself that doing nothing just made her fat. She is far from an abused slave. If that was the case I would be one too, because we do about the same amount of work, even though I'm the only one supplying the money. We had a driver for awhile and it was almost the same experience. Now the car and driver are both gone and I'm a lot happier.
  9. The best maid, is no maid, if you can make it without one. Experienced all the problems listed here and more. In the long run, it's safer and cheaper to do without help. Also, the wife has almost lost the 25 pounds she gained while we tried to keep a maid for 2 years.
  10. I have two rooms in our home, where I can call myself king. My office and the CR, both on the third floor (a former apartment). It may be the driest CR in the Phils. There is no bucket or tabo and a sliding glass door is on the shower. No one ever goes in there, except me.
  11. I used to have the same plan as you. I'm on pay as you go now, but it still works the same. If you are on an iPhone, get your wifi going and you'll see Wifi calling at the top of your screen. After you see that, put your phone in airplane mode and then turn wifi on again. This stops your phone from trying to find a carrier that it will never find and saves your battery a lot. In a few minutes, Wifi Calling will re-appear at the top of your screen. Sorry, I don't know about any other phones.
  12. Depending on which phone you have, you can use "T-Mobile wifi-calling" and make calls and sms just like you were in the US. I do this with an iPhone. As long as you have wifi to connect to where you are, it works great. I make and receive txts and calls to the US and no one can tell I am in another country.
  13. Bureau of Immigration, Republic of the Philippines Starting May 4, 2015, regular ECC may be secured at the airport for foreign nationals who have stayed in the PH for six months to one year. Those who have stayed beyond one year must secure the ECC at the BI office. (Published in the Philippine Star on Sunday, April 19) https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=546868588785186
  14. Yeah, if they are both on wifi, it will work too now.
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