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  1. I too have been looking for a decent milk here in Philippines. Unfortunately the Devonshire brand the OP mentioned is not available here in Naga City. So I can't comment on that. After much trial and error what I have found is a Philippine product called Alpine Whole Cream Milk. Reconstituted and evaporated in a can. Mixed 1 to 1 with water, chilled overnight it tastes remarkably like milk you would buy at the supermarket in the US. Two cans will make 1.5 liters. So 5 cans would make about a gallon. At P50 per can a gallon would cost you P250. Not too bad. I read online that most evaporated milk is 40% of original water content. So you could try a 40/60 mix and then 4 cans would make a gallon. The directions on the can does state that a 50/50 mix makes a milk that is above the legal standard for whole cows milk. But I haven't tried a 40/60 mix. Let me know if you do and how you like it. Hope this helps someone out. Enjoy, Ron
  2. This might be off topic. But since you brought up drivers licenses, I'll mention it. When I got my license last March 2016. I noticed that it expired on my birthday 2018. My birthday is in April. I asked the LTO as I thought a license here was good for 3 years. I was informed that the 10 days from issue to my birthday counted as the first year. Go figure? So maybe the teacher had a good point? Just saying. Ron
  3. Bows00, there where a few things that had me second guessing. Off the top of my head, one would be the noise, pollution and traffic in Manila. Which was my landing spot for the first 6 months. Relocating to Naga City, Bicol relieved much of that stress. Another would be the hassle of trying to obtain a drivers license with the new rules implemented by the LTO. But as with a lot of things here. Where there's a will, there's a way. I posted about my experiences there a while ago in the appropriate forum topic. Mostly, you are quite correct, it has been about adapting and learning to accept that "We are not in Kansas anymore, Toto." That, coupled with a lot of patience, has bode me well. For me, the food here still leaves a lot to be desired. But you learn to do without or create your own alternatives. But all in all, this is my home now. And I choose to put on a happy face each morning. Rather than dwell on the negatives. Which, if one allowed it to, would bring any sane man to his knees. Ron
  4. Jake, sometimes it's more like 8 or 10 beers at a time. But hey, who's counting? I'm not!
  5. Today marks my one year anniversary of having moved and retired here to the Philippines. Needless to say it has not all been chocolates and roses. But I'm still here, and I have no plans to go elsewhere. So, I would like to celebrate this milestone by thanking all the members of this forum. Even though I have been married to a Filipina for over 29 years and been a frequent visitor to this island paradise, the knowledge, experiences, insight and wisdom of the ladies and gents on this forum was invaluable to me in preparation for my move and transition. Thank you. My hat is off to you for taking the time out of your lives to help me and the many others who seek your sage advice. Also a special call out to JGF for providing this venue in a controlled, sane and educated adult environment. Thank you sir. Very much. For new members of this forum and those contemplating retirement here in the Philippines. I will repeat what has been reiterated ad nauseam on this forum. Nothing, I say again, NOTHING beats "Boots on the Ground". One week, 3 weeks or a month simply does not cut it. You have to take root and settle into the everyday humdrum to truly experience what life will be like for YOU here. Take the time to search this site and research the topics that interest you. 90% of the questions you may have are already answered many times over. Of course if you cannot find your answer, feel free to ask. The members here will be more than happy to tell you what you want to know, or maybe what you don't want to know. Anyways, I'm still here and still loving it. One day at a time. Thanks again everyone, Ron
  6. Finally got my drivers license yesterday! Let me caveat this by saying that I was attempting to convert my US license to a Philippine license. i.e. No written or driving test. Just fill out the application, pay the fee and get my license. This requires a one year visa valid from the date of the application. Those going the Learners Permit route, I believe the requirements are a little bit different. So please do your homework. Anyways. Asawa and I took a quick trip to Hong Kong. Flew out Monday and back Tuesday morning. Got a brand new Balikbayan visa, good for one year. Plan was to go straight from the airport in Naga to the LTO as we were scheduled to arrive at 1:30 PM, but thanks to NAIA and sitting in the airplane for an hour and a half and then another 45 min taxi and waiting to take off. We didn't arrive until almost 4PM. So we went the following day. They didn't seem to care about the date. (Visa valid for one year from 15 Mar and this was 16 Mar) They only seemed to care that this was Mar and my visa was valid until Mar 2017. So good to go there. Having been to the LTO on numerous occasions in my previous attempts I knew the requirements. 1. Current and photocopy (front and back) of my valid US drivers license. Check! 2. Photocopy of the picture page of passport. Check! 3. Photocopy of the visa page of my passport. Check! 4. Properly completed application. Check! 5. Current medical exam (eye test). Check! Even with all my ducks in a row they didn't make it easy. The LTO "Reviewer" while looking at my Colorado license, pulls out a Texas license booklet and thumbs through it. Then he tells me: LTO: I don't think you can drive anything here. This is a Class R license and there is no such thing as a Class R license. Me: This is a Colorado drivers license. Each state has different coding. Class R means Regular and means that I can drive a regular car. It explains that on the back of the license. LTO: (briefly looks at the back of the license) O.K. you can drive a car, but you can't drive a motorcycle. Me: (pointing out the M endorsement) This M means I can drive a motorcycle. Its explains that on the back of the license as well. LTO: O.K. You can drive a car and a motorcycle, but you can't drive a Commercial Vehicle. Me: O.K. Thank you so much! Salamat Po! An hours wait, Pay the fees and I NOW HAVE A LICENSE! Eez more pun in da Pilippines! Good luck out there Guys and Gals
  7. My wife and I purchased a sizable lot and built a house on it in 1998 when we still lived in the US. Because we were in the US and she was not there at the time. She had it placed in my MIL's name. When we moved here last year, one of the first things I had my wife do was to put the house and property in her name. A Deed of Sale was drawn up by a lawyer for a reasonable sum. Even though no money changed hands. The whole family knew the property was ours (hers). Even so, all of the siblings, 2 brothers and 5 sisters, had to sign off on the Deed of Sale before the title could be transfered. Six months and over a $1000 in fees and taxes later the title is now in her name.
  8. I have 3 pinoy nephews that "Like" just about every pretty pinay on Facebook. Kind of a pain, but not all bad either!
  9. I think I missed something. Was something illegal talked about here? I just got here in January, so I'm still learning. If something is illegal, I definitely want to stay away from it. I believe he is referring to the driving without a valid license and it's consequences. Sorry Bob. Won't happen no more.
  10. Probably the Mayan Volcano near Legazpi, Albay is one of the most popular. It is active. There are guided tours and you can rent an ATV to ride to the summit.
  11. Bella, I don't think getting a license here is "impossible". I have managed to convince one of the LTO directors I've spoken to, to issue me a license if I get a new Balikbayan visa and see him within 2-3 days of getting off the plane. That's my current plan. Don't know if you're Balikbayan. But that might be an option. Also, others have posted in this thread about having luck with a lease. So at least give it a try. You never know. Answer to #1: Yes, I have purchased and successfully registered a motorcycle without a PI license. It was bought new though and registered through the dealer. Not sure about a used one, doing it yourself. Answer to #2: Who knows? Could be anything from "Give me P100 and I'll let you go" to impounding you trike. Thus is the PI. Ron
  12. From what I gather the "fix" is the same as other things that need to get done here, here are the steps. Step 1 - take your documentation and apply as normal Step 2 - go back and see a different attendant/officer/whatever and try again (without mentioning previous attempt) step 3 - go to a different office, return to step Been there, done that. Steps 1 thru 3. Didn't work.
  13. Unfortunately I haven't heard of any work around at this time .... just don't try the fixers hanging around the LTO offices .... there have been quite a few horror stories about those that have and found out later that when stopped .... had an accident or license taken for getting a ticket .... they were caught with a fake license .... even if never caught when you renew each time you will have to get another fake license from another fixer as it definitely won't go through the system ..... remember you are a foreigner and it will deffinately not go well for you .... Now I know you didn't hint at this but just thought I would warn you in advance .... JMHO .... :tiphat: :cheersty: Thanks for the heads up. I've never even heard of a fixer. Lol. I do everything on my own. I don't trust any kind of service when it comes to official documentation. I do hope we can find a way to do this, though. Riding overpriced taxi trikes is getting old quickly and I like being able to go where I want, when I My advice would be. If you don't get any satisfaction from the minions at the LTO. Ask to speak to the director. Perhaps something can be worked out with him/her. Come armed with everything you can think of to show you intend to make the PI your home. Lease, marriage certificate, water bill, electric bill, contract with your internet provider, whatever you have. Be extremely polite and ask WHAT (if anything) you can do to satisfy their requirements. I wish you the best of luck. Let us know how you fair. Ron
  14. I happen to have a bridge in Brooklyn NY. It's a toll bridge. Good money maker. I would be willing to trade. I can have the paper work done for a nominal fee of $500 US. Let me know and I'll PM you my Paypal account.
  15. That sounds too good to be true. Its either a good risk, if you can afford to lose it, or a mountain of problems. Otherwise it would be an easy sell at many times that amount. Such is my opinion, having never seen a deal that good anywhere in Philippines. I know what your saying and I agree with you whole heartedly. I can afford to lose the 3 grand but I don't think I want to.
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