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  1. topcat72m

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    I am very intuitive. I immediately felt there was no real and substantial connection. I had a picture in my head of who this person was which was not based in reality. When we spent a couple of days together I knew she was not for me. She did nothing wrong. It was my mistake. I can't describe how I knew.
  2. topcat72m

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    Good luck with your girl. Having said that be open to change. I like you was talking to a girl before going there for 3 months. When I got there I quickly realised it was not going to work out. I decided I may as well just enjoy my time there and having met a few girls within 3 weeks I met my wife to be.
  3. topcat72m

    BI to deport British

    I met that guy in TGIF Ayala last time I was there. Seemed a nice enough guy but only met him the once.
  4. topcat72m

    I live in Cebu that is all I know.

    Haha. This reminds me of Some of the photshopping on dating sites.
  5. topcat72m

    I live in Cebu that is all I know.

    I don't have any criminal stories to share with them. I'm military and from Ireland so my stories tend to be about them subjects. I have met some ex military from other countries. Some great guys. Many people when they hear I'm irish tend to talk to me. It seems to be of interest to people.
  6. topcat72m

    I live in Cebu that is all I know.

    Yea. I agree. I meet more of these in the first weeks than afterwards. I also avoid. I travel alone so I'm prone to meeting up with odd characters.
  7. topcat72m

    I live in Cebu that is all I know.

    The guy wanted by the fbi not only told me. He showed be pictures on his phone showing his previous activity. He seemed quite proud of his "achievements". I'm surprised you don't meet these people. I met many my last time there. This was just from being open to engagement from other expats.
  8. topcat72m

    I live in Cebu that is all I know.

    Maybe. I met an old guy in BI mandaue with his 17 YO girlfriend. A guy staying in the hotel I was first in was a drug dealer on the run from FBI. A guy I met in Marshals bar day time was running from casino bosses in LA. Just a sample. I was there 4 months last trip.
  9. topcat72m

    I live in Cebu that is all I know.

    I thought I missed something. I read your story. Unfortunately many of the people (not all)I have met when in Cebu had some issues. Some were hiding others had social problems. I think due to low cost of living it attracts a lot of undesirables.
  10. topcat72m

    I live in Cebu that is all I know.

    What makes you think it's that same guy. His post was fairly simple.
  11. I saw this posted on Facebook (Credit to Reekay Valez). I spent many a day talking with Larry and found him to be a gent. I also saw him take care of a Swede who got into some difficulty being robbed of his passport and all his money. Larry gave him money to get to Manila to get help from embassy. I'm sorry to hear of his passing.
  12. https://www.justlanded.com/english/Philippines/Philippines-Guide/Visas-Permits/Immigrant-visas
  13. There's a third. Quota Visa. Not commonly talked about.
  14. topcat72m

    Sub-standard plywood

    Maybe substandard 12mm or 1/2" was the answer. A bit late now but the engineer could have redone the calc for 8mm and increased the amount of bars accordingly.
  15. Assuming you can get either. A SRRV or Quota. Which one is best and why.