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  1. Depends on which way your door swings......if it swings the “other” way then the heading would be appropriate 🤣 And I do believe it’s acceptable to call “female Pinoys” transgenders; or in the vernacular: Ladyboys.
  2. I’ve been using Private Internet Access for years and I pay 35$ per year. Non logging, multiple servers around the globe and no noticeable lag / slow down when streaming.
  3. That law refers to minors (18 and under as well 12 and under). It’s been well discussed on other forums; have look at the placement of the coma’s. It does not apply to adults, so if a 19 year old girl is with 35 year old guy it’s legal. And as far as the article the OP posted; that refers to locals engaging in sex. For foreigners the legal age of consent is 18 and up.
  4. Without hard evidence a mere allegation by an angry spouse or gf, ex or not, is not enough to justify the cost of extradition. Nor would an arrest warrant be issued without evidence. In the case of minors, the press in the USA is forbidden to mention the name(s) of victims. If Tyler was related to or the father of the victim then no names would be mentioned and therefore it’s highly unlikely the press would even report on it. Even they did, nothing would show up in an online search of his name. Of course I’m just speculating, but more then likely, due to the nature of the alleged crime, it was
  5. Same with Roku on my TV in the USA, stops and sometimes won’t start again unless I switch my router off then back on. Seems to happen more when watching STARZ or Amazon and less with Netflix. Bluetooth sound bar reconnects by itself though.
  6. It’s all about money 💰. Hospitals get extra funding to treat China virus patients.
  7. Hi and welcome to the forum. I have an apartment in Angeles City (Balibago) and have been there about a year. I have my Internet and cable service thru Converge ICT Solutions. I don’t recall the name of the package I got, but think it’s the “Gold” one. Over 200 channels on cable plus HBO and Showtime. Internet speed is 25+ mbs, fiber optic. More then enough for seamless live streaming of Netflix and Prime. Cost for all = 1,949.00 pesos per month; 2 year contract. 2,500 pesos set up fee and included router and cable box.
  8. Although I’m sure recipes for that method abound in cookbooks, it’s an old family recipe for me. Up until the mid 70’s my grandmother cooked on / in a wood burning stove / oven. They are notoriously difficult to maintain a constant temp. So Spatchcocking (butterflying) any type of fowl and roasting it on top of firm veggies (like squash) allows the heat to circulate, shortens the cooking time and helps prevent the meat from drying out (cooks more evenly).
  9. Tater tots - similar to fries for her, mash with a fork for you, lol. Tell her the turkey breasts are just Kano sized chicken breasts, she won’t know the difference. Butterfly them and roast over top of a layer of evenly cut pumpkin slices/pieces or if available there, cut 2” thick cylinders of Delicata squash, remove the seeds (the skin is thin and edible), brush with melted butter and season with salt n pepper, arrange them on a sheet pan to roughly the size of the turkey breasts and then roast the turkey breasts on them (works great for a spatchcocked chicken too).
  10. Perhaps revise the effective date for today’s date instead of Dec 7 as we all know how the rules often seem to change by the hour, 🤣🤣🤣
  11. A few members of our forum have already done it. Some with their spouses and at least one solo. All have provided excellent info on their journey.
  12. Gotta hand it to the Filipinos for their resourcefulness! 🎉 Happy Birthday 🎉 and many more!
  13. Maybe I’m missing something, but I thought as of early August that foreign spouses were already allowed in. So what changes on December 7th? The only recent change I read about was the lifting of the age restriction for children of Filipino nationals. Now any age child can return as it’s hoped that would boost tourism over the holidays.
  14. Might want to reconsider that and go to him. He’ll have all the tools needed there and the little “bits” that might or might not be required.......nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc that might not be reusable from your old systems. Even though he sounds like a competent tech, there is only so much he can bring and / or remember to bring. I’d also consider changing all the lines as well. When the compressor went it’s possible it shot some oil into lines.....even if blown out it’s possible some will remain, turn into sludge and could cause problems down the line. Obviously put a new bel
  15. You’re welcome. They do have a slow cook setting, but the bags for making cleanup easy don’t fit right so I just use my crock pot for slow cooking.
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