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  1. I think it depends in part on the location of the McDo’s and what’s in the area. In the one in Moalboal, where I’ve taken my asawa and extended family (it’s a treat for them), I’ve noticed a mix of ppl; both older and young …… there is a university campus just across the road and of course you have foreign tourists. In Clark there is a cafe I like to frequent next to the McDonald’s. At that one I tend to see mostly younger ppl, but it’s close to the factories and call centers, so that might explain the younger crowd.
  2. Hahaha, yeah, the old punch cards ….. do not fold, bend, staple or mutilate. When I was 16 my first “real” job was sorting / delivering mail at the IBM corporate office in Princeton, NJ. They had a computer they fed those cards into …… it took up space in a room about half the size of a football field! The other half was filled by a machine that collated and sorted them.
  3. My Asawa got one printed out with the QR code at her local Dept of Health office (where she was vaccinated) as she needed it to travel from Cebu to Manila back in March. You could try your local Dept of Health or perhaps where you got your vaccines at.
  4. 54.644 on world remit early this morning.
  5. I’ve bought it at Metro (Marque Mall in Angeles), but I don’t recall the brand. They also had pasta made from chick peas, pricey though. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at the health food store in SM mall (Clark).
  6. ……do so little for their vets, yet claim they do. Imho what’s just as bad is they often ostracize those who do seek mental health care.
  7. Citi bank. I have an advantage platinum Master Card. No international transaction fees and a fair exchange rate (mid-market I believe). They do charge an annual 95$ fee, but for me it’s worth it. Just make sure you make all purchases in pesos, otherwise the vendor’s bank will do the conversion at a much lower rate.
  8. No dorms or bedspacer / boarding houses near the school? Or is she too good to stay in one of them? Lol.
  9. “We” get the headlines / good press (which translates to a higher budget) and they get to be traded when their cohorts take the next hostages or “escape” when they pay “us”.
  10. Likely in response to the Feds raising the rate by 0.75%. Biggest raise since 1994. And another rate hike might be in the pipeline ……. Commie Joe’s answer to hedging inflation (he doesn’t care if millions loose their jobs and the USA slides into another recession sooner then anticipated, he won’t remember anyhow, lol).
  11. About the same in west central Florida. That was just over half of a tank for me ….. F-350 with a 35 gallon tank that gets between 10 - 11 mpg (city / 7.3 liter engine). Luckily I can write it off as a business expense, but it still hurts.
  12. Same with me, only needed it when submitting proof of marriage to get the PSA stamp. But it’s one of those little known documents that are easy to get and nice to have as you never know when it might be required.
  13. I’m almost afraid to ask, but I have to …… what were your first and second thoughts? Lol. My first thought was “Glad the DOS expunged and scrubbed my record when I left the DSS corp”. 🤣🤣🤣
  14. Get an 18 year old fresh off the farm province girl and train her the way you want. Hahaha. Just kidding. On a serious note, be careful if you do meet younger girls. You’ll frequently find girls claiming to be 18 or 19 when in fact they’re 16-17 (or even younger). Some are scammers looking to set you up to be extorted, but most are just looking to find pesos or work to help their families (they often use fake ID’s or the ID of a cousin, sister, etc). Be wary of girls who state they are the “bread winners” of the family. All they tend to be interested in is your wallet.
  15. Although I agree with what you say, I’m more concerned about the initial (and oft uninformed) gatekeeper …… the airline clerk who checks you in at your first point of departure. It’s how they or their corporate attorneys decide to interpret the rules as to whether or not they’ll let you board the aircraft.
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