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  1. It’s made it to the USA and Cebu already. Hope that it can contained, but somehow I doubt it https://www.aljazeera.com/amp/news/2020/01/officials-confirm-case-coronavirus-200121192504190.html https://news.abs-cbn.com/news/01/21/20/philippines-probes-case-of-child-from-china-who-tested-positive-for-coronavirus Seems like the elderly and children are the groups at most risk. Healthy adults should be able to fully recover https://www.webmd.com/lung/coronavirus
  2. So you’re basically saying that you want to semi retire? Still work in the USA part of the year and the rest of the time in the Phils? Personally I wouldn’t give the green card or the rights that are associated with it. Getting tourist visa’s for Filipinos are problematic and, from what I understand, costly. If you want to limit your reportable income, I’d form a corporation and only take a nominal income from it. I’m no tax specialist, so you may also consider finding and consulting with a tax attorney / specialist in the USA who is familiar with foreign earned income. I presume you’re also already paying taxes to the BIR in the Philippines? As far as I know (from years ago when I was living in Germany) that tax is fully deductible in the USA for any excess over the foreign earned income threshold (not applicable to you as your not out of the USA long enough), but was for me at the time. And for the time when or if you (or your wife) fully retires in the Philippines: https://www.irs.gov/individuals/international-taxpayers/foreign-earned-income-exclusion
  3. I’m a Mac guy - iPhone, iPad and Mac laptop. I use speech to text quite often on all of my devices for typing here, texting and other chat apps. I’ve found using a good quality headset, Bluetooth or hardwired, is very helpful and less prone to typos. You also need to get used to how to use the software associated with what ever device it’s on. For example, dictating numbers can be troublesome at time as it often spells out the number instead of typing just the digits.
  4. Glad Emma is ok! It’s my understanding that there’s no Good Samaritan law here, which indemnifies the person helping. Just the opposite - help a victim and you become responsible for them and their bill for treatment. So don’t expect help and as harsh as it sounds, don’t give it. And as you said - the most important thing is that your wife is alright!
  5. A quick and easy patch - Gorilla type glue and piece of screen. Cut the patch a bit bigger, brush on the glue around the edges and place over the rip. Not pretty, but effective until you decide to replace the entire screen.
  6. SM Hypermarket in Angeles City. Got a 1kg bag of them last week, frozen (but in the produce section), Tesco brand. Don’t recall the price. Although not common and seasonal, I’ve also got them in the last fresh at the Colon market in Cebu.
  7. Out with the old and in with the new? Or in your case - in with the new and out with the old, and out with the old, and out with old..........🤣
  8. They look delicious Tommy, am sure they’re gone by now! It’s funny how a smell can trigger memories, both fond and those not so, lol. But the smell of cinnamon rolls baking always trigger a very fond memory for me ......that of my Aunt’s kitchen as she baked them from scratch almost every Sunday. Even the store bought ready to bake ones from Pillsbury were pretty darn good!
  9. Sounds like it’s becoming chronic and if it doesn’t clear up soon it might be best to see a doctor. Can also try the BRAT diet, but for no more then 2 days as it lacks nutritional needs...... Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. Hope you get well soon
  10. Gator


    Didn’t know they made one for sensitive skin. Will have to try it......thanks for the info!
  11. Gator


    Agree, it works well, but with constant use it seems to become less effective (at least for me) and seems to be a bit harsh for my skin type I have sensitive skin and often get rashes from soaps (and laundry detergent) with a lot of perfumes. I’ve found Johnson’s baby soap works well and holds up. I’ll get that after I run out of Kirk’s Castile Soap, which I brought with me and will likely not be able to find here.
  12. Let’s take it one step further........what happens to those of us (and by us, I mean Americans) who have already made the Philippines our home? I’ve reached the point where I’m semi retired. I now work about 6 months a year and come to the Phils for about 6 months. So if it comes to pass that new visa restrictions come into play, then what happens if you’re already here (on a tourist visa)? Will we be required to jump thru even more hoops to stay? Longer delays in getting approved? Or worse, being denied a visa extension and forced to pack up and leave? Hopefully it’s just rhetoric and the politicians come to their senses.
  13. Me too. Just moved into an apartment in Angles City last week and still getting set up here. Even so, dinner was a bit more then eggs and toast, lol......pan fried swordfish filet and pasta.
  14. Works Remit works well for me. 5,000 USD daily limit and a $2.95 flat fee. Just be sure to link it to a debit card as credit cards will treat it as a cash advance and tack on extra fees plus, depending on the card, a higher interest rate. Exchange rate is often the same or better then money changers. As you type in the dollar amount to send, the peso amount instantly appears. As a side note: make sure the person you’re sending it to has proper ID to get an international remittance. If sending a larger amount to yourself the remittance center will likely want to see your passport or valid ACR card. A non Filipino driver’s license is not acceptable (at least not at M Lhuillier). I have a “Diamond” card from them - free after they scan your passport and take your pic. Once you have their Diamond card that’s all you need to get your remittance (plus the confirmation code of course).
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