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  1. I find the below site also helpful for getting accurate info not only about the ban, but the local restrictions as well. Its not always updated on a timely basis as sometimes the resolutions appear a day or two after they’ve been passed. COVID-19 INTER-AGENCY TASK FORCE FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES RESOLUTIONS https://www.doh.gov.ph/COVID-19/IATF-Resolutions
  2. Since you’ve been married for over two years can’t your wife file for US citizenship? Or did I miss something? I think they have to finish the process within 6 months of the application date. Not sure what hoops you’d have to jump thru for your oldest daughter.
  3. Or it could be that steady drip-drip-drip of something else, in which case you need to call Peter Router! 🤣
  4. Actually under the current rules for a 9A tourist visa you do need to show proof of “financial capacity”. Proof of financial capacity (e.g.latest print-out of credit card account(s), latest print-out of bank statements, ownership of real estate properties, and other documents showing the applicant’s capacity to financially support himself/herself during his/her stay in the Philippines. You will need more than type of proof of financial capacity) https://www.philippineconsulatela.org/consular-services-2/visa/tourist-visa-pleasure-or-business However if you meant getting
  5. Perhaps the media’s interest is slowing down a bit in the Philippines, but in the USA there’s always a few stories at the top about it. Albeit most do have a secondary, or in some instances a primary, political twist to them.
  6. # me three (me too was already taken, lol)
  7. Totally agree - one of the main criteria when I was looking for an apartment there was that it was allowed to have a gas cooktop. Much harder to control the heat on an electric stove......a pot of pasta either boiled over or you couldn’t get it to simmer......frying something (like fish), either burn it or wait for ever for something to cook. Non-stick pans have their place, but IMHO there is no substitute for a well seasoned cast iron frying pan. I’ve never tried a rectangular cast iron grill pan, but do plan on getting one there or likely bring one as I can get them here for much less
  8. One thing to note for ppl who may not have ever used a cast iron pan, but are considering it. They are designed to be used over an open flame / gas burner type ranges. Thats not to say you can’t use it on an electric or glass top infrared type one. If you do, then extra time is needed to preheat the pan, never put a cold pan onto a hot burner (cold pan onto cold burner, then turn on the burner) or you risk cracking the pan. It’s also recommended to only use med-high heat and not high; especially on those coil type electric stoves as they don’t always heat evenly and create hot spots.
  9. Properly seasoned and cared for they won’t rust. And if they do, usually from not being seasoned correctly or not used for a long period, then simply heat it up and use 00 steel wool to gently rub off the rust. Rinse it out, put it on the fire to warm it up again and season it. I have a pair of them that were my grandmothers, so they are at least 80 years old and still work wonderfully. She used to use bacon grease to season them and cleaned them same way as in the video posted by Shady.....the steam method. Off the wood burning stove, poured boiling hot water into it, scraped it with a
  10. I’ll put my plug on for west central Florida. Had a house in Spring Hill (Hernando County) from 1985 until I sold it two years ago (due my nomadic lifestyle it wasn’t worth keeping it). Insurance, both home and auto, is reasonable as the county is still considered rural. But all the big box stores are there as well as many good chain restos (Red Lobster, Hooters, Cracker Barrel, Outback, Texas Roadhouse, etc), a couple of cinemas, both large and small specialty grocery stores (a new asian market just opened, but haven’t been there yet - will check it out next week when I’m there visiting my co
  11. Sorry to hear about your flight change. As you’ll be confined to quarters for a day or two, I’d avoid the SoGo’s and places like that as they may not offer much (if anything) in the way of room service. Guess it depends on your budget, for a night or two I usually stay at the Fairmont (excellent food and full room service menu) or the City Garden Grand. As an “evil smoker”, those are some of the few that still offer smoking rooms too. Good luck and safe travels.
  12. Given the current situation I’d be careful about flying thru any Chinese airport. Seems like I read somewhere Philippines are not even allowing flights from China, but that may have changed. I would not be surprised though if they are screening them even more thoroughly though. You might even looks for flights originating from West Palm and Miami we might save you a few bucks. On the hope that they will allow tourists to travel I already booked my flight with American Airlines back in early April or May when fares were very low and they offered free changes as well as full
  13. And along with the paperwork / documents I’d also bring some photos of you and your wife together (or print some out if you only have them in digital versions). Old and recent ones. The more paper you can put in front of them, the better off you’ll be. We all know how much they love paper, lol.
  14. Knuckle heads is correct at least for two of them (see press release below). I wonder if they’re partly the reason for the crackdown. There were probably others that didn’t make the news. PRESS RELEASE 2020 August 19 BI bars 2 Koreans in Mactan airport for faking their marriage to Pinays MANILA, Philippines - Bureau of Immigration (BI) officers at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport (MCIA) turned away two South Korean nationals who attempted to enter the country by presenting fraudulent copies of certificates of their alleged marriage to Filipinos. BI Commissio
  15. If you have all your papers approved to get married, then why not proceed with the wedding? At least the legal aspect of the marriage and then apply for a 13A visa. You can always celebrate with friends and family at a later date.
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