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  1. Or he just wants to take the credit as he would be able to say he initiated the investigation and not give any credit to the former President. The various scientific reports being released may also have prompted Biden: From the Wall Street Journal; posted 06/06/2021 https://apple.news/AD_z4Uw5JQgiNW_0ZPv391Q (link might only work if you have an apple news or a WSJ subscription) The Science Suggests a Wuhan Lab Leak The Covid-19 pathogen has a genetic footprint that has never been observed in a natural coronavirus. The possibility that the pandemic began wi
  2. Exactly. As well as to put a step in front of the fryer so they can see down into it and see what they’re tossing into the oil instead of being at eye level to it. 🤣
  3. Enter to win? Sounds more like an info gathering marketing ploy. Might be different if all you have to do is show your vaccine card to get a free beer, but uploading and sending a pic and info......I’ll pass and pay for my own beer.
  4. Exactly. From my limited research it looks like you need to be in the Philippines to complete it. In the guide that JGF posted (and thanks again for that) it states you must be in the Phils. But as we already know, the rules seem to change daily. When I have time I’ll try to email the embassy here in the USA and the PRA directly.
  5. Thanks for the update OMW. Might be an option if they don’t open up the borders by this fall for tourists. I’ll have too research it a bit as I only have a vague idea of the process and time line to obtain an SRRV and even if can be done from the USA.
  6. Sounds great! Thank for the recipe. I love fresh asparagus, but prefer it lightly roasted. Blanched first, the same as you do it, then tossed in some olive oil, salt and garlic. Finish with a bit of lemon or lime juice
  7. Good concept, but........Doesn’t matter anyhow because you know that after waiting several hours on line all you’re going to hear is: “Sorry po, no stock, come back next month”. Rinse and repeat and by the time you do get it, it’ll be expired anyhow. 🤣
  8. Have you visited the Philippines yet? In addition to the many helpful members here, there are many videos on you tube that might be helpful in narrowing down your list of places to check out.
  9. Row, row, row your boat come to mind. Now you just need to find 8 additional confederates with strong backs and weak minds to help 🤣
  10. Regrettably the sub has now been officially declared: Still on Patrol https://apnews.com/article/asia-pacific-indonesia-98b58437f6742d197d1eb593db954894 Indonesia navy declares lost sub sank after finding debris BANYUWANGI, Indonesia (AP) — Indonesia’s navy on Saturday said items were found from a missing submarine, indicating the vessel with 53 crew members had sunk and cracked open, and that there was no hope of finding survivors. Military chief Hadi Tjahjanto said the presence of an oil slick as well as the discovery of debris near the location of KRI Nan
  11. On Monday I got my second shot of Moderna in Florida. No cost. Only minor pain at injection site (upper arm) for about a day; no other side effects this time.
  12. Thailand is one of the top medical tourist spots in the world. Have you looked into getting to your surgery there? If you absolutely must return to the USA and want to bring your “caretaker”, then I’d do as OMW suggests and check with the American Embassy / Consulate in Thailand about a visa for her.
  13. The optimistic side of me says the oil slick was a signal from the sub for help. The pessimistic side says they’re “Still on Patrol”. Hopefully the optimistic side is correct.
  14. Reading this I’m reminded of my youth and my elderly Aunt who lived a “Cracker House” in central Florida. She used to place the small bowels of water under the legs of her kitchen table, refrigerator and a cupboard (used for food storage only). She said it kept the ants (sugar and red ones) from climbing onto / into them and I’ll be damned if it can ever recall seeing an any ants in the cupboard or on the table. But I do recall seeing many floating in the bowels! I think she also added a bit of 20 Mule Team Borax to the water too. Just for good measure I suppose or to kill any that
  15. For routing, obviously departing from Cebu would be the logical choice. Often the same price or even less then via Manila. But you might also check departures from Clark. Sometimes more expensive, but going to the northeast US it might be a more preferable route.
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