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  1. Gator

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    Keep the WiFi on at your house in the USA and install a few security cams that are hooked into your network. That way you can monitor what’s going on from anywhere in the world. Shouldn’t cost much to set up. If you spot something that is a concern or is amiss you can contact local law enforcement or a friend to check your house. You can also go the full route of a monitored alarm system, but they have their drawbacks too - mostly if there’s an issue with the system and it sends out false alarms. If that happens too often many law enforcement agencies will charge you for responding or simply stop responding. Plus they usually require a key holder to be a short distance away.
  2. An acquaintance who works at one of the American alphabet soup agencies told me a while back that Cebu is added because it’s a transit route to other terrorist hot spot areas. Also they frequently shelter terrorists who are in transit and ghost guns (mostly made in Danao) are easy for them to acquire there.
  3. To gain access to all commercial airports (cargo and tarmac) and port facilities all that’s needed is a TWIC (Transport Workers Identification Card) badge. To get one you need to have a job at the facility or be working for a company that does business there (like delivery drivers), pass a computerized background check and get fingerprinted (all done off site at a TSA office). Due to my work, I have a TWIC card which is valid for 5 years. As a passenger at an airport you have to almost strip naked to get thru security, but anyone with a TWIC badge could enter thru the cargo gate and literally drive a semi truck onto the tarmac. Think there might be a flaw in the system?
  4. Padded? Blokes waiting with straight jackets🧥?
  5. Agree, it could have been much much worse. Me thinks had it not been for the F-15’s, the deranged mechanic who stole the aircraft would’ve crashed into a more populated area. Undoubtedly the fighter pilots warned him off to a more remote area and, although it’s yet to be confirmed (and may never be - at least publicly) it’s possible they shot him down. https://www.cnn.com/2018/08/11/us/plane-crash-unauthorized-takeoff/index.html Regardless, it’s scary to not only think about the possible outcomes of his crashing the plane, but about the apparent relative ease in which the aircraft was stolen, taxied and lifted off from a major airport without any other incident occurring. It’s just as likely he could have caused or been involved in a mid air crash too. Just glad no other innocent lives were lost.
  6. Gator

    Globe's Mobile WiFi Ripoff

    I don’t know about YouTube, but for Netflix you can throttle your usage back to 0.3. Gigs per hour. Log in and go to the profile you want to adjust (each profile will need to be adjusted separately). Go to Settings > My Account > My Profile > Playback Settings. The default setting should be Auto; you can then adjust it to Low, Medium, High or Auto. As I typically watch Netflix on my iPad or Phone, I leave mine set to Low. I don’t notice any difference in video quality. The only time I did notice a slight difference was when I hooked my phone up to a big screen TV via a lightning to HDMI adaptor, but even then it wasn’t too bad. And, as I’m sure you already know, you can download many movies and watch them later offline. To save your data simply download them when you’re somewhere with free WiFi.
  7. Gator

    Help with British Expatriate in Baua, Gonzaga

    I know you meant well, but before simply buying any meds, need to know his overall medical condition, make sure he has no allergies to them and what, if any, interactions they may cause to any other meds he may be taking. Best to consult a doctor for medicine; especially when it concerns the elderly. Fat story thin - leave it to a professional. Hope things work out for the gent and that he has some family member who can help.
  8. Excellent advice, concise and to the point. I don’t know if it’s available in the Philippines, but in the USA I’ve always used primers and sealers made by “Kilz” on everything from wood (raw wood, plywood and old wood paneling) to masonry; it’s especially great on walls that are already painted and have water stains. Even in the USA it’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for. http://www.kilz.com/primer#/seal-surfaces
  9. I would choose Cathay Dragon - more resources available in case something happens and more likely to get better as well as faster results, answers and, if needed, a refund........also, if I’m not mistaken, HK is their home terminal.
  10. It’s so you don’t see the 🐜 🐜 🐜 crawling on your food.........the cheese smothers and kills em.
  11. When I flew into Clark in early July they were still using the same old bluish colored form. I left last week and there were no departure cards.....or I was at least not asked for one.
  12. Gator

    Delta Airlines

    Via Hong Kong isn’t bad either. Although it’s a very large airport, it’s easy to navigate and there’s plenty of shopping, restaurants and other amenities for travelers to keep you occupied in case of an extended layover. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pass thru immigration (they call them “transfer stations”), but it’s usually a breeze to get thru them; no forms needed if you’re only connecting to another flight. Same with Japan as well. Not sure about Korea as it’s been a while since I’ve been thru there. On the US side I try to avoid LAX and JFK - especially on the return leg. Usually I fly out of Tampa and connect via Chicago or Dallas (Dallas is my preferred port of entry when returning), then either via Narita or Hong Kong. Those routes seem to work best for me. To save a bit of time on your return you can download an app called “Mobile Pass”. It’s a mobile passport app and works at most of the major airports in the USA. Saves you from having to fill out the customs form and thers’s usually an express line for mobile pass users at both immigration and customs. Once submitted you’ll get a QR code sent back to your phone. Simply scan and go. Note: Mobile Pass is not the same as Global Entry (which you have to pay for and get interviewed prior to departing). Global Entry provides an even faster way to get thru USA security checks, immigration and customs as you also get TSA Pre-Check with it.
  13. Gator

    Shellfish in the Philippines

    Same here. Although I do love clams and oysters on the half shell, I pretty much limit my shellfish intake in the Phils to cooked shrimp / prawns 🦐 and crab 🦀.
  14. Gator

    Delta Airlines

    Haven’t flown Delta in a few years, wasn’t pleased with their service, seat comfort / spacing, on time record or baggage fees. Plus if I recall correctly, they were one of the first big carriers to start charging those traveling in coach for meals on all domestic routes. The past few years I’ve been using American Airlines / Cathay Pacific and have been very satisfied with their service. Regardless of the airline, be sure to allow adequate time for connections - I usually try for about 3-4 hours; never less then 2. Safe travels and hope you have an enjoyable trip.
  15. Gator

    Choosing a place to live (expat)

    Glad to learn you found a place to stay; sounds like a good deal. Out of curiosity, how did you find it? Did you wind up hiring a taxi or hiring a local to do the legwork for you?