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  1. I agree after thorough research that citizenship is the best way to accomplish so many goals regarding our plans now and in the future. I was once called impetuous by a person who knew me well many years ago. Now I only think that way at times and fortunately don't follow up with actions in that way. USCIS have set up a fair way to weed out those who have devious minds and look to harm people to achieve a better life in US. My wife and I will be patient and trust that God and great resources like this forum will guide us to avoid making hasty decisions. Thanks everyone!
  2. My wife arrived via K-1 visa last June and we were married in July 2015. She received Dependent ID in Sept 2015 from my Navy retirement, and then her temporary green card March this year. We plan to bring my step son to US in the Spring to apply for his social security card on a K-4 visa. Prior to marrying we talked extensively about raising him in the Philippines and educating him there with his Grandparents, but now we are debating about moving back to Phils ourselves to live and educate him there through University. Does anyone have any experience with returning to Philippines with spouse who does not yet have her permanent green card? Is it necessary to reapply? Or could we return here before a year has passed and visit for a while and go back again every year?
  3. Pacquiao should have had the injection that was requested and considered allowable by officials until he was in the building. It is difficult to raise your right arm with partially torn tendon and rotator cuff. The fight should have been delayed for healing or injection allowed as was legally possible under the rules. But anyhow what are these two old men doing in the ring (oh for $100 million) LOL
  4. This forum is always such a great sounding board and never disappoints me with just one or two perspectives. I am 69 and my fiance is 42 with one ten year old child who will remain with grand parents and an uncle who has been a father figure since birth. My fiance has never married. I became anxious about this process months ago when reading the I 864 document which outlines my responsibility for my fiance after marriage. That responsibility will continue until she as my wife becomes a citizen or after 40 qualifying quarters of work (usually 10 years). This responsibility remains even if we divorce. So , Earthdome, you mentioned something about the visa becoming a K-3 which changes things regarding sponsorship. How is this process done? Also another thing mentioned that there was a trial period of two or three years after which if things did not work out divorce could occur and she would need to go back to the Philippines. I was not aware of that stipulation in anything I have read. Do I love this woman, yes. Are there difficult times ahead regarding cultural adaption........certainly! I am not unfamiliar with this since my first wife was Japanese and we were married for fourteen years and had two kids. But the concern that I have is not due to lack of affection or the complexities of intercultural marriage. It has to do with the fact that I live comfortably on two pension and I am at the age where companionship becomes very important for medical/longevity reasons, and I have heard of many foreign born spouses leaving their husbands soon after marriage and accusing them of various abusive scenarios placing their income and freedom from imprisonment in jeopardy. I want to be responsible for the woman I marry who truly loves me and wants a life together with me for the rest my days breathing and kickin' on this great planet!!!! So maybe it is cold feet and maybe because of my age and circumstance I am more susceptible?
  5. After reviewing all the documents of USCIS repeatedly I have encountered one stipulation that frightens the hell out of me. One of the details the US government outlines is that if you marry a Filipina or other immigrant foreign spouse then you are responsible for that person financially until they become a citizen. Even if you divorce. And this includes any children belonging to that immigrant. The more I think about this causes me to be increasingly in need of discussion with legal representation in the US prior to immigrating. I wonder if anyone here on the forum would care to comment on this. Also what does the level of responsibility become if a person marries a Filipina while residing in the Philippines and for whatever reason divorces that person after a period of marriage. Is the American still financially responsible for the Philippine national if she opts to immigrate to US or remains in the Phils? I now have approval of a K-1 visa from USCIS and the documents are now at the State Dept waiting for review and then will be sent to the Embassy in Manila for the final round of review. Time is coming soon when I need to decide if I want to buy that ticket!!!! Maybe I'm getting normal cold feet but I wonder if this is different?
  6. Now in Bohol for nearly four months thinking my fiancé and I would soon be completing her visa requirements and we could travel together back to US on April 6th. LOL. Began the process back in Sept last year but was held up from filing the petition due to difficulty getting death certificate on my first wife who died in Japan 1985. I had to pay a Japanese attorney $500 to get that because my former relatives were worried I was marrying too young (I am 68 and she is 42) So had all the completed petition in by Dec 10, 2014 after one hitch of forgetting to check the box for K-1 a month earlier. So the application was finally accepted early in January and approved on March 6th. The next phase of this process is all hers after I complete the 864 ability to support document with filing my income taxes on my return to US. I guess the National Visa Center on average takes 4 to 8 weeks to receive and forward the approved petition to the Embassy in Manila. So we now assume that in May she will receive notice of making an appointment with payment of the visa fee through BPI at $265. Then $200 for the Medical Clearance, together with her passport, birth certificate from NSO, Cenomar to document no previous marriages and also NBI document of no criminal record will be followed by the interview. I think if all goes well she will join me in the US by June or July. I have heard so many conflicting postings about how long this process takes to complete from 3 months to over one year, but it looks like we will be right on schedule as USCIS informed me for around June. I wish I could be here to support her in the remainder of this convoluted petition, but I guess she does wear big girl panties as the women say, and I have no doubt she will do very well. Appreciate all the support and great information I have had access to on this site. Lots of good people on here.
  7. rfhypnos


    Well I too am wondering about lactose intolerance, my oldest daughter who is half Japanese has it regularly and eliminates it with Lactaid or just avoiding milk products. Thanks everyone, for a great response and lots of laughs. lol
  8. rfhypnos


    Lol and doing the same with gas. I know this may seem funny to many and also very normal to an extent, but I have hooked up with a Filipina who seems like a flatulence machine most of the day and night. Is this common among Filipinas? Would sure appreciate a comment by the women here. Wonder if this is dietary, normal constantly and if constipation is also very common? I don't find it feminine, even though I know all of my previous mates did this regularly, but in this instance it seems disproportionate. In all other areas she is an incredible woman and I suppose I could learn to live with it, but wondered if it was unusual to expect it to the degree I am subjected to it. I am as guilty as the next guy when I am alone at home and feel free to let it go. But I guess most of the women who I 've been with either did it silently, asleep or when I didn't notice.
  9. Just found a nice hotel outside Tagbilaran called Bohol Sunset Villa overlooking the sea with beautiful view of sunset and reasonable pricing.
  10. I like Bohol very much but think with the new airport coming into Panglao and loads of money into developing it as a tourist area might spoil it. Other than Tagbilaran, which is sickeningly polluted and congested there aren't many places bigger than small towns in US. Medical care is a real problem too. Not many specialists in Tagbilaran. Only two dermatologists and neither would touch a small basal cell skin cancer I have on my nose. They only do minor cosmetic things and referred me to a local surgeon. Cebu City is only one hour away by fast cat, though, so there is close excellent medical care. With real health problems in Bohol medical evacuation would be necessary. I 'm staying here in Bohol for four months with my fiancé and since arrival have seen one gyn for her (very unimpressed) I 'm a retired Physician Assistant with 35 years experience, and one ENT also not impressed)...... So maybe Bohol is great if you're healthy and/or you don't mind going to Cebu for medical treatment. It is a beautiful island and wonderful people . Crime is not too bad, but like anywhere in this country there aren't any options for self protection..... You just build a tall fence with barbed wire and make good friends and stay out of other peoples business.
  11. No doubt it was alcohol related, I haven't heard of any foreigners who are out delivering the morning paper to residents......despite the alcohol involvement though, it would be nice to have the assailants pay the price. Prison in P. I. for life must be like a slow death.
  12. What is the process for adopting a child of my fiancé once we are married?
  13. With the recent carnage in Mindanao I wonder how safe it is anywhere down there. I have been watching the Philippine news and notice how much resentment and suspicion there is regarding American involvement in the chasing of terrorists in the country. I had always assumed all of our special forces were out of the country, but many citizens here have a different take on that. If in fact there was an American drone, where was it launched from and how often are they being utilized to keep SAF informed about movements and strength of BIFF or MILF?
  14. Personally I welcome this ban. I'm battling with bladder cancer and quit 30 years ago. Any less pollution especially from tobacco which is the number one risk factor for bladder cancer reduces my risk of recurrence.
  15. Sad to hear about Holiday Spa, I stayed there before there was a night club and liked it. It was out of the way and near Crossroads with decent staff but mediocre breakfast. It once had management who had sense enough not to have a nightclub next door.
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