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  1. does not matter. She will switch languages when she is mad and you and talk to her friends
  2. Yours and mine look fairly close. I plan to move in the summer of 2015 also . I have my rent a little high and other may be a bit low. Gives me a 30K P cushion Elect 6000 Food 14000 Auto Fuel 5000 Water 600 Internet 1000 TV 1000 Misc 4000 Phones 2000 Eating Out /Ent 5000 Clothes 2000 Medical 900 rent 28000 Expenses Total- 69500
  3. Take them vaping products and nicotine gum for when that runs out . Help them quit
  4. My wife and I can got to Mang Inasal and eat Grilled chicken and rice for under 5 bucks for both of us. it's really good and somewhat healthy. As for Budgets. This is my 3rd trip here, and I have stayed a month this time. I have done a good bit of research and I think this is a doable budget for me. I am married , no kids and I don't drink very often. Expenses Pesos -If I can stick to this it allows me to save about 25K Pesos per month Elect 6000 Food 14000 Auto Fuel 5000 Water 600 Internet 1000 TV 1000 Misc 4000 Phones 1000 Eating Out /Ent 5000 Clothes 2000 Medical 900 rent 20000 Expenses 60500-Total
  5. I was about to say. Only if you have armed guards every 20 feet and then doubtful. Sir, i just park here for a bit.
  6. Not much space here, so it's loud at times. Try a loud fan ? I did this once. I was camping and the kids in the next space partied until 4:00 AM. Loud music etc After 2 nights. I got up the next Am at 7 to shower. I cranked up the George Jones very loud. They kind of peeked out of the tents hung over and irritated, but I think they got the point. Rock out at about 7 the next morning for a few mornings. In the end, you are the foreigner and not much can be done. It's common place.
  7. I am staying with mine for a Month, while here in Cebu. Absolute best people in the world. Could not ask for more gracious generous sweet people.
  8. Ate at Mr A's last night great view good food
  9. I will take this with a grain of salt... And what do they mean by "stable resident"? Maybe that is the major caveat... we will give it a shot! I am new here but did the K-1 about 3 years ago and just got my wife her 10 year green card. We will file for citizenship when we get home from Cebu. Please don't take this the wrong way, but your wife has an almost less than zero percent chance of getting a toruist visa and with you not having a residance in the US and with your income a spousal or Fiance Visa is probaly not going to happen. USEM does not usally allow cosposers on the K-1's for income. As for Visa Journey. I am a regular there. It can be confusing, but drop down to the Philippines sub forum. There are some good people there that will help you As to the question of hiring someone for the K-1. I did and it was the biggest waste of money ever. It is very doable by yourself. If you feel you need some help, don't hire a lawyer. Not a darn thing they can do for you. There are Visa services that make sure all the paper work is correct. If anyone claims they can speed up your time or their clients get approved faster. Cough Cough BS.. NOT! In fact the K-1 is basically a fill out the paper work and wait game. If you meet all the requirments you will get approved. The number one thing that get's people denied is lack of income for sponsership and things like a faked CENOMAR or faulty NBI clearnace.
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