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  1. I had something similar happen to me, was shopping for a TV and tried to pay with my Debit card. The terminal had a bad internet connection and said that it could not complete the transaction. So we paid with cash instead, but the money was reserved on my account (20000Peso/400€). That's fun, on a vacation. Went back the day after and told then to either remove the reserved money or give the money back. They told me to contact my bank to have them cancel the reservation. So I told them that if I do that they would be "Blacklisted" as a scam by my bank. That seemed to put a fire under their as*es, the reservation of the money was gone the next day. . I find it funny that it's up to my bank if they make a mess. However, I was being cool with the whole thing, didn't want to be the "bad kano". Explained to them that it's not the stores fault, they just had a bad internet connection that day. It's more fun in the Philippines!
  2. I would like to point out that (in Luzon anyway) if they charge you for toilet it's usually clean. Shell gas stations usually have the best CR(rest room). Truck stops also offer showers. Not all, but the ones I've been. Oh, and don't forget to bring soap, hand sanitizer and toilet paper.
  3. The only one i have liked is "Metro Manila". The wife watches a lot of movies from the PH but they are in my mind just not so good.
  4. I just wanted to point out that tipping is an mostly american thing, I only tip if the service is out of the ordinary, meaning, most of the time in the Philippines I do tip. Not huge amounts but still. I find that service is better in the PH than my home country. It's not bad in my country but it's just better. (Smiling, welcoming and eager to please)
  5. Not only espresso, but regular coffee without sugar. -
  6. If you drive past Roxas, Isabela, Cagayan valley there is a small but nice hotel called "The Forrest hotel", when we stayed there we pay 990peso for one night, they have a nice restaurant also. Next to it there is a another hotel, same price but no restaurant, called Japi, they have a gas station at the hotel. At the same town there is also a Dreamwave hotel in the mall. If you have time, i recommend going to anguib beach in sta. Ana, just google it. Can drive to the beach but bring your own food, in santa Ana there are many resorts. Also I heard that Ilocos norte is nice. Sorry if this seems like advertising, mod can delete if post not allowed. I have no financial benefit from this.
  7. I recognize the mall, been there a couple of times. (Won't tell the location because forum rules.) Didn't it used to be a ice cream vendor under those stairs? Or am I remembering wrong?
  8. That's what I interpreted it to be, as long as your passport is valid, you can "reset" your tourist visa. If I remember correct you only need to be out of the Philippines for 24h, but I could be wrong. (Please correct me if this is not right)
  9. I believe you are right. As far as I can see though, expats on this forum does have a brain and knows how to use it. We might not agree on everything but slandering is non existent. (even if I'm not a expat yet) My point being, it's the loud minority of jealous people we need to look out for. Just my 0.02$.
  10. He's been in Dumaguete for quite a while. He even has a video where he mentions the rumors about her age.
  11. I think this is about a Youtuber named Henry, channel "life beyond the sea". I think it's just a troll that wrote that. Imho.
  12. Would be nice if the world worked like that.
  13. But those countries are in the EEA. Doesn't Article 50 mean that the UK would be out of all agreements? If so, I have a feeling it will be a few years of financial "pain" for the UK before they can negotiate new trade agreements. Just thinking out loud ... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Economic_Area
  14. The cheaper is sold by Lazada and the more expensive is sold by " MS Online - Cameras ", should be the same camera from both sellers.
  15. I only use milk for my coffee and cooking, so about 1L/day. The two brands I bought in the PH was Anchor and Arla, because they were 100% milk and the taste was ok for me. Arla is a big dairy company in Scandinavia, was amazed that I found milk from "home" in the province.
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