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  1. My friends wife, a happier Filipina than most I know, spent 2.5 years there in HK. Her employer's were very demanding, her duties consisted of minding two young children, cooking meals, keeping up the household chores six days a week and then Sunday off. Mondays she would have all the dishes from the day before to clear, before starting over again. On top of that she could only go to bed when everybody else had, her bed was on the floor of the children's room. Meeting my friend must of been like winning the Lottery, her employers were very annoyed when she handed her notice in. The only saving grace was the Grandparents of the children gave her a beautiful Wedding present and a sum of money, needless to say her employers never turn up at her wedding!
  2. How true Jim boy, My wife's sister is staying with us for the month of October, during her stay she has been taken to quite a few Tourist places. ( they are up in Scotland this weekend). When not being given the tours round the country, she spends half the night communicating back home to Philippines and falling asleep during the day!
  3. Happiness is a state of mind, being contented with life and a positive attitude creates well being. It's true that in UK seasonal changes can affect your mood and outlook, but imagine living in a country that experiences six months of darkness and six months of daylight!.....Speaking on a personal level I find when the sun shines I feel a lot more energetic and happy. into every life a little rain must fall so put on a happy face.
  4. Hi Steve Ask the boss..... Seriously though, why not Galvanised sheeting cut into steps and welded to an iron frame work. One thing about Filipino workers is their ability to adapt to needs, I'm sure a metal workshop could knock one up either in their workshop or assembled at site........just a thought ( my boss is still at work )
  5. Welcome to the Forum jaybee Guess I can't use those initials anymore!! You state you are living currently living in Cebu, but your profile states Florida.? However back to Opening Topic...usa 32, a welcome from me to you too, although........ Your profile states your membership as 5 years 4 months and 18 days How much is enough, lots of answers from our members and their personal circumstances. Money is only one of the many factors to take into account before a final step is made to make PI your home. As a single person and financially stable, the world is your oyster. We often talk of a plan B, or even a plan C. If I may say so, you could find as a younger person, that time being on your side you may well want to move on or if you you find that lady of your dreams, she may like to move on. Often given is these words of advice, "Don't burn your bridges" Just a poor man's advice......
  6. Can you enlighten us all about that theory Kid. Tragic end of life, so pleased they found the murderer quickly unless he willing gave himself up! Hope that the innocent child is cared for in all this.
  7. Some very sound advice from Clermont. What a fighter, I have the deepest respect for you matey. At 73 years of age, I've already decided living in the Philippines is not an option for me personally. However I envy those who have had quality time there, I love the place, well the provinces that is, I've had some great trips, but have also been hospitalised a couple of times, nothing major thank God. Clermont, I wish you the best of luck for the future, your positive attitude is to be admired.
  8. Only if Eddie can bring the baby with him......
  9. The International solution, best of both worlds......His and hers ( please don't crap in the right one )
  10. .......maybe I should show the wife where the pots and pans are kept. It's usually her telling me you cook too much! ( I have a secret feeling that's her way of saying, I don't like it ) Well I'm the boss in this house, lump it or leave it..................Just coming sweetheart.
  11. Maybe it's home grown Swine fever as was stated that it was found in backyard farms. Am i right to assume that imported pork are dead ones, how does that transfer to live Filipino pigs?
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