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  1. I take it hasn't reached a town near you then. Everyday I take my wife to the hospital were she works, knowing she could contract the virus and give it me, at 70+ and having had pneumonia twice, am I worried, you bet your life I am, but I have my faith and that is a great comfort as I take each day as it comes. This is no ordinary flu virus.....Youngest victim in UK has now passed away at 13 years old, the boy had no underlying health issues. May he rest in peace.
  2. "The forgotten victims of Lockdown" How about the street kids how do they survive this Lockdown? ( not seen them mentioned in any topics ) Just a thought.........Stay Safe
  3. Just had a phone conversation with a friend, he was very kindly offering to obtain any groceries we might need, as he insists I should not venture out! To make his concerns more important he mentioned this site for reference and advised me to read through it, which I will now do. Coronavirus Update (Live): 723,732 Cases and 34,000 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Outbreak - Worldometer
  4. Let nature take it's course JGF...... As a friend who was part of the Emergency Services pointed out to me some time ago, In times of war or other disasters, there comes a point when you have to choose who will live and who will die! Morbid as that may sound, what Bastonjock said has an element of truth! PS..... if Elvis is still alive how old would he be ?
  5. I'm sure that we are all aware of the consequences of any persons working on the front-line in any hospital is at risk of catching this virus. Unless key workers are tested and given the appropriate protection, the chances are they are going to get this infection. The tragic loss of those Doctors who were trying to help others, gives rise to the fact that their families could now be suffering from the virus also. As this virus snowballs it's time to start praying for miracles..........respectfully JB
  6. Thanks Tom that was delicious........what's for pudding?
  7. We are are hearing of how many people have been diagnosed with the virus or have died. But I must say, certainly here in UK, I have not heard any figures for those who have recovered. Just a thought
  8. If we try to put this Pandemic into perspective, Let's say that many of us, myself included, who have not experienced "Troubles" on a Global scale before, such as this moment in time. People who have not experienced warfare first hand, will no doubt be concerned at the amount of deaths from an unseen enemy . I was born just after the Second World War and my only recollection as a young child was food shortages. Everyone was in the same circumstances and shared what they had with their neighbours. You could leave your doors unlocked and knew your home would be safe. Let's hope that these tragic events unfolding will bring out the best in people, one world, one people.
  9. If I may say so Scott Steves choice of the word "casualty" was maybe misleading and I'm sure not intended to offend. I thank God I have not lived through the experience of War. Respectfully JB
  10. Likewise Dave, I am erring on the side of caution and staying home as much as possible, in answer to your question about the sick and dying. Announced today was the death of the youngest person so far in UK an 18 year old! Most if not all who have died in UK had underlying health issues, not known to me personally, but may they all rest in peace.
  11. With the greatest respect for the NHS staff and respect to Bastonjock, also thoses who work in the food supply chain who are keeping the country going in this time of crisis. I feel that the years of Austerity in UK, have left the NHS depleted of equipment and severe staff shortages. We have over the years relied on our European connections for staffing hospitals and service industries here in UK. I have said in the past, that if we ever lose the NHS to private care, I would really consider a permenent move aboard. Having seen the way some Asian Countries have handled this Pandemic with such proficency, makes me wonder just what our Politicians have been doing these last ten years and more importantly in the last six to eight weeks! I continue to try to do my bit, only venturing out to take my wife to work and try to shop early when necessary to avoid crowded shops. I'm not attending any meetings or visiting family or friends, but checking they remain safe and well by phone. I am seriously considering a move once this Pandemic is over, if by Gods grace I come through it. Stay Safe.
  12. Depends which way you go Personally in our house we share the load, she works comes home tired and I'm the houseboy! Not the ideal I thought it would turn out to be, but from what I've read, there are much worse situations. I can't wait for her to retire too!
  13. That's an expensive way of washing your bum Mick
  14. If I was to sum up the situation here in UK, seeing the Government response, they were totally unprepared for such as this pandemic. There has been a total delay in protecting frontline hospital staff, their families and the Elderly. It is only now they are talking of delivering sufficient essential protective items which apparently they only aquired recently. It is also clear that no matter how many ventilators they obtain, they will need to train staff as to how to use them. There is talk of increasing the number of people checked for the virus, upwards from 10.000 per day( Mostly in London at present ) while places like South Korea can or have been checking 40.000 per day! We will fumble our way through this as best we can, with the dedication of not just the medical frontline, but by the general public realising we all need each other to beat this. Has the "Western World Lost it's mind"............no we have just allowed our survival instinct's of the Human Jungle show it's ugly face.
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