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  1. Digressing slightly, but why should they? Responsibility lies on each Expat/ Traveller, to have medical cover either temporarily or otherwise. Vaccination has always been advised in the past when travelling to certain areas or countries. For those in permanent residence, this is a choice they have to make. £200 is worth spending to remain fairly confident you would survive the virus, where you choose to live. It's selfish people like below who are not helping the situation. ( From my part of the world )
  2. Lets not forget that 12/14 months ago this was a journey into the unknown. There was the race to find the first vaccine which needed to be kept at low temperature, then one that can be stored in a fridge, now its one jab or two, new variants appearing etc etc. Although there may well be delays in reaching some countries, the more we will know how to deal with it. The latest info;
  3. All overseas medical staff have to re-sit their exams on arrival in UK, for that reason quite a high number decide to work in care homes instead, at a lower position and lower pay. As for trade offs, do you really think the UK Government would try a trick like that? Little boy asks his Dad; Why are there no travelling circus's anymore? Dad answers; Because all the clowns are now in Government
  4. May I add my condolences to you Tommy,your wife "L" and to all the family too.
  5. Hi Jim, sorry for your troubles. The fact it is the second floor circuit it could well dry out, but only till the next time! If no wetness was found at the light points or swiches, I would presume he has checked the fusebox which feeds the upper circuit. Obviously all that and futher checks should be done with the power off. Any appliances wet could trigger the fuse to go. Wish you luck with it mate.
  6. For anyone interested the transfer time and prices from Cebu City
  7. Morning Dave Cheap n Cheerful, so long as it's clean and functional it will do me. But for those who are willing to pay silly prices, you can have a Bamboo hut on stilts in water, been there done that.
  8. Can't put a date on it Steve till all this lockdown situation is contained both here and Philippines. Sure could do with a break right now, its been a year of uncertainty!
  9. Cheers JGF No doubt the wife will do her usual trick......make me hide under a load of towel's, while she negotiates the price!!!!
  10. Well I take it nobody has been ? Here's the link which makes me think of Sunny days, golden sands, sure better than the weather here in "Little Olde England" right now! aloguinsan tourist spot - Google Search
  11. I take it you are glued to your seat Jack Can't wait for the next episode
  12. Looking forward to better days Last night my wife suddenly announced that next trip to Philippines we should visit Aloguinsan- Cebu Anybody been there? It looks beautiful with nice beaches. Always good to hear from someone who has visited and can recommend a place. Keep smiling
  13. 99.7% Really, you will take your chances, I would suggest the survival rate in general is less than that. "This is what is called the hygiene hypothesis." As a youngster, many years ago, yes when Chicken pox was around, family children were encouraged to mix and get the whole thing done with. And yes Covid 19 might well come down to Herd Immunity in the end, if that does become the case it will take a long time before that happens, meanwhile it may well also require yearly vaccinations just like flu injections. When the first arrivals from Wuham China returned to UK
  14. Spot on Jim Trouble is some people believe that it will never happen to them!!! Remember my Filipino friend, who thank God survived after 50+ days in hospital. He was in his 30's fit and cycled for miles for exercise. The more we learn about this virus, the more some people try to play it down, the sooner they realise this is a Global Pandemic, the quicker the World can over-come it.
  15. Make sure you wear your mask on the plane. Do you believe that being healthy stops you getting any of the Covid viruses? Are the Countries you mention free from Covid? Yes older people are more likely to die from Covid that's true, however some people who are walking round not realising they have it in a mild form are infecting many others of all ages.
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