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  1. Kuya John

    The Car Service!

    Here's another.....My car is a Rolls Canardly Rolls down the hill can hardly get up the hill
  2. Ok, I will let you know if it happens to me. (Why do I think someone is trying to wind us all up?)
  3. Kuya John

    Remembrance day

    The Ghost like figures make the whole point so significant, watching over lost comrades. May they all Rest in Peace
  4. Kuya John

    The Car Service!

    Forgive me Kev.....but that's a lot of bulb replacement, ( i struggle to see in the dark these day's )
  5. Kuya John

    Medical cost

    Question; is this available to Expats or to citizens only?
  6. Kuya John

    Medical cost

    Once again Steve it's all down to "Pros n Cons" If only we all had a crystal ball each and could predict the future. I have had a reasonable healthy life, apart from a couple of minor ops. But the problem now is, the older one gets, the more the health risks are liable to happen. Health Insurance as one gets older becomes more expensive, afraid that's a fact! I have seen my sister and her husband who paid thousands over the years into Bupa, priced out of private medical care at a time they need it most, all those years they paid insurance and were healthy, they are now so grateful for the standard care from the good old National Heath Service. Moving to Philippines is not for the faint hearted, lets say the younger you are when you make that decision the better. There are plenty of UK Filipino's with Diabetes who would no longer consider a return to Philippines.......the "What if's" has stopped a lot of people from enjoying life.
  7. Kuya John

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Nice one Jim, so which one of the handsome bunch is you, just encase I drop by on my travels.
  8. Kuya John

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    One empty chair.......so who took the picture then?
  9. Kuya John

    knife crime in England

    Check this out then..... Nine charts on the rise of knife crime in England and Wales - BBC News
  10. Kuya John

    knife crime in England

    Austerity measures have seen hundreds of Police removed from our streets. Apart from the major cities, you will never see police walking the streets any more and those in patrol cars are racing from one incident to another in towns and villages. Anarchy will eventually take over the western world, unless Governments get their priorities right pretty soon! Complacency and the Politically Correct Brigade are destroying the fabric of our Society Have you ever tried talking to a man with a knife/gun in his hand about trying to save the Planet!! Morning rant over, sorry folks.
  11. Naughty boy..... Two of my wife's family are teachers and I know that there is a genuine shortage of school paraphernalia. Also some children walk long distances to school with nothing to eat for lunch, so lets count our blessings and spare a few peso's for the less fortunate.
  12. Kuya John

    Halloween period, Something I just can't get used to

    Dave, Without violating the house rules........In today's society we refer Halloween as a trick or treat thing, there is a more sinister side in earlier times which all denomination's as far as I am aware are cautious about. As a boy we referred to the same night as "Duck Apple Night" party games without the Ghoulish side of things. Halloween has certainly caught on here Dave, with all the costumes etc, but it is not considered safe for Kids to go knocking on doors any more and you don't see so many kids on street corners asking "Penny for the Guy"
  13. Kuya John

    Halloween period, Something I just can't get used to

    No wish to comment on a few remarks here, but for the record. 31st October Halloween night......(certainly not encourage by the churches in UK) 1st November All Saints Day 2nd November All Souls day......... All Saint's day in the church is what they call a day of obligation and All Soul's is not, although services are held each day. I don't agree with children trick and treating for my own personal reasons Also let's not forget some poor people in and around Manila live in the cemetery's! Different Culture, different way of life (In some cases survival) Hope that clarifies any misunderstandings regards JB
  14. A lot of good advice has been given here boyee, It's a case of dammed if you do, dammed if you don't, as already stated keep a low profile, suss out the lie of the land before you start to show generosity. As for safety in Philippines, once again I have woken up to news of yet another fatal stabbing in London this morning, however this is now something mirrored across the UK much more often these days! Shortly to visit PI again later this month, I would now have to say, I will feel no more unsafe there than walking the streets of the UK, especially of night-time. As you said yourself there is a difference between visiting for a short time and living there permanently, so take the advice given.
  15. If there's no justice in this world, I sure hope there is in the next