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  1. " Are you sure you guy's are PDEA........show me your ID and PDEA badges....... oh yeah........ careful I was only asking!!!!!
  2. The problem there is I keep falling off!
  3. I eat when I'm hungry, drink when I'm dry both in UK and PI. However I find to much rice gives me indigestion or bungs me up!....so I eat more fruit when in Philippines. My weight has only change since lockdown in February I have gained 7 lbs ( 63.5kg now ) and can't shed it!
  4. Can't agree on that one Graham. Well they are not doing a very good job of it, for the majority of people life hasn't changed, just my opinion of visiting for 20 years.
  5. I would agree, for some sadly its their way of survival while for others a profitable way of life.
  6. This could end up in a Bitter Sweet situation or a spike in Diabetes.
  7. Especially in Liverpool, where they also speak Scouse.
  8. Question; Is that Northern Ireland or Southern Ireland ? As far as I recall any person stating they are no longer resident UK citizen, would have to apply for repatriation when returning to UK and if just visiting is not intitled to UK benefits such as Hospitalization etc; just a thought on my part if you decide to return. I would also presume that keeping a UK postal address has consquences. Jack Peterson will probably be the man to be up to date on these things.
  9. Well by now you should know all the pitfalls........wish you luck.
  10. Age is an important factor its true JGF, a subject which I have talked about with some of the Filipino community here in UK. They are now realising as they are getting older that medical care is a major factor, especially as a high number are Diabetic. Also once their children have established relationships and settled into employment in UK or elsewhere overseas, it means choosing to leave them behind to return to Philippines. But most parents wanting to give their children the best oppotunities have to make sacrifices, which is harder to do, the older one becomes. Fortunately for me, my children are now parents themselves, now they worry for me, to put too much distance between us, in my old age!
  11. I agree Jack it's good to get things off your chest..........(before we discuss OMW's TB topic.)
  12. It's more fun in the Philippines...........Who needs FB
  13. and the Ammunition is suppose to be kept separated
  14. So this guy breaks in........ALEXA where do they keep their guns, Burgalar; thanks Alexa; Alexa; your welcome have a nice day......
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