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  1. Kuya John

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    How about the language too! Sorry Tim, but at least they gave it a try
  2. Kuya John

    Leaving you Comfort Zone?

    Jake I'm sure you would agree we are living in testing times, the world is getting smaller and pressures are getting larger. I guess there is a suckle difference between escaping and running away from life as we know it and entering the unknown. Most people who make the decision to leave it all behind, do so in the belief that the grass is greener on the other side, whether that is a better standard of living, a more comfortable retirement or opting out of the rat race. oh yes and the love of a partner. We have discussed in the past burning bridges or having a plan A and a plan B. My comfort zone is accepting what I can't change and making the most of what life has thrown at me this far! Also at my time in life, health is wealth, frontiers are for the young and adventurous......so give me a home where the buffalo roam Respectfully JB
  3. Kuya John

    So She Said Yes!!

    All the best to you both Well done Brett
  4. Kuya John

    New member living in Philippines

    Welcome once again John Thanks for intro, six years in Angeles makes you an old hand maybe able to fill some of us in on your experiences. Cheers JB
  5. Old55 Checked out the UK Foreign Office advice no mention of Cebu or Southern Cebu as a potential threat We have already booked tickets for our flights to Manila and I was hoping to spend a few days in Oslob Cebu as well as a visit to family in Mindanao.
  6. Kuya John

    I think I am turning into a Dirty Old man!

    I get by with a little help from my friends...... JGF.....all you need is love " You can't teach an old dog new trick's"
  7. Kuya John

    I think I am turning into a Dirty Old man!

    My reason for not washing so often is.... at my age it's hard climbing into the sink! 1ipdvt.jpg (JPEG Image, 620 × 478 pixels)
  8. Kuya John

    Ah! how times fly by and things get better

    You are looking good Jack Keep taking the medicine three bottles a day!
  9. Came across this article folks, read into it what you will....... Poland may take Filipino workers: labor minister
  10. Kuya John

    Living in the provinces, Do we really Know what this means?

    Jack my dear friend sincerely, I have meet "poor" people maybe we should call them indigenous people in Mindanao. They may have little by way of materials possessions, but with their skills of survival, they would outlive the lot of us, in the event of a catastrophe. Here I go with yet another quote......"What you never had you never miss" that's not to say the lovely people of Philippines are a bunch of unhappy souls, quite the opposite, I have found that those with less are more hospitable than those who have more! My regards JB
  11. Kuya John

    Living in the provinces, Do we really Know what this means?

    I agree 100% OMW, and I'm sure so would the Street Kids in many Cities across the Philippines. Not quite sure where Jack's coming from by the Title, but I have heard the expression " I'm not from the mountains" which I guess refers to less educated poor people, so "does abject poverty exist here in Philippines?" being the question,from what I have seen in some of the Provinces I have visited, YES it does! Just watched a documentary about the homeless youngsters on the streets of England! so the problem exists everywhere in varying degrees.
  12. Kuya John

    Second visit

    Nothing minor about that position by the sound of it! Looks like you struck gold, don't till anybody where you found it! Money ain't everything, but in Philippines status goes along way
  13. Kuya John

    Second visit

    Enjoy your stay and don't eat to much Durian
  14. Kuya John

    In case AlwaysRt forgot

    Steve Rt on
  15. Kuya John

    How Safe is Philippines?

    If I tried to bank that much here in UK I would be accused of money laundering! If I tried to purchase a car with that amount of cash it would be refused for the same reason, unless you can prove where it came from and most banks would disapprove of carrying that amount cash.