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  1. .......maybe I should show the wife where the pots and pans are kept. It's usually her telling me you cook too much! ( I have a secret feeling that's her way of saying, I don't like it ) Well I'm the boss in this house, lump it or leave it..................Just coming sweetheart.
  2. Maybe it's home grown Swine fever as was stated that it was found in backyard farms. Am i right to assume that imported pork are dead ones, how does that transfer to live Filipino pigs?
  3. there's always a way round things.....
  4. I know a few Filipino couples desperate to have a child and not able to conceive even with IVF. Whatever the her reasons, I agree with hk blues it's not the way to do it, what if the child had died on route to wherever the intended destination was ?
  5. I hear what you say Dave, my parents too, lived through WW2, my dad just a little to young for call up in WW1! Their values still hold today for most of our generation, however I can only be thankful that I didn't arrive till just after WW2! A part from such tragic circumstances such as accidents or the horrific crimes of these latter years, most people my age in UK, who have not served in the Armed forces and seen things first hand, would be horrified to see such graphic photographs, but I can't say that for the younger generation, they have seen the horrors of war and world disasters more graphically than you or I in our younger days. Because of my upbringing and the fact I have never experienced death of a loved one by any other means than illness or old age is why I thank God everyday.......Today's younger generation have been brought up on instant news, explicit coverage which makes them more proned to accept things that we cannot comprehend. The UK is no exception to what's happening, it's just that stricter rules prevent the use on social media here.
  6. It's true to say Gary that in certain parts of the world, were tragedies happen on a daily basis, including war, people become hardened by what they see. One can understand the anger that pours out in certain situations. Thank God I have never had to experience it.
  7. Thank goodness JGF, we are spared that sort of thing here in UK. News items containing unpleasant scenes are censored. Only yesterday I explained to my wife that up to a few years ago, before some TV programmes started, it would be announced "This programme is not suitable for viewers of a nervous disposition" What effect seeing things like you have described must have on people, especially children, i do not know
  8. At least that's one way to keep a supply of Doctors. Is that for a Government paid Scholarship? The number of foreign medical staff is high in UK, but who knows what might happen after Brexit! Well I'm not sure, but I think for Filipino nurses, it's two years after training?........something to check out.
  9. Thinking Jack......quite a lot of qualified medical staff from Philippines tend to go abroad initially establish themselves in a country of their choice before returning in later life, you beat me to post! However I know of a Doctor who spends her time between the US and her home town where she has a practice for the benefit of locals. This couple in the OP are it would seem thinking of retiring to Philippines not practising. However there would be locals who would be grateful of their help at times of need but that's not what their plan is, it's more about Socializing with professionals from all accounts. Cheers me ole mate
  10. Back to OP by the Blue fish lover.............Does anybody really believe the Philippines is the place for this professional couple to make their home?......I can think of other places more suitable, As a member of the Davao Durian Appreciation Society, I think not. Just the vibes I'm getting.
  11. No wind up buddy and far from up my own arse. Oh you mean somebody else, sorry for any misunderstanding. I was being a little cynical about just how much I do, do, while my wife is out at work, we don't all have the privileges that being a professional allows, but I can see just how much certain people enjoy being treated a bit like Royalty. Each to their own.
  12. My wife's husband.......is the House Boy.......
  13. Welcome to the forum, B.F.L. We don't have many Lady forum members at present, but you will read for yourself the activities of the members and life in general for Expats living in Philippines. Most Professionals have a privileged lifestyle in PI, in comparison to the rest of population, as in any other country for that matter. It all depends what it is you are seeking, if a western style existence, then possibly one of the major cities is where you will find that kind of lifestyle, while others prefer the provinces for a more laid back way of life. One thing I have notice on my travels here is that respect for whatever standing a person may be, opens doors and hospitality.
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