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  1. Kuya John

    Very sick wife

    With respect to Bigmac Clint Eastwood ? Arizona Kid is entitled to his opinion. It has crossed my mind that Bigmac is either a sucker for love, yes I've been there, or this could well be another type of scam, by person or persons unknown to gain sympathy and money from members of the forum from the outset. Without disrespect Bigmac has opened up to us all, but how do we know it's the truth? It's a sad fact of the world we live in today, when you have to try to decide what is true and what isn't, because of how low some people stoop to obtain money or property......JB Foot note: O/P states " We have a fundraiser on F/B if anyone is interested" If this Lady has conned Bigmac out of a lot money, how many other goodhearted people have contributed to this scam ?....
  2. Kuya John

    Very sick wife

    Wow you certainly look like Clint Eastwood! How old is he now in his 80's
  3. Kuya John

    Very sick wife

    I gather from what I have skipped through, that this was a sham marriage Bigmac, Firstly may I say how sorry I feel that you have been tricked/conned by this callous person. Personally I would not set foot in Philippines again in your position, as it has often been the case that the victim who pursues justice becomes a target........" to be forewarned is to be forearmed" Good luck for the future, there are plenty of hard-working ( OSW ) Filipina's in your own country that I'm sure are more genuine. JB
  4. Kuya John

    Where to find good head.

    "Where to find a good head" Here's me thinking we were talking about a good head of beer! This post has gone down like a wet lettuce (JPEG Image, 164 × 118 pixels)
  5. When kind words and patience runs out it's time to kick ar*e respect was something I learnt at an early age. The political correct brigade in UK, have stuffed parenthood, when a 8 year old tells parents what they can or can't do to them! Off topic but none the less...... "A disaster waiting to happen" Thank goodness I don't have teenagers in the household in this day and age.
  6. Then write two hundred lines " I must be more tolerant of other people!
  7. Joking aside There is always something to be learnt with this forum Been to Baguio a couple of times, before express ways and I saw many signs of land slides, I recall there was one large break -off that was shaped/ looked like a Lion...Our relationship started at Wood's place, don't know if it's still there but it had quite a view from the apartment.
  8. Gratefuled. Firstly, glad to see that you are still around having presented this post. I would see this as a practical joke, well in the UK. However as pointed out in some cases it might be need ( I doubt it at a high school) It's Christmas, a time for forgiving, a time for charity and understanding. If I was your step-son I would go to the Principle and plead that he/ she give the boy concerned a second chance. A chance for him to say sorry, I won't do that again and reinstate him. After all if we can't forgive, how can we be expecting of forgiveness ourselves. We may not be able to heal the world, put let each of us forgive someone who offended us, a second chance. .....just my 2 cents
  9. Kuya John

    Have's and Have-not's in Philippines

    I never did? That is the comparison I was making, it was only after the !st and 2nd World Wars that the lower classes in UK started to demand justice and rights, prior to that in1800's-1900's they were treated as badly and exploited as any overseas colonies. In many ways the Filipino communities I have met remind me of my time growing up after the 2nd world war. Every working class family pulled together and shared what little they had, a time when you could leave your doors open, ( most people had nothing worth stealing anyway) when you knew your neighbours and had a mutual trust for each other. Days that will never come back....."The good old days" in some ways it was!
  10. Kuya John

    Have's and Have-not's in Philippines

    Is there a class distinction in Philippines? While chatting with a lady at a party a few days ago she inquired about life in UK, knowing she was in banking, I explained the difference between the London financial sector and its salaries compared to the cost of living in London. When I informed her that she may not be able to employ two house-maids on a Bank Managers salary in UK her reply....."Well I don't do dishes, does that make me lazy"? There is without doubt in Filipino Culture an air of superiority with more educated/skilled Filipinos, towards their shop assistants and house helpers etc. I have noticed they never seem to thank them, just walk away with their purchases and don't give a second look. House-maids treated with the same contempt, it's what you are paid to do, get on with it attitude. There have been a number of times I have made a point of thanking someone for their help, when I felt my wife's own response didn't quite come over. As a person who was brought up to show manners and respect to others, no matter what their standing, it is something I will never get use to or accept. Jake made a comment about the poverty side of Manila in a previous post, in response, I see that most money is made on the backs of the poor, they have always been exploited the world over and will be continued to be so, it's the way this material world works. Finally I would guess that helpers are more respected and cared for by Ex-pats in their employment, maybe that's why they think we are all rich. Reply's on the back of a $100 bill accepted.....JB
  11. Kuya John

    The affluence of Manila

    Well there is certainly a load of Sh@t being thrown around here Like a car, it will only run smooth,if well maintained ( and not stuck in traffic ), so yes Manila will either end up a Affluent Capital City, or the biggest high rise slum in the World. My take on it is.......The Giant Ant Hill
  12. Kuya John

    The affluence of Manila

    Having not been to PI for 3-4 years, as a outsider it is the difference between then and now that I see. Yes Manila and other large town's/cities have still got to get the infrastructure right, however I noticed that a lot of the smaller areas were clearing and closing the sewer systems into under ground piping which is a start, while Manila still has it's poor areas like a lot of places it is changing at a terrific rate. Empty Condo's yes but for how long, Fort Bonifacio when I first came in 2001 was a Army Camp where I stayed with my wife to be's cousin,look at it now! Agreed Jake, another subject for another time. But what I am seeing is Change, big Changes with high amounts of investment, sadly like many Asian Countries you will see those that prosper while others are left behind, a modern day version of middle England in the 1800's but the stakes are higher!
  13. Kuya John

    The affluence of Manila

    Having just spent the last few days of my trip in Manila what came over loud and clear is the investment in construction. High rise Condo's and shopping malls popping up that would put the ones in UK to shame. Quite a large majority of young people in the service industries with money to spend are all around you as you walk through the malls. A high number living in the apartments we stayed in "The Stamford" with the Venice Hotel and shopping area across the way. The cost of Living in Manila is now about the same as living in UK. I believe within 5 -10 years with the investment taking place, every major city in Philippines will rise up at an incredible rate, not seen for years. As a Brit what does concern me is that inflation in PI may well outstrip the UK pensions......just a observation JB
  14. Kuya John

    Monthly meet up, Dumaguete

    Greetings from UK Arrived home safely today, but what a journey, my thanks Eddie Jim and Jack who turned up for our brief meeting. Sorry that others couldn't make it....(the milky bars were on me) Overall a great holiday, managed to swim with the whale-sharks, it was the only way you could see them! Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and may the new year bring you the best of health......JB
  15. Kuya John

    XMAS agggggggggggggh What's the date?

    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year........