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  1. Old Chinese saying......Like motor car keep body well oiled
  2. I should of mentioned over 3 months residence elsewhere requires repatriation papers. A extended holiday with return flight's is a different thing..... my little spring chicken Cheeky Buzzard
  3. Steve I know we covered that in a previous Topic, three months out of UK and you have to apply for repatriation! Unless you are travelling under the Radar. There older you get the less you will be up for the hassle of long haul flight's and your property under insurance policy agreements should not be left vacant over a certain length of time!.
  4. In my opinion NO they wouldn't, but I doubt you will find anyone who would admit it. Is a NO deal the end of the world?... My Boss/wife still thinks it is! ......coming darling
  5. Tommy went to pay his last respects to an old mate, after viewing the coffin he turned to the widow and said \Wow your husband looks so well lying there, yes replied the wife, we have just come back off holiday! Wherever you choose to live or retire so long as you are enjoying it in comfort so be it. "The best laid plans of mice and men often go arwy"............Robert Burns-- To a Mouse
  6. I try never to discuss anything that might cause offence to my wife as a Filipina, one thing I have learnt is Filipino's are a Proud Nation. Yes I will seek advice about subjects before I post for clarification purposes but after that I write it as I see it. I have noticed that my wife has no interest in Politic's or heavy debates so I just keep it light conversations, however I'm sure a lot more is discussed in Tagalog that we would be shocked to find out!
  7. Spoken like a true BLUE. It would seem like the reason for the delay, is to give the Billionaires time to set up else where! Like in the game of cards, we have been trumped! Latest: For UK residents tonight Channel Four 8pm GMT Dispatches "Those who got rich over Brexit"
  8. Surely another aspect apart from the savings cost must be, which climate will be most suitable to our health in old age.
  9. Some countries are more geared up to assisted dying! If you can't rely on your children to look after you when you become infirmed, you can always go into a care home and spend your days watching your hard earned money dwindle to nothing at about £1000 per week in the UK. I always said I would not burden my kids with looking after me in old age, but their inheritance might just depend upon it!
  10. Steve, what about the "expensive hospital bills" no medals for that! We are lead to believe that Bigmac was haemorrhaging money
  11. And let's be honest, a broken heart too! (He really must of fell for her, hook, line and sinker)
  12. You are correct hk blues, They are cashing in on the popularity of the film's The Real Marigold Hotel 1/2. Just a bunch of retired celebrities trying out different Countries, however well worth watching for the Scenery alone. That said, my wife has expressed a desire to visit Vietnam for the beauty of the countryside and "El Nido" type coastlines as part of our next major trip before heading home to Philippines.......we will see if I'm up for it.
  13. A BBC Documentary called The Real Marigold (hotel ) Tour consists of elderly Brits checking out places for retirement/ Long term vacations. Surprisingly Vietnam came up as an option along with Mexico and Argentina. One thing they don't cover is medical facilities or expensive, but climate wise some good options. Well worth viewing while still on BBC Iplayer.
  14. Well I don't know you and this looks like your first Post on this Site. Is this true that you were paid to represent Big Mc in all his troubles? OK, Knightrider lets us presume you have the info on his wife, tell the courts in US what you found out and how she took him big time. At least that way she won't get another peso out of him and be left with the court costs. That's the very least you can do for him if you have any compassion.........JB
  15. Thanks for clarifying that last bit! "It's better to grow old with a sense of humour than to grow old with no sense at all"
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