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  1. Hope he is alright now and well enough to make a few changes to his will !
  2. You look good in the PJ's.....Jim
  3. If I'm reading this topic right Jim, you have had the fever for a second time? It doesn't take much to confuse me these days Here's a sugestion to stop the little bug***s, it also helps to keep the population down too! Go to bed in a bee-keepers suit. Get well soon.
  4. Well here's few idea's..... why not Chocolate masks to match other throw away products or a musical mask which plays "The last time ever I saw your face" Anyone noticed the amount of disposable masks, discarded on side walks, car parks and most other places, but dont forget to wash your hands Sorry Old's I gave up reading about a quarter way through.
  5. Don' worry be happy..........OB-LA-DI, OB-LA-DA - GABRIELA BEE (Beatles Cover) - YouTube
  6. I'm sure it would certainly slow it down JGF, however once again that depends on people adhering to the rules, which for some, is to much to ask
  7. You may well be right...... This latest plan in UK is called a circuit breaker, by closing down certain areas for two weeks!!! What good if any that would do I don't know. (Neither does most people here ) ‘It’s been so, so surreal.’ Critics of Sweden’s lax pandemic policies face fierce backlash | Science | AAAS
  8. Sadly that is correct, it is the small businesses that will suffer most; But what about the other people who loose their jobs, when the Governments can no longer sustain the furlough support. Which then brings us to regrettably to no lockdowns, herd immunity and survival of the fittest. All of which depends on whether we can produce enough vaccines to eliminate the virus quicker enough. A second national lockdown is imminent here in UK, with Wales being first to announce it today.
  9. Are You Age Biased Regarding Covid Measures? Thanks Don for once again opening up a new slant on the current situation with Covid. Being possibly the oldest member, may I say that I have had a good life and look forward to a little longer on this earth. Death in any sense of the word might well be frightening, but the older one becomes you realise it's inevitable. In every society there are a set of rules, they are for the good of all the population or should be. For those in this world who ( thank God ) have never experienced War or Famine, this Pandemic is the worsed
  10. I have read it again Dave and it's the last sentence I can't agree on....... If one person in a family has a cold or flu, maybe quarantining would be over the top. But Covid19 is a different matter, this second wave of the virus has left my local hospital with more cases than the first time round and my wife risks contracting it by going to work at the hospital and then bringing it home to me, for that reason alone, I am not meeting close family or friends, I only venture out to the shops or take her to work. No thank God I dont have Covid and I would dread to think th
  11. Police in London dispersed a Wedding reception yesterday of 100 people. None were wearing masks, none were social distancing and the Venue now face a £10.000 fine! Possible they all felt well and didn't see the reason to act any differently, is that selfishness or what? It's not panic, it's concern for both the Elderly or the more vulnerable in society. If the ecomomy is a major factor then expect the " Herd Immunity" were only the strongest survive.
  12. Have never experienced older kids ( Teenagers ) begging in groups but for the younger ones a smile and a show of kindness they quickly disappear with the spoils. By kindness, I mean some fruit at the nearby stall or bread seems to work, but careful not to give or show money.
  13. The Public House...( Bar ) where the last part of the video was filmed is called the Philharmonic Hotel and is famous because it still has the Gents toilets from its original beginnings as a Gentlemans Club in the 1800's.....a bit off topic but thought it might be of interest.
  14. So did they !!!! There is a statue of John "Working class hero" somewhere in Liverpool UK........but I don't want to disillusion anyone. They never made Liverpool their homes after fame arrived. Paul did use to revisit Liverpool and still does. John as far as I can recall never did. Ringo made his home in the States, while George's main residence was in a nice part of southern England But the idea of a perfect World *I still try to Imagine.
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