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  1. Now that's Political...... Hands up who would really like to be Government official and target practice for everyone with a grievance.
  2. Kuya John

    Last Supper

    While the French have a picture of the Mona Lisa.....
  3. What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander.........most crime especially knife crime the suspects wear "Hoodies" I trust that all persons will be compelled to show their faces while in Public places in the near future
  4. The more you look at things the more they become Movie-like. On a more down to Earth basis, excuse the pun, it's so important that World Governments start to accept the fact that an environmental disaster of mega proportions is on the doorstep. Recent research in the UK has advised that it would be better to allow certain areas to flood rather than spend Millions on flood defences, and to rehouse displaced people elsewhere!
  5. A recent search of the Pacific Ocean 7 miles down, the deepest survey ever done, revealed that plastic bags and sweet wrappers were on the Ocean floor even at that depth! Deepest-ever sub dive in Mariana Trench reveals rubbish littering ocean floor
  6. So how long do you think our Children have got to find one?
  7. How old is his car My financial adviser is on a 24/7 basis, no problem there.....thanks sweetheart
  8. Now Ain't that the Truth, part two!
  9. Once again we are reminded in recent news how urgently change must come, if we want to preserve this world for our future generations. Does the forum think that we can change things or do you feel that the situation is non reversible. Why do you think some leaders wont accept what is happening to our planet?
  10. Yes I would agree there are pockets where this type of crime is prevalent, due to gang culture, drug related arguments tend to be resolved with a gun. this is our country today!
  11. Last night in the UK, in a district of London, was Fatal Stabbing number 29, so far this year! To some people a persons life is meaningless, carrying a weapon without a licence should carry an automatic 5 year sentence.
  12. Well it would seem the 1st of May has brought many sad memories out, which in it's own way is a good thing. It works as part of the healing process for a lot of us, may I add my condolences to those who have experienced such tragic losses. Respectfully JB
  13. I recall this quote of Joan Rivers....."The first time I see a jogger smiling, I'll consider it"
  14. Well thanks for the reminder Jack, Let's hope tomorrow's local elections here in UK don't end up the same!
  15. It's exactly that Dave. Strange to find this thread popping up from time to time, however it's a good example of how the Philippines is not for everyone. Much as I love the place, at 70+ my health has to come first. My wife and quite a lot of the Filipino community here in UK realise the value of the National Health System, and for that reason as they are getting on in years, and many with Diabetes, a return to "home" is now questionable for retirement. For those who have managed to adjust to the climate in Philippines and continue to be in reasonable good health, I say good luck to you and enjoy every moment......JB
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