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  1. Let's not forget for our part in this topic, how many of us have the ability to speak a second language, let alone write or read it? I was waiting for my wife to finish her massage session in a local Thai Massage Parlour. The young Thai Lady when answering the phone spoke very good English, when I complemented her on her phone manners she replied "it is English spelling I have difficulty with" none the less to be applauded.
  2. I say chaps, mustn't upset the old apple cart, so shake hands, there's a good fellows and we all can be friends. Tally Ho chaps.......
  3. Hi Steve Worth looking up "Pension Houses" in Manila or Metro Manila (Booking.com)
  4. Good job it's not a thong then, hey Steve! Barongs tend to be made in nylon, well the ones I've used are and you will sweat something awful in one. So yes Gary's right, wear a cotton T-shirt under it
  5. Dear Steve I think you will find life in UK very boring once you arrive back in the UK ! Remember that programme " One foot in the Grave" One Foot In The Grave - YouTube
  6. Well speaking for UK.......There are to many people milking the system already!!!!!!!
  7. With so many rumours spreading on social media regarding the source of Corona-virus. What has surfaced from all this is, when a crisis happens that could affect the whole world, nations pull together. Until World Leaders take the same responsible attitude with Climate Change, there will be consequences. It's true that the Rich with their affordable incomes will not feel the effects of Climate Change for quite some time, while those less fortunate will struggle to survive. However when the air that we all breathe becomes so polluted, When the seas no longer provide enough fish to feed the hungry, when what trees are left cannot produce enough oxygen, it might be a little to late to say we told you so! A high percentage of the food we produce at present, and don't consume goes to waste .If we the more fortunate, did our bit by cutting down on our materialistic needs and make a conscious effort to........ "Live simple so others may simple live" it's a start in the right direction.
  8. How often do we add to a posting....."It's just my opinion" When the head of any country uses profound language to express their opinion, they should not take offence at criticism. Just my opinion
  9. Well I'm sorry that you experienced this outcome Steve, The important thing being that you and Emma are on the same page.....many guys have lost everything and I mean everything, including their marriage/ partner! I'm sure once you both arrive back in UK, that Emm's and yourself will discuss and come to the best conclusions as to the way forward for you both. Good luck matey and safe journey "Home"
  10. Brett, I'd never get away with those sort of nick-names, although I have two nicknames for the wife.....Sore finger ( always on her mobile)...... ....and Nod-off-ski, the Russian ballerina ( always falls asleep when travelling ) Good luck for the future
  11. Congratulations for the forthcoming marriage Brett.....I think you might have to drop the Angry Midget title after the wedding or face the consequences
  12. As if the virus in itself is not bad enough, what we are now seeing is racism creeping in against people of Asian background. It has occurred in parts of UK and I'm sure elsewhere in Western countries without doubt! This is yet another wake-up call in the Global Community, the sooner we realise we are all in the same boat the better. Talking of which a Cruise ship which docked at Hong Kong is now subject of a investigation for Corona-virus and quarantined in Japan The people repatriated to UK Braise Norton by plane where transported 170 miles to the local hospital my wife works at. Members of staff were given less than 24hrs to pack their belongings and were transferred to hotels near-by, while their staff accommodation block was turned into isolation units for those arriving back in UK from Wahan! .........Questions to be asked as why a journey of 170 miles was required. Japan quarantines 3,700 on cruise ship over new coronavirus
  13. Well anything that's saving money has got my stamp of approval! The UK will survive Brexit......it has no choice but to find ways to do so.
  14. Had the pleasure to meet him many years ago, really nice guy. His son looks just like him and appeared a few months ago on the TV talent show, ITV channel programme in UK "The Voice" Lonnie wrote a song for Tom Jones...............it was a number one hit! Sir Tom Jones & Peter Donegan's 'I'll Never Fall In Love Again' |Blind Auditions| The Voice UK 2019 - YouTube
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