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  1. Hi Joey The story-line; It was Louie's wife who works in the local hospital here in UK, who got the virus first. Louie who also works at the same hospital, then caught it from her, but in a much more severe form, thank God their son showed no symptoms! Some of the local Filipino community rallied round and provided the family with shopping and meals during their ordeal. Thanks for asking.
  2. It's with greatful thanks to all those people who prayed for my friend Louie who is now back home with his wife and young son. Louie spent over 50 days in hospital mostly on a ventilator before he was free from the Covid virus. To God be the Glory Amen
  3. Edrigo Sad to say it's true, we all have family members or friends in similar situations. One can only do so much, which I'm sure we all have been doing during this present time I hope your friends child comes through this.
  4. I sincerely hope your right Shady about the Philippines. But it would not be the first time that the Military have intervine in Politics and it wouldnt take much more for that to happen. What has happened to the days when you could put your trust in the law? I'm all for peaceful protests but in Western society, very often anarchist's hi-jack such marches, cause all kinds destruction which turns to violence. Maybe I should of said in some cases Police are guilty of over-reacting in certain western countries. To refer back to the O/P I find it destressing that such an event could happen and I truely hope that the perpetrater's of the killing of that young lady are found guilty.
  5. With recent events in Mindanao previously to this tragedy, one can't be blamed for thinking, can I really trust that justice will prevail. Right now most western countries are seeing escalating examples of violence erupting on both sides, including police in many cases. However Philippines has in my experience, has always kept a strong hold on it's population, though things are now changing through social media, more social injustice is being high-lighted. Those in-powered will be made more accountable for their actions in the future. If justice is not seen to be fair and unrest becomes the norm, you can expect a whole lot worse to start happening.
  6. Holy Moses Dave, so did I......! ( like using the Photo of the Pope ) found that funny, hence the expression "Holy Moses" used in my comment was meant to be funny too at the same time as asking the question. maybe it's my sense of humour....... Anyone got any grass for sale need to chill out (Judgement call intended ? )
  7. Really? Memo to myself must not question Moderators
  8. Holy Moses Moderators why print the Photos then?
  9. I thought you answered yourself very well JGF Ambulance staff and Paramedic's often came under fire here in UK pre- virus. It's only now that Key-workers have gotten the respect they deserve, while Police and Authorities struggle to enforce the new rules As far as the situation there in PI, having never experienced the likes before, I can understand fear of the unknown can have it's effects on all of us, Let's hope common sense will prevail............never bite the hand that feeds you or tries to help you for that matter. Support those in the front-line they are your only means of defence
  10. Guy's my heart goes out to those who are showing signs of this virus. For some it will be like a really bad case of Flu, for those with underlying health problems a whole lot worse. My good friend Louie is now in recovery having been ventilated for a long time, much younger than me and someone I have always thought to be as strong as an Ox he succumb to the virus working at our local hospital, where his wife also works. It's been said many times but I can't emphasize enough, avoid none essential travel and wear a mask/ gloves outside the home, keep social distancing even with friends and visiting family. That should apply to non live-in helpers too! Hopefully the more isolated parts of Philippines will not feel the full effects of this virus, which is now unfolding, as other countries prepare for a possible second spike with lockdown rules being opened up, to allow travel again to and from other parts of Europe. If you lose your frontline workers through fear or lack of equipment, you really have a major problem! People here in UK have been very supportive of all key workers, supermarkets, the likes of Tesco have been giving thousands of free lunch bags to our local hospital workers as an appreciation for working under extreme pressure for many weeks, this happening across the country. The sad fact being, that many people are now ignoring the warnings to social distance, when in my humble opinion the time is not right yet to be blaze about it. Stay safe JB
  11. Good job it wasn't a Jackfruit!
  12. Jack for some real fun....empty a few San-migs hang them upside down on sticks and watch the Earwigs climb into them. Oh well back to the Ironing
  13. Steve I told you......Sell the Yacht and sack the crew!
  14. Don't worry Brett the mark of the beast hasn't arrived just yet! 999, but it's getting pretty close, if you get my drift.
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