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  1. This was ours a couple of weeks ago. Tenderloin of beef courtesy of S&R. Not as good as topside, as not nearly so much fat, which I do prefer as it gives the meat a wonderful flavour. But very tender and juicy.
  2. My wife teaches English online here in phils for a company based in Taiwan. For teaching Chinese students you need a BA degree or above. That rule came in a couple of years ago. You also need a TESL. Salary for online teachers is not very good for Phils based companies, typically around 70 to 90 php/hour. There are one or two that pay more, around 140php/hour but they are the exception. As I understand it, no degree is required for teaching online at Phils based schools. However foreign based companies pay much better. My wife works six days a week, usually a couple of hours in the morning and two or three in the evening. Saturdays and Sundays are her busiest days where she works three hours in the morning, three hours in the afternoon and two hours in the evening. All teaching Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese students. She is paid in US$ and with bonuses, her take home pay is around 65k php/month which is excellent by Phils standards. If she worked a few more hours she could easily earn around 80k plus.
  3. Adherance to traffic signs is, at best, optional for some locals, the remainder either do not see road signs or just ignore them! As for roundabouts, as we brits call them, otherwise known as circles or rotundas, they are a complete mystery to the vast majority of filipino drivers. Two good maxims that has stood me in good stead driving here over the years, is EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and SEE AND AVOID!
  4. 'tis obvious. The engineers will just incorporate some drains in the system.
  5. With the response from most world leaders being to stick their collective heads in the sand, failing to agree on even the most basic of measures to even begin to seriously address the problem, I fear Jake, that you are only half right......... your belief that it will get worse........... it may well be too late for the 'before it gets any better' part. Even today I hear on the news, with out of control fires nudging the outskirts of Sydney, the Australian PM is casting doubt on the link between the fires and global warming! If I were Australian I think I would start a crowd funding page to pay for his ticket to resume his (hopefully indefinite) vacation in Hawaii!
  6. Our next door neighbour is an Australian lady who was married to a local judge. He died a couple of years ago and within a few weeks the house was on the market. She wanted to remain in the house but unfortunately she is required to now dispose of the property. I wold think if a judge is unable to find ways to circumvent property law in favour of his foreign wife, then it doesn't bode well for the rest of us poor mortals who find themselves in a similar position!
  7. I agree! Yellow Label is a good alternative if my favourite 'cuppa' is not available. I know taste is a very personal thing, but I do enjoy a cup of Tetleys, which I can get from Mikes Imported British Goods website.
  8. Yes, S&R are pretty hopeless when it comes to tea. There are several places you can get English Breakfast tea. SM sells Twinings and recently Tesco's own brand tea. Rustans also stock it and a Waitrose branded EBT. M&S (if you have one locally) sell their own brand tea as well.
  9. If you want the REAL thing, try Kerry Gold Irish butter. S&R started stocking it a few months ago here in CDO. It's wonderfully rich and creamy and has the loveliest flavour. I just love it on its own on toast! With a good old cup of English Breakfast tea! Hmmmm. Heavenly!
  10. Quite possibly. But how would we ever know? Banks are very adept at extracting our money from us!
  11. My UK bank charge a fee for sending the SWIFT transfer. BDO do not make a seperate charge for crediting it to my account. I send GBP and not PHP. I guess BDO probably make something on the exchange rate but the amount credited to my account is a reasonable reflection of the interbank rate so cannot be much.
  12. The IBAN is a twelve digit number which is basically your BDO branch code and your bank account number combined. You will also need the BDO SWIFT code which is BNORPHMM. As I understand it, the SWIFT code gets your transfer to BDO in Metro Manila and the IBAN code gets it to your personal account at your branch. Your branch will confirm the details required for the transfer. I would do a small transfer first just to see that it gets through to your account ok. It is a very straightforward process and I have never had an issue in over 60 transfers. Invariably the credit arrives the next working day from my Nationwide account.
  13. I think it depends on the branch manager or the branch interpretation of the rules, whatever they may be. I was recommended BDO by several friends and family here. I first tried to open an account at one branch of BDO and was refused. I was on a regular extension of stay, had an ACR card and also my house rental contract. I then successfully opened an account at a local BPI branch using just the same documents. Having opened that account I was then able to open an account at a different BDO branch, again with just the same documents. Having accounts with both banks, I much prefer BDO. They have many more branches/ATMs where I am and their website is much better, IMHO. Also my monthly bank transfer from the UK is always credited to my BDO account the next working day. As I said earlier, it seems bank branches have their own interpretation of the rules.
  14. Indeed I am. I have been doing a monthly transfer this way for over five years now. The bank just makes a flat fee, regardless of amount, using the SWIFT payment method. The exchange rate seems to be as good as any as well.
  15. I am guessing that that the apartment will be constructed on the same land as your house? Steve, my gut feeling is that you are storing up a heap of trouble for yourself and Ems in the future. You are making that piece of land more attractive, and valuable, to the 'family' as time goes on. Be careful all this investment doesn't come back to haunt you!
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