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  1. Were you affected by the recent earth tremors in Mindanao? Our house was shaking quite noticably during the second one which lead to the tiles cracking. The Luxe Hotel and Ayala Mall here in CDO also had quite significant, albeit relatively minor damage. The third floor of the hotel had to be closed as parts of the wall plastering and ceiling fell off. And TGI Fridays kitchen ceiling fell down leading to its closure until it was repaired.
  2. They are in the upstairs bathroom. The large tiles 60cm sq, are on the floor, which have the hairline cracks. It is a single hairline crack extending to four tiles. The smaller tiles, 20cm sq, which were unaffected are on the wall. Only some grouting around four tiles came loose. I would think they were installed at the same time. The house was constructed in 2013, I believe. All the other floors throughout and the car port/front door have large tiles. Only the bathroom ones were affected.
  3. I did look into that. The cost in the UK is around £500 for a softener. I know salt granules are available here but haven't found the tablets. The problem would be sourcing spare parts if and when needed. I figured it would probably be better to use the locally sourced ones. The local ones are considerably bigger than the UK domestic ones so I would think they might be more effective.
  4. Yes, that is what I am trying to avoid. It seems easier to do it in the UK rather than here.
  5. They do calcium filters in ACE hardware. But they are very expensive. The manual version is around 47k php and the automatic version about 57k php. But that also includes the brine tank and pump. There are smaller calcium filters, similar in size to the Sand and Carbon filters, but in my experience they are pretty useless. To effectively remove the calcium I have been advised the large one is the one that will do the job. Here in CDO we have very hard water. I may well have to invest in one as the limescale really badly affects everything it touches and is nigh on impossible to keep clean. Ken
  6. Thanks hk. It looks like it might be possible then. The website says the 13A should be issued at the time of the interview, which is easier than returning 2 weeks later, which indeed might be after I have returned to the Philippines.
  7. Again, Wilcon do a large selection of the 'wood effect' tiles. They do seem quite expensive though. As others have mentioned, I would also go with smaller tiles where possible. We had some quakes here in Mindanao recently and four of the large floor tiles had hairline cracks. All the smaller tiles were unaffected, just some grouting cracked.
  8. There are several but I think the best one, if you are looking for quality, not price, is definately Wilcon. They have several branches around the country. Huge selection of tiles and all the international brands of kitchen and bathroom fittings. A slightly cheaper option would be City Hardware which I believe also has branches nationwide.
  9. Thanks Gary. The CRB check can be ordered online and they can send it as a PDF file. The UK Legalisation Service is also an online service and will accept the CRB PDF file and having 'legalised' it send it to my UK address in 2 days. So I can order it and have it legalised even before I leave the Philippines. A really good service, I think. So hopefully I may be able to complete the whole 13A process within 4 weeks then? I really don't want to waste my four week vacation running around trying to do it if it turns out its not possible any way. How long did your 13A process take from start to finish? Did you do it in London?
  10. I would think that they are the same regardless of where you make the application. Did you not have to provide them in Hong Kong? If you scroll down to 'Non-Quota Immigrant Visa' the requirements are there. https://londonpe.dfa.gov.ph/82-visa I guess what I am trying to find out is how straightforward is it in reality to complete the 13A process. I have a months vacation in the UK but if it seems unlikely that I can complete the process in four weeks, then I won't even start, preferring instead to do here the Philippines. Has anyone completed it in that time frame?
  11. You would think they would be the same, but they require both. I am pasting the relevent section from the Embassy website. >>>> Original and three (3) photocopies of a “Certificate of Good Moral Character” from the applicant’s character reference (e.g., employer/former employer, civil or religious authority or any person of good standing in the community) Original and three (3) photocopies of Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) report. <<<< I am retired since 2008 and my employer went bust in 2017. I have no religious affiliation and the only person of good standing that I know is my doctor, who will be doing my medical check. So I guess he will have to do.
  12. Yes, they need a CRB check in addition the the Certificate of Good Moral Character.
  13. Looking on eBay the Spark can be had for around £300 or less. Go for the 'Fly More Combo' that comes as a complete package including spare battery and remote and carry case. The Phantom has been around for years now so you should be able to pick up a Phantom 2 at a bargain price. I have seen several on eBay sub £200. If you want really good quality stills then the ones that have the Go-Pro camera are very good. Especiallly if fitted with the Zenmuse three axis gimbal. Again, lots of good advice and videos available on YouTube. They are up to the Phantom 4 model now. Ken
  14. They also require a “Certificate of Good Moral Character”. I don't think anything like that actually exists in the UK as far as I can determine. Do you think my UK doctor, who would be doing my medical exam, be able to do it? How have UK applicants dealt with that one? Ken
  15. Thanks Jim. My wife will be with me in the UK. The procedure SEEMS quite straightforward reading the requirements posted on the Philippines London Embassy website. Just lots of forms etc, most of which I can do online. But like most things the reality is often different! Ken
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