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  1. As I understand the new rules, you are not covered for the first 6 months for a male and 9 months for a female. So even if you pay 12 months up front, you would have to wait for 6 months before being eligible to make a claim. Ken
  2. We have both PLDT and Globe. The PLDT is up to 50mbps and Globe up to 20mbps. PLDT is usually OK but has been unreliable on occassion so we have the Globe as a backup. In our experience PLDT customer service is pathetic and outages, though thankfully quite rare, can last for several days before they get fixed. Interestingly, even using a UPS, we lose PLDT internet about 50 minutes to an hour after a brownout. (assuming the brownout continues) Globe always seems to continue unaffected by brownouts. Fibre internet is not available everywhere so I would do some research as to what is available in the area you propose to live. Ken
  3. There are several low cost carriers that you can research for a cheap throwaway ticket. Currently I believe that PAL and CebPac have ongoing promotions. Another option which I have used in the past is a fully refundable ticket. More expensive upfront but you can get all your money back when you cancel the ticket.
  4. Secondary glazing as it is called, works very well, though not quite as effective at sound reduction as proper double glazing, which has an inert gas between the panes. It is as clear as the original window. And it helps with insulation as well. If you can get proper double glazed windows, they are the preferred option, but they are not very common here in phils.
  5. Probably not, because between the two of them they would be completely useless!
  6. The Philippines and the US have a tax treaty which should prevent such double taxation. You would only pay tax in both countries that do NOT have such a tax treaty.
  7. You will find that many items from the UK are available here now, but some are very expensive. An example is Splenda sweetener which is available in SM Supermarkets but at about three times the UK price. Here in CDO, SM Supermarket stocks a wide range of Tesco products at reasonable prices and Rustans stock Waitrose products and we also have Marks and Spencer which also stock food items. One thing I cannot find, which I ship over in quantity, is things like Heinz Salad Cream and Garners Pickled Onions and Branston Pickle. Gilllette shave gel and blades are available here but are ridiculously expensive. We use a company near Heathrow called Forex which is part of UMAC in Manila to ship our boxes. They collect nationwide in the UK. I think they are reasonably priced and have always been reliable. They usually have an offer of three of their medium boxes (about 30 inches cubed, no weight limit) for £140 (for three) collected from Northampton and deliverd to us in Mindanao. We usually send six boxes each year of various assorted items from food stuffs to tools and hobby items which are not available here. Ken
  8. I believe that changed three or four years ago. Unless the husband was registered as a dependent prior to the change in rules, a filipina wife can no longer register a foreign husband as a dependent at the cheaper rate. In that case the 17k pesos annual fee applies. Unfortunately I missed the cut off period so have to pay the 17k pesos. Still not bad value IMHO.
  9. The voltage might not be an issue but the frequency could well be. Here in phils the frequency is 60hz,
  10. I believe the simple answer is to have a formal lease agreement whereby you lease the property from your girlfriend. This can be the standard 25 year lease (or is it 30 years?) with an automatic renewal for a further 25 years. It can be for a nominal rent, the actual amount does not matter. This option is not available to a married couple who cannot lease a property between themselves. I did hear very recently that the law has recently changed with regards to property owned by married couples which apparently gives more rights to the foreign partner if the majority of the funding has come from them. But that is just anecdotal, I have not seen anything in black and white. Ken .
  11. I was able to open savings accounts with both BDO and BPI. At both I was asked for an ACR-i card. Both were straightforward to open and both have an online banking facility. I have found BDO more user friendly as an expat. My transfers to my BDO account from the UK invariably arrive the next business day which I think is as good as it gets!
  12. The only poultry farm in our area that we have dealings with, which is to purchase chicken dung, and not feed related, use a Cebu based feed producer called Universal Feed Millers, (or something similar). They distribute feed throughout the Visayas and Mindanao, I believe. We have never had dealings with them ourselves though. We haven't supplied any of our rice mill waste for poultry feed, but that might be an option for us to persue in the future. But so far all ours is bought by local pig farmers.
  13. Although we don't have any dealings with poultry farmers, I think that would be very expensive feed. Assuming poultry can be fed rice. Our last rice harvest, a few weeks ago, we sold the milled rice for 2300/2400php per 50kg sack. Corn might be suitable but again it would be very expensive as feed. The waste from the rice milling process we sell for pig feed at around 300-500 php per sack.
  14. Camiguin is a very small island. It is possible that your wifes family have connections in the local police who might be 'encouraged' to bury any investigation. My wife, who has been following this thread with interest, suggests that you show the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) the evidence instead. They will have an office in Cagayan de Oro which is the main administration of Region 10, to which Camiguin belongs. You can get more info here: nbi.gov.ph Your wifes scam would certainly constitute fraud and may well fall under the jurisdiction of their cyber crime division. There is a section there on how to report scammers. There are very heavy penalties including large fines and up to 20 years in prison for persons so convicted. They have an email (cyber crime division): ccd@nbi.gov.ph which might be a place to start. Ken
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