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  1. Politics; “the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies” – Groucho Marx.
  2. You’re lucky that you are able to get 20,000php per ATM withdrawal. (Just for clarification, I am talking about PER WITHDRAWAL, not a daily limit) The most I am able to get from any ATM here in Cagayan de Oro is 10k. I used to be able to get 20k from BPI and RCBC but they reduced the maximum to 10k about three years ago and at the same time upped the charge from 200 to 250 php for foreign cards. What bank gives you 20k?
  3. Exactly. I use BDO. Very happy with the service. I would feel very nervous withdrawing cash from an ATM as my main source of funds, especially since a machine ‘ate’ my UK debit card once. The hassle that caused I would not want to repeat.
  4. We have those pads where we are. Problem is, they are only about two feet long. They need to be about six feet or more to cover the entire wheel circumference!
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but that sounds a very expensive way of withdrawing your money. Do you not get charged 250php per withdrawal? Or can you claim it back? I had an ATM swallow my UK Debit Card in Cebu once. Took me weeks to have it replaced as the bank sent it to my bank in the UK. So I only use my local bank cards now.
  6. I was looking through a list of Executive Orders and directives issued by various government offices. It is amazing just how many ‘Clarifications’ to previous edicts have to be issued because no one thought through their consequences.
  7. Apparently 4500 tourists were kicked out of hotels in Luzon when their bookings ended. From Inquirer.net 4,500 foreigners thrown out by hotels due to Luzon quarantine MANILA, Philippines — Some 4,500 foreign tourists were “kicked out” of hotels and ended up sleeping in the open since the government declared a Luzon-wide lockdown last week and restricted all travels due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Locsin calls Robredo ‘boba' over comment on diplomatic passport cancellation Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. (Photo by BEN STANSALL / AFP)-file The deputy head of the European Union delegation to the Philippines, Thomas Wiersing, on Tuesday called the attention of Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. to the plight of about 4,500 foreign tourists “stranded in the Philippines” because they could not book any flights home. Locsin readily took to Twitter to rant against hotels that locked out their foreign guests. “Met EU CDA (Charge d’Affaires) Thomas Wiersing who delivered the bad news that foreign tourists are sleeping in open air w/o shelter or roof over their heads because their hotels kicked [them] out once their bookings end, even if they fail to book domestic flights out,” Locsin tweeted. Blacklist hotels Even those who are pregnant or have medical conditions are not being given consideration, Locsin said, adding that he would call on the Department of Tourism (DOT) to blacklist the hotels that kicked out foreign guests. The stranded tourists are from the EU, which has 27 member-countries, Argentina, Australia, Canada, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Locsin said the EU envoy asked the government to increase the frequency of domestic flights or sea transport from the islands to international ports, and to allow them to get shelter if there was no flight “out of plain human decency.” https://newsinfo.inquirer.net/1247905/4500-foreigners-thrown-out-by-hotels JGF, thanks for editing it to a more sensible format.
  8. Haha. Yes, I thought that was the case.....but his last post got me thinking......
  9. Are you in Thailand? Your location states you are in the Ukraine. If you are in Thailand there are literally hundreds of places you can send cash from. There are Western Union outlets on most street corners!
  10. Interesting post. Just a thought.......does the 'F' in your user name have any relevance? You're right....Inquiring minds want to know......
  11. Ah, OK. Then I think your only option is to send them some cash, as mentioned previously. There is no shortage of places they can receive it. There is bound to be one very close to them.
  12. Glad to hear they made it back OK. It must have been a very stressful experience, just the same.
  13. I have just read your other thread and realise that your friends got back to the Philippines OK, so I guess it's you wanting to top up your own Globe phone. I am sure one of your friends will be able to load your Globe very easily now that they are back home. Just send them some cash via one of the many transfer services such as Western Union.
  14. I feel for you Tom, and anyone else who is in the middle of a construction project now. It must be really frustrating! On a lighter note, you could use the slowdown in progress to make any modifications you feel might be appropriate in the light of this experience. An example might be.....
  15. I am not familiar with etopuponline. I tried the link you posted and it keeps coming up with page not found. It doesn't surprise me that you had a problem with a service like that. I have difficulty sometimes trying to top up my Smart number online using my banks load facility. Some gremlin in the system I guess. I don't have a Globe number otherwise I could put a load on for you. Does either of your friends have Smart? I could stick a load on it for you. But I think they would have to have selected 'Roaming' on their phone before leaving the Philippines for it to work.
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