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  1. Yes, they are readily available here in Mindanao. There are at least two types, the most common is the Bajaj RE from India, I think and the other is a Piaggio Ape which I guess is imported from Italy. The Piaggio comes in various body forms including an open back truck and an enclosed box van type as well as the regular passenger one as in the picture.
  2. Here in Cagayan de Oro the procedure followed the same routine as previous posters, about 5 steps in total. My first jab was at the local public hospital. I was very impressed with the efficiency of the operation. Took about an hour in total, including a 15 minute post jab observation period. It was very busy, probably in excess of a hundred people being vaccinated during the hour I was there. And the vaccinations were going on all day. Plenty of helpful, courteous and efficient staff ensuring things kept moving. I was truly impressed! It helped that the whole process was a continuous ‘conveyo
  3. I had my first jab of the Sinovac a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely no side effects at all. Not even a sore arm where the jab was given. I was a little sceptical about its effectiveness before I did some research on it. I am quite reassured now having learned more about it. The main issue seems to be the vaccine lowers the immune system between the two doses but boosts it considerably after the second dose. Given the choice I think I would prefer the Astra Zeneca but either is better than none!
  4. I have been using Shipping Cart regularly for a couple of years or so from the UK. Nothing but the highest praise for them. Nothing damaged and always fast delivery. I guess you get what you pay for!
  5. Thank you all for the useful suggestions. I have passed all this on to my friend to help with his decision. He is certainly appreciative of all your advice. Nothing is straightforward these days! I just hope he manages to get there (and back) without too much hassle!
  6. Thank you Yeochief, that is very helpful. I have passed on the info to my friend. He might just have to take his wife along with him just to ensure his return entry to the Philippines. Always assuming that the rules don’t change prior to their return! And also that she can get a visa to the US!
  7. A question to our American friends who may be able to help with the answer. A friend of mine wishes to return to the US within the next week or so to visit his gravely ill mother who is in hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. She is well into her nineties and the prognosis is not good! He is a US citizen, married to a Filipina and living here in Cagayan de Oro, Northern Mindanao. He is a permanent resident here on a 13A visa. He is 70 years old and plans traveling without his wife, to Boston for about four weeks or so and then returning to CDO. I have no idea what the travel requi
  8. I thought that as well. However I have seen that method trashed, literally, in a few seconds using a length of 2”x 2” wood to break the glass and a small piece of carpet to lay over the remains of the glass. It is really difficult to come up with an effective solution that doesn’t look like a prison. And the sound of the breaking glass wasn’t loud at all, which surprised me! I guess that is why dogs are the preferred solution.
  9. I agree. Just to clarify, I wasn’t suggesting that only US or UK expats should get the vaccination. This is a global pandemic and as such requires a global effort. My own view is that everyone should have the opportunity to receive the vaccine.
  10. Here in Cagayan de Oro many have had forms to fill in regarding vaccinations. In addition: From Philstar Global 6th March 2021 Overall, the Philippines is expected to receive over 40 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines from the US and the United Kingdom this year, Romualdez and British Ambassador Daniel Pruce said in separate interviews. “I think you’ll see a steady stream of consignment arriving throughout the rest of the year, and in total I think by the end of the year we’ll have something in the order of 22 to 23 million shots of the AstraZeneca vaccine in the Phi
  11. Car battery chargers are not ideal. Multi-stage ‘intelligent’ chargers are best. To fully charge a deep cycle battery can take many hours as the charge current tails off towards the end of the charge period. There is a supplier on Shopee based in Puerta Galera that deals in Victron chargers and inverters which are made in the Netherlands and are top quality. If you want your set-up to last it’s worth investing in the best. I have just assembled a second UPS using their equipment and I know it will last for years if cared for properly. The first one using the same equipment has b
  12. Same here in CDO. S&R have almost no pork (just Abodo cuts and belly slices!) and just a few measly pieces of chicken. Half of their chilled display cabinets are turned off! I must say S&R have really gone downhill the last year or so. It seems to be more like a giant Sari-Sari store these days!
  13. It would be very expensive to have a centralized UPS to run all your household appliances including aircon units. Remember these will be run from the UPS battery which would need to be HUGE to cater for the power demand. And you would also need a HUGE pure sine wave inverter which would be very expensive, if such a beast exists! Your UPS should just cater for your essential equipment which you would want to use during a brownout. Computer, internet modem, perhaps a fan and a light or two. You certainly wouldn’t want to run any power hungry items from it. All the UPS’ I have seen for
  14. I agree, you should have surge protectors and/or AVR’s to protect your expensive equipment. Every item of ours is protected by individual AVR’s of a suitable wattage and the the entertainment center, (TV, DVD, PlayStation, internet etc is protected by a 2000 watt Inmarflex one from S&R. Being a dunce when it comes to electrical stuff I would feel very uneasy having all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. ie centralised whole house protection rather than individual units.
  15. What happens if your ‘whole house’ unit stops working? I guess you have no electrics until you get it fixed? That could be quite a while here in the Philippines. Just a thought!
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