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  1. Huggybearman

    Charging Emergency Lights

    In answer to Jacks original query about running the batteries flat before re-charging. I think you will find that those emergency lamps have sealed lead acid batteries. They don't like being discharged to below around 70% of their capacity, certainly on a regular basis, otherwise it will shorten their life. To add to the longevity issue, those units in all probability have cheaply constructed batteries and simple (ie cheap) built in chargers which don't optimise the charging regime to give the best lifespan. We have several of the Omni LED ones as shown in post 5. I just keep them plugged in 24/7 but have one lamp switched off as a default setting which halves the discharge rate. That generally provides more than enough background illumination and we turn on the second lamp if required. If there is a brown out during daylight hours then I turn them all off. That serves two purposes, firstly it prolongs the general lifespan of the battery and second it ensures there is enough battery charge should the brownout continue beyond nightfall. It may seem a bit of an effort, but whats the point of having them if you have run them flat during daylight hours. They have so far lasted us well for over four years now and still have good battery life. Ken
  2. Welcome to the forum. Good luck with your build project. Ken
  3. If you buy land in your girl friends name then the obvious protection I would think is to get a long lease for 25 or 30 years from your gf. That way at least you have control over the land for the duration of the lease. That option is not available to you if you are married to her. Ken
  4. My understanding is that husband and wife are considered as a single entity so therefore a wife cannot lease the property to her husband. Welcome to the forum 10Pints and good luck with your move. Ken
  5. Huggybearman

    Coffee Distributor

    A family member has a business who grows and roasts coffee here in Mindanao. I don't know what type of coffee he produces. Are you looking for suppliers or are you looking to distribute your own coffee? If you can provide more info on what it is you are looking for I could pass it on to him. Ken
  6. That is such a shame. I do hope that this scheme is overturned and the forest saved. I was very sad to see that the Ayala Triangle in Makati had been vandalised by a large construction project a couple of years or so ago. That was a lovely green space which I guess is no more! Ken
  7. Huggybearman

    Ah! how times fly by and things get better

    Judging by the difference in the two photos, clearly the benefit is changing a bottle of Sprite for the much greater medicinal value of a bottle of beer. :) Keep up the good work! Ken
  8. Huggybearman

    N'ozzie new member

    Hi and welcome to the forum.
  9. Huggybearman

    Cathay Dragon Seating

    Yes, except the smarty pants seating analyst doesn't have to deal with the consequent irate pax who chose the single seat thinking it was an aisle/window seat, or the pax who selected the seat opposite who also thought they had an aisle seat but in reality was given the middle seat. Said smarty pants idiot should be terminated forthwith! Ken
  10. Huggybearman

    Cathay Dragon Seating

    Me neither. And it is not helpful if you are looking to select an aisle seat. On the 320 that single seat as shown in the seating plan would be an 'F' seat which is a window seat. To avoid any buggering about just choose a 'C' or D' seat if you are looking for an aisle seat. Also a 'C or D' seat near the front of the aircraft will put you better placed in the immigration queue on arrival. Ken
  11. Huggybearman

    Cathay Dragon Seating

    That seating plan is not that of an 320 (or 319). The 320 has 30 rows of seats at 3 / 3 seating, in all economy config. The 320 has four overwing emergency exits, two on either side. That seating plan shows just one exit each side. The only Airbus that has a single overwing exit each side is the 318. It could possibly be a partial seating plan of the longer A321 which doesn't have overwing exits but an exit in front and behind the wing, EXCEPT there is not room to fit in two aisles in a 320 or 321. I have never seen such an aisle configuration in any aircraft. It is a complete waste of space. I would be very interested to learn what aircraft that seating plan refers to. Ken
  12. I haven't been asked to fill in a departure card at MNL airport for a couple of years now. I am guessing they have the required info on the computer system now. Ken
  13. Huggybearman

    My journey to finding a Filipina girlfriend...

    Welcome to the forum Colonel. Good luck with your lady. It sounds very promising. This forum is a great resource for any information you require. Ken
  14. Huggybearman

    Any expats living in Liloy / Labason area?

    As GeoffH says above. Keep a low profile and be aware of your surroundings. Although a muslim area there are still a lot of christians living there and we have not heard of there being any trouble in that particular part of Mindanao. If it was me I would keep my visit as brief as possible. The longer you are in the region the greater any potential risk might be. Just last week Duterte passed a new 'organic law for Bangsamoro' granting concessions to the the local indiginous muslim population which may well re-inforce the existing peace treaty there. That could lessen any risk but it pays to be be careful. Ken
  15. Huggybearman

    HCTZ Recall - Check your VA Issued BP Meds

    Some BP meds containing Valsarten are also being recalled in the UK and about 20 other countries. Mine which are manufactured by TEVA have been recalled in the US but not, at the moment, those produced by TEVA in the UK. Certainly worth checking your BP meds to see if they are affected. Ken