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  1. Same here in CDO. S&R have almost no pork (just Abodo cuts and belly slices!) and just a few measly pieces of chicken. Half of their chilled display cabinets are turned off! I must say S&R have really gone downhill the last year or so. It seems to be more like a giant Sari-Sari store these days!
  2. It would be very expensive to have a centralized UPS to run all your household appliances including aircon units. Remember these will be run from the UPS battery which would need to be HUGE to cater for the power demand. And you would also need a HUGE pure sine wave inverter which would be very expensive, if such a beast exists! Your UPS should just cater for your essential equipment which you would want to use during a brownout. Computer, internet modem, perhaps a fan and a light or two. You certainly wouldn’t want to run any power hungry items from it. All the UPS’ I have seen for
  3. I agree, you should have surge protectors and/or AVR’s to protect your expensive equipment. Every item of ours is protected by individual AVR’s of a suitable wattage and the the entertainment center, (TV, DVD, PlayStation, internet etc is protected by a 2000 watt Inmarflex one from S&R. Being a dunce when it comes to electrical stuff I would feel very uneasy having all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. ie centralised whole house protection rather than individual units.
  4. What happens if your ‘whole house’ unit stops working? I guess you have no electrics until you get it fixed? That could be quite a while here in the Philippines. Just a thought!
  5. I thought it would be worth enquiring of the British Embassy in Manila if any provision has been made regarding vaccinations for British citizens currently residing in the Philippines. Perhaps not surprisingly, there is no such provision. I wonder if other countries embassy’s have made any for their citizens? Here is their reply: Thank you for your enquiry of 09/02/2021 01:40 . The UK government are exploring vaccine options for people in the UK and their response to vaccine development is available to read on GOV.UK along with information about the UK roll out.
  6. I would think that’s the safest option, as local offices may have different requirements. The white folder certainly needs to be long, readily available in any National Bookstore. I submitted my 13A back in early June and heard nothing until they telephoned me about a month ago. Due to the delay they required an updated petitioners letter, a new NBI clearance, a notarized Letter of Guarantee, (which wasn’t required before), one additional 2”x 2” photo on a white background and photocopies of both my wife’s and my passport pages where we had travelled together and had corresponding entry/e
  7. I have several Panther AVR's, not step down transformers. They have performed well over the last six years, so would guess that the step down transformers would be equally reliable. About a year ago I had a need for larger capacity AVR's which would be dual voltage, 220v and 110v. I found an Imarflex brand dual output AVR in my local S&R. Priced around 4600php. They always have them in stock in our local CDO branch. I have four of them and very happy with then.
  8. We had the same issue with judges at the local Hall of Justice in Cagayan de Oro. They would not accept the affidavit from the British Embassy in Manila. It went all the way up to the senior judge who upheld the more junior judges decision. This despite having all other documents and the marriage licence. We got the city mayor to perform the ceremony.
  9. Thanks for the tip. Following your advice, I tried that. Still no success. But I get all the UK TV channels via an Expat TV service, so not an issue for me.
  10. My Express VPN doesn’t unblock BBC iPlayer for me either. I guess the BBC are getting adept at out foxing the VPN providers.
  11. I submitted my 13A application at the beginning of May. Still in process. I understand that it’s taking much longer than usual due to the COVID situation at the Manila office.
  12. You’re right. I forgot to mention Gaisano. They also have a good selection of western goods.
  13. I think S&R have really gone down hill the last year or so. They seem to have become a huge sari-sari store! Shelves piled high with cheap snacks, cans of Spam and sardines. The bread section only had pan de sal!!! No Florida Natural orange juice for months! I think we will not be renewing our membership when it expires. I have found that SM supermarket and especially Rustans now stock a much bigger range of western goods than S&R.
  14. That’s a ridiculous shipping cost! The minimum shipping charge from the UK with Shipping Cart is around $18.99. I have shipped three items within that charge. Additional items are then charged for, but can go up as little a 60c per item for small things, generally just 2 or 3 dollars per smallish item, which is not too bad. Charges are by weight and volume. Charges from the UK are also in US dollars, not GBP.
  15. I use PayPal quite often and never get a OTP from them. It comes from my bank the card is linked to, not PayPal.
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