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  1. Huggybearman

    More Stupid Banking Bureaucracy?

    Not so far.
  2. Huggybearman

    Very sick wife

    Camiguin is a very small island. It is possible that your wifes family have connections in the local police who might be 'encouraged' to bury any investigation. My wife, who has been following this thread with interest, suggests that you show the NBI (National Bureau of Investigation) the evidence instead. They will have an office in Cagayan de Oro which is the main administration of Region 10, to which Camiguin belongs. You can get more info here: nbi.gov.ph Your wifes scam would certainly constitute fraud and may well fall under the jurisdiction of their cyber crime division. There is a section there on how to report scammers. There are very heavy penalties including large fines and up to 20 years in prison for persons so convicted. They have an email (cyber crime division): ccd@nbi.gov.ph which might be a place to start. Ken
  3. If you do venture as far as Dumaguete, crazy, trouble making ex-pats nothwithstanding, I believe Dave Houndriver of this parish has a car (and a motorcycle if you are so inclined) to rent. There are ro-ro ferries between the islands but I have no idea as to schedules. I am sure others will be along shortly to advise. If you have your own car in Subic you could take that rather than renting. There is a ro-ro ferry between Manila and Cebu City. That might be another option to consider. Ken
  4. Huggybearman

    Balikbyan Boxes

    That's the company we use for our UK shipment of Balikbayan boxes. They have branches worldwide. Been using them for about five years now. Very reliable service.
  5. Huggybearman

    Balikbyan Boxes

    We sent several boxes from the UK in August this year. There seems to be no implementation of the proposed new rules. We were not asked for anything other than a very brief description of the contents ie 'misc domestic household items' on the form. Certainly we were not asked to complete a detailed manifest. The boxes arrived as usual, about seven weeks after shipping. They had not been opened by customs. Ken
  6. Huggybearman

    Cebu full panel STD testing with quick results.

    Have you tried Cebu Doctors Hospital?
  7. Huggybearman

    Bringing DVDs and player

    I have a set of Bose noice cancelling headphones. They work extremely well. If you haven't used any before they only really cut down any repetitive background noise. For example the constant noise of an aircraft interior. They are not much good at cancelling out sudden or non repetitive noise as they need to sample the noise and generate an opposite waveform, thereby cancelling it out. I find them brilliant for long flights. Ken
  8. Like previous posters, I was told that my existing ACR-i card remained valid when I renewed my passport. Your unique SSRN number on the card remains the same on subsequent card renewals and your passport details are not recorded on the card anyway. Ken
  9. Huggybearman

    Anyone on Globe Anti-Bill Shock plan?

    I am on a Globe 10mbps plan with a 100gb monthly download limit. It costs 1299php/month. Once you get to 100gb it just throttles the download speed but there is no additional cost. Ken
  10. Huggybearman

    USN-USMC Anniversary (243 years)

    Thanks for posting Jake. It was always a head turner at airshows. Not only the sound but the vibration of it reverberating around the airfield. Sadly no longer flying , its last flight was in October 2015 after Airbus, who I believe held the airworthiness approvals for the type, withdrew support for the aircraft. If you like a darned good read I can thoroughly recommend 'Vulcan 607' by Rowland White about the attack on the runway at Port Stanley during the Falklands war. Codenamed 'Operation Black Buck'. Ken
  11. Huggybearman

    Dapitan : Recommendations ?

    I cannot help with either places as I have no experience of them but I have found Methersgate's post that RBM referred to regarding a hotel recommendation.
  12. Huggybearman

    Sky Sports

    Jollygoodfellow removed the link I provided. I have been using this company for about three years and have had no instances of them spamming. Tom are you sure this is the same company you accuse of spamming? I have no connection with this company other than a 100% satisfied customer. They have a 24/7 customer service facility to answer any queries and I have found them to be a very professional outfit. Should anyone require their contact info please PM me. I will be very happy to provide it. Ken
  13. Huggybearman

    Sky Sports

    Yes. You can get Sky Sports here. I use a subscription service called expatTV. It has a 7 day catch up facility so you can watch any programmes broadcast over the last week. It is basically all the UK Freeview channels, plus History channels, Animal Planet, Discovery, Nat Geo channels etc. Plus a host of movie channels including Sky, a bunch of Sports channels from Sky and BT plus others. You do need a fairly fast broadband connection of around 5 mbps. I pay €33 euros a month. Link: Ken
  14. Huggybearman

    3 days to go

  15. Huggybearman

    Health Costs - the big ones...

    Thanks for the link Tom. A summary quote from the link states: 'The passenger details contained in your travel document will be transmitted to the Home Office. This information will then be processed by our systems to improve migration controls and security'. I don't think the NHS system in the UK is linked in any way to the Border Force data on people leaving and arriving in the country so I believe my original post is still correct. The NHS would not know if you are an expat, unless you registered as such with the UK tax authority, HMRC by completing form P85. As that data IS linked to National Insurance records, then the NHS would probably know. If of course they actually cared to check! That is probably the way they can get you! Ken