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  1. Thanks for the tip. Following your advice, I tried that. Still no success. But I get all the UK TV channels via an Expat TV service, so not an issue for me.
  2. My Express VPN doesn’t unblock BBC iPlayer for me either. I guess the BBC are getting adept at out foxing the VPN providers.
  3. I submitted my 13A application at the beginning of May. Still in process. I understand that it’s taking much longer than usual due to the COVID situation at the Manila office.
  4. You’re right. I forgot to mention Gaisano. They also have a good selection of western goods.
  5. I think S&R have really gone down hill the last year or so. They seem to have become a huge sari-sari store! Shelves piled high with cheap snacks, cans of Spam and sardines. The bread section only had pan de sal!!! No Florida Natural orange juice for months! I think we will not be renewing our membership when it expires. I have found that SM supermarket and especially Rustans now stock a much bigger range of western goods than S&R.
  6. That’s a ridiculous shipping cost! The minimum shipping charge from the UK with Shipping Cart is around $18.99. I have shipped three items within that charge. Additional items are then charged for, but can go up as little a 60c per item for small things, generally just 2 or 3 dollars per smallish item, which is not too bad. Charges are by weight and volume. Charges from the UK are also in US dollars, not GBP.
  7. I use PayPal quite often and never get a OTP from them. It comes from my bank the card is linked to, not PayPal.
  8. Yes, they are. My registered Amazon delivery address is the Shipping Cart one. You can get all sorts of vitamins on Amazon UK.
  9. Sorry to hear that. I only use them for shipping from the UK. I use them a couple of times a month and find them reliable and speedy. Always getting the items within 14 days of dispatch, usually quicker than that.
  10. Worth checking out LBC Shipping Cart. https://www.shippingcart.com/ They ship from an address in California. Medicines are classed as prohibited items, but vitamins probably ok. You can check with them easily enough. They have an online shipping estimator. 2 lbs weight in a package 6”x 6” x 6” is around US$24. Takes around two weeks.
  11. Skype do UK numbers. Cost in the region of £30 per annum. Incoming calls to your number can be redirected to your skype app on your mobile phone.
  12. Worth getting checked out. If you are diabetic then blurred vision can be a symptom of Diabetic Retinopathy. https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/diabetic-retinopathy/symptoms-causes/syc-20371611
  13. I think you are right. That’s my thought also. And that is the sensible, pragmatic view. Trouble is we are not always dealing with people who are either sensible or pragmatic.
  14. Yes, I believe they have. But you would have thought that any clarification which details so many visa categories would include the 13A. Not doing so just adds another level of potential confusion in the minds of visa processing staff! And we all know who will be worse affected by any such misunderstanding!
  15. Interestingly it makes no mention of the 13A visa. But as the SRRV visa remains valid then I would guess the 13A remains valid also! I would hope there will be a clarification notice updating this clarification notice sometime soon!
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