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  1. Thats a very interesting read. Thanks Jack D. Unless I am missing something in all the legalese speak, it would appear that the case still continues?
  2. In my experience the drivers over here fall into one of two categories. Those who race around on a big ego trip, usually in expensive flashy cars, with a 'me first, to hell with the rest of you' attitude and with no regard for the normally accepted rules of the road. If indeed there are any such rules over here! The second are those who drive at 20kph, in second gear, with no clue as to what they are doing or where they are going. They very probably do not have a licence and have no idea as to what the normally accepted rules of the road are anyway! You will meet both types on EVERY jouney that you make.
  3. Seems slightly odd that the OP never returned to update us on how he got on. Or even if he read any of the replies? Perhaps he was too pre-occupied with sorting out his problem. It must have been very stressfulI. I wonder how he got on. Anyway, I hope it all worked out for him in the end and his father makes a full recovery.
  4. Wasn't a significant amount of what was purported to be Yamashitas Gold found a few years ago? I thought it was the subject of a court case in Hawaii and a billion dollar judgement awarded against the Marcos estate, as he allegedly stole it when he was in office. I cannot remember the ultimate outcome but I seem to remember it is currently bogged down in the appeals system.
  5. Thanks, Tommy Sounds like you are well sorted with regards to professional advice and oversight. We are in Cagayan de Oro. Uptown. Very fortunate to have a ridge lot with far reaching views and a great breeze! I take onboard your comments about typhoons and earthquakes! We did think about also buying a lot at the bottom of the cliff.........just in case! I will look forward to updates on your house build progress.
  6. Good luck with the build. We are still at the design stage. Just about finalized that now. About to start the fun and games obtaining permits and the like. Just completed the Soil Pressure Test which turned out to show the ground is rock hard. Which is encouraging as our lot is literally on the edge of a 200 foot cliff! We can now complete the structural design and submit the plans for approval. Exciting, and no doubt frustrating, times lay ahead.
  7. There are quite a few companies around that refill most types of gases for industrial purposes. Whether your cylinder is compatible with their equipment, I guess you would have to bring one for them to try. If you are unable to find anything suitable over here, then I am sure you could ship them via Shipping Cart, an LBC subsidiary. As they are filled gas cylinders you would have to ship them via their sea freight option. I use the Sodastream carbonated system and ship my replacement cylinders over from the UK that way. They are available in hardware stores locally but at a ridiculous price! Ken
  8. I don't know what the rules are regarding a 13A, as I just use regular extensions of stay, but In over 5 years I have NEVER been asked for my ACR card either when leaving or arriving at NAIA Manila. Sorry to hear about your father, I hope he makes a full recovery. Ken
  9. It seems to vary from one LTO to another. I have not heard of anyones experience converting a Thai licence but as a member of ASEAN I think it should be straightforward. But, this is the Philippines! Here in CDO I was able to obtain a Phils licence based on my UK one, which is the same as an EU one. No theory or practical test, just a very basic, and I mean BASIC, medical test which only involved being able to discern a 50php note from a 100php note. I only had extension of stays and an ACRi card. You infer that your home country licence is different from your Thai licence. Where is your home licence from? Welcome to the forum. Ken
  10. I inadvertently overstayed by one day and the IO at Manila airport just pointed it out and told me to be more diligent next time. In my case there was no penalty and no consequences down the line. In your case I believe the IO who extended your stay was correct. He gave you a 29 day extension. I regularly extend my stay and the first (29 day) extension is always added to the expiry date, not the day of extension. Ken
  11. We are at the design stage at the moment for our house and have spoken to several contractors about costs. Here in CDO construction costs seem to range from 18k to 25k /sq.mtr. One often heard remark is the dire shortage of construction workers. There is so much building going on, both private and goverment, that it is difficult to get labourers. That will only push costs up further I guess. There is a house being constructed next door to us, and at least half of the labourers are agricultural workers filling in between harvests! Ken
  12. My experience of cable companies here is they are chock full of adverts every five minutes or so. I find that very frustrating. And one, down here in CDO, doesn't even have a programme guide, so you have no idea what is on. As JGF sugests it would be best to find out what is actually available in your area and seek recommendations. I gave up on the local providers and use one that is basically all the UK Freeview channels plus (IMO) the best of the cable channels such as the Historys, Discovery, Nat Geo etc to name a few, plus loads of SKY movie channels. For some reason they are persona non grata on this forum but I have been using them for the last four years and find them excellent. You need a reliable 4-5mbps internet speed though, not included. PM me if you would like their details. Ken
  13. Thanks Tom. I have edited my post to include their website.
  14. Even BPI Family Bank here, unfortunately. That was the ATM I used to use until they reduced the maximum amount per withdrawal. But thanks for the info. Always worth a try, as you say. Ken
  15. Me too. We have both. It saves using the aircon. The best ceiling fans we had were Westinghouse 'contractors choice' 5 blade 54" blades. Unfortunately they don't make them anymore but Hunter make something pretty much identical. We have three of those. They are silent and shift a lot of air on the highest setting. Very rarely have to use aircon. Ken
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