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  1. In my experience what PLDT offer and what they actually provide are two totally different things! We have their 'up to 50 mbps' fibre package but it is usually sub 10 mbps, often less than 1 mbps! So if they can't provide 50 they surely can't provide 200! But they would be very keen to take the money anyway. We have to have Globe fibre as a backup as the mrs requires a fast internet for her online tutoring. Even Globe has its failings, hopefully they don't coincide. ­čśĽ I really hope this new provider lives up to expectation. If so, we would be one of the first to change! Ken
  2. The tank has its own built in filtration, using sponges and ceramic tubes for the bacteria, as well as special peat granules substrate which also acts as another level of filtration. The water quality is excellent at the moment. Ken
  3. My tank is in the lounge. We are fortunate that we don't really need to use the AC very often as we have a nice breeze flowing through the house. But the background temperature has been quite warm recently so has been around 31 to 32 degrees C. The pet shop is in our local Ayala Mall which is always very cool so I guess is kept at a reasonable temperature. They are suggesting that the fish will be OK at the higher temperature we have but I am not so sure. If it is needed I can invest in a chiller. I see they sell them on Lazada. That would be more economical than running the AC. Ken
  4. I have been looking at the solar collecters in Citi Hardware. They seem very reasonably priced. But your issue with the 12v valve, ie sourcing spare parts, seems a very real one here in Phils. That and trying to get any knowledgeable information on just about anything of a technical nature is a real challenge. I recently went into a local solar power company to see about an off grid setup. When I asked them if the solar controller they supply was an MPPT controller (the most efficient type) or PWM type, I was surprised no one in the office had a clue what I was talking about. (including their so-called chief engineer with his flashy self promoting business cards!) On examining the unit it was quite clearly the latter. When I asked them about service back-up I wasn't at all convinced they would be able to supply parts in the future. Needless to say they lost a potential customer. Ken
  5. I recently purchased a small 30 litre aquarium from a local petstore and am in the process of setting it up for tropical fish. I have a couple of good books on the subject and have conditioned the water and the various parameters for nitrites, nitrates, PH etc are all good. I am about to put some plants in and in a few days shall introduce some fish. Initially I plan on some Neon or Cardinal Tetras which I believe are easy 'community' fish to care for. My tank's water temperature is consistenly around 31 to 32 degrees C. All references to ideal water temperature for tropical fish are around 27 degrees C. Nowhere can I find an acceptable upper temperature for the water. I really don't want to introduce fish to the tank and have them stressed, or worse, die due to unsuitable water temperature. Are there any members on the forum who keep tropical fish? If so, what sort of water temperature due you consider 'normal' here and perhaps more importantly, what fish do you find success in keeping here? Thanks in advance. Ken
  6. Victron are a marine equipment manufacturer based in the Netherlands. They produce a complete range of chargers, inverters, solar equipment and batteries mainly for professional marine use. They produce several types of AGM and Gel batteries. The ones I use are the Gel type. They also produce Lithium ones as well. https://www.victronenergy.com/ I see you can get them here now from a company called PhilSolar. https://philsolar.ph/victron-energy-off-grid-solar-systems-philippines/ Also I see now that you can get them through Lazada. I have used Victron equipment for years on both sailing and canal boats and they have always been supremely efficient and reliable equipment. Your experience of locally sourced equipment sadly mirrors my own, which is why I prefer to ship reliable equipment from oversees. Shipping is not too bad as we use the balikbayan box method. Fortunately it is by volume not weight so batteries are not too expensive that way. Ken
  7. Certainly Gels are the way to go if you can afford them and if they are available here in phils. I haven't seen any over here but I would be dubious as to their quality even if I could. I shipped mine (Victron, a Dutch brand highly respected in the marine world) over from the UK and they have stood the test of time. Not cheap but, as you say, you get what you pay for. Ken
  8. On the subject of panel power output, one thing to bear in mind depending on how your panels are wired, is if one or more of your panels in a multi -panel setup goes into shade, from a tree shadow or adjacent building for example, then that will bring down the whole power output of your solar array. That will happen of they are wired in parallel, which they normally are. In that case it would be better to divide the panels and wire them in series, or series/parallel to prevent such a drop in output. Also it pays to clean them from time to time to prevent debris/bird droppings/leaves etc reducing the output, which can be quite a considerable loss over time. Ken
  9. Hi Pat I believe Pacific Blue Cross Premier cover pre-existing condition for ages 60 and above. Also Insular Life might well do as well. Worth checking them out. Ken
  10. As I understand the new rules, you are not covered for the first 6 months for a male and 9 months for a female. So even if you pay 12 months up front, you would have to wait for 6 months before being eligible to make a claim. Ken
  11. We have both PLDT and Globe. The PLDT is up to 50mbps and Globe up to 20mbps. PLDT is usually OK but has been unreliable on occassion so we have the Globe as a backup. In our experience PLDT customer service is pathetic and outages, though thankfully quite rare, can last for several days before they get fixed. Interestingly, even using a UPS, we lose PLDT internet about 50 minutes to an hour after a brownout. (assuming the brownout continues) Globe always seems to continue unaffected by brownouts. Fibre internet is not available everywhere so I would do some research as to what is available in the area you propose to live. Ken
  12. There are several low cost carriers that you can research for a cheap throwaway ticket. Currently I believe that PAL and CebPac have ongoing promotions. Another option which I have used in the past is a fully refundable ticket. More expensive upfront but you can get all your money back when you cancel the ticket.
  13. Secondary glazing as it is called, works very well, though not quite as effective at sound reduction as proper double glazing, which has an inert gas between the panes. It is as clear as the original window. And it helps with insulation as well. If you can get proper double glazed windows, they are the preferred option, but they are not very common here in phils.
  14. Probably not, because between the two of them they would be completely useless!
  15. The Philippines and the US have a tax treaty which should prevent such double taxation. You would only pay tax in both countries that do NOT have such a tax treaty.
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